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Analytical Anarchy

Analytical Anarchy






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  • Hi, my name is Kelly (everybody else introduces themselves) and we’re Analytical Anarchy. We research with no boundaries, and analyze our findings to create a cohesive strategy. We definitely used some interesting methods working on this campaign and are excited to share them with you.
  • Today’s topic is especially fitting, as yesterday, UT was named the number 1 DTF university by college magazine. They make the claim that everything is bigger in Texas, especially the sexual appetites. We know that our job here is not to try to curb this appetite, but to help ensure that whether we are the most promiscuous or the most prudish school around that UT students are engaging in sexual activity safely.
  • We began our research by observing how UT students perceived another safety matter – crossing the street. Each member of Analytical Anarchy observed an intersection near campus for 30 minutes. When we reconvened we found that the street crossers could be categorized into one of three categories: Law Abiders – those who always follow the law and put their saftey and others ahead of everything; Calculated Risk Takers who if the signal is red, will look around and analyze the situation to make a decision on whether crossing is safe; and Brazen Risk Takers, who have a general disregard for the law and safety.
  • We decided to target Calculated risk takers because in addition to comprising 86% of UT students, we felt that they would be most receptive to our message. So how do these Calculated risk takers view contraception? 50% reported using condoms “sometimes” 44% reported having used withdrawal, of this 44%, only 16% used a condom as well meaning they were unprotected from STIs Calculated Risk takers are 2x more likely to keep a condom in the house, meaning they are thinking about protecting themselves, but only 10% are always prepared and carry a condom at all times in their pocket or purse.
  • Condom Design and Event - Only 38% of UT students always use a condom. Of these people, only 13% actually carry condoms in their pocket or purse when they go out. The main goal of our campaign focuses on the idea of constantly carrying around a condom, just in case. - An anonymous survey taker said the above quote. This insight led us to the idea that interesting condoms would be talked about and almost “collected.” People may feel embarrassed about taking a condom now but this would eliminated the awkwardness of free condoms and make it entertaining. - We also developed a condom design event where students could submit their own crazy designs. It would primarily be held on Facebook but would be spread on the UT group pages and supported by student organizations. This would create buzz on campus. Educational Pamphlet - Because the UHS “street team” already spends so much time passing out condoms, we developed a pamphlet to educate students about the real risks of using withdrawal. As we stated before, our target knows there are risks involved but has a false sense of security that they would never get an STI. This pamphlet provides hard numbers, including stats specific to UT.
  • TV Screens - This is a zero cost method of promoting our message on campus. Working with the union’s Digiknow system, UHS can advertise this campaign on TV screens located throughout the university. These are in the Union, SAC, Jester, and the PCL.
  • eBus - The eBus presents a great opportunity for our campaign because those who use it likely fit into our target of calculated risk takers. They are willing to go DT and get intoxicated but aren’t willing to risk drunk driving. Because of this, we’ve developed 2 strategies revolving around the eBus. - 1) send street teams to distribute condoms on the bus itself while it’s running during peak hours. If coordinating this is unfeasible, we could also install containers on the bus that have free condoms. - 2) placing ads on the inside and outside of the bus. This serves as a reminder when students are heading downtown and on their way home, when they are most likely to consider having sex.
  • Condom Vending Machines - To encourage condom usage when students are about to have sex, we recommend working with dorms and apartments to install condom vending machines in the lobbies. This not only provides more messaging on and around campus, but serves as a constant reminder to students of the importance of using protection.
  • This concludes our presentation. We really believe that targeting these Calculated Risk Takers is the best opportunity at effectively increasing condom usage. Though these students understand the risks associated with unprotected sex, their false sense of security prohibits them from carrying condoms around with them. We believe our campaign slogan of “just in case” will encourage people to always have a condom on them, thus eliminating the need for withdrawal as a contraceptive method.

Analytical Anarchy Analytical Anarchy Presentation Transcript

  • WITHDRAWALCailun Booker, Kelly Coonan, SamanthaChavez, Kirby Dunavin, Sara McGee
  • STREET CROSSINGRESEARCH• Law Abiders• Calculated Risk Takers• Brazen Risk Takers
  • CALCULATED RISKTAKERS86% of UT students are calculated risk takers
  • WITHDRAWAL RESEARCHONLINE SURVEY Risk ImportanceCondoms: #1 Contraceptive Choice
  • WITHDRAWAL RESEARCHIN-DEPTH INTERVIEW8 groups of 15 participantsInsights-Peer influence-Males are prepared-Females rely on the pill-Aware of the risk-Knowing your partner
  • DOWNTOWN INTERVIEWSDETAILS: 6TH STREET, 2/16/2012, 11 PM – 2 AM• Insights • Males are more • Most people are aware of risks • “knowing” the partner makes a difference
  • SOLUTION ANDEXECUTIONSCondom design and eventEducational Pamphlet
  • SOLUTION ANDEXECUTIONSCondom vendingmachines
  • THANK YOU!Questions?