Digital Trends for 2013 by Testify Digital


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Social CRM Agency Testify Digital present their digital trends for 2013.

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Digital Trends for 2013 by Testify Digital

  2. 2. Overview OverviewThe following document outlines 10 trends Testify Digital believe will be importantthis year. This is by no means a definitive list but based on internal discussion,industry insight and working with our clients we believe these are valuable to takenotice of as we begin 2013. In no order of importance…• Cross Channel Customer Experience• Content Marketing/Brands as publishers• More Brands Adopt Google+• Facebook’s Monetisation Drive• Personalisation• M-Commerce• Conversion Rate Optimisation• Responsive Websites• Social CRM• Utilising Social Data for Insight and Actions COPYRIGHT TESTIFY DIGITAL LTD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  3. 3. Cross Channel Customer Experience OverviewThe way someone shops today has changed with the consumer coming into contact with anumber of touch points both online and offline before making a purchase. This isn’t news asbrands have run simultaneous disciplines like search, display and the like for years. However,in 2013 as consumer spend gets tighter, the successful brands will become better atunderstanding how each channel works with the other during the consumer journey to driveeffective cross-channel campaigns. Influences/Causes • “Showrooming” People visiting a store but purchasing online • Increase in data available (Google Analytics Multi- Channel funnels) • Consumer spend tightening Example of Google Analytics Multi-Channel reporting, • Marketing budgets decreasing showing how channels have assisted in conversions. COPYRIGHT TESTIFY DIGITAL LTD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  4. 4. Cross Channel Customer Experience Are you integrating display advertising with any of Effect on conversions when integrating the following the following marketing disciplines? marketing disciplines with display advertising? Econsultancy Cross-Channel Marketing Report 2012 Econsultancy Cross-Channel Marketing Report 2012 Takeaways• Knowing how your customer interacts with your brand when purchasing and deciding against purchase is essential for increasing sales and meeting your customers needs• Understanding the knock-on effect one discipline has on the other will result in a more efficient marketing campaign and budget allocation• Some channels are better assisting conversions rather than being the sole driver of them e.g. Display for awareness, Paid Search for conversion COPYRIGHT TESTIFY DIGITAL LTD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  5. 5. Content Marketing/Brands As Publishers OverviewThe discipline of Content Marketing has been around for years but in 2012 you couldn’tescape the term being mentioned, particularly in SEO and Social Media circles. Producinggreat content has always been the name of the game for publishers and also the betterbrands out there that ensure their website, product pages, email or anything content relatedis useful, insightful and has a point. In 2013 more brands will have realised content willdetermine how well all forms of their marketing output will perform, not just SEO and Social. Influences/Causes • Currency for links & social engagement • How Google ranks a site • Need to engage with customers Luxury fashion brands like Paul Smith offer a glimpse into the things associated with their brand that their customer likes. Louis Vuitton have a separate platform ‘Nowness’ which covers topics close to the brands interests. COPYRIGHT TESTIFY DIGITAL LTD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  6. 6. Content Marketing/Brands As Publishers Mr Porter is a fashion ecommerce site but Even smaller independent stores without rivals traditional publishers with the the Mr Porter budgets are producing great quality of content produced. content, like The Goodhood Store. Takeaways• Content key to search ranking success• Quality content can increase traffic, leads, sales and engagement• Market will become saturated with ‘content producers’ and people will be bombarded with content• Just producing content is not enough• Becoming known for producing high quality content will make you stand out COPYRIGHT TESTIFY DIGITAL LTD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  7. 7. More Brands Adopt Google+ OverviewGoogle has been trying to launch their own social network for years and has finally found aninfrastructure they are getting behind with Google+. Users grew at an impressive rate in 2012and with more investment into the product offering being made, with existing Googleproducts like Places now requiring a Google+ account for use, Google+ will have to become aconsideration on any marketers strategy. Influences/Causes• Google+ total users grew nearly 5x in 2012 to 500 million• Growing influence on Google’s Search Results Circles is a way of segmenting your• 50% of the top 100 US brands use it audience into groups depending on how• Becoming mandatory to use some Google they are connected to you. This offers a features chance to post content specific to each segment of your following. COPYRIGHT TESTIFY DIGITAL LTD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  8. 8. More Brands Adopt Google+ Google Hangouts are a way to host larger web chats and interact with your audience. Very hosted a Hangout with Fearne Cotton for fans to ask her questions to coincide with the launch of her latest collection with the retailer. Even Barack Obama is getting involved answering a range of questions on policy at a Hangout from the White House. Takeaways• Adoption key to helping search rankings• Enhances brand listings in Google Searches• Offers a new way to engage and market to your customers/community (Hangouts and circles) COPYRIGHT TESTIFY DIGITAL LTD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  9. 9. Facebook’s Monetisation Drive OverviewSince the Facebook IPO last year the social network has come under increased scrutiny tojustify its valuation. Advertising is already a big part of how Facebook make money but moreadvertising streams are likely forthcoming in 2013. Already changes to how updates aredisplayed in the newsfeed (Edgerank) have seen the reach of posts impacted, so setting asidebudget for paid promotion will be needed to reach your audience. Influences/Causes • Pressure from investors to justify valuation • Facebook’s need to generate revenue COPYRIGHT TESTIFY DIGITAL LTD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  10. 10. Facebook’s Monetisation Drive Sponsored posts will only become more prominent as Promoting posts with some budget will be required Facebook looks to increase ad revenue to gain the sort of reach and engagement brands want in an ever crowded newsfeed Takeaways• Newsfeeds are getting more crowded• Paid promotion will be essential to gaining cut through• More advertising avenues will offer creative solutions for brands to reach their audience• Increases brands responsibility to deliver quality content• Brands will have to tread carefully as Facebook users adapt to being exposed to more advertising COPYRIGHT TESTIFY DIGITAL LTD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  11. 11. Personalisation OverviewCustomers are tightening spend and brands are often finding themselves needing to dosomething different in a crowded market. As capabilities have matured it’s more viable forbrands to offer site visitors some form of personalisation to improve the user experienceand increase the chances of a conversion. Personalisation can come in various formsincluding personalised content, recommended products and offers based on previousbehaviour or even shop and collect at retail stores. Influences/Causes • Customers expect an “Amazon-like” experience • Digital capabilities have matured to make personalisation more viable • Increased need to convert existing customers • More brands and products are offering a ‘personalised’ experience: Google Search Stylist Pick encourages customers to take a quiz to Results, Ad Retargeting, Productreveal their style which then presents a personalised Recommendations showroom of products each month. COPYRIGHT TESTIFY DIGITAL LTD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  12. 12. PersonalisationJohn Lewis’ new personalised recommendation Morrisons Wine Cellar helps you choose the wine for you based ontool on its website was a key factor in driving a your preferences after filling out three simple questions. You’re then27.9% increase in sales over Christmas 2011. presented with a product range best suited to your tastes. Takeaways• Personalisation can delight customers and enhance their experience with a brand• Can increase marketing effectiveness• Data protection and privacy laws need to be considered when undertaking any personalisation tactics• Personalisation can take many forms using: personal data, browser history, purchase history, user preferences and on-site behaviour COPYRIGHT TESTIFY DIGITAL LTD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  13. 13. M-Commerce Overview Influences/CausesPeople have said this is the year for mobile for • U.S. consumers spend almost 1 inthe last few years but we are surely now every 10 ecommerce dollars using abeyond this as we move to understand how to mobilealign our output with the number of ways • Smartphone penetration in the UKpeople use their phones. Recent research from now stands at 58% while 19% of theForrester reports that over the next five years, population owns a tablet (Ofcom)total mobile sales are expected to grow 33% • In October 2012 44% of UKannually to $31 billion, making up 9% of online smartphone owners performed atsales in 2017. If anything, 2013 will be the year least one shopping activity while in abrands focus on getting M-Commerce right. shop • 29% of smartphone owners had purchased an item using the mobile Takeaways web• Responsive web design can align mobile • Showrooming — the phenomenon in with desktop site which consumers visit a store and• User experience is key then use their phones to buy items• Shops need to be visual they see on Amazon, is becoming a• Must be simple to purchase major headache. COPYRIGHT TESTIFY DIGITAL LTD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  14. 14. M-CommerceAmazon, ASOS and Next have some of the best m-commerce sites in the UK, which make it easy to browse products and purchase. COPYRIGHT TESTIFY DIGITAL LTD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  15. 15. Conversion Rate Optimisation OverviewBrands have always spent the majority of resources on driving visitors to a website, withoutmuch time on driving the actions they want them to take once they’ve arrived. Ascompetition for customers becomes fiercer brands will be investing more in conversation rateoptimisation to increase the chances of generating sales and leads. Influences/Causes • Online conversion rates in the UK falling by 55% over the past five years • Acquiring customers is becoming tougher in saturated markets • For every $92 spent acquiring customers, only $1 is spent converting them (Bryan Eisenberg,An example of a site funnel, showing where people Conversion Conference London 2011 leave the site and challenges at each stage COPYRIGHT TESTIFY DIGITAL LTD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  16. 16. Conversion Rate Optimisation Increased test drive requests by 62% 300% increase in conversion rate after using multi-variant testing split testing landing pages Takeaways• Put the user at the heart of site design• Test as many aspects of the user journey as possible• Must have an understanding of your customers journey on site• Does your site do everything it can to encourage purchase?• Content is needed at each stage of the purchase funnel• Product pages must answer all the customers product queries• Get key insight from a group of people purchasing your products who don’t know your brand• Every site, design or content decision should consider whether it’s going to help conversions COPYRIGHT TESTIFY DIGITAL LTD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  17. 17. Responsive Web Design Overview Influences/CausesResponsive websites are becoming increasingly • Tablet sales are expected to overtakepopular with the need to access your site on a notebook PCsnumber of platforms from desktop to tablet to • People spend more time using theirmobile. Sites are designed in this way so the smartphones for surfing the webimages and other elements on the site will • Mobile traffic continues to increaseadapt depending on the platform accessing it. • Many platforms to consume content If you resize your desktop browser the text and images on Illy quickly realign themselves with zero loading time, while the navigation and social tabs switch from tiny text links to become big CTAs in the mobile version. COPYRIGHT TESTIFY DIGITAL LTD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  18. 18. Responsive Web DesignAs you resize the browser the Food Sensenavigation tabs jump from the left to thetop of the screen and social buttonsdisappear, but the email subscribe toolretains its prominent position. Takeaways • A site only needs to be used built once • A single URL per page whether accessed from a laptop, mobile, TV or tablet • Provides a simpler & faster user experience COPYRIGHT TESTIFY DIGITAL LTD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  19. 19. Social CRM Overview As social has grown, the way people interact with a brand has changed and we are seeing the rise of the social customer. They are savvy, consume information through Twitter and Facebook and expect you to listen and engage with them when needed. Brands that want to get connected with these prospects and customers are paying more attention to Social CRM, which will only increase in 2013 as they realise the scale of opportunity there is and role it plays across the whole organisation. Influences/Causes • 43% of consumers say that companies should use social networks to solve the customers’ problems. • The majority of customers are lost due to long holds when contacting customer service • Approximately 44% of adults now use theArgos monitor Twitter for product mentions and web to share grievances about products.reach out and engage if the user shows purchaseintent. COPYRIGHT TESTIFY DIGITAL LTD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  20. 20. Social CRM After previous bad PR, Nestle is using social media listening and analytics to engage at scale in the market and responding. In 2012 they improved from 16 to 12 in The Reputation Institute’s index of the world’s most reputable brands. Takeaways• Social CRM is about moving from fans and followers to customers and advocates. -Listen to customer conversations -Analyse those conversations -Relate this information to existing information within your enterprise -Act on those customer conversations• Successful social companies need to be able to engage in their customers conversations online. COPYRIGHT TESTIFY DIGITAL LTD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  21. 21. Utilising Social Data for Insight and Actions OverviewFollowing on from Social CRM, the same data collection used to engage with your audiencewill be used even more in the coming years to help derive insight and intelligence that canbe actionable. Whether it’s feedback for product development or highlighting interests, thedata is there to align your output closer to your audiences needs. Influences/Causes • 41% of customers believe that companies should use social media tools to solicit feedback on products and services (Cone Business in Social Media Study, 2008) • 36% of people expect brands to use their social profile to target their DoubleTree solicited feedback by using messaging with more relevance (Exactpromoted tweets to get people to fill out their Target – Meaning of Like Report) customer survey. COPYRIGHT TESTIFY DIGITAL LTD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  22. 22. Utilising Social Data for Insight and Actions Takeaways • Social data can inform business decisions • Brands need to understand their customers • Data captured from your community is the best market research availableDell use social data across their product line and action according to feedback. Product improvements and price reductions havebeen made based on the sentiment found. COPYRIGHT TESTIFY DIGITAL LTD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  23. 23. THANK YOUTelephone: +44 (0)844 991 7719Web: www.testifydigital.comEmail: How can we help?Facebook: TESTIFYDIGITAL.COMTwitter: @testifydigital COPYRIGHT TESTIFY DIGITAL LTD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED