Ankur Sushil Marfatia
       2125 G Lake Park Drive
       Smyrna, Georgia 30080.
       Telephone: 646 5...
Ankur Sushil Marfatia
Application Servers                             WebLogic5.0, WebSphere 5.0, Tomcat 5.0, JBoss,
Ankur Sushil Marfatia
Participated in site wide changes to accommodate Pay with Miles. Design and implemented a
new applic...
Ankur Sushil Marfatia
        On a website as huge as Maintenance is always around the corner.

    •   Awards –...
Ankur Sushil Marfatia

    •   Design and Implementation of custom Java code for new rules to be implemented in
Ankur Sushil Marfatia

Projects involving Cryptology – C – Modules that were part of a project

• Implementation of Enigma...
Ankur Sushil Marfatia

       •   Designed and developed robust and user-friendly GUI for internal application for display...
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  1. 1. Ankur Sushil Marfatia Residence 2125 G Lake Park Drive Smyrna, Georgia 30080. Telephone: 646 515 2705 Email: Objective Looking to work in a Fast paced Progressive environment Education: B.E Computer Science, University of Mumbai, India (June 2002) M.S Computer Science, SUNY, Albany, New York (May 2005) Summary: - • Hands-on experience in System Level C programming in UNIX and Linux. • Extensively experienced in Software Analysis and Design using Unified Modeling Language (UML) and Rational Rose • Proficient in Object Oriented Principles, Methodologies and practices • Experience in Presentation Tier development using JSPs, Custom Tag Libraries, Struts 2, DWR and XML • Designed and Constructed Webservices using Axis 2.0 on the TIBCO platform • Well versed in Middle Tier Development using Design Patterns, Servlets, JSPs, EJB and RMI • Developed XML documents with XSDs /DTDs /XML Schema/XPath, using DOM, SAX, JDOM parsers and converting XML documents to HTML using XSL • Hands on Experience with IBM WebSphere Application Server, AMX Webservices Grid. • Proficient in writing Stored Procedures for SQL and DB2 back end databases • Efficient in scripting languages like JavaScript. • Worked proficiently in various IDEs including JBuilder, Visual Café, Eclipse, TIBCO Business Studio and WebSphere Studio Application Developer • Experience in deploying the application, and configuring the application server like Tomcat, IBM WebSphere, JBoss, sunOne. • Excellent Communication and Organizational skills with team lead capabilities. • Self-motivated, able to set effective priority to achieve immediate and long-term goals and meet operational deadlines. Technical Skills: Programming Languages Java, C, C++, Pascal and COBOL Java Technologies Java (SDK 1.4), J2EE 1.2/1.3, Servlets 2.2/2.3, JSPs, Custom Tag Libraries, EJB 1.1/2.0, JDBC 2.1/3.0, JSP 1.1/1.2, Swing, AWT, JMS, SOAP, Struts 2, Webservices. Web Technologies XML, XSLT, XPath, XMLSchema, JSPs, DWR, Struts2, Sitemesh and SOAP, Axis 1.4, Axis 2.0 Scripting Languages Java Script and VB Script Modeling Techniques UML, Rational Rose, Visio Databases SQL, DB2, MS-Access
  2. 2. Ankur Sushil Marfatia Application Servers WebLogic5.0, WebSphere 5.0, Tomcat 5.0, JBoss, Sunone Development tools WebSphere Studio Application Developer, Eclipse, TIBCO Business Studio, SOAPUI Operating Systems Windows 95/98/2000/NT, Linux, UNIX, Sun Solaris Application Servers WebSphere Application Server, Tomcat 4.x/5.x Others: TCP/IP, Rational Rose, UML, Visual Studio, ODBC Frameworks Struts Professional Experience: Delta Technology Atlanta, GA Oct 04 - present Delta Technology is a fully owned Information Technology wing of Delta Airlines, the third largest airline company in US serving people worldwide. The website caters extensively to various customer needs enhancing user experience as they travel with Delta. The various utilities such as Account History/ Monthly statement display for SkyMiles™, the Delta frequent flyer programme, Skymiles Enrollment, Itinerary Display, Profile maintenance etc are based on Java & J2EE platform. Project: • Loyalty Integration Delta Airlines and Northwest Airlines are merging as one airline. Systems between the two airlines need to be merged to provide the best services to their customers. The purpose for the Loyalty Integration project is to merge the loyalty programs for each airlines, SkyMiles™ (Delta) and WorldPerks™ (Northwest) into one Loyalty Program (SkyMiles™). The new Loyalty database will be the master for all data regarding loyalty members. Downline systems that interact with loyalty data will receive that data from the Loyalty system. • IROP Online In the event of an irregular operation (IROP) such as a delayed or canceled flight, Delta Airlines would like to extend its customer self-service capabilities by updating to allow a customer to view and / or change their itinerary without change fees of penalties. • Tax Compliance Government requires that a customer buying a ticket should be given a detailed individualized listing of all the taxes charged Helped make changes to achieve compliance. • Pay With Miles & Reserve Card At the beginning of 2008 Delta introduced the Pay with Miles concept, which allows customers to buy tickets using SkyMiles™ instead of money at a standard rate of conversion. Also at the same time a New Card was conceptualized in association with American Express.
  3. 3. Ankur Sushil Marfatia Participated in site wide changes to accommodate Pay with Miles. Design and implemented a new application, using Struts 2 and backend Web-services, to help realize the benefits of the new card. • Itinerary Re-architecture My Itinerary is the most used application on website on the non-booking side. It also serves as the heart of the site, it is from here customers get to post booking applications like Cancel Awards, Redeem Awards, Cancel Booking, Change Flights, Add SSRs, Add Frequent Flyer No. This grand station nature of the application meant, the application had undergone a lot of change without ever undergoing an architectural review over the years. It was thought it was time to change the application from JSPs and servlets to an efficient Struts2 model and using DWR technology. The entire code was redesigned, cleaned up and restructured. • Customer Notification System In airline businesses customer notifications play a huge role, especially incase of delays or change in schedules. It was thought wise that in addition to the regular email and text messages, a voice message should be added to the system. To achieve this we fed the vendor data in XML format structured using JAXB. • Add SSRs and Frequent Flyer No SSRs are special service requests like meals, wheelchairs or other services that a customer may require. Frequent Flyer Number is a passenger’s loyalty number. Sometime passenger may forget to add this at booking time or may have had booked by agent, a Frequent Flyer No allows passenger to earn SkyMiles™ on a trip and also allows easy retrieval of his future trips. Designed, coded and Implemented 2 new applications using Struts 2 and DWR technologies. • History Migration This application was initially designed to send Main-frame commands to the backend and screen-scrap the result to present the user with his Delta and partner activities. This was based a lot of assumption about the position of information on a mainframe screen. I It was decided to discontinue this practice and move to a web-service model where data comes back in structured format. • The Partner Issue Delta has various partners, hotels, credit cards, car rental etc. Activities with these partners earn customers Delta SkyMiles™. Usually codes used for these partners are official IATA code, but certain business negotiations meant both ended wanting the same code. The issue was resolved by database remodel and corresponding design change for the application displaying these activities. • Various Other Projects Played a role on various other projects as per need and expertise. • Various Maintenance Projects
  4. 4. Ankur Sushil Marfatia On a website as huge as Maintenance is always around the corner. • Awards – Search by Price Awards are special bookings offered in exchange of certain no of miles. It was decided to let customers search these booking based on no of miles they wish to use, in addition to the schedule they desire. Made extensive use of DWR to allow various function to reformat the searched data. General Role: • Involved in gathering requirement by meeting the client over face to face meetings and questionnaire distribution. • Wrote various Analysis report for enhancements and new development of utilities on • Developed Java Code to interact with Mainframe system. • Designed and implemented server monitoring system to prevent spamming by travel websites • Implemented a server monitoring system to keep check of all applications on • Provided instant diagnosis and solution to live production issues. • Devised customized java program to analyze network traffic. • Used Tibco Business Studio to develop new Axis 2 SOAP based webservices that would interact with other existing and new webservices. • Deployed and serviced webservices on Tibco EMS server and AMX Grid. • Worked with Vendors to design a useful Data Structure. • Developed code using JAXB to interact with XML system. • Devised SQL code to make configuration and data changes in Oracle 9i database. • Used ClearQuest for version management. • Used ANT based in-house Release Engineering Tool for new version development. • Worked with the GUI team to change the look and feel of the website for various applications, using HTML and JavaScript. Environment: Java 1.4.2, HTML/JSP, JavaScript, JAXB, Oracle 9i, SunOne on Sun- Solaris, JBoss on Sun Solaris, Tibco Business Studio, AMX Grid, Tibco EMS server. The Home Depot, Atlanta, GA May 04 - Sep 04 The Home Depot has over 2000 store in all around North America. Accidents in these stores lead to claims and Lawsuit being filed against them also there are Corporate Compliance lawsuits. The Home Depot uses the TeamConnect architecture, a rule based system to design their system to maintain these Lawsuit, Claims and Lawyer Companies around the country. There needs to be Java and XML code to be written for various custom designs within the bounds of the architecture. • Involved in designing user screen using XML and JavaScript as per user demands • Wrote various SQL queries for retrieving data from MS SQL server for analysis • Developed Custom java code for correcting anomalies in the system
  5. 5. Ankur Sushil Marfatia • Design and Implementation of custom Java code for new rules to be implemented in System Design. • Wrote Implementation for various changes and new designs. • Devised UNIX scripts for minor custom operations. • Used PVCS to keep track of changes during development • Used Log4J for inserting log statements into java code for efficient debugging and testing. Environment: Java1.4, HTML/JSP, JavaScript, MS SQL 7.0, WebLogic 7.0 on Windows 2000, HP- UNIX. Department of Computer Science, University at Albany. AutoWeb – Java based Car Renting system Aug 2003 – Dec 2003 Description To device web based car rental system as Class Project. Role • Designing a user-friendly interface for clients to customize a car of their choice and make booking. • Employed JavaScript for Client Side Validation and add user friendly interface on the Webpage. • Created a Dealer side interface to check the orders. • Devised a Search mechanism to search a Dealer near the client’s location. • Maintained DB2 backend to support all operations. • Wrote Stored Procedure in DB2 Database with extensive use of SQL • Involved in the Analysis, Design and Development phase of the project. • Translated customer requirements into definitive class/object design using UML and Rational Rose. • Employed UML artifacts for object modeling. Designed Use Cases, System Sequence Diagrams, Collaboration Diagrams and Class Diagrams. • Developed Struts for open source frame work for building web components. • Design and develop EJB components for Deal and Contracts Module. • Developed Entity Beans (CMP) for extracting the data while integrating business logic from the database. • Developed Session Beans (Stateless) to perform lookup service. • Integrate and tested EJB components with Servlets. • Deployed EJB for Login and rental Transactions • Designed Branch Inventory Management. • Used XML to maintain vital system information. • Used WebSphere as Application Server. Environment: Java1.4, HTML/JSP, Servlets2.2, JavaScript, DB2 8.1, WebSphere Application Server 5.0 on Windows XP. Department of Computer Science, University at Albany. Jan 2003 - May 2003
  6. 6. Ankur Sushil Marfatia Projects involving Cryptology – C – Modules that were part of a project • Implementation of Enigma –128bit Encoding • Developed Software version of 64 bit DES cipher. • Improving 64 bit DES with cipher modes • Cryptanalysis of Vigenere cipher Linux Kernel Implementation • Modified kernel code to manage security parameters on Memory and File access • Devised parser code for statistical analysis of system log files. Networking projects • Implementation of 2-way Chat client • Devised an FTP client Worked on system level projects – C on UNIX (October 2002) • Implemented Stimulated FIFO queue system • Devised Buffered Memory Management System One Earth (Voluntary Internship) Fall 2003 One Earth was a non profit organization working for promotion of environment awareness and protection • Worked on various project like devising a chat forum, website development and email promotions using PHP. Larsen & Turbo InfoTech – Navi Mumbai India August 01 - May 02 Part Time Internship (Bachelors Project) Description This application is designed to replace the manual procedure of screening applicants for Larson & Turbo InfoTech with an automated computer system. We designed a system in which a user can come and login as either a current employee or a possible future employee. A current employee could after login take a test on any available Technology of his choice and get a review of the taken test at the end of it. A possible future employee would after login give a test designed by the HR for him. The test results would be sent to the HR after the completion of the test. The application also handled the management of employee information and applicant information for users of the system. Role: • Designed architecture for internal application based on business model. • Designed class hierarchy according to the business model so that it is easily extendable and modifiable. • Used J2EE design patterns (Session Facade, Aggregate Entity) for Middle Tier development.
  7. 7. Ankur Sushil Marfatia • Designed and developed robust and user-friendly GUI for internal application for displaying and accepting details of transaction. • Entity Bean related to each user logged into the application will be binded to the context so that it can be retrieved at any time for validating that user against any given resource (a feature, a button etc). • Developed Session Beans (Stateless) to perform lookup service. • Involved in development of EJBs (CMP Entity Beans for persistence data and Session Beans for business logic). • Participated in the drafting of the user manual. • Made heavy use of JSPs and Servlets to generate dynamic web pages Environment: Java1.2, HTML/JSP, Servlets2.2, JavaScript, DB2, Apache Tomcat 3.0, Application Server on Windows NT. Associations/ Events Attended Member of Research Grant Review Committee, Graduate Student Organization, University at Albany Computer Society of India Equinox (National level Computer Conference organized by CSI) 2001. Western Region CSI Students Conference, Mumbai 2001, 2002 Indian Student Association, Secretary (2003) Additional Training eACCP (Aptech Certified Computer Programmer) course from Aptech India