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STRATEGI for iSeries
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STRATEGI for iSeries


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  • 1. A Path to an Enterprise Solution! Advanced BusinessLink’s Strategi Modernizing Legacy Applications!
  • 2. Advanced BusinessLink
    • Who is ABL?
      • Advanced BusinessLink, Founded in 1987.
      • Offices in Seattle WA, London UK, Sydney Australia, Utrecht Netherlands.
      • Headquartered in Kirkland, (Seattle), WA.
      • Installed in hundreds of sites throughout the world.
      • Premier IBM Business Partner.
  • 3. ABL Customers:                                                        
  • 4. Strategi for iSeries
    • What is it?
      • Enterprise Migration Path for Legacy Business Applications written in RPG/COBOL!
      • Strategi Architecture!
      • A Complete Solution for Enterprise Web Deployment!
  • 5. Strategi for iSeries One Product - One Path - Present Skills Green Screen/ GUI Emulation Spool File Printing DB2 File Transfer Web Application Serving HSM RPG/COBOL/CL GUI Styling HSM JAVA
  • 6. Strategi for iSeries HTTP SERVER SSL Digital Certificates Emulation Push HSM Site and User Management
  • 7.
      • Host access in a browser,
      • Nothing to install per client desktop (cost of ownership savings),
      • Deployed from server on demand (no upgrade / software distribution),
      • Tiny applet size means fast download,
      • Fast performance screen to screen,
      • Includes full desktop client functionality (macros, cut & paste, etc).
    What is the Java 5250 Applet ? ABL Strategi Products:
  • 8. Strategi for iSeries
    • Green Screen Emulation
  • 9. Strategi for iSeries
    • GUI Screen Emulation
  • 10.
      • Active delivery of content to the desktop,
      • Distribute reports, files, spreadsheets, etc to any user internally or externally,
      • Programs can output directly to users,
      • Content is available only to the intended recipient,
      • Makes AS/400 output natural and intuitive to browser users,
      • Output converted automatically for web deployment – DBASE, XML, HTML, RTF, etc.
    What is Push ? ABL Strategi Products:
  • 11. Strategi for iSeries
    • Print/File Transfer Services
  • 12.
      • Gives legacy applications a look and feel consistent with corporate web presence,
      • No programming required on the host,
      • Does not require source code or change to the underlying application,
      • No programming required on the client,
      • No parallel maintenance,
      • Administration Tool used to define Patterns for automatic recognition,
      • Tiny applet size = fast download,
      • Original keyboard functionality, shortcuts, etc fully preserved.
    What is GUIStyle ? ABL Strategi Products:
  • 13. Strategi for iSeries
    • GUI Styling
  • 14. Strategi for iSeries - HSM ABL Strategi Products:
    • HSM (High Speed Messaging)
      • Front End User Interface (UI), HTML, WML, Developed with any Industry Standard Tools, HomeSite, FrontPage, etc.
      • Back End Server Program (Business Logic), Written in Industry Standard Languages: RPG/CL/COBOL/JAVA,
      • Server Programs Now Run in Batch,
      • Interface is completely separated from business rules which simplifies development and maintenance,
      • Middleware – Strategi HSM Engine, Strategi handles all the infrastructure issues,
      • HSM Does not Utilize Interactive Cycles on the iSeries.
  • 15. Strategi for iSeries
    • Application Partitioning - HSM
  • 16. Strategi for iSeries - HSM DB2/400 RPG Application Strategi HSM
  • 17.
      • Ties multiple hosts together,
      • Servers are distributed to multiple hosts, they act as agents,
      • Only final results are sent across the data link,
      • Existing business rules on distributed platforms are accessible,
      • Fast, Simple & Robust.
    What is WebCluster ? ABL Strategi Products:
  • 18.
      • A unique wireless development tool,
      • Wireless applications very limited skill sets,
      • Browser interface available connected or disconnected,
      • Data transfer (fast, crash recovered, event driven processing),
      • Can build completely stand alone applications on handheld devices (includes HSM, Web server, Data transfer),
      • Can build applications which are mainly online but do offline processing also,
      • Fast, Simple & Robust.
    What is Pocket Strategi ? ABL Strategi Products:                                                 
  • 19. Strategi for iSeries
    • Runs Native on the iSeries!
    • Outstanding Performance!
    • Leverage Existing Customer Skill Sets, RPG/CL/COBOL!
    • Protects Investment in Business Application Software!
    • No Infrastructure Programming Required!
    • Highly Secure!
      • SSL 3.0 Encryption, Supports Digital Certificates
      • User Login Controls Web Site Access
      • Printer & File Transfers Encrypted as well
      • TCP/IP Telnet Server Not Required
  • 20. Strategi for iSeries
    • Supports Modern Languages such as Java, C++!
    • Simplified Administration!
    • Flexible UI Support, HTML, XML, WML, VXML!
    • Multiple UI’s can Communicate to a single Server Program Running on iSeries!
    • GUI Styling, One Style Applied to Many Display Formats!
  • 21. Strategi for iSeries
    • Shorter Development Cycle!
    • Spool File Printing Support!
      • .DBF, MS Excel Format
      • .HTM, HTML Format
      • .RFT, Rich Text Format, MS Word
    • Minimal Time Investment from Install to Web Deployment!
    • HSM Does not Utilize Interactive Cycles on the iSeries!
    • Industrial Strength!
  • 22. Strategi for iSeries
    • Product Demonstration
  • 23. Thank You for Coming!
    • Questions?
    Tim Archer, Symatrix Technology (503) 430-6342