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SmartDBA Solutions for DB2 UDB

SmartDBA Solutions for DB2 UDB






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    SmartDBA Solutions for DB2 UDB SmartDBA Solutions for DB2 UDB Document Transcript

    • [www.bmc.com/database] SmartDBA Solutions for DB2 UDB Take charge, have fun, drive fast.
    • THE INTELLIGENCE AND SmartDBA Cockpit AUTOMATION WE BUILD INTO OUR SMARTDBA™ INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS HELP YOU OPTIMIZE PERFORMANCE, INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY, AND ASSURE THE AVAILABILITY OF YOUR DATABASES. It’s tough being a DBA. We know you have a lot to do to manage multiple databases... and there’s never enough time to learn all you need to know. Ready to drive? The place to start is with SmartDBA Cockpit. You don’t have to be an We make it easy for you. Get behind the expert in other databases…you can drive wheels with the free SmartDBA Cockpit… Oracle, DB2 UDB, and Microsoft SQL Server databases from this single console. You can download it from the Web at www.bmc.com/ also plug in our expert DBA tools and access smartdbacockpit. Then add on options... them from this one single interface. You’ll instantly look like the Smart DBA that you select from our expert DBA tools that you can are. Start your engines… drive from the Cockpit via the Web... anywhere you are. SmartDBA Cockpit... Ö Provides a graphical interface from Check out our inventory of Performance, which you can manage multiple databases and have access to several Administration, and Recovery management DBA tools to optimize database DBA tools for heterogeneous database performance and assure maximum availability environments. You’re bound to find one... or Ö Gives you remote access and more... that you just have to take home with management of your database from a Web browser you. Ö Allows DBAs of all experience levels to manage schema and data for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and DB2 UDB Take charge, have fun, drive fast…and let us databases through one consistent do the hard stuff. interface
    • Want to drive your database at top speed? Choose from these options: Ö DBXray™ for DB2® Universal Database Database-at-a-glance screen with real-time diagnostics and fix-it tools Ö PATROL for DB2 Universal Database BUSINESS CHALLENGES Automated and proactive Performance problems can lead to severe financial penalties if your database goes offline for any enterprise monitoring with reason. Poor database performance also affects alerts application performance, productivity, and system maintenance. What is needed are tools that can help you anticipate and avoid performance Ö SmartDBA Performance problems and tweak your database for top speed. Solution Packs Integrated enterprise OUR PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT performance management SOLUTIONS WILL HELP YOU toolkits to fit your needs Assure database availability Ö Enable continuous availability of databases Ö Space Expert™ for DB2 during reorganization Universal Database Ö Deliver ease-of-use and enhanced Space analysis and functionality reorganization when it’s Maximize DBA productivity and needed effectiveness Ö Automate tedious, time-consuming tasks Ö SQL-Explorer™ for DB2 Ö Monitor and manage systems and applications Universal Database automatically Ö Provide unique tools to fine tune systems Non-intrusive SQL “what-if” dynamically and automatically as workloads analysis and tuning change Ö SQL-Programmer® Expert Maximize database performance Ö Prolong the life cycle of existing technology Database development made through integration and optimization easy Ö Identify and correct performance issues quickly
    • DBXray for DB2 PATROL for DB2 Universal Database Universal Database No need to look under the hood here…you Have a whole fleet of databases across the can keep an eye on it all with the database- enterprise? Need to be notified immedi- at-a-glance screen of DBXray for DB2 UDB. ately if a problem occurs? Need to prevent If you need to know more, just drill down costly outages so you can protect the bot- on one of the monitors. We even give you tom line? Need to be able to make fast, the tools to fix whatever problems you intelligent decisions? Choose the PATROL find… and anticipate them before they for DB2 UDB option. happen. Talk about being able to make your database hum. DBXray for DB2 UDB... PATROL for DB2 UDB... Ö Improves the performance of your Ö Ensures high performance and database by identifying and eliminating application availability through database bottlenecks proactive monitoring and management Ö Delivers ready access from anywhere, of distributed DB2 servers and databases anytime through a Web browser from a single console Ö Prevents outages by identifying problems Ö Provides real-time notification and and providing solutions analysis of deadlock events Ö Provides information through detailed Ö Enables proactive management and drilldown providing information on eliminates fire drills database logs, 24-hour database view, 4 Ö Supports both DB2 UDB EE and DB2 UDB top CPU users, space management and EEE percent utilization of DMS and SMS Ö Provides intelligent out-of-the-box tablespaces, delays caused by I/O, locks application monitoring knowledge blocking other sessions, and many other critical metrics Ö Includes SmartDBA Cockpit
    • SmartDBA Performance Space Expert for DB2 Solution Packs Universal Database Need options? Or maybe you don’t like buying parts and what you need is a well- tuned, integrated solution. Then one of the SmartDBA Performance Solution Packs is the answer for you. Our expert DBA tools snap into the SmartDBA Cockpit Web-based envi- ronment where data and services are shared across the environment. You choose which option you want to drive. SmartDBA Performance Solution Packs... Does your database run out of gas fre- Ö Automate the time-consuming, manual quently? Maybe it just dies due to fragmen- process of detecting the root cause of tation and out-of-space conditions. It conditions that impact database doesn’t have to be that way. Space Expert performance and then resolve the for DB2 UDB can analyze your database and problem conditions predict problems and help you fix them Ö Choose from these options: before they even happen. It will tell you Ö Performance Monitoring— when you need to do a reorg... and you can includes PATROL for DB2 UDB, keep on trucking. SmartDBA Cockpit, and DBXray for DB2 UDB Space Expert for DB2 UDB... Ö Space Management— Ö Avoids unplanned outages by identifying includes PATROL for DB2 UDB, objects that have high severity problems Space Expert, SmartDBA Cockpit, and provides recommended actions and DBXray for DB2 UDB Ö Reduces the need for future reorganizations by performing powerful analysis of object condition, producing ideal settings that restore the object to peak performance Ö Performs expert DBA tasks such as automated sophisticated scheduling, object selection, multi-processing, and full checkpoint restart capability Ö Includes DBXray for DB2 UDB and SmartDBA Cockpit
    • SQL-Explorer for SQL-Programmer DB2 Universal Database Expert A finely tuned machine just purrs and you You can’t drive at top speed if your engine don’t feel any bumps in the road. Sit has defects. With SQL-Programmer, devel- behind the wheels of a high performance opers and DBAs can find and fix bugs faster, database by using SQL-Explorer for DB2 UDB be more productive, improve the quality of for tuning your SQL. It lets you collect data applications, and better manage business- non-intrusively, analyze SQL statements, critical information. Your code will be so on and optimize your database. Purrrr..... target that your database will operate like a finely tuned engine. SQL-Explorer for DB2 UDB... SQL-Programmer... Ö Prevents production interruption by using Ö Provides toolkit for easily developing, a non-intrusive high-speed data collector managing, and testing programmable for capturing and saving SQL for later objects such as stored procedures, analysis triggers, functions, views, and indexes Ö Extends your DBA resources and improves Ö Allows developers to edit and test code application performance by while protecting the original source automatically providing expert tuning code and database recommendations Ö Navigates easily on multiple platforms Ö Tunes SQL before releasing application ... DB2 UDB, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Ö Optimizes SQL that is tuned Server, Sybase...within a single Ö Provides indexing suggestions based on application DB2’s Index Advisor Ö Facilitates team programming Ö Includes DBXray for DB2 UDB and coordination through version and change SmartDBA Cockpit management control Ö Includes a stored procedure debugger for DB2 UDB
    • You’re like an on-call mechanic..they are counting on you to keep an eye on the company’s databases and anticipate and avoid any problems that would keep them from being available at all times. Make your job easy by filling your toolbox with these: BUSINESS CHALLENGES Ö Change Manager Databases are highly complex systems and it takes a lot of expertise to keep them running.  DBAs have to Scalable, enterprise-wide manage and execute modifications to databases to schema change management assure that they are available and ready to meet the constantly changing business and application made easy requirements. They need tools with built-in intelligence and automation to do their job. Ö Unload for DB2 Universal OUR ADMINISTRATION SOLUTIONS Database WILL HELP YOU High-performance unload utility Assure database availability Ö Perform high-speed bulk data unloads quickly Ö Maintain high availability requirements Ö Increase productivity with tools that are easy to use Maximize DBA productivity and effectiveness Ö Minimize knowledge required to create and maintain objects Ö Reduce time and complexity of analyzing the impact of changes to database structures Manage complex environments quickly and efficiently Ö Keep application versions in sync across sites and recover earlier versions Ö Move data smoothly from one database platform to another Ö Administer and manage multiple distributed databases using simple methods Ö Manage and maintain application referential and data integrity
    • Change Manager Unload for DB2 Universal Database Ok...it’s time to streamline your database and unload any unneeded data to realize peak database performance. Unload for DB2 UDB enables you to quickly and effi- ciently move data out of DB2 tables to external files in a variety of formats. Its versatility is ideal for large DB2 databases, data warehousing environments, and sites with availability constraints. Talk about fast.... Your system needs an overhaul which means Unload for DB2 UDB... lots of changes. Do you have the right tool? Ö Performs high-speed bulk data unloads Change Manager provides enterprise-wide— with an average performance increase of Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and 10 times over the native tools DB2 UDB, and DB2 S/390— schema change Ö Gives DBAs maximum flexibility by un- management. With this expert tool you can loading data into a portable data file provide fast, reliable service... and they’ll that can be transported to other RDBMS be calling you a master mechanic. easily and quickly Ö Gives DBAs more control over the unload process that includes column and row Change Manager... selectivity, support for a wide range of Ö Is easy to use with point-and-clickability data types, and more to make schema changes, analyze impact Ö Offers the capability to unload data to analysis, and build intelligent DDL scripts disk, tape, or pipe with checkpoint restartability Ö Performs data-type conversions on un- Ö Includes a job scheduler that can sched- loaded data ule multiple jobs across multiple servers and monitor and manage all scheduled and executing jobs across the network Ö Builds an initial baseline schema and periodically takes snapshots to compare against the baseline Ö Synchronizes differences between data- base objects
    • SQL-BackTrack for DB2 Universal Database Crash! Wipeout! How fast can you recover? Are you covered with a recent backup? No?...ouch. No need to worry with SQL- BackTrack for DB2 UDB, a comprehensive, flexible backup and recovery management tool that simplifies and automates many database administration tasks associated with DB2 UDB database backup and recov- ery. There are features in this tool you can BUSINESS CHALLENGES Making sure that databases are constantly available use every day to make your job as a DBA is one of the DBA’s main responsibilities…and one easier... not just during disaster recovery. of his biggest challenges. Downtime is expensive We make your job painless...just put your and is just not tolerated in today’s fast-paced, database on cruise control. demanding, if-you’re-not-available-I’m-going- elsewhere environment. Things happen, though— human error, electrical outages, and more—and the SQL-BackTrack for DB2 UDB... DBA has to have tools to help him get the database Ö Simplifies, fully automates, and back to where it was previously… and fast. minimizes the time to recover Ö Shows what recovery options fit your OUR RECOVERY SOLUTIONS current situation, lets you choose which of the available options you want to use, WILL HELP YOU and automates the whole recovery Reduce or avoid outages process with Guided Recovery Ö Perform backups while applications are still Ö Ensures ability to recover by test driving online recoveries ahead of time with Dry Run Ö Test drive recoveries without impact in Recovery production using Dry Run Recovery Ö Performs online or offline backup and recovery of the full database or user- Maximize DBA productivity and selected tablespaces effectiveness Ö Seamlessly integrates with VERITAS Ö Simplify and automate backup and recovery NetBackup DataCenter, Legato tasks with high speed and efficiency NetWorker, and Tivoli Storage Manager Ö Assure successful recovery Ö Relieves network resources by Ö Perform recovery tasks in parallel compressing data during backups Ö Encrypts data for increased data Manage complexity Ö Automate disaster recovery security Ö Reduce think time and manual intervention with right-size recovery
    • BMC Software, Inc. [NYSE: BMC] is the leading provider of enterprise management solutions. The company focuses on Assuring Business Availability ® for its customers by helping them proactively improve service, reduce costs and increase value to their business. BMC Software solutions span enterprise systems, applications, and databases. Founded in 1980, BMC Software has offices worldwide and is a member of the S&P 500, with fiscal year 2002 revenues of approximately $1.3 billion. Visit http:// www.bmc.com to learn more. BMC Software, the BMC Software logos and all other BMC Software product or service names are registered trademarks or trademarks of BMC Software, Inc. All other registered trademarks or trademarks belong to their respective companies. © 2002 BMC Software, Inc. All rights reserved.17323