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  1. 1. INFORMATION MANAGEMENT SERVICES TO: Awarded SCA0235 JDE Vendors FROM: Dale Hermsen, Resource Manager SUBJECT: Request for Resumes DATE: November 20, 2002 Request Number: SCA0235-014 The State of Nebraska Information Management Services is requesting resumes that must meet or exceed the attached Skill Requirements. These requirements should be carefully reviewed for the specific skills requested and required number years of experience. Included is a questionnaire that must be completed for each candidate and returned with the resume. This will provide more specific information concerning your candidate, thereby expediting our selection process. This information should primarily address experience over approximately the last five (5) years. This request is for the following position(s): Number of Anticipated Extension Rate Positions Title Duration Possible Code 1 J. D. Edwards One World Programmer 2 Months YES JDE Please submit your best candidates for this request. Each resume must indicate the position TITLE for which it is submitted and the billing rate. Selection will be based on the skill requirements and responsibilities as stated on the attachments. Please review these attachments thoroughly when submitting your best candidates. “Billing rate” will be used as part of the selection criteria. Our Schedule for the section process is as follows: ASAP Accept Resumes, Interview, and Select Candidates. ASAP Start date at the State of Nebraska. December 3, 2002 Request for Resumes (RFR) Closing Date. Please refer to the following page for submission guidelines. Attachments
  2. 2. SCA0235-014 The following MUST be e-mailed to by each candidate submitted. Resumes submitted that do not match up with an e-mail from the candidate will not be considered. I am transmitting this document to acknowledge that I am aware I (Candidate name) am being submitted for a Contract position at the State of Nebraska by (name of Vendor) covered by request RFR014. I also acknowledge the above mentioned Vendor is the sole authority to represent me for this request. The above must be submitted by the candidate, not the Vendor Guidelines All documentation, questions and other correspondence related to this request should be emailed to • Please restrict the “TO:” field to the above address only. • Please utilize the cc: field for any other addressee’s • In the subject line of the email, please include the following: • For Authorizations from the candidates –Authorization RFR014 – Candidate Name • Use cc: for any other recipients • For the Resume and Skills page - RFR014 – Candidate Name • Use cc: for any other recipients • For any other correspondence – Questions - RFR014 • Use cc: for any other recipients Please consolidate all Resume submission attachments to one document prior to submission. Also, please use Word or PDF 2
  3. 3. SCA0235-014 Description of Essential Duties: General: This Request for Resumes (RFR) is data processing professionals with experience with the J.D. Edwards OneWorld (JDE/OW Xe) software package being used for implementation of the NIS (Nebraska Information System) ERP system at the State of Nebraska. Job assignment will be in the Interface and Conversion area. Primary assignment will be programming and testing. Work location is Lincoln, Nebraska. Requirements: • Significant experience with the JDE/OW environment. • Detailed knowledge of the JDE/OW development environment, toolsets including OMW (Object Management Workbench), and data structures. • Significant experience in analysis, design, specification writing, programming, testing, and end user documentation. • Ability to provide user assistance and direction for ad hoc database analysis/report writing within the JDE/OW toolset. • Experience with Autopilot (JDE/OW Xe Scripting Tool) a plus. • Ability to manage workload within assigned priorities with minimal supervision. • Significant experience with AS/400 and DB2/SQL. • Excellent written & verbal communications skills. • Ability to create technical specifications and detailed software design documentation as well as end user documentation based on business requirements. Documentation must be easily readable, complete, and must meet user and departmental specifications. • Ability to work with team members of varying degrees of expertise and mentor where necessary. Preferences: • Proven experience operating in and supporting a production OneWorld system on the AS400 platform. • Strong experience with ALL areas of the OneWorld development toolset. • Very strong AS400 DB2/SQL skills (must be AS400 DB2). • Very strong experiece with AS400 tools for data copies and manipulation. • Experience with AS400 query utilities and AS400 menus. • Experience with IBM Client Access Express. • RPG and CL programming experience on the AS400 a major plus. • Direct experience with OneWorld Xe HR/Payroll and Financials a major plus. • Expertise in OO concepts using C or C++ programming. • Familiarity with Accounting/Financials principles as they are implemented in JDE/OW. • Prior experience with interface and conversion analysis and programming in large ERP projects. • Formal training in JDE/OW software. • Education: Graduate of an accredited college or university with a degree in Business or Computer Sciences or equivalent experience. Agency dress code: Business Casual 3
  4. 4. SCA0235-014 Position: JDE / OW Xe Analyst / Programmer Skills for ______________________ __________ JDE ______ Candidate Name Rate Position Date Number of Years SKILL Experience Comments J.D. Edwards / OneWorld Xe _____________ Formal OW Xe Training _____________ JDE _____________ OW Xe _____________ OMW (Object Management Workbench) _____________ Analysis _____________ Design _____________ Specifications Preparation _____________ Programming _____________ Testing _____________ Autopilot (JDE/OW Xe Scripting Tool) _____________ Formscape with JDE Meta-Data Files _____________ Conversions _____________ Interfaces _____________ JDE Report Writing _____________ AS/400 _____________ COBOL _____________ DB2/SQL _____________ CL _____________ OO _____________ C _____________ C++ _____________ Education (Include name of institution, location, years attended, degree/credential conferred, field/specialty) High School _________________________________________________________ Trade School _________________________________________________________ Junior College _________________________________________________________ College/University _________________________________________________________ Graduate School _________________________________________________________ References (include reference from each of last three workplaces - name, location, telephone number) #1 __________________________________________________________________________________ #2 __________________________________________________________________________________ #3 __________________________________________________________________________________ #4 __________________________________________________________________________________ #5 __________________________________________________________________________________ ==================================================================================== Communication Skills: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest, what number represents the candidate's written and oral communications skills? _____________ Date available to start at the State of Nebraska ____/____/____. 4