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  • 1. Information Management Services To: Awarded SCA0235 ATN Vendors From: Dale Hermsen, Resource Manager Subject: Request for Resumes Date: November 4, 2002 Request Number: SCA0235-011 The State of Nebraska Information Management Services is requesting resumes that meet or exceed the attached Skill Requirements. These requirements should be carefully reviewed for the specific skills requested and required number of years experience. Included also is a Skills Inventory that must be completed for each candidate and returned with the resume. This will provide more specific information concerning your candidate, making our selection process timelier. This information should primarily address experience over approximately the last five years. This request is for the following positions: Number of Anticipated Extension Rate Positions Title Duration Possible? Code 1 COOL:Gen/Advantage Gen Programmer/Analyst 1 year Yes ATN Each resume must indicate the position title for which it is submitted and the billing rate. Selection will be based on the skill requirements and responsibilities as stated in the attachments. Please review these attachments thoroughly when submitting your candidate(s). The billing rate will also be used as part of the selection criteria. Our schedule for the selection process is as follows: ASAP Accept resumes, interview, and select candidates 11/15/02 Request for Resumes (RFR) closing date ASAP Start date at the State of Nebraska Attachments: Candidate Acknowledgement, Project/Position Summary, Skill Requirements, Skills Inventory Page 1 of 5
  • 2. SCA0235-011 Candidate Acknowledgement The following MUST be e-mailed to by each candidate submitted. Resumes submitted that do not match up with an e-mail from the candidate will not be considered. I am transmitting this document to acknowledge that I am aware I (candidate name) am being submitted for a contract position at the State of Nebraska by (name of vendor) covered by request RFR011. I also acknowledge the above mentioned vendor is the sole authority to represent me for this request. The above must be submitted by the candidate, not the vendor. Guidelines All documentation, questions and other correspondence related to this request should be emailed to • Please restrict the “TO:” field to the above address only. • Please utilize the cc: field for any other addressee’s • In the subject line of the email, please include the following: • For Authorizations from the candidates –Authorization RFR011 – Candidate Name • Use cc: for any other recipients • For the Resume and Skills page - RFR011 – Candidate Name • Use cc: for any other recipients • For any other correspondence – Questions - RFR011 Use cc: for any other recipients Page 2 of 5
  • 3. SCA0235-011 N-FOCUS Project and COOL:Gen/Advantage Gen Programmer/Analyst Position Summary N-FOCUS stands for Nebraska Family Online Client User System—an integrated, client-server system that automates benefit/service delivery and case management for more than 25 Nebraska Health and Human Services System (NHHSS) programs. N-FOCUS functions include client/case intake, eligibility determination, case management, service authorization, benefit payments, claims processing and payments, provider contract management, interfacing with other state and federal organizations, and management and government reporting. N-FOCUS was implemented in production in mid-1996 and today is operational statewide. The typical N-FOCUS user is a professional human services agency caseworker skilled in the government policies of one or more areas of public assistance (e.g., Child Welfare, ADC, Food Stamps, Medicaid). Their clients are Nebraska residents, whom they serve from agency offices around the state. N-FOCUS daily supports approximately 2000 users in over 100 offices. N-FOCUS has both batch and online components. The batch system is coded in COBOL. The online system is an integrated client/server-based software system. The client software executes on NT/2000 workstations and resides on NT/2000 servers located at each site. Computer Associates COOL:Gen and AION are used to generate windows and C code, along with some in-house code written in C. The server components are OS/390 CICS Transactions. The CICS programs are COOL:Gen-generated COBOL, along with some in-house written COBOL externals. The CICS programs access DB2 on the OS/390. COOL:Gen Client Manager using PCOMM is used to connect to the OS/390 using SNA/LU 6.2 protocol. There are more than 400 procedures coded in the batch system. The online system consists of 250 CICS Transactions and 450 windows. The DB2 database has 250 tables. The primary role of the N-FOCUS project team today is to maintain and enhance the N-FOCUS software application. This includes providing users with technical and business support to keep the system current with government policy and industry technology, both of which continue to change at a rapid pace. The N-FOCUS team works in the Nebraska State Office Building in Lincoln. Business and technical contract and full-time State team members are organized into groups that are involved in application development (COOL:Gen, AION, COBOL), technical architecture (workstation communications, mainframe communications, print architecture, reporting architecture), database administration, configuration management, testing, application and production support, and training. Approximately 50 technical and 30 business team members are assigned to the N-FOCUS team. The successful N-FOCUS team member is able to effectively balance technical and interpersonal skills in a fast-paced environment that requires strong responsiveness to user needs. Grace under pressure, a cooperative and objective attitude, the skill to quickly assess situations and make decisions, and the ability to deliver results are key to the N-FOCUS team member’s success. The work environment is professional and dynamic, but also casual and open. There is a solid, underlying camaraderie among the team and a collective, objective focus on the current and future needs of N-FOCUS users. Standard working hours are 8-5/M-F, with some flexibility possible depending on system coverage requirements. Overtime is rare. N-FOCUS technical staff participate in the full range software product development activities, including requirements gathering, analysis, and definition; functional and technical design; coding and technical test; support of business system and acceptance test; and support of production implementations. The developer sought through this RFR will work on the N-FOCUS COOL:Gen team within Application Development. This team currently has five members reporting to a team lead. Page 3 of 5
  • 4. SCA0235-011 Skill Requirements: COOL:Gen/Advantage Gen Programmer/Analyst All submittals must meet the required skills indicated below. Any resume submittal that does not meet all required skills will be rejected. Skills: Required:  Three or more years of current experience subsetting and coding COOL:Gen Version 5.0 or higher.  Three or more years of current project management experience including planning, controlling, and monitoring full lifecycle, medium-to-large client/server COOL:Gen projects.  Three or more years of relational database experience.  Three or more years of experience working with SQL.  Experience with CICS and CICS commands.  Ability to maintain existing code and develop new code, with a strong attention to detail and accuracy.  Exceptional collaborative skills. Service oriented. Strong interpersonal skills with all levels of business and technical staff.  Ability to operate effectively within existing development environments and processes, yet offer process improvement suggestions.  Demonstrated analytical skills that include working directly with business analysts to determine sound technical solutions for business requirements.  Strong verbal and written communications skills. Ability to gather and provide information effectively, regardless of audience.  Strong organization, planning, problem solving, and decision making skills. Comfortable prioritizing and managing multiple tasks.  Independent and self-motivated. Preferred:  Three or more years of experience working with DB2 and QMF.  Three or more years of experience using OS 390/MVS/TSO and Windows NT/2000/XP.  Experience implementing COOL:Gen OCX controls and web enabling client/server applications.  Experience with subsetting from the COOL:Gen Client Server Encyclopedia.  Experience working in a government environment, particularly in health and human services applications.  Working knowledge of the following tools: Microsoft Access, Lotus Notes, Word, Excel, and Niku Workbench. Education Preferred: Bachelor’s degree or equivalent. Page 4 of 5
  • 5. SCA0235-011 Skills Questionnaire: COOL:Gen/Advantage Gen Programmer/Analyst Skills for: Candidate Name Rate Position Date Skills/Experience: Years of Skill Experience Last Used Comments Subsetting and coding COOL:Gen Version 5.0 or higher. Project management. Working with relational databases. Working with DB2. Working with QMF. Working with SQL. Using OS 390/MVS/TSO. Using Windows NT/2000/XP. Experience with CICS and CICS commands. Software maintenance. Software development. Collaboration with business staff. Communication Skills: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest, what number represents the candidate's: Written communications skills? __________ Oral communications skills? ___________ Availability: Date available to start at the State of Nebraska _______________________________. Page 5 of 5