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resume - word format.doc

  1. 1. Hong (Hank) Su Database / Data Warehouse Specialist with Developer Skills Tel: 973.710.5966(c): • CAREER OBJECTIVE Data Warehouse / ORACLE Database Administrator / Developer / Modeler  DB Administration, Data warehouse (Teradata and Oracle), ETL, Modeling, Backend Development  Design, maintain, upgrade, and troubleshoot Oracle databases for the company’s internal and/or its customers’ systems  Apply the latest IT technology my expertise in different industries with better solution for customers and to improve the system for better performance and ROI  Widen my view and experience in the new projects and environment. SUMMARY • 19 years of IT industry experience in full project development life cycle • 9 years of Oracle DBA / Developer (SQL and PL/SQL, Modeling with ERWin. • Experience with ETL DB/DW Oracle and Teradata, Data Integration; Informatica for large scale information system TECHNICAL SKILLS DB/DW: Oracle 9i/8/7, HA, OPS; Teradata V2R5, Knowledge of RAC, Experience SQL, exposure to DB2; ETL: Informatica and Ascential; Modeling: Erwin; JOB Scheduler: Appworx, CRON Jobs OS: Solaris, AIX, Window NT Server (64/32), Windows XP/2000/9X/, Linux; DOS and OS2 (before 1994) LANGUAGES: Visual Basic 6.0, Oracle Developer 2000, PL/SQL, SQL, FoxPro/FoxBASE, HTML/CSS, Java Script, C, Academic Knowledge over Pascal, FORTRAN, COBOL. UNIX Shell Scripting; TOOL: TOAD, Appworx; Visio, VB.NET, Visual SourceSafe, ClearCase, CR/ECR tools; Crystal Reports; MS Office, Web page design and Image processing tools; PM & Coordinator; Documentation; EMPLOYMENT HISTORY Oracle DBA  Programming Analyst 09/05 – 02/06 APPLIEDINFO PARTNER Projects: BETSY(Pfizer); PSB(Pfizer), SRC (Pfizer) BETSY – Budge Education Tracking System, which is one web-based online system backend on Oracle Database PSB – Pfizer Speaker Bureau – web-based management system on doctors and programs based on Oracle SRC – Speaker Re-contracting System, renew or re-opinionating new speakers for Pfizer Responsibility: 30% DBA, performance tuning, schema creation and maintenance (table, index, view), OS level jobs maintenance (CRON job); 60% Development including data integration (ETL from other different data sources), SQL and PL/SQL programming on stored procedure, packages and triggers; Unix Shell Scripting 20% Production Database Support; Documentation. Environment: Oracle 9i/8i on Solaris 8 (PROD/QA/DEV), Linux (DEV/TESTING); MSSQL2K; Windows 2003 Tools: TOAD, Oracle OEM, SQL and PL/SQL; DB tools 5; ERWin(Modeling design); Benthic; UltraEdit, SecureCRT, Microsoft Office; PVCS (1) of 4 updated on 7/19/10
  2. 2. Hong (Hank) Su Database / Data Warehouse Specialist with Developer Skills Tel: 973.710.5966(c): • Senior IT Specialist  Data Warehousing – Data Integration 04/05 – 09/05 IBM ISSC Project: eBay Data Warehouse - offshore project to China; Lead Developer DB/DW data integration & ETL eBay ranked in top ten largest database and data warehouse in the world, 400T database doubled every 4 months in year 2005, new DW implemented on Teradata for higher performances. Responsibility:  Data Warehouse design; ETL from Oracle with Informatica mapping and workflow, data loading into Teradata DW with TPump, mfload and ffload with different loading strategy; BTEQ scripting and Unix Shell Scripting;  Modeling design (Erwin and Power Design) and validate schema in data warehouse.  Appworx job scheduling  Documentation Environment: Operation database: Oracle 9i/8i on Sun servers, Data Warehouse, Teradata V2R5, Tools: Oracle SQL/BTEQ SQL; Unix Scripting; Informatica; Appworx as job scheduler, ERWin, Power Designer, Microsoft Office, Windows 2003. TOAD, SourceSafe, Visio, ClearCase, CR/ECR Tools (eBay web-based application); Project: IBM GRDS / BDS (internal system, Project Fulfillment), Project Coordinator (China Team and Brazil Team) Training: Informatica and Ascential on DB2 Data Processing Specialist & Webmaster 05/03 – 03/05 FENG YUN GO SCHOOL, Livingston, NJ, New Jersey Responsibility :  50% Management Information System, based on Oracle and Excel; modeling and VB6 (VB.NET), PL/SQL packages and stored procedures programming for GUI application based on Oracle DB; Oracle DBA 9i and 10g,  32% office administration – recruiting student, Public Relation, Media Contribution and Accounting  30% webmaster –, Dreamweaver MX, HTML & JavaScript and CSS. Page editors including MS FrontPage, IBM HPB, Knowledge of ASP; Image processing;  Offering consulting and help to some friends and their business. Environment: Oracle 9i/8i, WindowsXP/2000, Linux RH9, and Solaris; Erwin, Programming tools: VB 6, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Oracle DBA & Programmer 05/00 – 05/03 LAPIS SOFTWARE, Parsippany, New Jersey Lapis - lottery system integrator, the associate of AWI which is one of the two major wagering system vendors in USA. The system is an OLTP legacy system (RS6000) co-existing Oracle 8/8i/9i database on AIX (development & production) and WinNT (development & testing); some experience with SQL server and DB2 as secondary solutions. Project: Shanghai Fengcai Lottery, Pennsylvania Lottery, Taiwan Lottery Pilot system and etc. Responsibility : 40% Oracle DBA; 30% Programming VB6 (some VB.Net) and 30% QA (2) of 4 updated on 7/19/10
  3. 3. Hong (Hank) Su Database / Data Warehouse Specialist with Developer Skills Tel: 973.710.5966(c): •  Creating and Adjusting schema for applications (internal control system), which consists of critical and summary info about like retailer’s info, game control and sales info, the data sources come from: 1) Lottery Legacy System via CGI and 2) the type-in info and commands executions from client-side application;  GUI design (developed with VB6) on functions: Call & Dispatch management, offering our clients with ease of operation over the legacy system via application based on Oracle database, PL/SQL, stored procedures  Reporting functions offering high quality reports, active reports and crystal reports bundled with VB6, standalone Crystal Reports 8; Data preparation with views and stored procedures  Internationalized version (Chinese version resource and help file) for clients in China. VB resource file  QA including functional testing for production release. Environment : Oracle 9i/8i/8, AIX/WindowsNT/2000, Erwin 4, VB6, Linux RH9, C Oracle DBA, System Analyst & Project Coordinator 12/96 – 04/00 COMPULOT LLC, Elmsford, NY & Beijing, China 65% DBA; 20% C/S App Programming; 15% Other (New Technology Research & Requirements Analyzing; Documentation & Technical HR) Responsibility :  Project coordinator, system analyst and leading designer, business requirement analyzing, dataflow, system architecture and data architecture; Logical and physical design with Erwin & designer2K; Schema creation & management, Technical documentation (specification and manual);  Oracle Database Administration including: Install and create schema and maintain database in development and production; Backup & Recovery; Performance Tuning and application performance tuning on time-costing applications; Replication over distributed environment, Production Support and database healthy status monitoring; Data Modeling and schema release control, HA solution and implementation (Oracle Cluster/ Parallel Server and RAID); Backup & Recovery; Monitoring status and instance and resources; Auditing; Operation and Reports; Data loading (massive information of lottery ticket transaction) into data warehouse and performance tuning on major time-consuming inquiries; 7X24 support to production operation (27 nodes). Data Warehousing and customer-defined processing for operational resource data, customized/manual ETL; production implementation and release control; Storage planning; new technology and Hardware evaluation;  Programming: Financial Statement, Annual Quota Control, Regional Data center Management, Retailer Management; developing suite: Developer 2000 (forms and reports, graphics) and PL/SQL  Technical HR including recruiting new IT professionals and organize training. Projects: China Sports Computer Lottery System, the first and the largest lottery (wagering) system in China, with 26 provincial data centers implemented on distributed Oracle 7/8 system. OLTP/OLAP, Oracle Cluster (parallel server) and advanced replication, auditing functions are used for security; Warehouse conceptual design; online POS and batch transaction processing; Data staging including data acquisition, extract/transforming and loading; Various hardware and network from major vendors: Digital/Compaq Alpha servers (best performance server of the year) under WinNT4 consisting 85% for production environment, Tru64 and AIX IBM RS6000 for development, Compaq Proliant servers as major servers; Data backup storage (NEC & SONY tape device ) for weekly data purging plan; Modem rack and CISCO network products. Environment: Oracle 8/8i/7, WindowsNT/ AIX, Erwin 2.5, Oracle Developer2000, SQL Loader, Distributed Database System, C IT Consultant & Specialist 08/85 – 12/96 Electronic Information Center, All-China Sports Federation (General Administration Bureau of Sports of China) Responsibility: Office Automation, requirement analyzing and specification, Data modeling; C/S Application development for projects to meet the various needs from departments and affiliated associations. Programmer (10 yrs) with dBase/FoxBASE/FoxPro, C ANSI, COBOL; System Integration (application in LAN and WAN environment, Novell, 3Com network and window NT network), some exposure to Sun SPARC (web server, Solaris 4) Project Leader (4 yrs) and Senior IT Consultant implement projects for the departments and the affiliated associations Projects: (3) of 4 updated on 7/19/10
  4. 4. Hong (Hank) Su Database / Data Warehouse Specialist with Developer Skills Tel: 973.710.5966(c): •  Office Automation (OA)  Computer Aided Training System (CAT)  China Sports MIS  Comprehensive Information System  Personnel Information System (PIS)  China Sports Information Database Major Clients:  Archive Retrieval Computer System: General Office  Chinese Judo & Wrestling Association / Programmer / Sports Results Processing & Computerized management  Chinese Gymnastics Association / MIS Expert/Sports Management Information System & Personnel Information System  Chinese Volleyball Association / Supervisor of Technical Statistics/Volleyball Technical Statistics System  Chinese Swimming Association & Chinese Track and Field Association / IT Specialist / Competition Management System  Chinese Football Association / MIS Expert/Comprehensive Information System  FESPIC Handicapped Games held in Beijing. Personnel and Registration Information System  All-China Women’s Federation / ’95 UN World Women’s Conference and NGO Forum Personnel Information System / Information Specialist.  China Sports Human Resources Development Center / Oracle Database Consultant / Personnel Information System  China Sports Lottery Administration Bureau / China Sports Computer Lottery System EDUCATION & TRAINING Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science (9/1981-7/1985) Xidian University (Northwest Telecommunication Engineering Institute), Xi'an, China TRAINING  Informatica PowerCenter (04/05)  Ascential ETL (08/05)  ScoUnix Administration North Communication University (11-12/99)  Windows NT System Administration Tsinghua University Training Center (2/97-3/97)  Oracle 7 DBA and Application Development with Developer2000, Oracle University, (11/96 - 2/97) OTHERS  Self-motivated and good team player, excellent independent working ability  Permanent Resident (green card holder) (4) of 4 updated on 7/19/10