Resume of
                                      JERRY HAMILTON
PO Box 632, Livermore , CA 94550 Home (623) 256-6536       ...
Managed 3 programmers. Designed methodology and system to collect data from various
      vendors via variety of media, pe...
Summary of Experience (agencies in Parentheses)
9/2008-5/2009 – Genentech, So. San Francisco, CA (Akarya)
Teradata, SAS 9.1.3, Enterprise Miner 5.1, SQL Assistant, SAS PROC SQL, Macros,
SAS/ACCESS via Exceed emulator.

Programmer/Analyst – Developing SAS Data Warehouse for Customer Resource Management
and Marketing. Data extracted from Ter...
5/2000-7/2000 – Compuware Education & Training Center , Phoenix , AZ (Compuware Corp)
(Concurrent with following)
Hired and trained junior SAS programmers. SAS, Macros, Formats, TSO, ROSCOE, TEMPUS,
Lotus, DOS.

1/94-8/94, 6/89-3/90 -...
SAS using SAS procedures to insure data accuracy and integrity. Used SAS arrays and
regression analysis procedures to stat...
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Transcript of "Resume of"

  1. 1. Resume of JERRY HAMILTON PO Box 632, Livermore , CA 94550 Home (623) 256-6536 Web Site: Email: Cell (925) 784-6004 Mr. Hamilton is a dynamic Information Systems professional, providing IT and Business solutions for over 25 years as a consultant to various industries, including: Healthcare Pharmaceutical Utilities Kaiser Health Care Merck Salt River Project Cigna Health Care McKesson Corp Pacific Gas and Electric Aetna Health Plans Syntex Pacific Bell Foundation Health Corp Syva AT&T Wireless Cedars-Sinai Hospital Genentech Financial Manufacturing Marketing Discover Financial Srvs Motorola SPS Carlson Companies American Express Motorola Com1 Walsh/American PMSI Wells Fargo Bank Intel EBay Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Cisco Systems Northrop Corp Retail Government Best Buy City of Phoenix Limited Brands PetSmart Assignments frequently included complex projects involving multiple locations and departments, multi-vendor hardware and software platforms and multi-protocol environments, often requiring Mr. Hamilton to demonstrate unbridled optimism and solid expertise in arenas already over budget, behind schedule and fraught with frustration. Mr. Hamilton has proven his ability to: • translate business needs into technical requirements and solutions • explain complex technical issues to non-technical personnel • aggressively manage budgets, resources, projects and people • mentor, coach and develop both consultant and in-house staff at all levels; • strategically plan and implement emerging technologies Notable accomplishments: • Designed, developed and managed an implementation staff of 10, producing a SAS application to profile the skill/experience/training level of 15,000 employees, in real time and on-line, ensuring optimal human resource identification and utilization. Northrop used this application for 10 years, significantly reducing its “revolving door” syndrome. This independent $26,000 module, later wedded to an over-run and ineffective $4,000,000 HR System, was the only module completed on time, on budget, proven effective and flexible, and saved Northrop twice its cost in six months. • Purchased and implemented a completely new SUN system equipment and software to replace the existing system which was completely overloaded to the point of inoperability. Loaded SAS and other applications, connected the new system to the old system, which I used for data storage and extract SAS work space, using Ethernet. Created the file systems and libraries as well as user profiles. Trained myself in UNIX system administration.
  2. 2. Managed 3 programmers. Designed methodology and system to collect data from various vendors via variety of media, perform data scrub, data transformation and produce relevant and timely BI analytical reports. • Saved Salt River Project $650,000.00 by redesigning and rebuilding, completely in SAS, a failure-ridden Contract and Billing application (SAS/COBOL/Fortran/C+), restoring the organization’s credibility and eliminating personnel frustration and turn-over. • Converted complete production report library for Kaiser from COBOL to SAS and created SAS on-line application for report design and production resulting in significant cost and time savings. Rebuilt SAS project management application for blind users. • Totally recreated data bases and statistical reports to enable Syva to successfully obtain FDA approval for a new product at congressional committee and FDA meetings • Conversion of a Legacy System (License Tax project) at the City of Phoenix to meet required Milestones thereby avoiding additional cost. Software & Hardware Environments Hardware IBM HP Amdahl SUN DEC VAX PC Operating Systems MVS UNIX (Solaris, HP-UX) DCL Windows 95-2000, NT, XP DOS Data Bases DB2 Oracle Teradata MS SQL-Server MS Access R:Base Languages, Software, etc. SAS vers.5.18 to 9.1.3(basic SAS Procs (SQL, Report, Tabulate, SAS/EG, SAS/EM, Forecast AF,Stats,ODS,Macros, etc) GLM, etc.) Studio, HPF, SAS/Graph SQL (Oracle, DB2, Teradata) HTML Javascript MsSQL (SQL Server) JCL/JES VTAM/VSAM TSO/ISPF Business Objects BTEQ/ Queryman Shell Scripting Perl Access Excel Word PowerPoint Visio SAS Base/Advanced Certification
  3. 3. Summary of Experience (agencies in Parentheses) 9/2008-5/2009 – Genentech, So. San Francisco, CA (Akarya) Programmer/Analyst/HD – (1) First level user support for Statistical Programming and Analysis group, fielding user issues and either resolving them or directing the requests to suitable SME’s. (2) Investigating and documenting UNIX shell scripts and SAS programs and macros used in clinical studies, (3) developing new UNIX schell scripts, SAS programs and SAS macros for clinical studies and application management. SAS v9 (UNIX & PC), SAS/EG, UNIX Shell scripting, Perl, Oracle, Oracle Clinical, S-Plus, ReflectionsX, FTP, Livelink, Windows 2000 8/2008-9/2008 – EBay, San Jose, CA (Infobahn) Programmer/Analyst – Modifying existing SAS programs to change from one Teradata source to another. SAS, SQL, UNIX, shell Scripting, Perl, Windows XP, Teradata, Oracle. 3/2008-6/2008 – Liberty Mutual Insurance, Chandler, AZ (K-Force) Programmer/Analyst – Modifying existing processing from MS/ACCESS and Brio to UNIX and SAS and creating new processes and reports. Training customer personnel in SAS and SAS/EG and SQL SAS, SAS/EG, SQL, UNIX, Windows XP. 12/2007-5/2008 – City of Phoenix, AZ, Phoenix, AZ (MODIS IT) Programmer/Analyst – Conversion of a Legacy System extracting VSAM files into SAS data sets, reformatting and converting data and output to pipe-delimited z/OS files for upload to an Oracle database on UNIX. OS/390 on IBM Mainframe, SAS Access to z/OS, SAS Base, TSO/ISPF, JCL, Windows XP, Extra! Emulator. 7/2007-11/2007 - EBay, San Jose , CA (DGN Technologies) Programmer/Analyst – Extracting data from Teradata and creating SAS data sets for use in in- depth member analysis, registration and verification models, fraud detection, etc in accord with marketing strategies. Data Mining and model analysis; Working exclusively with UK office. UNIX, SAS 9.1.3, SAS/CONNECT,Teradata 5/2, Queryman, SQL, WinSCP, SAS Macros, Excel Pivot Tables, Microsoft Windows products. 4/2007-6/2007 - Intel Corporation, Santa Clara , CA (Mindlance) Programmer/Analyst – Developed an automated system for Marketing Communications (MARCOM). Extracted data from Oracle tables and MVS files; created SAS data sets; developed time series models for use in forecasting for marketing, product/pricing positioning analysis PC/SAS 9.1.3, SAS/CONNECT, Oracle 9i, SQL*Plus, PL/SQL, SAS Macros, Microsoft Office. 10/2006-3/2007 - Cisco Systems, San Jose , CA (Buxton) Programmer/Analyst – Extracting data from Oracle tables; developing, designing and implementing SAS/AF application to automate forecasting system, including data extraction, mining, sampling, manufacturing forecasting to meet marketing demands and ETL to Oracle; Test modeling methodology and validate models PC/SASv9.1.3, SASv9.1.3 on UNIX,SAS/CONNECT, SAS/AF w/frames, SAS/ETS, Forecast Studio, SAS/HPF and Forecasting Server, Oracle 9i, Enterprise Miner 5.2, Enterprise Guide, SQL*Plus, TOAD, SAS Macros, Microsoft Windows products, all MS Office Suite products. 6/2006-9/2006 - Limited Brands, Columbus , OH (Numeric) Programmer/Analyst - Developing SAS Macros from data extracted from Teradata for Customer Marketing Advanced Analytics. Extensive data extraction from numerousTeradata data tables. Developing SAS data sets for use by modelers, including analysis of those data elements most conducive to model analysis and transforming of data for model readiness. Two of the mgmt decisions from these analyses were to enhance the Victoria Secret Stores- broaden the catalogue and internet market and scale down on the Limited Express Stores. UNIX, SQL,
  4. 4. Teradata, SAS 9.1.3, Enterprise Miner 5.1, SQL Assistant, SAS PROC SQL, Macros, SAS/ACCESS via Exceed emulator. 4/2006-7/2006 – PetSmart, Phoenix , AZ (Pacioli) Programmer/Analyst - Revising a series of Oracle PL/SQL programs to SAS for extraction of data from Oracle9i in Enterprise Miner 5.1. Modification, streamlining of EM process for greater efficiency and accuracy. UNIX, SQL, Oracle, SAS 9.1, Enterprise Miner 5.1, SAS PROC SQL, Macros, ODS. 1/2006-4/2006 – Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, St Louis , MO (Pacioli) Programmer/Analyst – Analyzing/Streamlining/Documenting production programs. Writing validation programs for production programs and systems. Migrating SASv8 to SASv9. Automating complex reporting and file origination programs. Windows/XP, UNIX, SAS, SAS ODS, Macros, SQL, Shell scripts, PERL/INI, WS-FTP, SAS V9, Excel. 8/2005-12/2005 – DHL, Phoenix , AZ (Comsys) Programmer/Analyst – Accessing Oracle and UNIX flat file data, analyzing operational metrics and reporting on resource management, service desk and email activity, etc to determine server resource cost effectiveness. Reports are produced for presentation on the intranet web site. Data is collected from world wide regional offices. Windows/XP, UNIX, SAS, SAS ODS, Macros, SQL, Shell scripts, Javascript, SAS V9. 7/2004-7/2005 – Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Frederick , MD (Smith-Hanley) Programmer/Analyst– Analyzing and reporting Credit Risk Management data. Compare and analyze WF score facility with FICO score. Analyzing borrower exception scoring. Heavy use of SAS base and Macros. Transferring data from UNIX to PC and vice-versa, automating SAS-to- Excel data transfer. Develop and Tested Data Mining Models, SAS v8.2, Enterprise Guide, Enterprise Miner, ODS, E-T-L, Macros, DDE, Excel, PowerPoint. 4/2004-7/2004 – Best Buy, Richfield , MN (Pacioli) Programmer/Analyst– Extracting and Analyzing Oracle data to identify/classify customer groups and marketing/sales results. Analyze data to detect fraud/abuse in the Rebate Program, recommend automated vehicle for system to detect/prevent fraud/abuse in Rebate Program. Buyer would buy an item, collect rebate, return said item which then as a used product would be discounted, then same buyer would again buy the discounted item he/she originally bought. SAS V8.2, SAS ODS, SQL, Oracle, E-T-L, all MS Office programs. 2/2004-4/2004 – AT&T Wireless Redmond, , WA (Numeric) Programmer/Analyst –Data extracted from Teradata. Data mining and analysis producing reports in support of International marketing programs. Recreated complex reporting mechanisms from Excel application to SAS on the Web. SAS V8.2, SAS ODS, Proc REPORT, Sun Unix, Teradata, Enterprise Guide, Business Objects, Queryman, FTP, E-T-L, all MS Office programs. 11/2003-2/2004 – Carlson Companies Marketing Group, Minneapolis , MN (Quantum) Programmer/Analyst – Extracting multi-million record files from Teradata database, data mining and analysis, creating Marketing Incentive reports for Gold Points reward partners. Reports created in SAS and destined for Excel spreadsheets and Web presentation. SAS V9, SAS ODS, SAS/ETS, Proc REPORT, SAS Enterprise Guide, Teradata, all MS Office programs. 5/2003-9/2003 – AT&T Wireless Redmond, , WA (Numeric)
  5. 5. Programmer/Analyst – Developing SAS Data Warehouse for Customer Resource Management and Marketing. Data extracted from Teradata. Multi-million record files manipulated into a complex SAS data warehouse incorporating metadata, with SAS macro access and reporting layers for user access and control. Recreated complex reporting mechanisms from Excel application to SAS on the Web. Created miniature version of the Teradata Data Base on Unix in a SAS Data Warehouse for use of statisticians and programmers. This eliminated the need to access to complete Teradata warehouse by at least 75% resulting in saving hours and even days of data access time. SAS V8.2, SAS/ETS, SAS ODS, Proc REPORT, Sun Unix, Teradata, Enterprise Guide, Business Objects, FTP, E-T-L, all MS Office programs. 11/2002 –4/2003 – American Express, Phoenix , AZ (Consultnet) Programmer/Analyst – Developing SAS Data Warehouse and metadata for Marketing campaigns. Data extracted from Oracle data bases. Large files manipulated into a multi-million record SAS data warehouse. On-line SAS/AF Application using OOP for marketing promotions. Unix scripting, SAS V8.2, SUN-4 Unix, IBM MVS, FTP, Exceed, E-T-L, all MS Office programs. 8/2002 – 10/2002 – Wells Fargo Bank, San Francisco , CA (Smith Hanley) Programmer/Analyst – Developing metadata-driven SAS Data Warehouse for Small Business Services, Risk Management and Business Direct organizations of this major bank to support marketing campaigns and customer profiling. Data extracted from numerous data bases and other file sources. Large files manipulated into a large (multi-million record) SAS data warehouse, with SAS macro access and reporting layers for user access and control. SAS V8.2, HP Unix, IBM MVS, FTP, all MS Office programs. 1/2002-6/2002 – CIGNA Health Care, Chattanooga , TN (TEKSystems) Programmer/Analyst - Prepared benefit plan utilization reports for clients or in-house analysts to access via the Internet. Intensive use of such procedures as PROC REPORT, PROC DOWNLOAD and ODS. Received monthly refresh of up to 30 external files (10-20MM+ records each) from MVS to UNIX, which were then read into various SAS data files, essentially a metadata driven SAS Data Warehouse. Heavy use of UNIX, FTP and metadata table creation. SAS V8.2, SAS/Stats, SAS/Procs, SAS/Graph, SAS/Macros, SAS/AF, SAS Web/AF, TELNET, UNIX, TSO/ISPF, SAS ODS, Extra (emulator). 5/2001-1/2002 – MERCK, Blue Bell , PA (Noble Consulting, Inc.) Programmer/Analyst - Clinical Trials Studies, Phases I-III. Received and validated, programmatically and statistically, vendor/lab data for HIV/HPV clinical studies; created and modified SAS/AF applications on IBM Mainframe, PC SAS and client/server; created and up- dated system and user documentation. SAS6.12 on PC, SAS/AF, SCL, SAS/Graph, Macros, TSO/ISPF. 2/2001-4/2001 – MOTOROLA SPS, Austin , TX (Staff It, Inc) Programmer - System Development - Developed and modified SAS/AF Frame application components to support the testing of instruments and products in silicon wafer manufacture. SAS 6.10 on HP UNIX. 8/2000-10/2000 - DISCOVER FINANCIAL SERVICES, Chicago , IL (Stopka & Assoc) Programmer - Produced reports and complex data analyses using SAS, including SAS/stats, extracted data from MVS and Oracle files using SAS/Views, SAS Proc SQL and SQL. Reports included data requests for marketing analysis, demographics and card-member statistics. SAS, SQL, TSO/ISPF
  6. 6. 5/2000-7/2000 – Compuware Education & Training Center , Phoenix , AZ (Compuware Corp) (Concurrent with following) Instructor – Taught basic, intermediate and advanced classes in HTML, JavaScript, web page/site design and Internet operation. 9/1996-7/2000 - SALT RIVER PROJECT, Phoenix , AZ (Compuware Corporation) Programmer/Analyst - System Development - Developed and implemented a Water Contract Accounting System application using SAS in an MVS environment. This application read mainframe datasets and DB2 databases, through SAS/Views and SQL, processed calculations and statistical analysis, created SAS datasets, interfaced and updated DB2 libraries and produced both reports and updated datasets. The system in place was an amalgam of SAS/COBOL/Fortran and C+ and failure-plagued. The replacement project was very complex, requiring sophisticated project management methodologies. The application was accessed through interactive SAS/AF and SAS/FSP screens and SCL programming, with extensive use made of SAS Macros and user-defined FORMAT catalogs. Significant involvement of MVS/TSO and CLISTs. SAS6.09 on MVS/ESA. 5/96-9/96 - MOTOROLA SPS, Phoenix , AZ (EDP) Programmer - System Development - Developed and modified SAS/AF Frame application components to support the testing of instruments and products in silicon wafer manufacture. SAS 6.10, SAS/AF, SAS/stats on HP UNIX. 3/96-5/96 - WALSH-AMERICA/PMSI, Phoenix , AZ (PSI) Programmer/Analyst - System Development - Short-term contract devoted to statistical reporting and developing a SAS data mart version of RDMS as the master database. Conceptually, this project was aligned similar to a data warehouse. Utilized SAS 6.07 and SAS 6.09 on MVS and PC. 1/96-3/96 - AMERICAN EXPRESS, Phoenix , AZ (Cyber) Programmer - SAS on both UNIX and MVS platforms utilizing SAS 6.10. Programming statistical reports and developing SAS/AF FRAME-driven applications. 1/95-11/95 - AETNA HEALTH PLANS, San Bruno , CA (GW Consulting) Systems Administrator/Supervisor – Supervised 3 programmers. Programming in SAS in a SUN/UNIX environment. Responsible for replacing a SUN system, hardware and software, that was operating over maximum capacity and incapable of accommodating current demands. Accomplishments included: procuring new hardware; connecting old and new systems via Ethernet; tripling storage capacity; quadrupling speed; retraining staff in efficient SAS programming and system utilization techniques; interfacing the SUN system with existing company network facility; providing regional and national on-line connectivity for data sharing and linguistic compatibility; modified existing SAS programs; wrote new programs; and revised procedures for the collection and processing of data received via diverse media from 20 providers. The complete redesign of the existing computer configuration, including the research and purchase of equipment and overseeing its installation, was a major project. Added to that was the responsibility for continuing on-going operations and training the existing programming staff. This required in-depth knowledge of project management techniques but also the ability to apply them effectively and efficiently. SAS, SAS/Stats, SAS/Graph, UNIX, TCP/IP, FTP 9/94 to 11/94 - MCKESSON CORP, San Francisco , CA (Chen & McGinley) Lead Programmer - Coded, tested and generated reports for output to hard copy or tape using SAS. Imported data via TEMPUS to LOTUS 1-2-3 and DOS text files using SAS with ROSCOE and TSO access. Extracted data from VTAM, VSAM and DOS files in IBM 3090 MVS/ESA.
  7. 7. Hired and trained junior SAS programmers. SAS, Macros, Formats, TSO, ROSCOE, TEMPUS, Lotus, DOS. 1/94-8/94, 6/89-3/90 - PACIFIC GAS AND ELECTRIC, San Francisco , CA (GW Consulting) Programmer/Analyst - SAS on IBM 3090 MVS/XA. Analyzed data storage and retrieval media in VSAM, VTAM, DB2 and ORACLE and extracted data using SAS, TSO, CLIST and SQL on IBM 3090 for 10,000 employees; Coded, tested and generated reports to hard copy or VTAM files using SAS with some reports being exported to DOS text files or integrated into EXCEL spreadsheets; Established databases, extracting and merging data from three sources - mainframe SAS data sets, mainframe RDBs and VSAM files; Designed and coded SAS programs which ran in the background on the mainframe to create databases, manage storage retrieval, file processing, edit checking, file management and utilities. 5/93-12/93, 4/91-5/92 KAISER HEALTH CARE, Walnut Creek & Oakland , CA (GW Consulting) Programmer/Analyst – Custom-designed a 4GL budget system application in SAS with Macros, SAS/AF, SCL and shadow files (extracted DB2 tables and VSAM files) using SAS/ACCESS. This system completely automated file management, utilities, libraries, report generation and data transmittal through user-selected linguistic integration to LOTUS files. Designed another 4GL application for software control using SAS. Developed SAS libraries on disk and tape on IBM 370, 3090 using SAS 6.97; extracted data from OS, VSAM and DB2 on disk and tape. Customized a 4GL application in SAS that integrated functional processes among 3 entities: ISD, Medical Economics and Cost Management. Programmed complex statistical reports in SAS including facilities usage, staff utilization, budget projection and tracking. Translated old COBOL programs into SAS. Converted the SAS PROJMAN application into a format conducive to use by non-sighted programmer and technical users. Intensive involvement with all areas of traditional project management. SAS, SAS/AF, SAS/Graph, SAS/FSP, SAS/ACCESS, SQL, SCL, COBOL, Lotus, SAS/PROJMAN. 5/92-5/93 - PACIFIC BELL , San Ramon & Sacramento , CA (EDP) Programmer/Analyst - Coded and tested SAS 6.07 statistical report programs modularized within a new billing system structured in COBOL, DB2 and CICS on IBM 390. Programmed the automated report generator that was not only time critical, but crucial to complete system testing and final acceptance. My project management experience was crucial to the success of this contract. SAS, CICS, COBOL and DB2 on IBM 390. 9/90-3/91 - INTEL CORP, Folsom & Sacramento , CA (The Hamilton Group Corp) Project Manager/Programmer-Analyst - Managed a phased project designed to culminate in a paper-less system, integrating functional processes effecting product management, finance, accounts payable and purchasing using SAS and TSO. The system enhanced employee productivity by significantly reducing duplication of effort and waste motion and automating previously manual tasks. As a project manager, conducted functional process flow analysis, needs analysis, feasibility studies, cost/benefit analysis, system modeling, data modeling and life- cycle analysis. Also wrote flow charts, Pert charts, security control analysis and plan, disaster recovery, system integration and LAN and WAN analysis. These were produced using SAS and Harvard Graphics. Primary in the architecture and application programming of the customized 4GL MARCOM system integrating 15 systems and accommodating up to 100 simultaneous users using SAS/SHARE, allowing for the saving of thousands of dollars in vendor accounts alone. SAS, SAS/Share, SAS/AF, SAS/FSP, SAS/GRAPH, Macros, Formats, TSO/ISPF, CLISTs, DOS 4/90-9/90 – SYNTEX/SYVA, San Jose , CA (EDP) Programmer/Analyst - Analyzed requirement specifications for biochemical and bioanalytical research study and clinical trial testing, Phases I-IV. Developed metatable driven database in
  8. 8. SAS using SAS procedures to insure data accuracy and integrity. Used SAS arrays and regression analysis procedures to statistically study data. Coded statistical evaluation programs and financial report programs used in an U.S. Congressional Hearing and before the FDA. SAS on AMDAHL and DEC VAX. 3/89-5/89 - FOUNDATION HEALTH CORP, Sacramento , CA (GW Consulting) Programmer/Analyst - SAS on DEC VAX 8800. Replaced or modified ineffectual programming using SAS 5.18; conducted analysis on COBOL extract database validation and manual system; Analyzed database performance through modeling. Used PC SAS procedures to analyze data then coded, tested and implemented report programs to produce the required financial reports. SAS, DCL, COBOL, DOS 6/88-2/89 – CEDARS-SINAI HOSPITAL , Los Angeles , CA (Employee/Consultant) Programmer - SAS on IBM MVS. Refreshing SAS data libraries from very large (15MM-20MM records) tape files containing patient care and billing data. Produced numerous standard and ad hoc statistical reports for various departments within the hospital. Did numerous statistical studies having to do with such things as medical procedure analysis, mortality, diagnosis/treatment comparisons among practicing physicians, etc. SAS, Macros, Formats, TSO/ ISPF, COBOL 7/76-7/82 - NORTHROP CORPORATION, Aircraft Division. Hawthorne , CA (Employee) Manager, Training and Development Administration - Supervised up to 10 employees involving data processing, scheduling, budgeting and trainer training and certification. Designed, developed and implemented an interactive system, based on SAS, Fortran and TSO/CLISTs to schedule, forecast, track and report training activities, including facilities, instructor utilization and budget. Implemented the system ahead of schedule and well within cost projections. Ultimately there were 16 company departments (Finance, Engineering, F5 Manufacturing, etc.) on line and using the system to do their student rosters and class scheduling. SAS, SAS/FSP, Macros, Formats, Graphics, Fortran, TSO/Clist, ISPF.