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  • 1. Christian Cabanero 2440 Western Avenue, Apt. 703 • Seattle, WA 98121 • Phone: (206) 505-1553 x6297 WORK EXPERIENCE Redpoint Technologies, Inc. – Seattle, WA Jan. 2001 – Current President & Founder Founder of a technology consulting firm specializing in web development and systems architecture and development with a core focus on Java, Database, n-Tier, and XML technologies. Engagement: Madison Publications, LLC (  Development of a subscription-based content website on the Java 2 platform utilizing Servlet, JSP, JavaBean and JDBC technology on Solaris 2.6 running Apache, Tomcat and MySQL.  Responsible for project leadership and management as well as for all technical design and implementation.  Project methodology used was RUP in conjunction with UML.  Architecture design utilized the Model 2 (Model-View-Controller) design pattern.  Implemented a robust web-based content management system based heavily on XML and Java. This system allowed editors to have complete control over the content on the site.  Utilized a continuous integration framework with automated unit testing and black-box testing in order to streamline the development process. Entransit, Inc. – New York, NY Oct. 2000 – Dec. 2000 Director of Application Solutions Director of one of the core software development departments of an Internet infrastructure start-up focused on creating a platform and framework for distributed applications called Actionable Messaging based on XML and Java technologies.  Lead and oversaw the team responsible for performing system integration for customers and partners  Developed processes, methodologies and standards for software development  Oversaw the development of Entransit’s Application Library & Test Bed for the purpose of demonstrating different applications of Actionable Messaging which was based on Java and XML technology, Inc. – New York, NY Nov. 1997 – Sep. 2000 Co-founder, Vice President of Web Development 4th of the original 6 members of, an Internet startup specializing in the “instant gratification” of consumers through a retail website that features entertainment, food and other products delivered to customers in under an hour. As the first full-time technical hire of the company I was responsible for creating and evolving Kozmo’s e-commerce infrastructure. An
  • 2. entrepreneur at heart, I played a major role in developing and growing the business from 6 people to over 3,000 people in the United States across 11 markets.  One of the primary technical architects and system developers  Architected and implemented the base e-commerce infrastructure for’s website and logistical order fulfillment systems  Oversaw all website development initiatives and responsible for all management responsibilities related to the web development department  Built a solid web development team of 20 team members  Worked with CTO to build a technical department that consists of over 100 people  Managed multiple projects including the initial website creation and 2 website redesigns and several product expansions  Responsible for webserver reliability, performance and scalability  Assisted in managing’s technical organization  Developed programming standards  Implemented project management standards and best practices  Actively managed the technical and career development of the web development team  Helped develop and maintain’s strong corporate culture  Worked with all business units across, including executive, strategic, marketing, operations and business development, to refine website strategy and requirements and implement all web initiatives  Actively worked with the CEO, President and other co-founders to build from 6 people to over 3,000 over the span of 2-½ years. Former Responsibilities also include: Chief Technology Officer, Vice President of Web Design, Database Administrator  Designed and implemented of’s technology infrastructure  Actively recruited and developed the technical department  Recruited, developed and managed the Web Design team consisting of 5 members including designers, html developers and information architects  Managed the database development for’s core database systems Andersen Consulting, L.L.P. – New York, NY Jul. 1996 – Nov. 1997 Analyst, Technology Competency Group  Banded (rated) at 1-Exceptional – rated in the top 2% of all Technology Analysts in the Metro New York Area Engagement: Intranet Application Development for Hewlett-Packard  Developed and implemented a three-tiered Intranet-based application for access to a data warehouse for Hewlett-Packard’s worldwide Intranet. The application was used to access a data warehouse that Andersen developed in conjunction with Dun & Bradstreet for use by Hewlett-Packard’s sales organization.  Lead developer for the application development team  Technology based on Visual Basic, a proprietary client request brokering application server, Netscape Enterprise Server, JavaScript, NT Server, MS SQL Server
  • 3. TeleChoice, Inc. – New York, NY May 1994 – December 1995 Project Manager – Internet Services  Managed the design and launch of the TeleChoice Corporate Website IT Manager/Developer  Oversaw systems management for corporate infrastructure  Developed software for various projects TECHNOLOGY SKILL SET  Java 2 Development Platform, J2SE and J2EE  Sun Certified Java 2 Programmer (certified on 3/15/01)  Java API’s and Technologies: Enterprise Java Beans, Servlets, JSP, JDBC, JavaBeans, I/O, Threads, AWT, Model 2  XML, XSL/XSLT, XML Schemas, DTD, JDOM, SAX, DOM  Bea Weblogic Server, Tomcat  Administration of Solaris 2.6, Red Hat Linux 7.0, Windows NT, Windows 2000  Apache, Netscape Enterprise Server  Oracle 8.0.5, PostgreSQL, MySQL, DB2, ODBC  SQL, PL/SQL, SQL*Plus  Visual Basic, C++, JavaScript, HTML, Net.Data  Unix, TCsh, Csh, Bash, Vi  CVS, SourceSafe  TCP/IP, Ethernet  UML, Rational Unified Process, MS Project  Continuous Integration and automated white-box and black-box testing using the Junit API EDUCATION NYU, Stern School of Business – New York, NY Jan. 1994 – May 1996  Major & Degree: Information Systems, Bachelors of Science  Departmental GPA: 3.92 Cumulative GPA: 3.7 NYU, College of Arts & Sciences – New York, NY Sep. 1992 – Dec. 1994  Area of Study: Pre-Med  Cumulative GPA: 3.5 Awards & Honors:  Beta Gamma Sigma - Business Honors Society (equivalent to Phi Beta Kappa)  Presidential Honors Scholar  Key and Scroll Recipient  Dean’s Honor’s List PERSONAL
  • 4. Enjoy rock climbing, road cycling, hiking, snowboarding, and sea kayaking