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Produktsortimentslista Produktsortimentslista Document Transcript

  • Produktsortimenslista 1 (23) Rev 2009-08-07 Dnr 2006/455 Ramavtal 6845/07 Atea Sverige AB Programvaror och tjänster 2007 Bilaga 5 Område B Produktsortimentslista Produktsortimentslista Atea Produktområde Tillverkare/ Produkt/paketnamn Produktfamilj Kontorsstöd CA Netviz CANEA CANEA Docpoint, CANEA Projects Formpipe PLATINA Server PLATINA Ärendehantering PLATINA Dokumenthantering PLATINA Workflow PLATINA Avvikelsehantering PLATINA CRM PLATINA Upphandling PLATINA Projekthantering PLATINA Webbpublicering EPiServer EPiServer CMS – som webbredigerare Excitor DME –Dynamic Mobile Exchange Genius Genius Project4Domino Genius Planner GoPro GoPro Case Professional, GoPro Document Management Professional, GoPro .net HP Projekt-Portfölj-Tid-Resurshantering IBM Dashboard Executives Dashboard Framework Dashboard Sales Workplace Business Controls Workplace Business Strategy Workplace Business Strategy Execution Lotus Workplace for SAP Lotus CEO Business Collaboration Lotus CEO Enhanced Collaboration Lotus CEO Lotus Communications Lotus CEO Working Together IBM Lotus Domino Enterprise Server Lotus Domino Messaging Express Lotus Domino Messaging Server Lotus Domino Utility Express Lotus Domino Utility Server Lotus Domino Webmail Lotus Notes Collaboration Lotus Notes Messaging Lotus Domino Web Access Lotus Domino Access for Microsoft Outlook Workplace Managed Client produktsortimentslista1804.doc
  • Produktsortimenslista 2 (23) Rev 2009-08-07 Dnr 2006/455 Ramavtal 6845/07 Atea Sverige AB Programvaror och tjänster 2007 Bilaga 5 Område B Produktsortimentslista IBM Lotus Sametime Lotus Sametime Enterprise Meeting Lotus Sametime Extranet Lotus Web Conferencing Concurrent Workplace Team Collaboration Workplace Collaborative Learning Lotus Learning Management System Lotus Virtual Classroom Value IBM Lotus Expeditor Client Lotus Expeditor Enterprise Edition Lotus Expeditor Starter Edition Lotus Mobile Connect Lotus Domino Unified Communications Lotus Domino Everyplace Lotus EasySync Pro Device Runtime Enviroment IBM Lotus QuickPlace Extranet Value Lotus QuickPlace Workplace Web Content Management Workplace Forms Viewer Workplace Forms Server Express Workplace Services Express Lotus Connections Workplace Documents Workplace Forms Designer Workplace Collaboration Services Lotus Domino Document Manager Lotus Combined Collaboration Lotus Lotus Domino Collaboration Express Lotus 123 Millennium Edition Lotus Organizer Lotus SmartSuite Lotus Workplace Forms Viewer Lotus Workflow Lotus Quickr Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, AutoRoute Euro, Digital Image Suite, Encarta Premium, Expression Web, InfoPath, MapPoint, Microsoft Exchange Server, Office Communicator, Office Enterprise, Office Groove, Office Live Messenger Professional, Office Professional Plus, Office Standard, OneNote, PowerPoint, Publisher, Project, Project Professional, Visio Professional, Visio Standard, Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop - Novell Edition /Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw, Math, Base – del av SLED SUSE Linux produktsortimentslista1804.doc
  • Produktsortimenslista 3 (23) Rev 2009-08-07 Dnr 2006/455 Ramavtal 6845/07 Atea Sverige AB Programvaror och tjänster 2007 Bilaga 5 Område B Produktsortimentslista Oracle Collaboration Suite Universal Content Management Oracle Spatial, Oracle Mapviewer QMA A-vision Quality Managment Application (QMA) MS-Visio Saba Software Saba Learning Saba Certification Management Saba Learning Commerce Saba Centra Saba Content Saba Publisher Saba Performance Saba Performance Reviews Saba Successionl Saba Collaboration Software Innovation Public 360 Sybase OneBridge Operativsystem EMC Virtual Infrastructure 3, Lab Manager Vmware Workstation IBM Tivoli Directory Server Tivoli Identity Manager Tivoli Privacy Manager Tivoli Identity Manager Express Tivoli Federated Identity Manager Tivoli Directory Integrator Tivoli Access Manager Microsoft Windows Compute Cluster Server, Windows Server Datacenter, Windows Server Enterprise, Windows Server Standard, Windows Server Web, Windows Vista, Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop Oracle Oracle Identity Management Suite Enterprise Linux Säkerhetsprodukter Borderware Security Platform, SIPassure, Steelgate, Firewall Server CA eTrust Antivirus eTrust Secure Content Manager HIPS, CA Host-Based Intrusion Prevention System Arcserve Backup Checkpoint Application Intelligence, ClusterXL, ConnectControl, Connectra, Eventia, Eventia Analyzer, Eventia Reporter, Eventia Suite, FireWall-1, FireWall-1 GX, FireWall-1 produktsortimentslista1804.doc
  • Produktsortimenslista 4 (23) Rev 2009-08-07 Dnr 2006/455 Ramavtal 6845/07 Atea Sverige AB Programvaror och tjänster 2007 Bilaga 5 Område B Produktsortimentslista SecureServer, FloodGate-1, IMsecure, Integrity, Integrity Clientless Security, Integrity SecureClient, InterSpect, IPS-1, Open Security Extension, Pointsec, Provider-1, Safe@Office, SecureClient, SecureClient Mobile, SecurePlatform, SecurePlatform Pro, SecuRemote, SecureServer, SecureUpdate, SecureXL, Sentivist, SiteManager-1, SmartCenter, SmartCenter Power, SmartCenter UTM, SmartConsole, SmartDashboard, SmartDefense, SmartDefense Advisor, SmartLSM, SmartMap, SmartPortal, SmartUpdate, SmartView, SmartView Monitor, SmartViewTracker, SSL Network Extender, UserAuthority, VPN-1, VPN-1 Edge, VPN-1 Power, VPN-1 Power VSX, VPN-1 SecureClient, VPN-1 SecuRemote, VPN-1 SecureServer, VPN-1 UTM, VPN-1 UTM Edge, VPN-1 VSX, Web Intelligence, ZoneAlarm, EMC EMC NetWorker EMC Avamar EMC Backup Advisor EMC EmailXtender EMC DiskXtender EMC Replistor EMC Recoverpoint RSA Authentication Manager RSA SecurID Appliance RSA SecurID Authenticators RSA envision F-Secure F-Secure Anti-Virus for Workstations F-Secure Client Security F-Secure Anti-Virus Linux Client Security F-Secure Anti-Virus for Windows Servers F-Secure Anti-Virus Linux Server Security F-Secure Anti-Virus for Samba Servers F-Secure Anti-Virus for Citrix ServersF-Secure Internet Gatekeeper F-Secure Internet Gatekeeper for Linux F-Secure Anti-Virus for Linux Gateways F-Secure Anti-Virus for Microsoft Exchange F-Secure Anti-Virus for MimeSweeper F-Secure Spam Control for MS Exchange F-Secure Spam Control for Internet Gatekeeper F-Secure Anti-Virus Small Business Suite F-Secure Anti-Virus Corporate Suite F-Secure Anti-Virus Enterprise Suite F-Secure Mobile Anti-Virus for Businesses produktsortimentslista1804.doc
  • Produktsortimenslista 5 (23) Rev 2009-08-07 Dnr 2006/455 Ramavtal 6845/07 Atea Sverige AB Programvaror och tjänster 2007 Bilaga 5 Område B Produktsortimentslista F-Secure Messaging Security Gateway X200 Appliance F-Secure Messaging Security Gateway P620 Appliance F-Secure Messaging Security Gateway P820 Appliance F-Secure Messaging Security Gateway Appliance Replacement Service F-Secure Messaging Security Server F-Secure Silver Support and Maintenance Service F-Secure Premium Support and Maintenance Service IBM Tivoli Risk Manager Tivoli Security Compliance Manager Tivoli Security Operations Manager IBM Consul Insight Manager McAfee Total Protection Solution, Data Loss Prevention, Host Intrusion Prevention System, Secure Content Management, Active Virus Defence Suite, Active Virus Scan Suite, Active mail protection, Linux Shield, Virus Scan for Mac, Virus Scan for mobile Enterprise, Portalshield, Security Shield, Management Center, Device Encryption, Content Encryption, Port Control, Connectors, Safeboot for USB Enterprise, Pantom & Hard Disk Microsoft Antigen Enterprise Manager, Antigen for Instant Messaging, Data Protection Manager Server, Forefront Security Exchange Server, Forefront Security SharePoint, Internet Security and Acceleration Server (ISA), Whale Intelligent Application Gateway, MobilityGuard MobilityGuard Netclean NetClean Management Console, NetClean ProActive Computer Agent, NetClean ProActive Mail Agent, NetClean ProActive Network Agent, NetClean ProActive Network Agent NordicEdge NordicEdge OTP Server, NordicEdge Certificate Services, SMS Tjänster, Nordic Edge Support för One Time Password Server Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server – Säkerhetsfunktioner, Bordermanager, Access manager, IFolder, Sentinel Oracle Advanced Security, Label Security, Database Vault, Secure Backup produktsortimentslista1804.doc
  • Produktsortimenslista 6 (23) Rev 2009-08-07 Dnr 2006/455 Ramavtal 6845/07 Atea Sverige AB Programvaror och tjänster 2007 Bilaga 5 Område B Produktsortimentslista Quest InTrust for AD,Intrust for Exchange, Intrust for Databases, VAS, Vintela Authenication Services, VSJ, Active Roles, Direct or Server, Group Policy Manager, Password Manager, NetPro ChangeAuditor, NetPro SecurityManager NetPro AccessManager, NetPro ReportADmin NetPro ReportADmin för ACS, NetPro, LogADmin SE46 Computer Integrity Agent (CIA), Lookup and Logging Server (LSS), Certificate Studio (CS) Sybase Afaria Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition AntiVirus Enterprise Edition AntiVirus for Caching AntiVirus for Clearswift AntiVirus for Macintosh AntiVirus for Messaging AntiVirus for Microsoft ISA Server 2000 AntiVirus for Microsoft SharePoint AntiVirus for Network Attached Storage AntiVirus Gateway Solution Backup Exec for NetWare Servers Backup Exec for Windows Servers Backup Exec for Windows Small Business Server Backup Exec System Recovery Desktop Edition Backup Exec System Recovery Server Edition Backup Exec System Recovery Windows Small Business Server Edition BindView Policy Manager Brightmail AntiSpam bv-Admin Client Security Control Compliance Suite Critical System Protection (likn Client Security för Servrar) Database Security DeepSight™ Threat Management System Enterprise Security Manager Enterprise Vault Event Manager for AntiVirus Hosted Mail Security IM Manager Information Foundation 2007 Mail Security 8100 Series Mail Security 8200 Series Mail Security 8300 Series Mail Security Enterprise Edition produktsortimentslista1804.doc
  • Produktsortimenslista 7 (23) Rev 2009-08-07 Dnr 2006/455 Ramavtal 6845/07 Atea Sverige AB Programvaror och tjänster 2007 Bilaga 5 Område B Produktsortimentslista Mail Security for Domino Mail Security for Domino Multi-Platform Edition Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Mail Security for SMTP Mobile AntiVirus for Windows Mobile Mobile Security for Symbian NetBackup NetBackup PureDisk Remote Office Edition NetBackup Storage Migrator Network Access Control On-Demand Protection Solution Personal Firewall for Macintosh Premium AntiSpam Scan Engine Security Information Manager Storage Exec Sygate Enterprise Protection Web Security Web Security for Microsoft ISA Server 2004 Trend InterScan VirusWall_ Enterprise Edition InterScan VirusWall v6 InterScan WebProtect InterScan Web Security Suite IWSS IWSS URL Module IWSS AAXS Module (Applets and ActiveX Security) IWSS Enterprise Bundle InterScan Antivirus for Sendmail Spam Prevention Solution InterScan Messaging Security Suite Standard InterScan Messaging Security Suite Advanced IM Security for MS Live Communication Server ScanMail Suite for MS Exchange ScanMail Suite for Lotus Domino PortalProtect RBL+ Service Network Anti-Spam Service (includes RBL+ Service ) ServerProtect for File Server ServerProtect for Storage Server OfficeScan Corporate Edition TM AntiSpyware for Enterpise Client Server Suite_ Enterprise Edition Client Server Messaging Suite_Enterprise Edition NeatSuite_ Enterprise Edition Outbreak Prevention Damage Cleanup Service produktsortimentslista1804.doc
  • Produktsortimenslista 8 (23) Rev 2009-08-07 Dnr 2006/455 Ramavtal 6845/07 Atea Sverige AB Programvaror och tjänster 2007 Bilaga 5 Område B Produktsortimentslista TMCM Enterprise EPS-Bundle (TMCM_EE + OPS + DCS ) TM Vulnerability Assesment Utimaco SafeGuard Advanced Security SafeGuard Easy SafeGuard Enterprise SafeGuard LAN Crypt SafeGuard MailGateway SafeGuard PDA SafeGuard PrivateCrypto SafeGuard PrivateDisk SafeGuard RemovableMedia Websense Websense Enterprise Websense Web security suite Driftstödsprodukter Appsense Management Suite Application Manager Performance Manager Environment Manager CA Unicenter Software Delivery Unicenter Servicedesk CANEA CANEA Improof Datacore SANmelody SANsymphony SANmaestero Formpipe PLATINA ITIL Servicedesk PLATINA Helpdesk W3D3 ärende, W3D3 Workflow, W3D3 Dok.hantering, W3D3 Arkiv, W3D3 Search-Port, W3D3 ADSync. W3D3 SharePoint Integration, W3D3 E-rekrytering, W3D3 RepresentativePort EPiServer EPiDesk – som helpdesk/ärendehantering HP Business Process Insight, Compliance Manager, Configuration Management, Connect-It, Decision Center, Glance Plus, Network Configuration Management, Network Node Manager, Operations for Windows, Operations for Unix, OS/390 Management, OS/400 Management, Performance Insight, Reporter, Route Analytics Management System, Select Access, Select Identity, Service Desk, Service Center, Business Availability Center, ,Demand Mgmt, Smart Plug- Ins, Diagnostics, Loadrunner, Service Level Mgmt, Sitescope,universal CMDB, HP Operations Center;HP Business Service Center; HP Change&Config center; HP Network Mgmt Center; HP Service Mgmt Center; Performance center IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for produktsortimentslista1804.doc
  • Produktsortimenslista 9 (23) Rev 2009-08-07 Dnr 2006/455 Ramavtal 6845/07 Atea Sverige AB Programvaror och tjänster 2007 Bilaga 5 Område B Produktsortimentslista WebSphere Tivoli Composite Application Manager for SOA Tivoli Composite Application Manager for RTT Tivoli Contract Compliance Manager Tivoli ETEWatch Client License Tivoli Intelligent Orchestrator Tivoli License Compliance Manager Tivoli OMEGAMON XE Tivoli Provisioning Manager for OS deployment Tivoli Provisioning Manager for Software Tivoli Provisioning Manager Tivoli Provisioning Manager Express Tivoli Provisioning Manager Network Tivoli Provisioning Manager OS Tivoli Release Process Manager Tivoli Service Level Advisor Tivoli Usage and Accounting Tivoli Business Systems Manager IBM Tivoli Dynamic Workload Broker Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Internet Service Monitoring Tivoli Composite Appl. Manager for J2EE Tivoli Composite Appl. Manager for J2EE Operations Tivoli Configuration Manager Tivoli Enterprise Console Tivoli Management Framework Tivoli Monitoring Active Directory Tivoli Monitoring Alert Manager Tivoli Monitoring Applications Tivoli Monitoring Client Device Tivoli Monitoring Cluster Tivoli Monitoring Databases Tivoli Monitoring Express Server Tivoli Monitoring Linux Tivoli Monitoring Messaging Tivoli Monitoring Microsoft Tivoli Monitoring Universal Agent Tivoli Monitoring Virtual Tivoli Monitoring Web Tivoli Netview Network Node Tivoli OMEGAMON XE for CICS Tivoli OMEGAMON XE for Databases Tivoli OMEGAMON XE for DB2 Performance Expert Tivoli OMEGAMON XE for DB2 Performance Monitor Tivoli OMEGAMON XE for Distributed systems produktsortimentslista1804.doc
  • Produktsortimenslista 10 (23) Rev 2009-08-07 Dnr 2006/455 Ramavtal 6845/07 Atea Sverige AB Programvaror och tjänster 2007 Bilaga 5 Område B Produktsortimentslista Tivoli OMEGAMON XE for IMS Tivoli OMEGAMON XE for Mainframe Networks Tivoli OMEGAMON XE for Messaging Tivoli OMEGAMON XE for .NET Tivoli OMEGAMON XE for R3 Tivoli OMEGAMON XE for Storage Tivoli OMEGAMON XE for Uss Tivoli OMEGAMON XE for z/OS Tivoli Point-of-Sale Manager 10 Tivoli Remote Control Tivoli Remote Control Client Tivoli System Automation Tivoli Web Response Monitor Tivoli Web Segment Analyzer Tivoli Workload Scheduler Tivoli Workload Scheduler LoadLeveler Tivoli AF/Remote Value Unit Tivoli IntelliWatch Value Unit Universal Agent Client Device Universal Agent Server Install IBM Capacity Process Manager VU Tivoli Application Dependency Discovery Tivoli Availability Process Manager Tivoli Personalized Services Manager Tivoli Unified Process Composer Tivoli Service Desk Tivoli Change and Configuration Mgmt Database IBM Netcool/Impact Netcool/Omnibus Netcool/Precision for IP Networks Netcool/Precision for Transmission Networks Netcool/Proviso Netcool/Realtime Active Dashboards Netcool/Reporter Netcool/Webtop IBM Continuous Data Protection System Storage Storage Area Tivoli Continuous Data Protection Tivoli Storage Manager Tivoli Storage Manager Express Tivoli Storage Manager HSM Tivoli Storage Manager Space TotalStorage Productivity Center TotalStorage Productivity Center Data TotalStorage Productivity Center Fabric TotalStorage Productivity Center Limited TotalStorage Productivity Center Standard produktsortimentslista1804.doc
  • Produktsortimenslista 11 (23) Rev 2009-08-07 Dnr 2006/455 Ramavtal 6845/07 Atea Sverige AB Programvaror och tjänster 2007 Bilaga 5 Område B Produktsortimentslista TotalStorage Storage Area Network Tivoli Storage Manager Storage Tivoli Storage Manager Linux Tivoli Storage Manager Managed Tivoli Storage Manager Extended Tivoli Storage Manager Client System Storage Archive Manager Tivoli Sanergy File Tivoli Sanergy High Tivoli Self-Service Terminal Manager Microsoft BizTalk, Customer Care Framework Server (CCF Server), Customer Relationship Management Professional Server (CRM), Customer Relationship Management, Identity Lifecycle Manager Server (ILM), Microsoft Operations Manager Workgroup (MOM), Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM), Operation Manager Standard License (OML), Process Business Intelligence, Project, Project Professional, Systems Management Server Configuration Management License (SMS, CML), Nilex Nilex Plus NordicEdge NordicEdge Identity Manager NordicEdge Automatic Account Manager NordicEdge Password Kiosk Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise – YaST, SUSE Linux Enterprise – AutoYaST, Novell Customer Center – del av SUSE Linux Enterprise, Zenworks Suite, Identity Manager Oracle Database Management, Middleware Management, Application Management, Plug-in, Siebel Public Sector Quest - Foglight, - Spotlight - QMX, Quest Management extesions for MOM - Archive Manager - LiteSpeed - BridgeHead - Quest Migration products for; AD, NDS, Storage, GroupWise, Notes/Domino, Exchange Wendia POB RES Realab PowerFuse, Wisdom Spintop Accelerator Sybase Replication Server Symantec Application Director Application Saver produktsortimentslista1804.doc
  • Produktsortimenslista 12 (23) Rev 2009-08-07 Dnr 2006/455 Ramavtal 6845/07 Atea Sverige AB Programvaror och tjänster 2007 Bilaga 5 Område B Produktsortimentslista Application Service Dashboard Backup Reporter CommandCentral Storage Configuration Manager Ghost Solution Suite LiveState Client Management Suite LiveState Delivery LiveState Patch Manager Patch Manager Process Automation Manager Provisioning Manager Vizioncore EsxRanger Pro, esx Replicator, esx Charter Asset management CA CA Asset Management Asset portfolio management Formpipe PLATINA Registerhantering HP HP Asset Center, Application mapping, universal CMDB, Change Control, Enterprise Discovery, Service Mgmt Center; CMDB and Application Mapping IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager Tivoli License Compliance Manager IBM Maximo Asset Management Suite Novell Zenwork Asset Management Sybase Afaria Symantec Discovery, Service & Asset Management Suite Middleware CA Unicenter Remote Control XOSsoft WanSync HA Citrix Presentation Server Access Essential Password Manager EdgeSite Access Gateway Access Gateway m Advance Access Control NetScaler Application Accelerator NetScaler Application Switch Formpipe PLATINA Processledning, LaserNet EPiServer EPiServer CMS – som webbserver EMC ACE, VDI Excitor DME –Dynamic Mobile Exchange HP SOA Center , SOA Repository,Governance,Registry,Poilcy Mgmt,Contract Mgmt IBM Commerce Module OmniFind DataStage Change Data Capture Data Event Publisher Homogeneous Federation Feature produktsortimentslista1804.doc
  • Produktsortimenslista 13 (23) Rev 2009-08-07 Dnr 2006/455 Ramavtal 6845/07 Atea Sverige AB Programvaror och tjänster 2007 Bilaga 5 Område B Produktsortimentslista Federation Server Non-Production OmniFind Discovery Edition Connector OmniFind Discovery Edition Sub-Capacity OmniFind Discovery Edition SubCapacity OmniFind Discovery Integration OmniFind Enterprise Edition Connector OmniFind Enterprise Edition SubCapacity OmniFind Enterprise Starter Edition Replication Server Non-Production Self-Service Module OmniFind Services Director Services Director Additional WebSphere Analyzer WebSphere Analyzer Workbench WebSphere Business Glossary WebSphere Data Event Publisher WebSphere DataStage WebSphere DataStage Server WebSphere DataStage and QualityStage WebSphere Extender WebSphere Federation Server 2 WebSphere Integrator Content WebSphere Integrator View WebSphere MetaData Server WebSphere QualityStage WebSphere Replication Server MQSeries Adapter Builder Server MQSeries Adapter Kernel Server MQSeries Link Server IBM WebSphere Central Site Server WebSphere Application Server WebSphere Application Server Express WebSphere Extended Deployment Mixed WebSphere Real Time Value WebSphere Remote Server WebSphere Systems Management Accelerators WebSphere Translation Server English WebSphere WebFacing Deployment Tool Workstation APL2 License XL C Enterprise Edition XL C/C ++ Advanced XL C/C++ Enterprise Edition XL Fortran Advanced Edition XL Fortran Enterprise Edition CICS Transaction Gateway CICS Transaction Server Value CICS Universal Client COBOL Set AIX produktsortimentslista1804.doc
  • Produktsortimenslista 14 (23) Rev 2009-08-07 Dnr 2006/455 Ramavtal 6845/07 Atea Sverige AB Programvaror och tjänster 2007 Bilaga 5 Område B Produktsortimentslista Clustering And High Availability Communications Server AIX Communications Server Linux Communications Server Windows Distributed Computing Environment Distributed Computing Environment Application PC DOS DOS TXSeries Asset Workbench Asset Workbench Analyzer Asset Workbench Architect Asset Workbench Business Application Workload Modeler Branch Toolkit Healthcare Payor Pack Insurance P & C HomePage Reader Windows TPF (Transaction Processing Facility) IBM WebSphere Host Access WebSphere Host Intergration Solution WebSphere Host Integration Solution Enterprise Generation Language HATS Multi Rich Client HATS Multi Standard Host Access Services Host Integration Solution Internet Host Integration Solution Intranet VisualAge COBOL Report Writer VisualAge Generator Template VisualAge PL/1 (Programming Language VisualAge Generator VisualAge Generator Developer HACP Registered HACP iSeries, Registered IBM Adapter Capacity Pack Collaboration Capacity Pack Extender PeopleSoft Extender SAP Extender Siebel Unified Messaging WebSphere WBI Monitor Z/Series Web Services Feature WebSphere Adapter WebSphere Adapter Email WebSphere Adapter FTP WebSphere Adapter Flat WebSphere Adapter JD WebSphere Adapter JDBC produktsortimentslista1804.doc
  • Produktsortimenslista 15 (23) Rev 2009-08-07 Dnr 2006/455 Ramavtal 6845/07 Atea Sverige AB Programvaror och tjänster 2007 Bilaga 5 Område B Produktsortimentslista WebSphere Adapter Oracle WebSphere Adapter PeopleSoft WebSphere Adapter SAP WebSphere Adapter Siebel WebSphere Business Integration WebSphere Business Integration Adapter WebSphere Business Integration Data WebSphere Business Integration Monitor WebSphere Business Integration Server WebSphere Business Integration Wrkbench WebSphere Business Integrator WebSphere Business Modeler Advanced WebSphere Business Integrator Workbench WebSphere Business Modeler Basic WebSphere Business Modeler Publishing WebSphere Business Services Foundation WebSphere Business Services Tool WebSphere Data Interchange SubCapacity WebSphere Data Interchange Value WebSphere DataStage TX Extender WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus WebSphere Event Broker WebSphere Event Broker SubCapacity WebSphere Event Broker Value WebSphere Front Office WebSphere Extender WebSphere Extender Design WebSphere Extender Launcher WebSphere Extender Pack WebSphere Extender SDK WebSphere Extender Secure WebSphere Extender Trading WebSphere Extender Value WebSphere Extender with WebSphere MQ Extended Security WebSphere MQ HP WebSphere MQ Integrator Broker WebSphere MQ WebSphere MQ Workflow Tivoli Editor for MQ Messages WebSphere Message Broker WebSphere Message Broker File WebSphere Partner Gateway WebSphere Partner Gateway -EXPRESS WebSphere Partner Gateway Connection WebSphere Process Server WebSphere Service Registry and Repository WebSphere Integration Developer produktsortimentslista1804.doc
  • Produktsortimenslista 16 (23) Rev 2009-08-07 Dnr 2006/455 Ramavtal 6845/07 Atea Sverige AB Programvaror och tjänster 2007 Bilaga 5 Område B Produktsortimentslista IBM WebSphere Commerce - Express WebSphere Commerce Developer WebSphere Commerce Enterprise WebSphere Commerce Professional Gift Center WebSphere Sales Center WebSphere IBM WebSphere Everyplace Access Starter WebSphere Everyplace Mobile Device WebSphere Everyplace Mobile Portal WebSphere MQ Everyplace Network WebSphere MQ Everyplace Retail WebSphere Voice Response IBM WebSphere Portal Server WebSphere Portal Extend WebSphere Portal Express WebSphere Portal Enable IBM WebSphere Product Center WebSphere RFID Center WebSphere RFID Premises Server WebSphere Shipment Verification Feature Global Data Synchronization RFID Add-On WebSphere Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack for Software Assurance, Duet for Microsoft Office SAP Server, Groove Server, Office Business Scorecard Manager, Office Forms Server, Office SharePoint Server, Office Sharepoint Server for Search, Project Portfolio Server, Project Server, SoftGrid for Terminal Server, System Center Reporting Manager, Visual Studio Team Edition Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server – middleware, JBoss Subscription Oracle Standard Edition One, Standard Edition, Enterprise Edition, Java Edition SOA Suite, BPEL Process Manager, Portal, Adapters, HTB, BAM Integration and ESB, WebLogic Server Standard Edition, WebLogic Suite, WebLogic Integration, Enterprise Repository, Oracle Policy Automation Sybase EA Server, Unwired Accelerator Symantec Cluster Server (se Storage Foundation) Indepth for DB2 Indepth for Sybase Insight Inquire i³ for .NET i³ for J2EE i³ for Oracle i³ for Oracle Applications produktsortimentslista1804.doc
  • Produktsortimenslista 17 (23) Rev 2009-08-07 Dnr 2006/455 Ramavtal 6845/07 Atea Sverige AB Programvaror och tjänster 2007 Bilaga 5 Område B Produktsortimentslista i³ for PeopleSoft i³ for SAP i³ for Siebel i³ for SQL Server i³ for Web Servers pcAnywhere Replication Exec Storage Foundation Storage Foundation Basic Storage Foundation Cluster File System Storage Foundation for Databases Storage Foundation for Oracle RAC Storage Foundation for Windows Storage Foundation Management Server Volume Replicator CA Erwin, Allfusion Unicenter Software Delivery Utvecklingsverktyg Formpipe PLATINA Integration Engine EPiServer EPiServer CMS – som utvecklingsramverk HP Quality Center, Performance Center, Test Director for Quality Center,Functional testing,Business Process Testing, Change Impact testing,Loadrunner, diagnostics, performance center, sitescope IBM WebSphere Portlet Factory Designer WebSphere Portlet Factory Lotus Domino Designer Lotus Enterprise Integrator Value Lotus Component Designer Registered IBM Rational Data Architect Modeling Extension Microsoft Rational ADA Developer Rational ADA Embedded Developer Rational Application Developer Rational Build Forge Enterprise Rational Build Forge Standard Rational COBOL Generation Extension Rational Computer Based Training Rational Data and Application Modeling bundle Rational Functional Tester Rational Functional Tester Extension Rational Functional Tester Plus Rational Purify Linux Rational Purify Windows Rational PurifyPlus Enterprise Edition Rational PurifyPlus UNIX Rational PurifyPlus Windows Rational RequisitePro produktsortimentslista1804.doc
  • Produktsortimenslista 18 (23) Rev 2009-08-07 Dnr 2006/455 Ramavtal 6845/07 Atea Sverige AB Programvaror och tjänster 2007 Bilaga 5 Område B Produktsortimentslista Rational RequisitePro zSeries Rational Robot Rational Robot Extension Rational Rose Data Modeler Rational Rose Developer Rational Rose Enterprise Rational Rose Modeler Rational Rose Technical Developer Rational Rose Visual Rational SoDA Rational Software Architect Rational Software Modeler Rational Suite Rational Suite Development Studio Rational Suite ProjectConsole Client Rational Suite Technical Developers Rational Systems Developer Rational Team Unifying Rational Web Developer WebSphere Developer WebSphere Developer Debugger WebSphere Developer zSeries WebSphere Development Studio Client IBM Rational ClearCase Rational ClearCase Change Management Rational ClearCase LT Rational ClearCase MultiSite Rational ClearCase and ClearCase Rational ClearCase zSeries Rational ClearDDTS Rational ClearQuest Rational ClearQuest MultiSite Rational ClearQuest and ClearQuest Rational ClearQuest and Functional Rational ClearQuest zSeries IBM Rational Method Composer Rational Portfolio Manager Rational Portfolio Manager Console Rational Portfolio Manager Time Rational Professional Bundle IBM Rational Manual Tester Rational Test Pack Rational Test RealTime Rational Tester Rational Tester Extension Rational Web Based Training Microsoft Connected Services Framework Standard produktsortimentslista1804.doc
  • Produktsortimenslista 19 (23) Rev 2009-08-07 Dnr 2006/455 Ramavtal 6845/07 Atea Sverige AB Programvaror och tjänster 2007 Bilaga 5 Område B Produktsortimentslista Business Event (CSF SBE), Connected Services Framework (CSF), MSDN OS, TechNet Plus, Visual Studio Professional, Visual Studio Professional with MSDN, Visual Studio Team Edition Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise – Software Development Kit Oracle Internet Developer Suite, TopLink and ADF BPA, WebCenter, Forms and Reports, Programmer Quest - TOAD for Oracle, SQL, DB2 Sybase PowerBuilder, PowerDesigner, Workspace,, XTND Connect Symantec Scan Engine Formpipe PLATINA Arkiv Databashantering IBM Cloudscape DB2 Advanced Access Control DB2 Connect Application Server DB2 Connect Enterprise Edition DB2 Connect Personal Edition DB2 Connect Unlimited Edition Connect Runtime Concurrent Connect Runtime zSeries DB2 Database Enterprise Developer DB2 Database Partitioning Feature DB2 Enterprise Server Edition DB2 Everyplace Database Edition DB2 Everyplace Enterprise Edition DB2 Everyplace Express DB2 Everyplace Express Server DB2 Express Edition Value DB2 Geodetic Data Management DB2 High Availability Disaster Recovery DB2 High Availability Feature DB2 High Unload DB2 Homogeneous Federation Feature DB2 KnowledgeX Workgroup Edition DB2 Net Search Extender DB2 Optimization Feature DB2 Personal Edition Client DB2 Query Management Facility DB2 Query Patroller Value DB2 Universal Database Express DB2 Universal Database Workgroup DB2 Web Query Tool DB2 Workgroup Server Edition DB2 Workload Management Feature DB2 pureXML Feature produktsortimentslista1804.doc
  • Produktsortimenslista 20 (23) Rev 2009-08-07 Dnr 2006/455 Ramavtal 6845/07 Atea Sverige AB Programvaror och tjänster 2007 Bilaga 5 Område B Produktsortimentslista Data Director DataQuant Value Dynamic Server 7 Dynamic Server Enterprise Dynamic Server Express Dynamic Server HDR Dynamic Server Workgroup Excalibur TextSearch DataBlade Express Runtime License Express Runtime Plus Express Runtime Plus Value Express Runtime Value Unit Extended Parallel Server Geodetic DataBlade Value Image Foundation DataBlade JDBC Driver/Embedded SQL MaxConnect Server Install NET Concurrent Session Non-DWE (Data Warehouse Edition) OnLine Extended Edition Red Brick Enterprise Edition Red Brick Workgroup Edition SE Developer Concurrent SE Personal Edition SE Runtime Concurrent SQL Development Registered SQL Development zSeries SQL Runtime Concurrent SQL Runtime Option SQL Runtime zSeries Spatial DataBlade Value Spatial Integration Adapter Value TimeSeries DataBlade Value TimeSeries Real Time Transliteration Global Name Video Foundation DataBlade Web DataBlade Module Workgroup DataBlade Bundle IBM 4GL Compiler Development 4GL Compiler Runtime 4GL Interactive Debugger 4GL RDS Development 4GL RDS Runtime Ad Hoc Reporting Module Anonymous Resolution DSR VU Anonymous Resolution Processor License C-ISAM Concurrent Session C-ISAM Datablade Value produktsortimentslista1804.doc
  • Produktsortimenslista 21 (23) Rev 2009-08-07 Dnr 2006/455 Ramavtal 6845/07 Atea Sverige AB Programvaror och tjänster 2007 Bilaga 5 Område B Produktsortimentslista CEO DB2 eBusiness Case Resolution Module Classification Module OmniFind Client SDK Registered Client SDK zSeries Cloudscape per machine Machine Commerce Module OmniFind DB2 Change Management Expert DB2 Data Archive Expert DB2 Data Management Gold DB2 Expert DB2 Recovery Expert DB2 Storage Optimization Feature DB2 Table Editor DB2 Test Database Generator DB2 Toolkit Degrees of Separation ESQL/C Development Registered ESQL/C Runtime Concurrent ESQL/COBOL Concurrent Session Enterprise Gateway Manager Enterprise Gateway with Entity Analytic Solutions Name Expert Content I-Spy Processor License Server Administrator Concurrent Server Administrator z Server SAP IBM Connect Runtime Concurrent Connect Runtime zSeries Contact Center Module Content Manager (CEO) Bundle Content Manager CEO Basic Content Manager ImagePlus Client Content Manager ImagePlus Workstation Content Manager OnDemand iSeries Content Manager iSeries Workflow DB2 CommonStore Exchange DB2 CommonStore Lotus DB2 CommonStore SAP DB2 Content Manager DB2 Content Manager Enterprise DB2 Content Manager OnDemand DB2 Content Manager Standard DB2 Content Manager VideoCharger DB2 Content Manager iSeries DB2 Document Manager DB2 Records Manager produktsortimentslista1804.doc
  • Produktsortimenslista 22 (23) Rev 2009-08-07 Dnr 2006/455 Ramavtal 6845/07 Atea Sverige AB Programvaror och tjänster 2007 Bilaga 5 Område B Produktsortimentslista Library Server Office Connect Enterprise Web Office Connect Professional Web Solution Compliance SCORE eMail Search CommonStore WebSphere Digital Media Enabler Microsoft SQL Server Novell MySQL databas från Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server – databaser Oracle Oracle Enterprise Edition, Standard Edition, Standard Edition One, Berkeley DB, Rdb, Lite, Times Ten Real Application Cluster, Partitioning, Content Database, Records database, Database Gateways Secure Enterprise Search Quest - Quest Central, - TOAD - Spotlight - SharePlex Sybase ASE, ASA. Replication Server Formpipe PLATINA Enkät Statistikprogramvara IBM DB2 Alphablox Linux, DB2 Alphablox z/OS DB2 Business Intelligence Processor DB2 Data Warehouse Base DB2 Data Warehouse Enterprise Global Name Analytics Server Global Name Management Server Global Name Reference Encyclopedia Global Name Scoring Server Gold Analytic Bundle Enterprise Identity Resolution DSR VU Identity Resolution Processor License Microsoft ProClarity Analytics Desktop Professional, ProClarity Analytics Server, Oracle Business Intelligence Server, Standard Edition One, Standars Edition, enterprise Edition Warehouse Builder, OLAP, Express Server Oracle Data Mining Quest - MessageStats - Reporter SAS SAS® Enterprise Guide® SAS® Enterprise Miner™ SAS® Text Miner SAS® Data Integration Server/SAS® Enterprise Data Integration Server SAS® Intelligence Storage SAS® BI Server/SAS® Enterprise BI Server produktsortimentslista1804.doc
  • Produktsortimenslista 23 (23) Rev 2009-08-07 Dnr 2006/455 Ramavtal 6845/07 Atea Sverige AB Programvaror och tjänster 2007 Bilaga 5 Område B Produktsortimentslista SAS/ACCESS® software SAS® Analytics Pro SAS® Analytics Server SAS® Forecast Server SAS® Scalable Performance Data Server® SAS® Web Analtyics SAS® Data Quality Server PheedIt - SAS Knowledge Solution SAS® Human Capital Management SAS® Strategic Performance Managment SAS® Marketing Automation SAS® Bridge for ESRI JMP® software SAS® Activity-Based Management SAS® Financial Management SAS® IT Resource Management SAS® IT Invoice Manager Sybase Sybase IQ * SLED = SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop från Novell ** SLES = SUSE Linux Enterprise Server från Novell produktsortimentslista1804.doc