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David A. Pordash
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Professional Project Experience...
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•   Wrote standards documents a...
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•   Designed, developed, and Q/A...
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WAYNESBURG COLLEGE, Waynesburg, PA May 1987
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Transcript of "My resume.doc.doc"

  1. 1. David A. Pordash 724-350-6243 Cell 724-229-0817 Home Summary: I am ready to design, create and implement an ETL Data movement application for a large Data warehouse, Data Mart and Systems migration and upgrades. I have strong experience using a variety of databases and ETL Tools along with over 21 years of experience in the Information Technology Industry. Also as important, I have excellent communication skills to identify and implement customers needs and work as a liaison between IT and business personnel. I have strong leadership skills and always strive to do whatever it may take to get the job done correctly and on time. Skills Summary • Expertise in data warehousing, database design, and business intelligence. • Over 21 years of overall Information technology experience developing software involving full life cycle development and maintenance in various business applications. • Over 20 years of Oracle experience. • 9 years of development and design of ETL methodology for supporting data transformations and processing, in a corporate-wide-ETL Solution using Informatica Power Center and Power Mart. • 5 years as ETL Team lead • Over 12 years of Data Warehousing experience. • Experience in Design, Documentation, Construction, Implementation and Maintenance of Star Schemas. • Experience in Oracle development and extraction of databases and file sources and populating Data Marts. • Experience in Data Mining. • Implemented Data Cleansing, Transformation Scripts using Informatica, Stored Procedures/Triggers. • Experience in report development using 3rd party query tools. • Experience in Design and applications Development using Oracle tools. • Experience and working knowledge of Unix, working with AIX for 3 years, HP-UX and Solaris. • Possess excellent communication, interpersonal skills and leadership qualities • 2 years as project manager. Specific Technical Skills Specialization: Informatica, Oracle, PL/SQL, SQL, Database design ETL: Informatica 4.5, 5.0, 5.1, 6.1, 6.2, 7.1, 7.2, 8.1, 8.6, PowerMart, PowerCenter, Server Manager, Session Manager, Designer, Workflow Manager, Workflow Monitor, MetaData Reporter, Power Connect (Striva) Tools: Erwin, SQL*Loader, FrontPage, Toad, SQL Query, SQL Navigator, Queryman 6.0, Teradata SQl Assistant, DBArtisan (DB2 query tool) Software: PC Master, CLP (Lawpack), Remedy, Tidal Operating Systems: DOS, Windows, Unix (Solaris, AIX, HP-UX), NT Databases: Oracle, TeraData, SQL-Server, Ms Access, DB2, PeopleSoft, SAP, Facets, Hyperion Page 1
  2. 2. D.A. Pordash Page 2 Professional Project Experience PNC Bank (Pordash Computing, consultant) Jan/2010 - Present • Design and Develop ETL process using Informatica 8.5 • Mentored other ETL developers • Assisted in architecture design of new data warehouse and ETL processes • Assisted in setting up ETL standards and processes Logan & Britton (Pordash Computing, consultant) Oct/2009 – Nov/2009 • Design ETL process as Informatica architect • Designed new process for Informatica conversion from Informatica 6.5 to Informatica 8.6.1 • Mentored other consultants during development • Created Informatica ETL code from functional and technical specs. • Created schedule request using Tidal • Design and created FTP scripts for moving source and target files. • Design and develop test plans Lockheed Martin Virtual (Pordash Computing, consultant) June/2008 – Aug/2009 • Created Informatica ETL code from functional and technical specs. • Designed and Installed test scripts for ETL code. • Documented all ETL code with proper changes. • Connecting to SAP source table and loading the staging and DW tables. • Connecting to text source file and loading to Hyperion database. • Created testing plans and testing scripts for parts of the project. Lockheed Martin (Orlando) (Pordash Computing, consultant) May/2007 – March/2008 • Designing and developing an ODS / Data Warehouse on Oracle 10g • Design and Created ETL • Design and Created ETL standards and procedures. • Designed and Installed test and audit scripts for the DW. • Documented all ETL code for the business. • Tuned SQL statements for end users creating custom reports. • ETL lead RJ Reynolds (Pordash Computing, consultant) Apr/2007 – May/2007 • Design and Developed Informatica code from DB2 database to TeraData using Informatica. • Developed test plans for test the ETL code. Washington Gas (Pordash Computing, consultant) Mar/2007 – Apr/2007 • Designed and Developed Informatica code to move data from the CTI system to the DW. • Reviewed and tested existing Informatica code. • ETL lead Sterling Commerce (Pordash Computing, consultant) Nov/2006 – Feb/2007 • Informatica Developer in creation of EDW • Developed and tested the Invoice ETL part of the DW. • Created business case documentation Trizetto Health Care (Pordash Computing, consultant) Aug/2006 – Dec/2006 • Senior Informatica Developer • Senior developer in creation of claims reporting and billing warehouse
  3. 3. D.A. Pordash Page 3 • Wrote standards documents and code templates to speed up development Washington Gas (Pordash Computing, consultant) May/2006 – Aug/2006 • Designed and developed standards for the Informatica development team. • Installed and set up Informatica environment Development and Production • Developed Informatica code using Powercenter source from DB2 and Flat files loading to Oracle 10g database. • Reviewed all development done by team. • ETL lead American Greetings (Pordash Computing, consultant) Feb/2006 – April/2006 • Designed specs for in house Informatica development and off shore development. • Create test plans and integration plans for the Informatica code. • Developed Informatica code using Powercenter source from DB2 and Flat files. • ETL lead Fisher Scientific (Pordash Computing, consultant) Oct/2005 – Feb/2006 • Gathered processing information from users and current pl/sql code, and designed ETL mapping specs. • Mentored entry level ETL developers as an ETL lead • Assisted in writing Informatica standards and methodology for the IT department. • Designed and developed Informatica code, that was currently running in pl/sql. Praeos (RCCL) (Pordash Computing, consultant) Nov/2004 – Oct/2005 • Designing, developing, and testing a data processing system using Informatica 6.2. and 7.1 on a Oracle database (10g). • Supported current Informatica mappings being ran in production. • Developed flat files using Informatica, to FTP to out side vendors for email campaigns. • Help support issues with current system using Remedy HighMark (Pordash Computing, consultant) Nov/2003 – Nov/2004 • Designing, developing, and testing a health care claims processing system using Informatica 6.2. and Teradata • Developing test plans and documentation for Informatica mappings and work flows. • Working with BA reviewing development specs. • Tuning Informatica mapping code. Winn Dixie (Pordash Computing, consultant) March/2003 – Oct/2003 • Designed, developed and supported Informatica 6.1/6.2 mappings, workflows and sessions managers. • Created and maintained .bat files that are part of the Informatica workflows. • Created an audit report that queried results from the Informatica tables that are stored during workflow runs. • Installed, migrated and backed up Informatica Powcenter 6.1/6.2 on the NT Servers. • Maintain and promote Informatica code on a multiple repository systems. • Developed and implemented a design/develop/test methodology for ETL group. • Responsible for Informatica repository administrator duties. • Gather business information from the different business groups and create ETL specs. • ETL lead Ajilion (Pordash Computing, consultant) Feb/2003 – March/2003 • Designed and developed mapping that was pulling data from Oracle financials to SAP for a conversion.. • Test existing ETL code and had to make modifications according to the business analysis rules. Praeos (Pordash Computing, consultant) May/2002 – Dec/2002
  4. 4. D.A. Pordash Page 4 • Designed, developed, and Q/A Informatica code using PowerCenter 5.1 and pl/sql. Retrieved data from Oracle Financial, Hyperion and other homegrown financial applications and flat files, formatted, cleaned, transformed and loaded the data into CORE and DATAMART. • Requirements review, analysis, design and preparation of functional and technical specifications. • Design, development and documentation of Informatica ETL mappings to cleanse, format and move data using Informatica Designer. • Creating Sessions and Batches and scheduling them to run at the required times and order using Informatica Server Manager. • Creating Informatica reusable mapplets, transformations and lookups to cleanse data where needed. • Unit testing and migration of Informatica mappings and sessions to Quality assurance and Production standards and doing performance tuning on the mappings and session. • Developed back-end routines using Oracle SQL, PL-SQL, and Stored procedures, Packages to check data integrity and incorporated them with Informatica mappings. CSX Railway (Pordash Computing, consultant) Oct/2001 – May/2002 • Developed ETL code using Informatica PowerCenter 5.0 and Oracle procedures and functions. Was responsible for tuning Oracle code and Informatica mappings. Taught and mentored CSX employees during there ramp up on using Informatica. All the development was done for a data warehouse on Oracle 8 database that kept track of all the shipping information used by the railway. • Data Mart (Data Warehouse) design using Star Schema Methodology from which users could create reports from using Informatica PowerCenter and Cognos DecisionStream. • Data Mart (Data Warehouse) design using Star Schema and snowflake Methodologies from which users could create reports from using Informatica and Cognos DecisionStream. • Helped developers on using Informatica as the ETL lead PNC Banks (Pordash Computing, consultant) Sep/2001 – Oct/2001 • Re-write a Customer usage Cobol, JCL application using Informatica PowerMart and Oracle PL/SQL. The application takes customer source data from main frame tapes and files and loads it to flat files and Data Warehouse tables. • Unit testing and migration of Informatica mappings and sessions to Quality assurance and Production standards and doing performance tuning on the mappings and session. U.S.A.A. (Pordash Computing, consultant) Jan/2001 – Jul/2001 • Design, develop and test ETL code for a data warehouse migration from PeopleSoft HR/Payroll system using Informatica, PL/SQL, and sql*plus on a Oracle 8i database. • As part of a team, designed and developed data model for the data warehouse. U.P.M.C. June/2000 – Dec 2000 • Design, develop and test data warehouse migration for a health care provider using Informatica, sql*plus on a Oracle 8 database. The source was from a flat file or denormalized oracle data tables. • Design, develop unit specs for coding. • Develop programs using Informatica and sql*plus. • Develop unit test specs for QA group. • Assist DBA and Project manager in data modeling and sql tuning. • As part of a team, designed and developed data model for the data warehouse. • Designed and developed Informatica Extraction Transformation Loading (ETL) mappings to cleanse, format and move data from flat files extracted from an object-oriented database to an oracle database. • Creating Informatica mapplets (Both reusable and non-reusable) to cleanse data where needed. • Developed back-end routines using Oracle SQL, PL-SQL, and Stored procedures, Packages to check data integrity and incorporated them with Informatica mappings.
  5. 5. D.A. Pordash Page 5 Alcoa May/1997 – Jun/2000 • Provided business application direction, project leadership, development and support to multiple Resource Units. • Lead, coordinate and participate in the design and development of new business applications that support the processes owned by the resource units. • Direct others and provide the support and continued enhancements of existing business and desktop applications, and Intranet databases. •Provide leadership and direction for business critical software packages and vendor supported customizations •Provide direction and participate in the selection, testing, and evaluation of technologies which enhance decision support processes •Coordinated, managed and tested the data movement from a legacy system to PC Master. This system kept track of all patents, trademarks and copyrights for Alcoa. Computer Delivery Service Feb/1996 – May/1997 • Design, develop a mortgage application as a technical developer. • Design and create database structures / models for the application. • Interfaced with people ranging from users to owners for development, technology, and training issues. Alpha & Omega Systems October/95 – Feb/96 • Maintain a Retail Warehouse System Database. • Design and develop a time entry system using Oracle Forms and PL/SQL. Miles Inc. (Bayer) January/94 – Oct/95 • Maintaining a Product Development Database and converting it from Oracle6 database to Oracle 7 and from Vax to Client server. • Team member of Converting from Oracle 6 RDBMS to Oracle 7 RDBMS. Elkem Metals February/92 – January/94 • Design, develop and documented a Freight Rate System and Shipping Information module for a Order Entry and Inventory System called FEMA. • Test and modify forms and reports for the FEMA project. • Created data model using Erwin for the Freight Rate System and Shipping Information. Westinghouse October/90 – January/92 • Develop and modify a CORE Order Management System and Payroll / Pension System. Department of the Navy July/89 – October/90 • Analyze, write, and document a Small Purchase System, Document Control System, and Contract Management Information System. • Evaluate major software systems. SECURITY CLEARANCE: Top Secret Clearance: Based on a Special Background Investigation (SBI), dated March 1, 1990. Mantech Service Corp. March/88 – July/89 • Research, organize, and update logistic files and Critical Path Method (CPM) for the Airborne Self-Protection Jammer (ASPJ) AN/ALQ-165(V). • Organize and update the Logistics Review Funding Plan (LRFP) for the Navy and Air Force. Education
  6. 6. D.A. Pordash Page 6 WAYNESBURG COLLEGE, Waynesburg, PA May 1987 Bachelor of Science Double Major : Computer Science / Mathematics Dean's list