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My Resume in Word format.doc


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  • 1. Srinivasu Uppuluri 18433 Mayapple Ct Gaithersburg MD 20879 Ph: 408-393-5511(M), 301-591-3896 (R), 805-277-9689(R) Objective: Results driven Technical Architect experienced in the Financial Domain, with a proven ability to achieve goals and high customer satisfaction levels in diverse Software domains. Track record of driving projects to successful completion in high-growth situations. Demonstrated commitment to work with colleagues to build outstanding teams, and achieve bottom-line objectives. Skilled at assessing project/client needs, tailoring programs to meet these needs. Coordinated/Managed project development from Inception to Deployment. Specialized experience Architecting the development of high-end applications and services within financial and e-commerce industries. Summary: Working in various capacities as a Technical Architect, Lead and Sr. Developer with 8 years of Experience in IT Industry with expertise in: • Extensive experience in Technical Architecture and Coordination of projects and driving them to completion balancing both time and budgetary constraints. • Financial domain Experience: Securities and BONDS, Accounts Receivables, General Ledger and financial reporting, Banking with specific focus on Lending, Credit Card Processing, OLTP (Online Transaction Processing) of financial messages with knowledge of financial ISO8583 Messages. • Architecture, Design and Development of multi-tier Client Server Applications with all the phases of Software Development lifecycle and automating testing procedures. using various technologies: C, ISO C++ (STLs), RogueWave iTools++ 7.0, Internationalization, VC++ 6.0, MFC, ODBC, MS SQL, Oracle 9i, OCI, Pro*C, PL/SQL, DB2, Shell Scripting, Redhat Linux, HPUX, Solaris 2.6, UNIX and NT (+Domain administration), Datawarehousing, ERWIN, ER-STUDIO, Datamodelling. • Extensive DataModeling and Database Design experience with a multitude of Data Modeling tools (ERWIN, ERStudio) and databases respectively. • Extensive experience in interfacing with Mainframes on the TPF (Transaction Processing Facility) platform, DB2 using the SNA protocols. • Worked extensively on Internationalization of the Product(s) involving the UNICODE, Ms-kanji and JIS (Japanese character sets). • Installation, Administration and Management of Version Control Systems – CVS, WinCVS, VSS, ClearCase • Imparting formal Technology training sessions for team members and co-workers. Accomplishments: 1. Successfully Architected and Coordinated the development of the OLTP subsystem of the Private Payments project, which was a $70 Million project for American Express where we delivered the Design and the developed Product within 3 months. 2. In the S1 project, delivered the SRS, Architecture & Design Documents on time and within Budget. The Development Modules for Some of the Host Interfaces were completed ahead of schedule. 3. In HP the Product Deliverables, Design, Unit Test Plans, Construction, were phased across the course of a year, and the goods delivered well in advance. Education: BS (CSE) - Bachelor Of Engineering in Computer Science in Aug 1996, Bangalore University, Visveswaraya College of Engineering, India. Training: (a) Effective Technical Management. Management Skills: Management Tools : MS Project, MSOffice(Entire Suite) , Primavera Teamplay(Time Tracking) Development Processes : ISO 9001, SEI CMM, Waterfall , Risk based Models and Rational Unified Process.
  • 2. 2 Technical Skills: Architecture Tools : Rational Rose, MS Visio, MSOffice(Entire Suite), ER-STUDIO, ERWIN Platforms : IBM PC, HP9000, Sun Solaris, IBM Mainframes, Operating Systems : Win 95. Win 98, Win 2K, Win XP, Win NT (4.0) (Administration). HP-UX 10.2x: Processes, IPC (Shared memory, Queues) – Multi-Process, Multi-Threading, SUN OS 5.0/6.0(Solaris 2.0 / 3.0)TPF, MVS Programming : C++, STLs, C, RogueWave iTools++ 7.0.A, Pro*C, OCI, ODBC, Embedded SQL, PL/SQL, Languages GUI : Visual C++, MFC + ODBC, COM, DCOM, COM+, XML Distributed Computing : CORBA Environment Databases : DB2, Oracle 9i, MS SQL Server , Sybase ASE 12.5, UDB, ERWIN, ERSTUDIO. Protocols : TCP/IP, SNA vide DCP, MS SNA LU0 Professional Experience: NASD (National Association Of Oct 2004 – Current Securities Dealers) , MD, USA Project SONAR. Role Technical Architect and Sr. Developer. Architecture MS Visio, MS Office Suite Tools Technologies C++, Sun Solaris, Shell scripts, PVCS on Sun OS, Win XP, Oracle 9i, PL/SQL (Stored Procs), used  Working with Project Manager for Project scoping, planning and Resource allocation, Time & Cost estimates  Worked with the team and laid out the design and development of break generation framework and Business Objects for CORPorate BONDS as part of the SONAR application. The Components were developed using C++, Solaris, Oracle PL/SQL.  Coordinating, and guiding the development team for the design and development.  Coordinated and participated in design and peer-peer reviews of Design, Code & Test Cases.  Prepared a Migration strategy for Database Migration from Oracle 8i to 9i involving the Schema -- Tables, Procedures, Triggers, Constraints, and Data from Oracle 8i to 9i. America Online, Dulles, VA, USA Nov 2003 – Oct 2004 Project Accounts Receivables system for Billing and Revenue systems’ division Role Technical Architect Architecture MS Visio, MS Office Suite, ERSTUDIO Tools Technologies LINUX, C++, Shell scripts, CVS, Sybase 12.5, T-SQL, DB Artisan 7.x, Win XP, CygWin(Unix), ER used Studio(Data Modeling), Oracle 9i, PL/SQL (Stored Procs),
  • 3. 3  Feasibility analysis, proposals, Time & Cost estimates  Interacting with client groups to build a knowledge base for the system architecture, component interfaces and data flows for the existing systems.  Laid out the application architecture and worked with the team for the design and development of Transaction framework and Business Objects of a Workflow application  Working with Project Manager for Project scoping, planning and Resource allocation.  Data Modelling & Design  Created and Designed the DataModel and application Database for the Loans Origination application – for a total of about 23 Tables.  Modifications to Data Model post discussions with the Customer to align with new requirements, and Design Reviews.  Extensive Roundtrip engineering of the database-datamodel to cater to the project changes and new projects being integrated into the AR system.  Co-ordinating, mentoring, and guiding the development team for the design and development of interfaces, and transactional logic.  Coordinated and participated in design and peer-peer code reviews.  Planned and executed the Database Migration from Sybase to Oracle. This involved migrating the Table Definitions, Stored Procedures, which contained the entire transactional logic and migration of the data.  Interaction with Operations, QA teams for Creation of Integration and System Test Plans.  Planned and coordinated Migration of the Database Schema Tables, Procedures, Triggers, Constraints and Data from Sybase to Oracle.  Researched and Used Migration tools to help migrate the schema from Sybase to Oracle, and used the Conversion utility to convert Sybase T-SQL procedures to Oracle PL/SQL Procedures.  Designed the interfaces with the PaymentTech and CreditMutual Transaction Management Applications, for real time/ Batch Authorizations and Settlements  Design and development of C++ based business Objects which fulfill Purchase Qualification, Authorization, Settlement and Credits Processing  Design and development of the BRD Data warehouse using AbInitio. This Data warehouse caters to GL generation and reporting. The datawarehouse draws input information from AR and the Finance Databases.  Analysis and Design underway to build an Open System interface for the CBC component, to be able to support XML messaging interfaces vide SNAC, HTTP requests. The Components of choice are Xerces C++ and Xalan C++. S1 Corporation, West Hills USA July 2002 – Nov 2003 Product Loans Origination System for Branch Automation Suite. Team details. 5 Million Dollar, 17 people. Architecture MS Visio, MS Office Suite, Power Designer, ERWIN. Tools Technologies Data Modeling -ERWIN, Sybase 12.5, T/SQL (Stored Procedures), MS SQL Server, C++, VC++, Win2K, used VSS, Clear Case, Redhat Linux, Shell Scripting, XML, Active Perl Role Tech Architect  Interacted with various client groups for feasibility analysis and building proposals.  Gathered user requirements and worked with the team to translate the User Requirements into usable design utilizing the GoF design patterns.  Prepared concept papers and Co-ordinated people on the team to build a proof of concept/prototype, to finalize the proposal.  Project Scoping, Planning and Resource allocation, and recruitment of candidates.  Planned and Initiated Procurement and Setup of Development Servers and configuration management servers for the project and  Architected the Sales & Service component of the Branch Automation suite. This involved Interfacing the Metavante Banking Loans Host, Equifax Credit Bureau, and BSI (Bankers Systems Incorporated) Print Interfaces.  Scheduled and Conducted technology sessions and helped the team to created Low level design and developed the interfaces to the Numerous Systems/Metavante  Data Modelling & Design using ERWIN.  Created and Designed the DataModel and application Database for the Loans Origination application – for a total of about 123 Tables.  Modifications to Data Model post discussions with the Customer to align with new requirements, and Design Reviews.  Extensive Roundtrip engineering of the database - datamodel to cater to the continuous changes.  Provided technical inputs and guided the team to be able to create Unit, integration and System test plans and shell scripts to automate processes  Developed the interfaces to the Numerous System interfaces for Metavante, BSI and Equifax/ using C++, TCP/IP which was a phenomenal volume of work.
  • 4. 4 American Express May 2000 – June 2002 1. Product Equity Research for American Express Jan. 2002 – May‘02 Client Role Lead Architect Team details. 1/2 Million Dollars, 5 People Architecture Tools MS Office Suite, TIMS (Time Sheets) Technologies used Sybase 11.5, NT 4.0, Solaris 2.6, Sun Visual Workshop C++ 5.1, Sun Forte 6.0, C++ 5.0, Actuate eReporting Suite 5.0, RogueWave iTools++ 7.0.A  Architected Enhancements to the ERManager component to utilize RogueWave iTools++ 7.0.A C++ 2. Product AEGIS (AmEx Global Interface System) Apr’01 – Sept’01 Role Tech Architect. Team details. 10 Million Dollars, 10 People Architecture Tools MS Visio, MS Office Suite. Technologies used MS SQL Server, DB2, NT 4.0 , Solaris 2.6, C++, VC++, COM, DCOM, COM+, MTS, UNICODE, Internationalization(UTF-8)  Architected and delivered a robust, performance based, Fault tolerant system delivering ISO transactions. The fault tolerance was with respect to Communication using TCP/IP, SNA, X.25 protocols, application components and links to the Stratus.  Designed and developed the core message transfer modules, and generic File I/O and IPC libraries.  The deployment platforms were international and we targeted the Text processing and encoding using UTF-8 standards. 3. Product/Project Private Payments May’00 – Aug’01 Role Tech Architect Team details. 70 Million Dollars, 75-100 People Architecture Tools MS Visio, MS Office Suite. Technologies used Sun Solaris, ISO C++ with RogueWave iTools++ 7.0.A, Multithreading, DB2, E-SQL, Datawarehousing, Informatica, Business Objects  Technical Coordination of over 75 People from more than 6 groups within American Express while for designing and building the entire OTLP authorization engine for Private Payments.  Prepared concept papers and Coordinated people on the team to build a proof of concept/prototype, to finalize the proposal.  Time taken for the Proof of concept = 3 weeks, Product launch duration = 3 months.  Worked with a project manager for the Project Scoping, Planning and Resource allocation, and recruitment of candidates.  Multi-Threaded Design, Development of the Private Payments transaction Authorization component. For American Express, this development project represented one of the firsts of its kind interfaces between extremely diverse systems, groups and platforms. Responsibilities in the project involved phenomenal technical co-ordination with all the groups (technical as well as business), in all the phases of the project from Design to Implementation. Post-launch technical consulting for production problems required similar co-ordination and problem solving skills across multiple platforms and environments.  Co-ordinated the team for the Design & Development of the Private Payments OLTP Authorization component and developed the modules for database interface, using E-SQL (Embedded SQL).  Architected Private Payments Authorization components to: 1. Include Fault Tolerance. This involved design changes to CAS (Credit Authorization System) to be able to handle multiple PPS Authorization servers being connected to CAS, vide the SSL gateway. The SSL gateway is a virtual machine (a unique front end) to CAS, which translates the TCP/IP requests on the client end to SNA on the CAS side, and vice-versa. 2. A recovery mode for DCP (An application on the Stratus) Stand-in. This involved CAS being re-designed to create a new message (1804/1814) to forward the X.4 ANSI messages to the Private Payment authorization server, sent by DCP to CAS (after DCP stands in for a PPN request, should the path to CAS be unavailable) Enterprise Software Solutions August 1999 – May 2000 1.Product Compaq Canada and Sales Force Intranet for client Jan’02 – Mar’02 Role Technical Lead Jan’02 – Mar’02 Technologies Used Windows NT 4.0, VC++, Silk, IE  Co-ordinated user groups to gather system requirements  Designed SILK API Library. The environment used was SILK on Win NT 4.0  Worked with a small team of Senior Developer to implement the above solution. 2.Product Plexus , Banctec USA, Inc. Oct‘99 – Nov‘99 Technologies Used Windows NT 4.0, VC++ Role Senior Developer. Jan’02 – Mar’02
  • 5. 5  Designed and developed GUI for a workflow based system (Image First Office) using VC++ 6.0 and Database APIs. Development of 4 Modal Dialogs. IBM Global Services, Sydney, Australia February 1999 – August 1999 Product ITP infrastructure development Role Lead Technical Architect for Telecom infrastructures. Jan’02 – Mar’02 Technologies Used C++, Sun Solaris , Oracle 7.3.5 The Internet Transaction Platform (ITP) is used in the development of TELSTRA‘s Internet range of applications as part of C&C Mobiles’ customer Internet access services. Telstra Corporate Internet Firewall (TCIF) contains 2 generic components.  A Log Client in the CGI - Client Component of the Web Server which invoked the Log Server Stubs in the Proxy, which translates HTML to CORBA.  CORBA Proxy Server - Which validates the transactions, locates the application service and passes the transaction through the firewall. This involved Developing a CORBA Component used to invoke methods on the Log Server. Hewlett -Packard ISO (Consultant, TCS) Dec’97 - Dec 1998 Product ChangeEngine - Development of a Test Harness for testing a Work Flow System Role Team Lead and Senior Developer. Environment Oracle 7.3, MFC with ODBC, OCI, Perl , HPUX 10.x, CORBA (ORB+) & ISO C++ (STLs)  Mentoring and Guiding the team while involved in the following tasks  Designed and developed a Test Harness the Engine of a work Flow Application – Database, Business Objects and GUI Tools  Developed a Database Replication Utility using C++ (STLs) & Oracle Call Interface (OCI). Utility was used to integrate all the data to be able to run a comprehensive test used for performance, volume, regression and robustness testing.  Provided inputs to the Manager for performance appraisals. Tata Consultancy Services(TCS) – Tokyo Stock Exchange Nov ’96 to Dec ‘97 Project Turn Key -(Development) Project for developing a Client Server for Tokyo stock exchange. Role Module Leader, Software Engineer. Technologies MFC, ODBC, eSQL, HPUX, Win NT, Win 95, Shell scripts, Internationalization with UNICODE, MS-kanji  Mentoring and guiding the team in the Anakysis, Design and development  Requirement analysis, Designed (Database and System) for the Message Processing system.  Development of tools on Unix using Shell and Awk scripts to automate the Database Design.  Designed GUI, Developed and Tested (Unit, Integration, System) Core Message Processing Modules – Multi-process, Multithreaded.  Designed and implemented the component for Text Processing targeting Internationalization to convert the Hiragana and Katakana JIS (Japanese) Text streams to SJIS/MS-Kanji, i.e. UNICODE (Japanese platform) using the UTF-8 transformation formats/standards.  Worked extensively on Internationalization aspects of the project/product involving Unicode, MS Kanji and JIS.