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MS Word

  1. 1. Richard Harrison
  2. 2. Objective Skills and Experience I seek to identify and promote opportunities to Served in all capacities from project consultant and leverage existing and team developer to supervisory lead architect and potential competitive engineer across mainframe, distributed, desktop, and advantages by means of supportable, extensible IT Internet platforms. solutions. Ported data from legacy mainframe systems to client- Approach server models and secure, B2B site; translated With extensive exposure to single-threaded file systems to DB2. many environments, I am devoid of operating system Defined company standards for Java exceptions- or language bigotry – my handling, Selenium testing, JavaScript prototyping, primary focus is on the practical, human aspects of and file-transfers between various platforms. information usage, independent of platform. Completed courses of study in: Java, Visual Age, Websphere, Struts, J2EE Design Patterns, advanced Methodology SQL, HTML, CSS, XML, MS Win32 GUI development, From structured, top-down MS Win16 GUI development, DB2 SQL, and C. to iterative bottom-up, functional programming to Re-engineered vendor software source code to object-oriented methods, my training permits me to accommodate company operations. fit into any project hierarchy. Performed all IT functions from business analyst through 24/7 on-call support programmer for custom Organizational software in business areas: advertising and Comfortable at all levels marketing, IT infrastructure, reinsurance, from team developer to manufacturing, finance, purchasing, pricing, project lead and valuation, legal, asset/liability matching, actuarial supervisor, my public speaking and mentoring research, product development. skills provide service beyond the value of my Employed by national and international companies personal performance. and corporations since 1985. Communication Brainbench certifications - Transcript ID#: 6937855 Interactions with hugely varied customer bases, Operating Systems and Platforms give me the ability to MVS/TSO and VM (IBM OS3x0, z/OS), DOS and converse comfortably with Windows (3x, 9x, NT, 2000, XP, Vista), anyone. Developing formal, X (AIX, Linux, and Unix) technical specifications and expository documents has Languages honed my writing skills. APL, CSS, X/HTML, Java (J2EE), JavaScript, SQL, XML Service IDEs Identifying and fulfilling Dyalog (Win32 through version 9), Visual Age, company needs and goals, my primary focus is on Websphere (through version 5+), IntelliJ Idea, maximizing the satisfaction Eclipse (with Aptana and SVN), ISPF/PDF of stakeholders’ utilities within the boundaries of the given business model.
  3. 3. Richard Harrison Employment History User Interface Engineer - Atlanta, GA 2007 Citigroup - Primerica Financial Services: Software Engineer - Duluth, GA 1999 to 2007 Upjohn for Megaforce, LLC: Software Engineer - Kalamazoo, MI 1994-1999 Life of Georgia: Actuarial Analyst - Atlanta, GA 1990-1994 Confederation Life: Actuarial Analyst - Atlanta, GA 1985-1990 Lassiter High School: Instructor - Marietta, GA 1984-1985 Education Georgia State University Bachelor of Science in Psychology with minor (fifty hours) in Mathematics awarded "cum laude" in 1982 Society of Actuaries Accreditation by Examination in Calculus & Linear Algebra, Statistics I & II, Operations Research, Numerical Analysis, and Theory of Interest Hobbies Chess, Scrabble, cards, classical and electric guitar, reading, culinary arts, martial arts, table tennis Affiliations Founding member of Kalamazoo Linux Users Group (KLUG), founding member of SouthEast APL Users Group (SEAPL), comp.lang.apl (Google APL Computer Language list), ydn-javascript (Yahoo! User Interface Library Group), Yahoo! Answers, LinkedIn Personal Married, good health
  4. 4. References available upon request.