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Keynote by Paul Rivot, IBM Data Management
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Keynote by Paul Rivot, IBM Data Management


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  • Our customers have told us that they think about SOA in terms of a lifecycle. They start in the Model phase by gathering business requirements and designing their business processes. Once they have optimized the business processes, they implement it by combining new and existing services. The assets are then deployed into a secure and integrated environment for integrating people, processes and information. Once deployed, customers manage and monitor from both an IT and a business perspective. Information gathered during the Manage phase is fed back into the lifecycle for continuous process improvement. Underpinning all of these lifecycle stages is governance which provides guidance and oversight for the SOA project.
  • IDS provides Web Services support with JFoundation JAVA Engine, and the Web & XLST DataBlades, along with XML generating UDR, to handle XML input. They enable IDS to provide and consume web services. J2EE and EGL applications connecting to IDS can invoke web services via the WebSphere Application Server, or applications can develop web services using JDBC, WORF/DADX, and JAVA. Alternatively, IDS supports Windows web services via the Internet Information Server (IIS) with the .NET interface. For Open Source environments, web services are enabled via the Apache/Tomcat Server with the PHP interface. In addition, IDS is supported by other SOA enabling tools such as the Rational Application Developer for WebSphere for developing and testing JAVA and EGL web applications, WebSphere MQ for reliable message delivery and publish-subscribe message support on the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), WebSphere Process Server to facilitate definition and management of SOA business processes, and WebSphere Information Integrator further extends the reach of loosely coupled information and services with products that provide federation, replication, enterprise search, and event publishing.
  • Segment Characteristics For infrastructure solutions that require databases with the highest levels of integration, scalability, performance, availability, and security. Typical Applications Mission Critical business applications: CRM, ERP, Reservation Systems eCommerce Applications Any application requiring 99.999% availability Database Characteristics True 24x7 Availability Handle local system failure, Handle site failures Perform management while DBMS is running Full Suite of Security Features Control Access to the database and to information Cryptographic Services Integrate with 3rd party security packages Multiple & Variable Workloads Support Unpredictable workloads Scale to 100s of Terabytes Scale to Hundreds of Users Latest Open Standards Latest SQL, XML – XQuery, Web Services Support Customers Development Environment Legacy, .NET, Java / Eclipse Support Customers IT Environment Integrate with IT management solutions Integrate with Application Servers Integrate with other databases Multiple Platform Support Linux, Unix & Windows, System 390
  • NOTE TO SPEAKER: This slide is animated, so will take multiple key strokes as each product version populates separately. The Classic products will be supported through fixpack releases as needed. The classic products will also be certified with new platform and OS updates. 4GL 7.32.XC3 became generally available in late July 2005. Approximately 30 defect fixes, removing some of the recompile limitations C-ISAM DataBlade module 1.10.UC3, which includes additional defect fixes and performance improvements, became generally available in early July 2005. ESQL/COBOL – will be supported as required on new hardware platforms (for example Itanium was released recently for HP-UX and Linux) DRDA 7.31 and EGM will be updated as needed. DRDA released in Q2 2005 to support part of Level 5 requirement ( <control –c> handling) SE and Online 5 fixpacks will be scheduled as needed. All these products will be certified on new platforms/OS combinations.
  • 1H 2008 SOA – Service Oriented Architecture
  • Print ad for Information Management as part of the Middleware is everywhere campaign. Shows the power and pervasiveness of information. Text on Ad KEY for Ad Takes virtual tour of vacation spot. Books flight with partner airline. Dispatches service automatically. Analyze schedule data dynamically. Business results reach new heights. Middleware is IBM Software: The powerful DB2 Information Management Software Family, including industry leading DB2 and Informix databases, it’s the most complete information management solution available. Built on open standards, it lets you manage data from various sources, seamlessly improve productivity, stay data compliant. Plus gain insight to make better business decisions. On demand.
  • Do you know how Informix technology touched YOU today? Protected your country… Facilitated social harmony and sustainable development… Made a hotel reservation… Tracked the design of your next Porsche… Enabled emergency response systems… Helped you pay for petrol… Made it easier to pay taxes, to make a phone call, to get directions, to insure your home, to pay a bill online, to surf the web, to go to the doctor, and more… IDS v10 is IBM’s newest database for industrial-strength, embedded solutions Roadmaps and plans are in place, ensuring a strong future Deeper and wider integration with other IBM products underway Business Partner commitment We call it schema evolution . It’s patent-pending technology that allows rolling application upgrades on Informix Dynamic Server v.10 with Enterprise Replication. End users never skip a beat. Perhaps what we are really doing is working to make downtime obsolete.
  • Time and time again, when real world benchmarks of IDS are done against the competition, IDS comes out on top. If necessary, offer to benchmark IDS against the competition using the customer’s application. Informix has won many accounts this way and will continue to do so. Oracle is the king of unbundling key functionality and making the customer pay through the nose to get what we provide as standard features of our database. URL to article on Informix supports all of the most common development methodologies & environments. Whether the customer wants to use traditional client server using 4GL or our ESQL/C or they want to take the leap into EJB application servers, Informix is there for you. The biggest impact of IDS is its real simplicity of management. Don’t let the fancy GUI’s of the competition fool you. With Informix, the many common database administrator tasks are either not necessary because of how our products are designed, or the Informix tools allow them to be executed quickly and easily. Many of our customers that use Informix & Oracle find that their Informix databases require ½ to 1/3 of the DBA resources!!! Do the math! Top flight DBA’s are expensive and cutting that cost in half or by 2/3’s will dramatically cut your annual operating expenses.
  • Designed with the mid-market in mind, IDS Express combines a robust, self-managing database engine that provides the power, function, and reliability needed by On Demand Business with simplicity in packaging, installation and deployment at a minimal investment cost. Developed in conjunction with IBM Business Partners, IDS Express easily integrates with Business Partner solutions and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the business partner’s application. Because IDS supports a wide array of development paradigms business partners and customers can leverage their existing skills and reduce time to value. IDS Express is built on Dynamic Scalable Architecture which responds quickly and seamlessly to unexpected events to provide uninterrupted service and keep management costs low. This architecture means that customers can confidently deploy thousands of instances of IDS anywhere in the world and support them centrally without an army of DBA’s. These features have caused business partners to embed IDS in electronics, network management equipment, telecommunications service assurance equipment, emergency response systems, retail systems, medical systems and thousands of other applications that require high performance and reliability without the expense and hassle normally associated with managing enterprise RDBMS.
  • Informix Dynamic Server has always been an industry leader in Best-of-Breed RDBMS solutions for On-Line Transaction Processing. IDS 9.40 was designed to meet the increasing demands of our OLTP customers. Over 600 feature requests were reviewed for inclusion in 9.40. Selected features provided improvements in the 6 key areas that concern OLTP customers most: Performance, Scalability, Availability, Security, Reduced Administration and Time to Value. IDS 9.40 is the fastest IDS engine ever, faster than IDS 7.31. In the area of performance, buffer management was improved to reduce I/O and ensure highest demand pages remained in memory. The B-Tree Cleaner was replaced with a tunable B-Tree Scanner to eliminate bottlenecks during mass deletes and improve performances of indexes. Many IDS customers are fast approaching the 4TB limit of IDS. 9.40 removes this limitation by eliminating the 2GB chunk limit and increasing the number of chunks that can be created. The inability to add a chunk when chunk 0 is full has also been eliminated, improving scalability and eliminating an administrative headache. For High Availability, IDS 9 introduced industry-leading Enterprise Replication capability to compliment our existing High Availability Replication. Until now, the two features could not co-exist on the same instance. This limitation has been removed making IDS the most flexible answer for 24x7, always on, applications. IDS 9.40 has improved encryption capabilities. It now supports Plug-in Authentication Modules and full encryption for client server communications via the OpenSSL encryption libraries. Administration with IDS 9.40 becomes even easier with the introduction of the ability to rename chunks during level 0 cold restores, new RAS features to display more information with onstat; including the value for variables being processed by SQL statements. Explain can now be invoked for running sessions, eliminating the need to capture and re-execute troublesome queries. Other features introduced with earlier 9 versions, such as dynamic lock management and dynamic logging help further reduce administration costs associated with IDS. IDS 9.40 improves time to value by introducing application development features to improve developer productivity. These include 3.1.1 Unicode support by leveraging existing IBM technology, the ability to set locales dynamically for a session making multi-language programming easier than ever. SQL-99 join syntax, sequences and named return parameters are now supported which make porting applications from other database platforms such as Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server faster than ever. The performance, Reliability, Availability and Scalability of IDS 9.40 make it the clear choice for demanding, 24x7 OLTP environments
  • Innovation around IDS drives additional revenue opportunities and provides great cross-sell, Upsell opportunities…. Alphablox Delivers flexible & robust analytics and business intelligence from your existing IDS databases. Mobility OnDemand Extends your IDS data to your remote workforce via cell phones, PDA or tablet PC utilizing DB2 Everyplace to link with IDS WebSphere Application Server Delivers a rich application deployment environment with application services that provide enhanced capabilities for transaction management with IDS WebSphere Information Integration Provides real-time, integrated access to business information -- structured and unstructured, public and private, mainframe and distributed to seamlessly integrate disparate data sources with IDS HDR Ensures your systems are available even when disaster strikes. MQ Series Allows you to easily integrate applications by using a simple database table interface using the MQ Datablade. Rational Application Developer Allows you to quickly design, develop, analyze, test, profile and deploy Web, Web services, Java, J2EE and portal applications with this comprehensive IDE with Enterprise Generation Language, Java and C support. A week after the major IDS V10 release, IBM is announcing enhanced tooling integrated with its Software Development Platform to increase the productivity of Informix application developers. The Informix 4GL to EGL Conversion Utility is now available as an iFix004 iFeature with the Rational Developer V6.0 products . For more information, visit developerWorks . This release of IBM Informix 4GL to EGL Conversion Utility offers the following key features and benefits: Uniform Conversion from 4GL to EGL - retain the "look and feel" of your 4GL program with the equivalent EGL program after conversion Graphical Conversion Wizard - steps you through each step of the conversion process Command Line Conversion - scripted or automated usage Informix 4GL to EGL Conversion Utility iFix004 iFeature should be installed via the Update Manager functionality with any of the following products: Rational Web Developer V6.0 Rational Application Developer V6.0 Rational Software Architect V6.0 WebSphere Application Server Express V6.0
  • Our strength historically has been in Banking, Insurance, Brokerage, Retail, and Manufacturing.
  • DB2 Everyplace addresses the needs of companies of all sizes for a simple and affordable mobile application infrastructure: a major building block in supporting the On Demand e-business environment. Developed on the same code base as DB2 Everyplace Enterprise Edition, DB2 Everyplace Express is easy to install, deploy, and manage. It extends DB2 Everyplace's strengths in open standards, feature richness, scalability, and reliability. By leveraging DB2 Everyplace Express, resource-constrained SMBs can access critical data and make intelligent business decisions anywhere and anytime. IBM offers an entry point to mobility on demand and the ability to grow as business expands. Easy to install and deploy: Install on Mobile Device tool quickly installs DB2 Everyplace on a mobile device Simple to manage: Autonomic (self-management) features reduce the skills and resources required to manage underlying data store Affordable: DB2 Everyplace Express is competitively priced to address the needs of SMBs with robust capabilities. Easy to build and integrate : DB2 Everyplace supports open industry standards and is available on multiple platforms. Supports the latest mobile devices (Windows Mobile 2003 for PocketPC, Symbian V7, and Palm OS 5.2) and the latest development environments (.NET and .NET Compact Framework and Java 2 Micro Edition). Designed to support other Express products including DB2 Universal Database Express Edition and WebSphere Application Server Express. Extensible: Based on the same code base as DB2 Everyplace Enterprise Edition, DB2 Everyplace Express can easily scale on demand. As the business grows, one can upgrade to DB2 Everyplace Enterprise Edition and WebSphere Everyplace Access as needed. From cell phones that you can wrap your hand around to wallet-size personal digital assistants (PDAs), mobile devices are continuing to shrink in size. As device manufacturers strive to make their products more compact, however, they’re also challenged to enrich them with capabilities that enable users to tap into enterprise information and applications wherever they are. That’s where IBM DB2® Everyplace™, Version 8.2, a small-footprint relational database and easy to use synchronization solution, can make a huge impact, helping mobile device users to be as productive on the road as they are in the office or at home. With this proven mobile database solution software infrastructure embedded in a mobile device, organizations can infuse greater productivity into their on-the-go workforces. For example, a salesperson equipped with a PDA powered by DB2 Everyplace can pull up account histories stored on the corporate back-end database on the spot. Not only can this advantage enhance the sales representative’s responsiveness to customers, it can also strengthen decision making at critical junctures such as the point of sale. DB2 Everyplace Database Edition includes a compact, secure relational database for mobile and embedded devices. It is designed for mobile device manufacturers and can securely handle high-performance queries. Database Edition does not include the DB2 Everyplace Sync Server or Sync Client. DB2 Everyplace Express Edition is a complete mobile relational data solution designed for deployment in a departmental or small business environment. As part of the IBM DB2 Universal Database product family, DB2 Everyplace provides a powerful mobile computing platform that is easily integrated into an existing data management architecture. DB2 Everyplace Express Edition uses a licensing model designed to provide an attractive price point for smaller installations while still providing a full function mobile data solution. Mobile database users are licensed individually as registered users with no limitation on how many mobile devices per user. The Express Edition can be deployed in Linux and Windows environments on systems with up to 2 CPU’s. Complete server based synchronization capability is included with support for a wide range of data sources including Informix Dynamic Server, DB2, Lotus Domino and other vendor data sources including Oracle, Microsoft, and Sybase. DB2 Everyplace Express also offers the widest range of mobile device platform support including Palm OS, Windows CE, PocketPC, PocketPC 2002, Windows CE.NET, Handheld PC, Symbian OS7 , QNX Neutrino, Linux and embedded Linux and Windows NT/2000/XP. DB2 Everyplace Enterprise Edition builds on Express Edition and offers a broader range of platform support for the Sync Server component. It is designed to meet the need of an enterprise customer and offers a powerful, bidirectional, multiplatform synchronization server that can span multiple servers. It delivers enhanced autonomics, robustness, and other features to improve the total cost of ownership. Remote administration is also available with this edition. Enterprise Edition includes the DB2 Everyplace mobile database, Sync Client, and Sync Server. The following are supported data sources are supported: DB2 Universal Database V8.1 for Windows, Linux, AIX, HP-UX, and Solaris DB2 Universal Database V7.2 for Windows, Linux, AIX, HP-UX, and Solaris DB2 Universal Database V7.1 for IBM zSeries and OS/390 (with DataPropagator) DB2 Universal Database V5R1 and V5R2 for IBM iSeries and AS/400 (R)(with DataPropagator) Informix Dynamic Server 9.3 (with Informix JDBC driver) IBM Cloudscape V5.2.1 Lotus(R) Domino Server 6.0.1 and 6.0.2 (with Lotus Domino Driver for JDBC 1.5) Oracle 8i 8.1.7 Microsoft SQL Server 2000 (with SQL Server Driver for JDBC Service Pack 3a) Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise 11.93 (with Sybase J-Connect 5.5 for JDBC)
  • Last updated: 4/22/04 IBM has two RAD development environments, each with its own approach to development. We refer to WebSphere Studio as Traditional RAD because it combines the breadth of a traditional IDE with the high productivity aspect of Rapid-application development approach. Websphere Studio has a full complement of tools that allows for full and low level control over middleware artifacts. It also allows you to can build, test, debug and deploy your applications without leaving WebSphere Studio. The RAD tools automate tasks and increase productivity for all developers by providing visual layout and design, drag-and-drop reusable components, and automatic code generation.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Informix: Seeing The Big Picture Informix User Forum 2005 - Atlanta P aul Rivot – Director Information Management December 8, 2005
    • 2. Agenda
      • Information as a Service
      • Positioning and Roadmaps
      • Informix Highlights
      • V10 Overview
      • IBM SWG Interoperability
      • Call to Action
    • 3. — Information as a Service—
    • 4. Volkswagen “ Today, 70% of the time of our people is spent searching information and only 30% by making intelligent decisions. We want to flip the ratio 70/30, by providing 70% of intelligent and analytical time decision making and only 30% of administrative work.” — Dr. Martin Hofmann Exec. Director, Group Supply Strategy Volkswagen AG Result: Procurement productivity increased by 20%
    • 5. Information as a Service Moving From a Project-Based to a Flexible Architecture and more… IDS DB2 IBM Content Manager Oracle xyz… Heterogeneous Applications & Information Insight In-line, Real-time Dashboards Tools & Applications Real Time : e.g., On Line Help, Synchronized Master Data… Extracted: e.g. Basel II, Business Optimization… Standards based: e.g., XQuery, JSR170, JDBC, Web Services... Information as a Service Data & Content Business Context Insightful Relationships
    • 6. Information Intensive Problem Domains Information as a Service Finance Insurance Retail Mfg.
      • Account Opening
      • Credit Card Risk Mgmt.
      • Anti-money Laundering
      • New Product Introduction
      • New Customer Introduction
      • Vendor Fraud Analysis
      • RFID
      Cross Industry
      • Human Resources
        • Relationship Analysis…Information Privacy…Skills Discovery
      • No-touch Claims Processing
      • Police Force Effectiveness
      • Intelligence Gathering
      • Anti-Terrorism
      • Integrated Case Management
      • Call Center Relationship Management
        • Cross Selling…Customer Service…Priority Service
      • RFID
      • Integrated Supply Chain
      • Product & Parts Management
      • Dealer Collaboration
      • Early Warning Systems
      • Finance & Accounting
        • Risk & Compliance…Business Performance Management…ePayments
      Procurement Healthcare
      • Patient Safety
      • Disease Management
      • Predictive Medicine
    • 7. Expanding the Value For Clients and our Business Partners * Source: IBM Analysis of Various Industry Estimates, 2005 Data Content Information as a Service Entity Analytics Master Data Mgmt. Integration
    • 8. Information Management - Number One Market Share
      • Data Services
        • IDS, DB2, IMS, Cloudscape, U2
      • Content Services
        • Content Management Services
        • Content Integration Services
      • Information Integration Services
        • Federation Services
        • Movement Services
        • Transformation Services
        • Quality Services…
      • Information Accelerators
        • Master Data Management
        • Entity Analytics
        • Data Warehousing
        • Industry Data Models
      Information Delivered on Demand Based on Services Oriented Architecture #1 in Share 450,000+ Clients Leading The Space 1,000+ Clients #1 in Share 5,000+ Clients #1 in Share 13,000+ Clients No Other Vendor Delivers The Breadth and The Depth of Capabilities
    • 9. Informix Family Update
      • IDS
      • V10: Largest Release Since IDS 9 in 1996
      • Fastest Ever: 13-20% Faster than IDS 7.31
      • Strong V10 Acceptance
        • 70+ Clients & Partners in 1st 60 Days of Availability
        • Over 400 Clients & Partners today
      • vNext Priorities
        • Advanced Autonomics
        • Extended Encryption & Auditing
      • Cloudscape
      • Derby Graduates into the Mainstream
      • U2
      • Point-in-time Recovery
      • Encryption of Data at Rest
    • 10. IDS Providing Web Services in an SOA environment HTTP/SOAP HTTP/GET WebSphere Application Server IDS Web Service Provider HTTP SOAP IDS consumes Web Services data IDS IDS provides Web Services data JDBC Windows Internet Information Server .NET PHP Apache/Tomcat Server Additional SOA Tools & Products WebSphere MQ WebSphere Process Server Information Integrator Rational Application Developer for WebSphere Tables Web DataBlade XSLT DataBlade XML Generating UDR Web Service Providers JFoundation J2EE Applications EGL Applications WORF/DADX
    • 11. — Positioning and Roadmaps—
    • 12. “ The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated”
      • Mark Twain quotation after hearing that his obituary
      • had been published in the New York Journal.
      “ The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated”
    • 13. IBM Is #1 in World Wide Database Market Share
      • IBM strategy is to be the leader in all database segments with the right products
        • Informix Family (IDS)
        • DB2 Family (DB2 UDB)
        • UniVerse/UniData Family (U2)
        • IMS
      • Capitalize on market strengths of Informix Dynamic Server (IDS)
      • Key Industries
      • IDS has significant market presence within key industries including Telco, Government, Retail & Banking
      Online Transaction Processing IDS v10.0 is IBM’s newest database for pure OLTP computing. The latest version has new features which greatly increase the performance of IDS. Small & Medium Businesses New Express & Workgroup editions of V.10 appeal to the market. Low DBA requirements are a strong selling point. Embedded Solutions IDS is optimized for industrial-strength embedded solutions due to its ability to integrate within an application. #1 Leader – “Database World Wide Market Share” - Gartner
    • 14. IBM Database Portfolio
      • Total Solution Value:
      • Application
      • DBMS
      • Server
      • Storage
      • Services
      • SW & HW Mtc
      • IT Staff
      Product Flexibility: Increasing Capability, Performance, Scalability, & Control Mid-Level Entry Any Size DB2 & IDS Workgroup DB2 & IDS Express DB2 & IDS Enterprise Target: Entry level 2 ways systems, requiring base database capability Target: the most challenging database problems, on any size system Target: 2-4 way mid level systems, requiring advanced high availability DB2 zOS Target: applications built for zOS $ V A L U E Infrastructure OLTP Products Product Flexibility: Increasing Footprint, Increasing Capability, Performance, Scalability, & Control Cloudscape DB2 Everyplace IDS Target: Micro databases, mobile devices Target: industrial strength transactional, embedded applications Target: Lite Embedded Data Driven Applications for Eclipse / Java Developers Express Runtime Target: Industrial Strength Transactional, Java Application + Middleware Solutions OEM/Embedded Products U2 Target: MultiValue embedded vertical applications for SMB Micro { Lite { MultiValue {
    • 15. IBM Informix Product Roadmap 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 IDS vNext IDS v10.0 Plan:IDS vNext+ XPS v8.50 XPS v8.51 Redbrick v6.3 Continued Platform and OS support through Fixpacks Continued support with IDS vNext IBM Confidential 2010 And beyond Online v5.2 SE v7.25 C-ISAM v7.26 EGM 4GL v7.32 RAD v6.x RAD v7.x C-SDK v2.90 C-SDK vNext C-SDK vNext+ UniData v7.x SystemBuilder v5.4 UniVerse v10.2 Redback v4.3 DataBlades UniData vNext UniVerse vNext
    • 16. IDS Release Schedule and Roadmap – Major themes
        • IDS Express
        • Express Runtime
        • Wal-Mart
        • CISCO
        • MQ series support
        • Oracle-to-IDS MTK (YE)
      Leveraging IDS Strengths
      • IDS V10
      ISV Revitalization
      • ALWAYS ON!!!
        • IPv6
        • Microsoft Whidbey Support
        • PHP (Zend) Driver
        • WAS Portal Support (2H)
        • RFID
        • Common API
        • Security Enhancement
        • Online Table Re-org
        • Optimistic Concurrency
        • Autonomics
        • SWG Interoperability
        • Spatial / Time-Series
        • XML Enablement
        • SOA
        • Encrypted Key Management
        • Trusted Context
        • 1 to N HDR Chaining
        • Embeddability Kit
        • ISC/Advisors
        • Solutions Install
      • Optimized OLTP
    • 17. — Informix Highlights—
    • 18.
      • New Releases!! This year IBM launched IDS V.10, IDS Express and IDS Runtime will come this fall. We are investing in new offerings in response to customer demand for this powerful database which is optimized for OLTP & embedded scenarios.
      • Strong Revenue Growth!! IDS has seen double digit growth in 1H05 YTY. IDS customers can leverage innovation around IDS with other product offerings such as HDR, Alphablox, Mobility on Demand and Websphere MQ.
      • ISV Adoption!! Over 1,000 independent software vendor (ISV) applications have been produced and enabled to IDS. New OEM contracts and ISV recruitment efforts are driving renewed commitment from Partners to drive IDS revenue
      • IDS Is Winning!! IBM is winning major deals in the market against Oracle and Microsoft.
      Success with Informix Dynamic Server
    • 19. Informix On The Move
      • Informix Use
        • 8 of the top 10 U.S. retailers
        • 20 out of the top 25 supermarkets in the U.S.
        • Technology Partners
          • like Ericsson and Cisco
          • 70% of all telephone switches/routers run on embedded Informix
        • Wide use in Public sector
          • multiple countries
          • Civic administration, Judicial Applications, Military Applications, Law Enforcement
          • Education, National Security, Tax Administration, Customs
        • QA improvements since the IBM acquisition
    • 20. Information Management: The Story
    • 21. — IDS V10 Overview—
    • 22.
      • Today you can find IBM’s Informix software in nearly everything you touch
      Informix Dynamic Server Performance. Reliability. Scalability. Do you know how Informix technology touched YOU today ? Protected your country… Facilitated social harmony and sustainable development… Made a hotel reservation… Tracked the design of your next Porsche… Enabled emergency response systems… Helped you pay for petrol… Made it easier to pay taxes, to make a phone call, to get directions, to insure your home, to pay a bill online, to surf the web, to go to the doctor, and more…
    • 23.
      • Enterprise Edition
        • Handles the most demanding requirements!
      • Workgroup Edition
        • Suitable for Medium Businesses or departmental applications
      • Express Edition
        • Affordably priced with the flexibility to grow as your business grows!
      Development Available Now! IDS v10.0: Technical Enhancements Scalability Security Performance Reliability
      • Rolling Application Upgrades – Schema Evolution
      • Online Index Rebuild Reduces Downtime
      • Backup and Restore Flexibly Across Platforms
      • Fastest IDS Release Ever
        • 5 % Faster than 9.4. 13-20% Faster than IDS 7.31
      • Exploits capabilities of the Linux 2.6 Kernel
      Unix, Windows, Linux, zLinux, pLinux, iLinux
      • Install time is drastically reduced with new installer
      • New single user mode for administration
      • Enhanced disk management, backup and restore
      • Improved trouble-shooting capabilities
      • Informix 4GL to EGL Conversion Utility
      • Available with Rational Developer V6
      • Column level encryption helps business meet regulatory compliance issues
      • Supports Configurable Page Sizes and related buffer pools
      • Available for Intel, Mid-Range and Mainframe
      The Largest IDS Release Since IDS 9 in 1996
    • 24. How to move to IDS v10.0
      • Recompilation of applications is recommended and may be required
      • If customers are changing operating systems (say HP-UX to Linux) or hardware (say SUN SPARC to IBM pSeries) they must use dbexport/dbimport
      • Customers upgrading from Standard Engine must use dbexport/dbimport
      • Customers who wish to migrate from XPS to IDS will also need to use dbexport/dbimport and some schema changes may be required
      Upgrade in Minutes! 10.0 9.30 9.1x 10.0 7.31 Online 5.1x 10.0 7.31 7.22, 7.23 N/A 10.0 7.24, 7.30, 7.31, 9.20, 9.21, 9.30, 9.40 Step 2 Step 1 Current Platform
    • 25. Competitive Total Cost of Ownership
        • Expensive Add-Ons? No way!
        • Everything you need to run IDS is included in one server price.
          • Partitioning
          • Replication, High Availability
          • Web Administration
          • Server Studio JE
          • Informix Connect
          • Rational Application Trial CD
          • DataBlade Developer’s Kit
          • MQ Data Blade
          • Spatial DataBlade
      Tools Partitioning Spatial
    • 26. IBM Informix® Dynamic Server Packaging
      • Version 9.4
      • Workgroup Edition
        • 2 CPU’s
        • Windows, Linux and Unix
        • 32-bit and 64-bit
      • Workgroup OEM Edition
        • 4 CPU’s
        • Windows, Linux and Unix
        • 32-bit and 64-bit
      • Enterprise Edition
      • Version 10
      • Express Edition
        • 2 CPU’s
        • Linux and Unix
        • 32-bit
      • Workgroup Edition
        • 4 CPU’s
        • Windows, Linux and Unix
        • 32-bit and 64-bit
      • HDR Add-on Option for WE
      • Enterprise Edition
    • 27. Announcing IDS Express
      • IDS Express provides a robust relational database with low administrative overhead that is:
        • Simpler and less complex than the competition. Easily embeddable into your application, such that our common end customer can concentrate on your solution, not database management.
        • Easy to install and deploy - the database installs silently within your application, is simple to configure and can be easily managed via your application.
        • Easy to integrate with your application providing faster time to value - comes with PartnerWorld support structure, and results in faster time to market the combined solution
        • Flexible and provides a choice in programming environments, IDS Express provides deep support of both Java/Eclipse and Microsoft .NET IDEs.
        • Scalable on demand - as business grows, so can the underlying database
        • Extensible - with other IBM Software Group middleware, such as, Lotus ® for collaboration, Tivoli ® for management and WebSphere ® for dynamic e-business
      • Supported Platforms: Windows, Linux
      Designed with the mid-market in mind, IDS Express combines a self-managing database engine that provides power, function, and reliability with simplicity in packaging, installation and deployment. “ IDS needs no army of DBAs. IBM Informix products run efficiently, without a lot of money and without a lot of interference. I can’t say that about Oracle. — Sean Durity, IT Manager, CornerCap Investment Council ”
    • 28. Extensive Platform Support Windows 2000, 2003 and XP on x86 HP-UX on PA-RISC and Itanium. Tru64 on Alpha AIX on pSeries Linux on xSeries, zSeries, pSeries* and iSeries* Solaris on SPARC IRIX
    • 29. IBM Informix Dynamic Server v10.0 Performance. Reliability. Scalability. To sum it all up, IDS 10.0 is a DBA’s dream come true. Gary Ben-Israel CIO National Institute for Testing and Evaluation Jerusalem, Israel
    • 30. — IBM SWG Interoperability—
    • 31. IDS Server Interoperates with Multitude of IBM Products Informix IDS Extending Values to Applications, Development, Management, Technology More Integration Planned Business Integration
      • WebSphere Information Integrator
      • WebSphere Application Server
        • Embedded
        • Express
        • Enterprise
        • Network Deployment
      • WebSphere Portal Server
        • Enabled, Express, Extended
      • WebSphere Process Server
      • WebSphere MQ Series
      • WebSphere Ascential DataStage
      Application Development
      • Rational Application Developer (RAD)
      • Rational Web Developer
      • Rational Data Architect
      Information Management
      • Informix Tools & DataBlades
      • DB2 Alphablox
      • DB2 Everyplace
      • DB2 Web Query
      • DB2 Table Editor
      • DB2 Office Connect
      • Lotus Enterprise Integrator
      • Tivoli Storage Management for Databases
      • Tivoli Monitoring for Databases
      System Management
    • 32. and Informix Dynamic Server
      • Rational EGL for Informix 4GL
      • Informix 4GL to EGL Conversion Utility
        • Opens up Rational to Informix developers
        • Available with Rational Developer V6.0 products
        • Key features and benefits
          • Uniform Conversion - retain the "look and feel" of 4GL program with the equivalent EGL program
          • Graphical Conversion Wizard - step-by-step conversion process
          • Command Line Conversion - scripted or automated usage
      • Announcement of enhanced tooling
        • Integrated with IBM Software Development Platform
        • Increased productivity of Informix application developers
      • Visit 4GL-EGL @ developerWorks
    • 33. Alphablox
        • Customers who have these problems……
          • Branch or Store Profitability Analysis
          • KPIs / Dashboards via the web
          • Financial Planning and Analysis
        • And have tried these products already and are frustrated….
          • Excel, Analyzer, ProClarity, arcplan, or any multidimensional AdHoc query tool
        • Have implemented Alphablox solutions and seen dramatic improvements to business processes.
      Flash Demo (Retail BPM)
    • 34. DB2 Everyplace Mobilizes Your IDS Applications
      • Powerful bi-directional synchronization solution
      • Reliable and secure access to enterprise information for mobile workforce—anywhere, anytime
      • ~250KB zero admin data store that can be easily synchronized with Informix Dynamic Server v10.0
      • Multi-platform synchronization server support
      • Simple to install, manage and deploy
      • Three editions to choose from depending on business requirements
        • mobile database and synchronization solution that easily integrates into existing IT environments
      Field Service DB2 Everyplace Database Healthcare Shipping & Receiving Retail Inventory Management Sales Force Productivity
    • 35.
      • VSAM
      • Sequential
      • IMS
      • Adabas
      • CA-Datacom
      • CA-IDMS
      • DB2 UDB
      • IDS
      • Oracle
      • Sybase
      • Teradata
      • Microsoft SQL Server
      • ODBC
      • OLE DB
      • Excel
      • Flat files
      • IBM Lotus Extended Search
        • Web search
        • LDAP
      • Custom-built
      • DB2 CM
      • Family
      • Domino.doc
      • Documentum
      • FileNet
      • Open Text
      • Stellent
      • Interwoven
      • Hummingbird
      • Lotus Notes
      • Microsoft Index Server
      • IBM Lotus Extended Search
        • Sametime
        • QuickPlace
        • Microsoft Exchange
      • WebSphere BI Adaptors
        • SAP
        • PeopleSoft
        • Siebel
      Content & Imaging Relational databases Web Other Collaboration Systems XML Web services Packaged applications Mainframe files SQL Content SQL Information Integration – Extending Your Reach
      • OmniFind
      • DataStage
    • 36. — Call to Action—
    • 37. Ways to Connect
      • WatchIT video series at or
        • IBM Informix Software: Portfolio Update and Future Directions
        • IBM Informix Software: Database Technology in Everything You Touch
        • IBM Informix Software: A Step into the Future, IDS Version 10 (4Q2005)
      • “ Chat with the Labs”
        • July 13: Upgrading from IDS v7.x to v10, over 150 in attendance, 95% of the audience gave the call a rating of either Excellent or Good
      • Conferences and Roadshows
        • Infobahns
        • TechCon in Orlando Sept. 19-22, 2005
        • IDUG/IIUG NA in Tampa May 7-11, 2006
      • International Informix Users Group at
        • Worldwide network of Informix users
    • 38. Call to Action
      • Upgrade to IDS V10 for:
        • even better TCO
        • greater industrial strength 7x24 up time
        • increased speed
        • better storage utilization & security
        • enhanced integration with other SWG products
      • Keep up your Informix maintenance contract for best of breed support and access to the latest technology
      • Modernize your application tools via Websphere Studio (EGL)
      • Connect with IBM and other Informix Users
      • IIUG members should disseminate the good word around the IDS/Informix revitalization
      • Remember as an IBM customer you have access to the best products, solutions, services and support!
    • 39. Advice from Mark Twain
      • "Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please."
      • Informix is Alive and Well!
      • Integral component of the SWG strategy through
      • integration with the SWG stack
      • Great for OLTP and Embedded solutions
      • Here to stay! Roadmaps and plans are in place
      • ensuring a strong future
      • Superior technology and value than Oracle and
      • Microsoft
      • The right choice for our customers
      • The right choice for our partners
    • 40. — Thank You—
    • 41. Pick up your free Thinkpad
    • 42. Who can help? IDS Technical Product Manager Fred Ho 1-650-926-8524 [email_address] Database Technology Awareness Carolyn Woods 602-357-4398; TL 273-0096 [email_address] Informix Business Leader Bruce Weed 1-914-766-1717 T/L: 826-1717 [email_address] IDS GTM Strategy Michael N. Cohn 1-678-248-3669 (T/L: 268-0153) [email_address] Informix Classics Product Manager Andrea Reid 1-408-463-2293 T/L: 543-2293 [email_address] IDS Product Manager Christine Normile 1-877-252-5399 T/L: 273-0981 [email_address] WW Informix Technical Enablement Mark Scranton 1-303-395-3622 T/L: 273-3381 [email_address] WW Informix Sales Support Danilo Novelli 1-305-442-3604 T/L: 235-3604 [email_address]
    • 43. Helpful Links IDS Trial code IDS Express Telesales kit$IDS_Express_V10 WatchIT Informix video programs http:// – Click on DB2 Information Management on right navigation panel IDS Enterprise Mobility Flash Demo IIUG – Informix Users Group (have your customers subscribe to the monthly newsletter) http:// IDS v7 to v10 Telesales kit$IDS_Upgrade_V10 IDS Express Data Sheet Informix InfoBahn 2005 Flash media file for IDS V10 – sales & technical information [Posted on Marcom Central} = get&dataManager = ASSET_MGR&id =273027 IDS v10 on Informix on Xtreme Leverage!ut/p/_s.7_0_A/7_0_LT?nb= ca&ni = dm&ca = informix&e = informix IDS Developer and User Forum IDS License Compliance!ut/p/_s.7_0_A/7_0_IP?type= doc&srcID = DM&docID =L428191R89157U94 Informix Product pages IDS Version 10 Play doc&srcID = DM&docID =R206867Q86791T20 Customer Links & Collateral Sales Links & Collateral
    • 44. IDS in an SOA End-to-End Model Enterprise Service Bus: Transform, Route, Notify, Augment, Side Effect “ Portal” Service Workflow Business Act. B2B Interactions EIS Adapter “ Script” POJO SSB Distinguished Services Information Mgmt IDS
    • 45. Superior Development IDS v10.0: Benefiting your Business Superior Scalability Superior Security Superior Performance Superior Reliability
      • Get more performance with less hardware!
      • Keep pace with ever-increasing requirements
      • Keeps you operating even when disaster strikes!
      • Eliminates unscheduled outages!
      • Reduces scheduled maintenance!
      • Provides the lowest Total Cost of Ownership
      • Lets you manage your business instead of your database
      • Lets DBAs focus on strategic business priorities
      Superior Manageability
      • Develop using the tools of your choice:
        • Supports .Net and Microsoft Integrated Development Environment
        • Supports latest Java levels
        • Supports Rapid Application Development
        • Supports your Business Logic NATIVELY for exceptional performance
      • Addresses emerging requirements for privacy and regulatory compliance
        • Sarbanes-Oxley, Basel II, HIPAA and other regulations
      • Protects your data without requiring application changes
      • Efficiently handles departmental applications or enterprise applications
      • Grows as your business needs grow!
    • 46. — Key Focus Areas—
    • 47. Informix 2006 Key Focus Areas – take out
        • Software Group Compatibility
          • Websphere Portal Server 6.x in planning
          • Content Management
          • IDS as a repository for DataStage
          • Etc.
        • IDS Development
          • RFID
          • Spatial
          • Autonomics
          • Security & Regulatory Compliance
          • Customer/BP Requirements
        • ISV Revitalization
          • Targeted list of ISVs
          • VAR/VAD focus
        • Continued and increased market awareness
          • Additional BP and customer events
          • Increased BP co-marketing
          • More focus on BP and customer success stories
    • 48.
      • Rational Web Developer
      • Rational Application Developer
      • Rational Software Architect
      • Fully integrated with IDS v10.0
      • Provides pure Java development environment
      • Enterprise Generation Language
        • Based on Informix 4GL constructs
        • 4GL to EGL conversion tool
      • Proven Business Logic in 4GL Apps
      • Leverage 4GL Skills
      • Based on ECLIPSE
      Rapid Application Development Making Java development faster Quick Edit View for scripting Visual layout and design Drag and drop JSF components Point-and-click data connectivity and Informix Dynamic Server