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Kalos CTITQ0023 no cost.doc


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  • 1. The KALOS Group, Inc. TABLE OF CONTENTS Section 4-3 – Professional/Technical Personnel Questionnaire …………... 2 - 5 Section 4-4 – Client References………………………………………………..6 - 7 Section 4-5 – Cost Data………………………………………………………… 8 Section 5-1 – Required Signature(s)………………………………………….. 8 Section 5-2 – Vendor W-9 Tax Form………………………………………….. 8 Exhibits…………………………………………………………………………… 9 RESPONSE TO STATE OF IOWA ITQ BD80200S102 1
  • 2. The KALOS Group, Inc. ITQ Response - SCOPE OF WORK 4-3 PROFESSIONAL / TECHNICAL PERSONNEL QUESTIONNAIRE SUBMIT ANSWERS FOR EACH SERVICE CATEGORY YOU SEEK TO QUALIFY FOR The KALOS Group is seeking to qualify for the service categories of: • Strategy/Vision/Consulting • Project Management • Design/Planning • Developing • On-going Support • Administration Our answers to these respective questions do not vary between Service Categories. 1. How do you intend to provide the resources required by this ITQ? Kalos has an excellent staff with over 60 consultants with a wide variety of expertise. We have a dedicated recruiter who searches constantly for the best architects, developers, project managers, and experts in our areas of focus. When the right candidates present themselves, we attempt to hire them, whether we have a requirement that fits them or not. This has allowed us to build a staff that is second to none. In addition, we rely heavily on our employees to recruit talent for us. This enables us to hire prospects that were not even in the market for a job. In addition, Kalos has a broad range of partnerships with companies that have subject matter expertise that compliments ours and we utilize each other’s resources as needed. 2. Identify the SP contract administrator and describe the functions that person will perform. Paul Korbitz will be the service provider contract administrator. He is the Omaha Account Executive, and is fully aware of all the available resources that Kalos can bring to bear on a business problem or RFP. In addition, he can juggle resources on our existing contracts to allow us to reach a better fit of personnel. Paul will be the single point of contact for RFP’s, contracts, and resources for Kalos. 3. Describe how you plan on providing additional personnel if it becomes necessary to properly staff projects. First, Kalos will look to existing staff to try to meet the staffing demand with a qualified individual. Next, we look at our list of potential hires to see if we could acquire a resource in a timely fashion. Finally, if necessary, we would work with one of our partners to obtain the necessary resources to fulfill Kalos’ obligation to our customer. RESPONSE TO STATE OF IOWA ITQ BD80200S102 2
  • 3. The KALOS Group, Inc. 4. Describe your company's ability to uniquely address problems and issues related to the service category. Strategy / Vision / Consulting Kalos has a host of senior consultants with a wide range of application and platform experience. We have proven successes in helping companies reinvent their data processing environments. These successes include First Data Resources, Compaq, JC Robinson Seed Company and CBS/Home Real Estate. Project Management Companies today expect to know exactly what a deliverable is going to cost. Fixed bidding and project management go hand-in-hand. Scope creep and unexpected costs threaten every project. We have established our ability to manage both large and medium scale projects in both e-commerce and traditional development roles. CBS/Home Real Estate and DL Blair are two examples of large projects delivered on time and within budget. Design / Planning This is probably the most common role for a business consultant to play. Usually the customer has established what it is they wish to see - and bring in consultants to take that vision and design a solution. That design may be passed off to other consultants or employee(s) for development. Our staff has many successes in this area, including DL Blair, Johnson Brothers Liquor and Mesaba Airlines. Developing Being accustomed to project based work, we naturally have both senior and junior level developers on staff. It is critical from a cost containment standpoint to utilize junior developers to write the code and senior staff to design, create specs, and ensure the code and systems perform as designed. With over 60 developers on staff, we tend to have many of the niche areas covered, but when that is not the case, we have quality people referred to us by our staff, in addition to bringing in one of our partners to help. We have an extensive resume database we use to hire when that is the best solution. On-Going Support Kalos has often been used in the “help desk / on-going support” role for our customer base. Typically we agree to a rate per hour, minimum time increment, and acceptable response time with a customer and serve as their on-call. We have been successful in this model, especially when it pertains to systems we helped develop or any issues on the AS/400 or Microsoft products. Administration This is a little bit of a “catch-all” category. Kalos has significant experience administering LAN’s and WAN’s, DB2 databases, AS/400’s, security (both network and platform), and Microsoft networks. We have to be adept at this to set up development environments that mimic customer environments for testing and proof of concept. We also have customer successes in this area including DL Blair and Omaha Business Furniture. 5. Describe your company's practices in adopting client policies and methods. Our goal as consultants is always to work ourselves out of a job. One of the most critical success factors in that is to leave the development in a state that can be maintained by existing staff. To do that we simply must adhere to the customer’s policies and methodologies. It is part of our standard statement of work that we will develop in a way that is compatible with customer standards. RESPONSE TO STATE OF IOWA ITQ BD80200S102 3
  • 4. The KALOS Group, Inc. For the following questions indicate in each area the extent of knowledge and training your company would be able to offer and whether your company would be able to provide performance with or without guidance, or could teach others. 6. List each type / brand of operating system/ communication system you are experienced with in each category below and make comments. a) Mainframes: We have a handful of consultants with traditional COBOL CICS mainframe experience. b) Midrange / Minicomputer: This is one of our core competencies with many senior level people in the IBM AS/400 arena, complemented by some good Unix gurus. c) Client / Server / Distributed Systems: This is one of our core competencies with many senior level people in the IBM AS/400 arena, complemented by some good Unix “gurus”. d) Desktop: We are very fortunate to have a complement of strong PC / Microsoft / Linux engineers. e) LAN: We have a very strong LAN / Network design / security individual on staff, and several others that have expertise in some of the niche areas that come into play with networking such as CISCO and SSL. f) Languages and DBMS: This becomes a long list, but we currently have staff with expertise in: COBOL, RPG (II, III, IV, & ILE), CL, DDS, CLIST, JCL, OCL, Visual Basic, C / C++, Foxpro, Java, Javascript, XML, JSP, Javabeans, HTML, Notes, DB2, Access, Sequel Server, CICS, LDAP, SQL, ODBC, and JDBC. 7. Describe your products / experience with Databases. a) Administration: We have served as administrators for DB2 and Sequel Server databases. b) Application Development tools: ADTS, WebSphere, J-Commerce, Notes, Visual Studio are the major development tools we use today. c) End user tools: RESPONSE TO STATE OF IOWA ITQ BD80200S102 4
  • 5. The KALOS Group, Inc. We have set up, installed, and supported Infomanager at several customer locations. d) Structure and methodologies: e) Other 8. What general software applications have you experience in? We have worked extensively in transportation, manufacturing, inventory, accounting, healthcare, insurance, retail, distribution, e-commerce (both b2b and b2c), and EDI / EFT. 9. Please describe any experience and deployed solutions in each of the following specific technologies below. a) Help desk solutions / technologies Implemented System Care help desk software at Omaha Housing Authority. b) Data development c) Data analysis We have implemented 2 data warehouses utilizing IBM Visual Warehouse, Rodin, and Infomanager. d) Data modeling We have staff with extensive experience with PowerDesigner. e) Facilitating and consulting f) Photogrametery and remote sensing g) Data collection and clean up mapping h) GIS / ESRI Software / Mapinfo i) Electronic Commerce / EDI j) Document management k) Telecommunications wide area network RESPONSE TO STATE OF IOWA ITQ BD80200S102 5
  • 6. The KALOS Group, Inc. l) Biometrics m) Wireless networking n) IT staffing o) Graphic / web design p) Other 4.4 CLIENT REFERENCES The Kalos Group has identified and submitted our Reference Surveys to customers. The State will be receiving the surveys over the next few weeks. Those customers asked to participate include the following: STRATEGY/VISION Company: JC Robinson Company Contact: Mark Hoffman Phone: (402) 289-0286 Company: CBS HOME Contact: Lori Noack Phone: (402) 964-4010 Company: Cook Composites Contact: Becky Bierschwal Phone: (816) 391-6121 PROJECT MANAGEMENT Company: CBS HOME Contact: Lori Noack Phone: (402) 964-4010 Company: Prime Therapeutics Contact: Jim Anderson Phone: (402) 970-2505 Company: Wells Fargo Contact: Kevin Ronan Phone: (612) 667-8956 DESIGN/PLANNING Company: DL Blair RESPONSE TO STATE OF IOWA ITQ BD80200S102 6
  • 7. The KALOS Group, Inc. Contact: Tim Gross Phone: (402) 533-9437 Company: JC Robinson Contact: Mark Hoffman Phone: (402) 289-0286 Company: Mesaba Contact: Scott Ficek Phone: (612) 713-6231 Company: InfoUSA Contact: Ken Daniels Phone: (402) 930-3588 DEVELOPING Company: CBS Home Contact: Lori Noack Phone: (402) 964-4010 Company: InfoUSA Contact: Ken Daniels Phone: (402) 930-3588 Company: Facility Systems Inc. Contact: Steve Garber Phone: (763) 417-3372 Company: Johnson Brother Liquor Company Contact: Haseen Alam Phone: (612) 649-5800 ONGOING SUPPORT Company: Holden Graphics Contact: Gary Plager Phone: (800) 423-0433 Company: Sprint Contact: Raj Sundarin Phone: (703) 467-2444 Company: KC Royals Contact: Jim Edwards Phone: (816) 504-4358 ADMINISTRATION Company: Prime Therapeutics Contact: Jim Anderson RESPONSE TO STATE OF IOWA ITQ BD80200S102 7
  • 8. The KALOS Group, Inc. Phone: (402) 970-2505 Company: DL Blair Contact: Tim Gross Phone: (402) 533-9437 Company: Bellevue Public Schools Contact: Kyle Fairbairn Phone: (402) 293-4015 4.5 COST DATA Please reference the Exhibits section of this document for Cost Data information. 5.1 REQUIRED SIGNATURE(S) Please reference the Exhibits section of this document for Kalos-authorized signature page. 5.2 VENDOR W-9 TAX FORM Please reference the Exhibits section of this document for Kalos’ W-9 Tax Form. RESPONSE TO STATE OF IOWA ITQ BD80200S102 8
  • 9. The KALOS Group, Inc. EXHIBITS 1. W-9 Tax Form 2. Non-Conclusion Affidavit 3. Lobbying Certification Form 4. Mandatory Agreement Questionnaire 5. Cost Data Tables RESPONSE TO STATE OF IOWA ITQ BD80200S102 9
  • 10. The KALOS Group, Inc. The Kalos Group Inc. Jim Wilcox Omaha, NE EDUCATION Southeast Community College, Milford, NE Associate of Applied Science, Computer Programming Technology Taught computer language courses in Assembler and CICS/COBOL for on year after graduation CERTIFICATIONS Certificate in Object Oriented Design (Priority Technologies) LANGUAGES/SKILLS Java, HTML, JavaScript, SQL, RPG/ILE, CI, C, C++, COBOL, CICS. Jbuilder, Visual Age for Java, Visual Basic, MKS Source Integrity, AS/400 Programmer Tools (PDM, SEU, SDA, RLU, PFE/DBU). Rational Rose 98, Rational Requisite Pro, Sybase Data Architect. DB2 Universal Database, MS SQL Server, MS Access, VSAM. IBM San Francisco Java Frameworks, IBM WebSphere, Lotus Domino, Silvon Data Tracker. IBM OS/400, MS-Windows 95/98/NT, MVS, DOS/VSE, OS/2, S/36. EXPERIENCE 2000-Present WebSphere Architecture Manager, The Kalos Group Inc., Omaha, NE 1997-2000 Systems Architecture Manager, Oriental Trading Company, Inc. Omaha, NE Defined and managed the software development methodology including introduction of standards, tools, and industry best practices for Enterprise Java and RPG/IV development. Developing and teaching courses in Object-Oriented Analysis and Design. Introduced and implemented IBM SanFrancisco Java Frameworks for a new GUI Order Entry system using AS/400 Application Servers. Establishing performance benchmarks for targeted deployment of over 600 telemarketing representatives. Architect for e-Commerce development utilizing IBM WebSphere Java Application Server environment. Piloted the company’s Lotus Notes/Domino As/400 server installation and development to RESPONSE TO STATE OF IOWA ITQ BD80200S102 10
  • 11. The KALOS Group, Inc. replace aging e-mail system with state-of-the-art messaging and workflow systems. Implemented the company’s first Data Warehouse solution comprised of Order Volume, Sales Projections, and Item Sales Analysis data marts. 1995.1997 Director of Software/Chief Architect, I-Mark Systems, Inc. Omaha, NE Directed the design and development of a new smart card activated, touch screen Electronic Voting System consisting of the following modules: Electric Ballot Preparation, Electronic Touch- Screen Vote Capture, Election Results Reporting, Laser Printing and Optical Scanning of Absentee Ballots. Worked with hardware vendors to design prototype and production systems using industry standard components for rapid integration. Managed the certification process with governmental testing agencies to ensure compliance of software and hardware to rigorous standards. 1993-1995 Applications Manager of Systems, First Data Resources, Inc. Omaha, NE Managed design and development of Card Issuance Systems for the nation’s largest credit and telephone card production service bureau. Designed and deployed automated shop-floor production for a business segment consisting of 30 million cards annually. Developed a Bill of Materials imaging system to allow each card- package production station to visually verify correct materials instantly. 1985-1993 Technical Computer Consultant, Various Engagements with Client Companies, Omaha, NE Ported C-language PC-based Zip+4 encoding and address standardization software to run on an AS/400 midrange system. Developed a limited partnership service bureau system to control dividend disbursements and K-1 form distribution to shareholders. Conducted technology reviews and made recommendations to client companies for system enhancements. Created code- generation and programmer productivity software to assist in rapid application development of business systems. Developed and taught classes in various languages and development environments. RESPONSE TO STATE OF IOWA ITQ BD80200S102 11
  • 12. The KALOS Group, Inc. The Kalos Group Inc. TOM HOAGLUND Omaha, NE EDUCATION 12/84 University of Nebraska at Kearney, Kearney, NE Bachelor of Science in Statistics TRAINING Yourdon Structured Analysis and Design classes McCabe Structured Maintenance and Testing classes Common Conferences LANSA Developer and DBA Training AMA Project Management Training CERTIFICATIONS IBM AS/400 RPG Programmer IBM AS/400 Professional System Administrator IBM AS/400 Technical Solutions V4R3 IBM AS/400 Client Access IBM AS/400 Profession Network Administrator NMSE IBM AS/400 Solution Sales V4R3 IBM AS/400 Technical Solutions Design V4R4 IBM AS/400 Technical Solutions Implementations V4R4 IBM AS/400 Technology V4R4 Solutions Expert IBM AS/400 Solution Sales V4R5 IBM AS/400 Technical Solutions Design V4R5 IBM AS/400 Technical Solutions Implementations V4R5 IBM AS/400 Technology V4R5 Solutions Expert IBM Certified for e-business – Solution Advisor IBM Certified for e-business – Solution Designer EXPERIENCE 10/98 - Present Director Business Solutions, The KALOS Group, Inc. Work with sales and customers to evaluate current business needs and recommend solutions. Gather customer requirements, analyze existing workload and data, and perform strategic planning and tactical design to utilize multiple systems to their full potential. Create project plans and manage projects when required. 10/98 – 6/99 Director of Systems Services, The KALOS Group, Inc Configured AS/400 systems to customer requirements. Performed system assurance meetings and post sales installation setup and configuration. Served as first line of technical support for customers who purchased hardware from us. Worked through sizing boxes for upgrades and new customers. RESPONSE TO STATE OF IOWA ITQ BD80200S102 12
  • 13. The KALOS Group, Inc. 9/97 - 10/98 Director of Data Processing, Omnium Worldwide Responsible for all aspects of development and user requirements. Served as interim DBA and lead Analyst for major rewrite of collection system. Designed systems in ILE RPG, implemented data design tool for database management, and evaluated software to use in development cycle. 4/96 - 8/97 Systems Analyst, Omaha Housing Authority Write new custom public housing authority package utilizing RPG/ ILE. Design user and system interfaces and implement them. Act as a business consultant for the housing authority on issues involving computers. 1/95 - 4/96 MIS Manager, Schering Plough Animal Health Budget for multi facility computer resource. Responsible for design, development, and local user support on AS/400, S/36, 2 LAN's; as well as ROLM 8000 and ROLM 9751 phone switch. Supervised local staff. 8/92 - 1/95 Project Manager, Werner Enterprises, Inc. Involved in all aspects of project management on both large development teams and small projects utilizing KnowledgeWare and LANSA as well as traditional development approaches. 12/88 - 8/92 Software Development Manager, American Business Information In charge of all design and development involving sales order entry, counts, order production, database matching projects, and statistical reporting development projects. Managed a staff of 9 developers involved in projects on multiple AS/400's and PC's. 8/87 - 12/88 Programmer Analyst, Columbine Systems Involved in several large projects that were critical to the corporate success including design and development for radio and broadcasting. 4/86 - 8/87 Programmer, Central Transportation Developed Dbase III applications including payroll and billing. Trained to do any position in the office such as rate freight, logs, payroll and billing. 1/85 - 4/86 ESD, EDS Working on General Motors Project in Advanced Product Manufacturing and Engineering Division. Programmed on IBM 3084 involved primarily in CAD/CAM development. Responsible RESPONSE TO STATE OF IOWA ITQ BD80200S102 13
  • 14. The KALOS Group, Inc. for operators that allowed the draftsmen to modify, translate, rotate, and scale three-dimensional views. RESPONSE TO STATE OF IOWA ITQ BD80200S102 14
  • 15. The KALOS Group, Inc. The Kalos Group Inc. Stan Miles Omaha, NE EDUCATION Southeast Community College, Milford, NE Associate of Applied Science Degree in Computer Science/Business Accounting and System Design. Institute for Professional Development Computer Science School, Fort Benjamin Harrison, IN Diploma for Computer Programmer/Analyst Course IBM AS/400 School for Qualified Systems Engineers IBM Certified ILE RPG AS/400 Programmer/Analyst Control Data Corporation, Minneapolis, MN Components, Systems, and Network Design course. LANGUAGES COBOL/400, CL, RPG/400, RPG IV, ILE, QUERY/400, SQL/400, C, C++, CICS (Command Level), CICS (Macro Level), COBOL, COBOLII, COBOL/370, SQL/400, EASYTRIEVE +, FOTRAN77, IDEAL, IMS/DLI, METACOBOL, MICROFOCUS, COBOL, PASCAL, ASSEMBLER, ADABAS/NATURAL, DOS/VSE JCL, OS/MVS JCL SOFTWARE MQ/SERIES, EDI, HARBINGER TRUSTED LINK Versions 5 and 2, DB2, DB2/400, ABENDAID, BROWNSTONE, COMPAREX, DGA, DITTO, ENDEVOR, EXPEDITER, FTP, FILEAID, ICCF, INFOMAN, INTERTEST SYMBOLIC, ISAM, LIBRARIAN, LIFE/COMM, LIFE/70, MQ/SERIES, PANVALET, Q-AUDITOR, ROSCOE, TSO/ISPF, TURNOVER, VIASOFT, VSAM, XCOM/DB, PRINT CODER, X8, PFE, ABSTRACT PROBE, STROBE, PROTERM. OPERATING SYSTEMS OS/400, MVS, DOS/VSE, OS/2, UNIX, VM/CMS, WINDOWS 95/98, WINDOWS NT HARDWARE IBM AS/400, AT@T/3B2 500, IBM 304X, IBM 308X, IBM 9377, IBM 3090, IBM PC, PDP 11-70A, SUN MICRO SYSTEMS EXPERIENCE 5/01 – Present Software Engineer, The Kalos Group Omaha, NE Client site – Oriental Trading Company. Analyzed, Coded, and Tested new code on the COMET and Legacy systems. Responsible for converting current Legacy code to run over both the new and the existing code for the Finance System. Utilized Debug, PFE, RDA, RPG/IV, RPG/ILE, SDA, SQL, RESPONSE TO STATE OF IOWA ITQ BD80200S102 15
  • 16. The KALOS Group, Inc. Query, Job Scheduler and Implementer to test and install new and existing batch and interactive system enhancements. 3/00 – 5/01 Software Engineer, The Kalos Group Inc. Omaha, NE Client Site- Custom-Edge a Compaq Company. Analyzed, Coded, and Tested new subsystems on the VISTA Main Order Entry and Commission systems written in RPGIII, RPG/IV, and RPG/ILE. Responsible for break fixes on various applications in the VISTA and EDI systems. Utilized Debug, FTP, PFE, SQL, Query, and Turnover to test and install the necessary system enhancements. Worked on the EDI team creating and applying EDI Trading Partnerships, Translation Formats and User File Definitions. Transaction Files were transmitted using MQ Series. Worked with VANS to set up Trading Partnerships with customers and vendors for various ANSI-X12 Documents. 1/00 – 3/00 Software Engineer, The Kalos Group, Inc. Omaha, NE Working on internal interactive and batch AS/400 applications written in RPG IV. 8/93 – 1/00 Technical Lead Consultant, First Data Resources Omaha, NE Analyzed, coded, tested, and implemented both on-line and batch applications ASSEMBLER in an MVS environment with a DB2 relational database. Data was transferred to and from the AS/400 utilizing MQ Series. The testing required utilization of Debug, SQL, and Query. Intertest Symbolic and Viasoft were also used for testing. 5/93 – 8/93 Technical Consultant, CENTEL Assisted with development and maintenance of various applications both internal and external to CENTEL. Responsible for maintaining and enhancing the existing reporting application, which was written in COBOLII and utilized DB2 to manipulate the database. Also used Easytrieve Plus to create quick manager reports. Supplied current system coverage during a company merger while the current employees were relocated. 1/93 – 5/93 Technical Consultant, Aegon Insurance Company Analyzed, coded, tested, and implemented an online and batch LIFE COMM insurance system, integrated with an international credit card company system. The integrated applications system utilized ASSEMBLER, CICS, COBOLII and XCOM/DB. The programming assignment required supplying extensive training to the employees located at the client site as well as the external clients involved in the development of this system. 9/92 – 1/93 Technical Consultant, CSO Insurance Company Analyzed, coded, tested, and implemented both batch and on-line financial and direct marketing applications. The financial and direct marketing applications utilized ASSEMBLER, COBOL, and IDEAL programming languages. These applications required extensive work with internal clients as well as the end users. 5/92 – 9/92 Technical Consultant, State of Nebraska Coded, tested, and implemented both batch and on-line applications for the Vehicle Title and Registration system utilizing the AS/400. The application was RESPONSE TO STATE OF IOWA ITQ BD80200S102 16
  • 17. The KALOS Group, Inc. written utilizing CL, COBOL/400, SQL, Query/400, and Subfiles. Interfaced the AS/400 system with an IBM Mainframe while synchronizing the databases located on both the AS/400 and IBM Mainframe. 1/92 – 5/92 Technical Consultant, FDR (Plastics Division) Responsible for coding, testing, and implementing an interactive and batch Invoice Backup Billing system for their internal and external clients. The Invoice Backup Billing application utilized CL, RPG/400, SQL, and Subfiles. Responsible for coding and testing the WIP application. Utilized standard IBM AS/400 tools along with X8 and Print coder. 6/89 – 1/92 Programmer/Analyst, DST Systems, Inc. Responsible for all phases of system development and enhancement on an IBM Mainframe, AS/400, and UNIX system. Responsible for all phases (including design, analysis, and coding) of a major print spooling project on the AS/400 called ROCS which was written in COBOL/400, CL, SQL, and Subfiles. The UNIX System application was written using the C language. Installed ROCS software at client sites across the country on the AS/400 and UNIX platforms. Utilized COBOL II, Command Level CICS, Assembler, and MVS JCL while enhancing and maintaining the existing application. Designed and coded an interactive and batch RPG/400 Vendor Menu System. The System contained interactive customer screens and batch customer reports written in RPG/400. 8/82 – 7/87 System Programmer/Analyst, United States Army Responsibilities ranged from Programmer to Data Processing Manager. Assisted in database administration, performed as Supervisor of Training, supervised and counseled staff on job performance. Performed System Programmer functions, and responsibilities for daily cycle input for military personnel transactions. Coded programs in C, COBOL, FORTRAN77, and PASCAL. Utilized an IBM Mainframe, SUN Micro-System running the UNIX Operating System and a PDP 11-70A system. Worked with LAN’s, Data Base Design and Satellite communications. RESPONSE TO STATE OF IOWA ITQ BD80200S102 17
  • 18. The KALOS Group, Inc. The Kalos Group Inc. Timothy Songster Omaha, NE EDUCATION Creighton University, Omaha, NE CCAF Associates degree in Business Administration, 1997 University of Nebraska, Omaha, NE CCAF Associates degree in Personnel Management, 1995 SKILLS Languages: Java/Java Server Pages (JSP)/JDBC/Java Swing, EJB, XML, HTML, C+ +, C, ProC, PL/SQL Operating Systems: Unix to include AIX, Solaris, Linux, Windows NT Databases: Oracle/8i, Versant, DB2, Sequel Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL Tools: IBM Visual Age/WebSphere, Visual Cafe′, Rational Rose (Booch and UML), Purify, MSVC, Rogue Wave Tools.h++, Emacs, BoundsChecker EXPERIENCE 6/01-Present Senior Architect, The Kalos Group Inc. Omaha, NE Design and Develop Enterprise applications using Java, WebSphere and Jcommerce. Attend Sales calls and field technical issues Lecture to various organizations to further marketing efforts Project management 9/00-5/01 Software Engineer, Integrated Architectures Inc. Omaha, NE Developed competitive local exchange carrier compliance system for Bell South. Developed a multi-threaded Java application on a Sun E10K. Versant (OODB) was utilized for middle layer persistence and used Oracle as a data warehouse. 4/00-9/00 Software Engineer, Telismart Omaha, NE Developed online auction engine for the resale of telecommunications equipment. Mentored 3 junior Java developers. Technologies used to build this application included Visual Age for Java and JSP, WebSphere for Deployment Server, and DB2 for the Database Server. 11/99-1/01 Instructor, NBDC (NE Business Development Center, UNO) Omaha, NE Instruction focused on Java and XML. Coursework consisted of RMI (Remote Method Invocation), Reflection, Servlets, and Java Server Pages (JSP). Average class attendance was 15 students. RESPONSE TO STATE OF IOWA ITQ BD80200S102 18
  • 19. The KALOS Group, Inc. 9/99-1/00 Independent Consultant, Omaha, NE Wrote a B2B portal for to import certificate orders and merchandise data for use in their web site. This application utilized Java Servlets for the portal, Versign for the digital security and Sequel Server for the database. 8/98-4/00 Software Engineer, Ameritrade Omaha, NE Performed Object Oriented Analysis and Design using Rational Rose and the UML notation to build a stock trading order entry and management system. Utilized Java/Java Swing, JDBC, Servlets and Oracle 8i to build intranet application for tracking broker activity, trade management, and accountability. 4/98-7/98 Software Engineer, American Business Information Omaha, NE Built C++ SQL interface for custom memory mapped database in UNIX environment. 10/97-4/98 Software Engineer, Modis (Contract at FDR) Omaha, NE Performed Object Oriented Analysis and Design using Rational Rose and the UML notation to build a Meta data engine for a credit card processing system. Designed and implemented a generic hierarchy design pattern to aggregate Meta data objects in C++ and Rogue Wave Tools.h++ 3/97-10/97 Software Engineer, Priority Technologies Omaha, NE Outsourced a client/server Train Track Management application in C++ on a UNIX server and a Windows client for Union Pacific. Implemented UML and Design Patterns in Object Oriented Analysis and design for logical and physical specifications. Utilized C++ and Rogue Wave Tools.h++ for coding the server and Oracle for the database. 9/95-3/97 Senior Software Development Analyst, Cable Services Group Omaha, NE Developed and international client/server Cable Billing System on a Unix server in C and a Windows client in C++. Utilized Oracle for database server. Performed Object Oriented Analysis and Design for logical and physical specifications. 8/94-9/95 Systems Analyst, Utell International Omaha, NE Developed a client/server international hotel reservation system in C++ on a Unix platform. Performed Object Oriented Analysis and Design for physical specifications. Developed Entity Relationship models from JAD sessions with business analysts. Used Sybase to implement ER models. RESPONSE TO STATE OF IOWA ITQ BD80200S102 19
  • 20. The KALOS Group, Inc. The Kalos Group Inc. Drew Ranney Omaha, NE EDUCATION University of Nebraska at Omaha, Omaha, NE B.S.B.A- Business Information Systems and Minor in Computer Science, December, 1984. SKILLS JAVA, HTML DB2, Oracle, UNIX, Powerbuilder for Windows and UNIX, COBOL II, IMS/DB/DC, PL/1, C, OS JCL, MVS, VSAM, ISPF, XPEDITER, IMSXPERT, BTS, FILEAID, QMF, SPUFI, PANVALET and Visual Basic. EXPERIENCE 10/2000-Present Software Engineer, KALOS Designed and coded JAVA Servlets, JAVA Database Beans, JAVA ApplicationsServlets using Visual Age for JAVA 3.5. Designed and coded HTML screens, JSP’s and JAVASCRIPT using Websphere Studio 3.5. Designed and coded DB2 Tables. All code was released to the WEB. Setup Web Applications using Websphere Application Server 3.5. 3/87-10/2000 Lead Engineer, QWEST Communications, Omaha, NE Designed JAVA Servlets, HTML screens and Oracle Tables. Coded and released Servlets to the WEB, and administered test Netscape Enterprise Server. Designed JAVA Applets with PowerJ and Jaguar. Designed and lead client/server/GUI development with Powerbuilder and coded and released applications to UNIX. Lead Project Conversation Team, while creating IMS to DB2 conversion using COBOL and DB2 load utility design databases. Lead Quality Team by process modeling and improvement. 1/85-3/87 Programmer, Union Pacific System, Omaha, NE RESPONSE TO STATE OF IOWA ITQ BD80200S102 20
  • 21. The KALOS Group, Inc. The Kalos Group Inc. Daniel Latch Omaha, NE EDUCATION University of Nebraska at Omaha BSBA in Management Information Systems, Minor in Decision Science, graduated 1992. Object Oriented Development with Java Endorsement, May 2001 SKILLS Java 2 – JSPs, Servlets, IBM VisualAge for Java, JavaBeans, IBM Web Application Server, Applets, HTML, JavaScript Lotus Notes/Domino, LotusScript©, Notes @ Functions, Visual Basic, COM/DCOM, SQL, Visual FoxPro, MS Access, Windows 95/98/NT API, InstallShield CERTIFICATIONS Sun Certified Java 2 Programmer (SCJ2P) IBM Solutions Expert (Websphere Studio) R5/R4 Principal Certified Lotus Professional (CLP) Application Developer EXPERIENCE 1996-Present Software Engineer, The Kalos Group Inc., Omaha, NE Contracted to local medical billing company. Developed JSP/Servlet based system that included utilizing the JRE within a browser. This allowed an applet to run “outside the sandbox”. The system allowed files to be uploaded via an applet and processed by an AS/400 stored procedures. Utilized IBM WebApplication Server, JSPs, servlets, applets, and JavaScript. Contracted to CBSHome. Managed project team on-site through completion of project. Managed all tasks keeping estimates and work in line with client expectations and deadlines. Designed architecture of web based listing input system and integrated to existing legacy applications. Led development team in creation of design components as well. Utilized Domino Server running on Windows NT, Java 2, JavaScript, HTML, LotusScript, SQL Server, MS Access, and Crystal Reports. RESPONSE TO STATE OF IOWA ITQ BD80200S102 21
  • 22. The KALOS Group, Inc. Contracted to Omaha Housing Authority. Installed Domino Server on IBM model 500 AS/400. Setup infrastructure for Lotus Notes email, administration and application development. Designed and developed application to track incidents at OHA owned property. The Omaha Police Dept. accessed this database exclusively with a secured web SSL connection. Utilized AS/400 Domino Web Server and both Notes client and web client. Contracted to Farner-Bochen. Featured UPC scanned input of returned goods into Notes database. Included a workflow approval authorization interface that generated a credit for the customer. Designed and developed Notes database that included scheduled agents, remote dial-in replication, views, navigators, and LotusCript © agents to import and export data to the AS/400. Utilized AS/400 Domino Server, 95/98/NT Lotus Notes clients. Contracted to Inacom. Designed and developed a windows based client-server application. Installed in three remote customization centers in the U.S. Utilized Visual Basic and MS-SQL, 32-bit ODBC, AS/400 Pass-thru SQL and DB2, MS Access, Crystal Reports. Designed data model, and developed complete multi-user system using Visual Basic and MS-SQL, MS Access, Crystal Reports, and Sheridan ActiveX components. Designed and developed BOLT/400, a Windows 95/98/NT utility product, which allows software vendors to package and distribute AS/400 software over the Internet. Utilized Visual Basic, InstallShield 5.1, Vbox Builder/Commerce, ActiveX components- Sheridan, TECA/400, and Zip compression. 1993-1996 Senior Systems Analyst/Consultant, Multi-Option Systems, Inc. Omaha, NE Successfully implemented several enterprise systems as project manager, lead technical analyst, and programmer analyst. Responded to client’s requests for proposals, wrote contractual agreements and addendum documents. Front-end analysis for potential projects and follow-up demonstrations. RESPONSE TO STATE OF IOWA ITQ BD80200S102 22
  • 23. The KALOS Group, Inc. The Kalos Group Inc. Patrick Bingham Omaha, NE SOFTWARE Lotus Notes & Domino 4.6/5.0, MS Word, Windows95/98/NT/2000/ME, OS/400, Novell 4.11, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Access, MS Publisher, MS FrontPage, IBM Websphere 3.0/3.5/4.0, IBM Websphere Studio 3.0/3.5/4.0, IBM HTTP Server, Apache, Websphere Host On-Demand, MS Visio, PC Anywhere, Cisco IOS, Watchguard Firewall, IBM Query, Windows NT/2000 Server, PC Repair and Maintenance, IBM AS400 Client Access, MS SQL Server 7.0/2000, Lotus Sametime 1.5/2.0, Adobe Acrobat/Photoshop, Seagate Crystal Reports HARDWARE IBM AS400, IBM PC Compatible, Cisco, Watchguard CERTIFICATIONS Lotus Certified Specialist (System Administration, Domino/Notes R5) Watchguard Systems Specialist. EXPERIENCE 1/17/00 – Present Systems Engineer, The Kalos Group, Inc. Provided various roles to numerous clients to included basic phone support to end users to high level interfacing between the client and other vendors. Examples of such are: Migrated network completely from token-ring to Ethernet. Migrated workstations and servers from Windows NT4.0/95/98 to Windows 2000 Server and Professional. Installed and support Domino R5 servers on Windows 2000 and OS/400. Installed and tested Lotus Sametime Server as well as USSINC’s Maximizer Contact Management System. Installed and maintain MS SQL 2000 server. Upgrade network hardware from 10 MB hubbed network to a switched 10/100 network. Installed Watchguard firewall to provide site protection and VPN access into internal network. Provide day-to- day phone support to staff and clients for Windows 95/98/NT/2000, Domino/Notes, MS Office, Client Access, IBM Websphere Studio/Server/Host On-Demand, AS/400. Installed SSL certificates for websites, worked on team to eliminate additional sign-on’s from websites. Provide day-to-day phone support of Domino operations that run Omaha’s #1 real-estate company’s website and staff operations. Also, support back end RESPONSE TO STATE OF IOWA ITQ BD80200S102 23
  • 24. The KALOS Group, Inc. operations of SQL server databases and WAN connections. Designed network to handle large volumes of web traffic to sweepstakes entry sites. Installed and provide off and on-hour troubleshooting for Websphere application server and Watchguard firewall using monitoring tools with on-site staff. 1/99 – 1/00 Computer Support Specialist, Omaha Housing Authority Provided computer support after department was reduced from a staff of three to just one. Coordinated vendors during implementation of Public Housing Accounting System that replaced locally developed software. Supervised upgrade of PC’s from Windows 3.1 to Windows95/98/NT. Implemented Lotus Notes R5 and constant Internet link for web and e-mail serving while coordinating training and hardware upgrades. 1/98 – 1/99 Computer Support Specialist, Omaha Housing Authority Supported seven sites on a token-ring WAN running TCP/IP, IPX and SNA protocols. Provided help desk support of locally developed housing authority software and databases. Administered and configured PC’s and IBM terminals to work with AS/400’s and Novell 4.11 server. 1/97 – 1/98 Administrative Assistant/Classroom Support, Omaha Housing Authority Supervised and assisted students of the Housing Authority’s Gateway Computer Training program. Administered Novell 3.12 network of 24 PC’s for PLATO learning system. Develop MS Access database to track training programs operation with the Department of Health and Human Services. RESPONSE TO STATE OF IOWA ITQ BD80200S102 24
  • 25. The KALOS Group, Inc. The Kalos Group Inc. MICHAEL FRERICHS Omaha, NE EDUCATION 9-87 – 9/89 Metropolitan Community College Course work toward an A.A. degree in Computer Programming Technology SOFTWARE Visual Basic, SQL, SQL Server 7.0, Windows (3.0, 3.11, 95, 98, NT 4.0), Access, Clipper, Oracle, Visual Basic for Applications (MS-Access, MS-Word), Delphi, PowerBuilder, DOS, Informix HARDWARE IBM PC’s and compatibles, AS400 EXPERIENCE 2/00 – Present Software Engineer, The KALOS Group, Inc. 12/96 – 2/00 Software Engineer, Compuware Modified several reports in Crystal Reports 7, while writing a program in MS-Access 2000. Designed, wrote, and tested portions of a Visual Basic 6 ticket and concession sales application. The application was unique in that it was to be run on a PC with a touch screen. Converted a large Word Basic mail merge macro in MS-Word 95 into a VBA macro in Word 2000. Wrote an application in VBA in MS-Access 97 on an NT 4.0 PC to track milestones by employee, manager, and project. Converted almost 30 pages of paper forms and questionnaires into a VB 5 program running against an Access 97 database on Win95 PCs. Made numerous modifications to an existing Active X server print engine so that it would work correctly with the program. Great emphasis was placed on making the entire process as efficient with memory since it would be running on stand-alone laptop PCs where numerous other programs could be running at the same time. Programmed using PowerBuilder (versions 4 and 5) and Oracle 7.x. Responsible for writing and maintaining reports that were placed into an existing report application. 12/89 – 12/96 Programmer/Analyst, Werner Trucking Wrote applications using Clipper, X-base database files, DOS batch files, and IBM PC Support. Later applications were written in VB 3, and then 5, using MS-Access for the database. Wrote a shipping logistics system in VB and Access, then converted it to Delphi and Informix to gain speed and portability. RESPONSE TO STATE OF IOWA ITQ BD80200S102 25
  • 26. The KALOS Group, Inc. Systems Operator, Werner Trucking Performed operational duties on several models of IBM AS/400s. RESPONSE TO STATE OF IOWA ITQ BD80200S102 26
  • 27. The KALOS Group, Inc. The Kalos Group Inc. Paul Koren Omaha, NE EDUCATION St. Johns University Coursework progressing towards MBA in Finance. State University of New York Bachelor of Science, Management (graduated summa cum laude) Erie Community College A.A.S. Degree in Data Processing (awarded Board of Trustees Award) CONTINUING EDUCATION Metropolitan Community College Introduction to Visual Basic “C” Programming Introduction to UNIX HARDWARE/ SOFTWARE - IBM AS/400 - Windows 95 - IBM System/38 - IBM 3083 Mainframe - IBM 3081 - IBM 370 - RPG IV, RPG/400, RPG III - COBOL/400 - MAPICS - ASI - SQL/400 - EDI/400 - Easytrieve Plus - CICS - SAS - Hawkeye - Project Workbench - Turnover SYSTEMS EXPERIENCE 6/99-Present Consultant, The Kalos Group Inc. Omaha, NE Contracted to Werner Enterprises. As a Database Analyst on a database re-engineering project, responsible for analyzing current database schema and determining the impact of proposed database changes. As a consequence of this analysis, assisted in the preparation of a scope of work document RESPONSE TO STATE OF IOWA ITQ BD80200S102 27
  • 28. The KALOS Group, Inc. describing the extent of software modifications necessary to accommodate database changes. Participating in the remediation of all affected business applications. Contracted to eWebGrocer. Project leader involved with the definition of business and technical requirements surrounding the design of a new Web site for an Internet-based company. Investigated functional needs and analyzed critical interfaces in the supply and distribution channels. Prepared project documents including business requirements, system requirements, statement of work and a solutions proposal for client review. 7/00 – 11/00 Consultant, InfoUSA, Omaha, Nebraska As a data modeler on a database team, responsible for analysis of current database structure and its redesign into a more efficient and normalized form. Consult with IT and business users to gain insight as to content of data tables and meaning of data elements. Organized the project into measurable objectives: study sources of data, identify relationships and interdependencies of data, define business rules and requirements, and formulate a new database schema. VISIO is used to build diagrams of existing and proposed databases. ERwin is utilized for constructing the logical and physical data models. 8/99 – 6/00 Consultant, Norwest Investment Services/Wells Fargo, Omaha, NE & Minneapolis, MN Member of a Data Warehousing project team involved in the consolidation of multiple sources of investment trade information to a central data repository. Participated in the creation of an Operational Data Store (ODS): - Scope business requirements, and work with 3rd party vendor to identify source data elements. - Evaluate existing hardware and software environment, and estimate future growth: analyze operational requirements and constraints such as DASD needs, resource availability, and data redundancy. - Define rules for extraction, transformation, cleansing, and loading of data into the ODS. - Identify methods for error detection and handling. - Build source and target logical and physical data models. - Employ Erwin as the data-modeling tool. - Use Rodin as the ETL (extraction, transformation and load) product. - Lead in the evaluation and selection of an ad-hoc query and reporting tool. Software tools considered were BRIO, RESPONSE TO STATE OF IOWA ITQ BD80200S102 28
  • 29. The KALOS Group, Inc. Business Objects and Cognos. Assisted in project documentation including Business Requirements, Systems Requirements, Logical Design, Physical Design and Risk Assessment. 7/98 – 4/99 Consultant, Prime Therapeutics, Omaha, NE Project Leader assigned to making in-house applications Year-2000 compliant. Performed assessment to native systems in preparation of a management report outlining the scope of the project. Entailed identifying milestones, risks and exposures, defining programming tasks, and building timelines. MS Project was used to schedule and manage the project. Presented Y2K project briefings, status reports and formal recommendations, at an executive level, to senior business and information technology management. 2/96 – 7/98 Consultant, Farner-Bocken, Carroll, Iowa Responsibilities include recommending, planning and installing new system procedures in multi-computer environment. Drafted department policy standards regarding hardware and software implementation. Implemented Exeter Warehouse Management System to manage all phases of inventory and warehouse operations, inbound dock scheduling operations, picking/replenishing, inventory credits and returns, stock location management, warehouse facility planning and outbound cross docking. Utilized bar-coding, sophisticated conveyor systems, RF devices, tote usage and material handling. Responsible for business and systems analysis, definition of requirements, project scheduling, design, coding and implementation of custom applications and modifications to vendor system. Provide technical assistance and problem resolution for system and design issues for order processing, inventory control, and sales and financial reporting applications. 2/95 - 2/96 Consultant, First Data Resources, Omaha, NE Researched user needs to identify current operating procedures and clarify objectives. Determined project feasibility and proposed technical solutions for re-engineering batch applications to interactive applications. Wrote interactive and batch programs. Programmed enhancements to Camstar Systems package: MESA - Manufacturing Execution Systems to better track, analyze and report on manufacturing plant floor operations. Included plant- wide monitoring functions for defining Process Models and Work- In-Process operations. 7/93 - 2/95 Consultant, Bausch & Lomb RESPONSE TO STATE OF IOWA ITQ BD80200S102 29
  • 30. The KALOS Group, Inc. Repaired detail description of business needs, program functions and steps required to develop new programs to interface corporate systems with the current ASI package. Created program specifications from business models for new in-house applications. Offered technical expertise to management regarding improving operational standards and developing change management practices. Performed functional analysis and programmed custom changes to the ASI Order Entry, Queued Order Entry and Inventory Control modules. 11/92 - 7/93 Consultant, Eastman Kodak Analyzed business information needs in order to recommend solutions to provide database design modification and improve existing systems. Improved existing configuration and maintained customer contract administration system. Researched and developed impact study of user requirements, then designed system solutions to meet company needs. Applied software upgrades as directed by management. 5/88 - 11/92 Consultant, Mobil Chemical Responsible for business analysis, integration of objectives for International Sales division, including re-writing the order processing system, developing a transportation cost tracking system and expanding profit and loss reporting capabilities. Implemented an EDI solution for exchanging freight expenses with freight forwarders. Employed Premenos EDI/400 to accomplish this effort. Researched and prepared business proposal for managing freight expenditures. Designed system, prepared project plan, set goals and implemented plan for exchanging billing information with freight forwarders. Assisted in design of marketing information system. Researched database requirements and determined best course of action. Directed activities of team members implementing software development. Wrote/tested code. Programmed order processing and distribution system, which included order processing, production scheduling, work center processing, inventory management and shipping protocol. Wrote interactive batch programs. 5/87 - 5/88 Consultant, Las Vegas Valley Water District Developed specifications and programming for standard initial program utilized for all production user profiles. This systemized access to all applications, supplied single high-level source for security management, and provided flexible method to alter user options on demand. Implemented programming standards for RESPONSE TO STATE OF IOWA ITQ BD80200S102 30
  • 31. The KALOS Group, Inc. improving performance of batch programs accessing large database files using OPNQRYF. Member of team developing new customer billing system. Designed, coded and documented interactive inquiry and update programs. Developed software to convert old system to new program. Automated computer operations procedures by designing menus and writing CL programs. 7/86 - 4/87 Consultant, Connaught Laboratories Analyzed and programmed sales analysis system. Developed custom modifications and applied vendor upgrades to Data 3 Systems MRP II package. Conducted extensive unit and system testing. 12/85 - 7/86 Consultant, PACE Warehouse Programmed and implemented accounting interface system to provide bridge for data transfer between System/38 and IBM 3083 mainframe applications. Installed Data Design Associates General Ledger package. Wrote multiple CICS programs to access G/L database. 9/85 - 12/86 Consultant, MCI Communications Researched client software requirements for customer usage tracking system. Developed system-level data flow diagrams and prepared detailed specifications; programmed and implemented system. 11/84 - 9/85 Consultant, Northwestern Bell Performed analysis and programming for pilot Customer Billing project that was designed specifically for AT&T. Designed conceptual model, along with detailed descriptions for project- wide common interface I/O module. 3/84 - 11/84 Consultant, Frontier Airlines Responsible for online fixed assets package. Modified software to improve built-in functions and re-installed package. 7/83 - 3/84 Consultant, Petro-Lewis Oil & Gas Responsible for enhancing financial systems, including McCormack and Dodge Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Financial Reporting Systems. 11/78 - 7/83 Project Manager, Siemens Responsible for profit and loss and strategic planning for MIS Department. Planned and directed software development for computer applications according to user requirements, including RESPONSE TO STATE OF IOWA ITQ BD80200S102 31
  • 32. The KALOS Group, Inc. coordinating activities with users, management and vendors. Supervised staff implementation of software including MAPICS package of order entry, invoicing, inventory management, production control and costing, accounts receivable, accounts payable and sales analysis. Project Leader - Financial Systems: Supervised staff of programmers assigned to develop and maintain financial applications. Installed MSA Payroll system. Guided development of accounts receivable system. Implemented MSA General Ledger package. Designed interfaces between G/L package and corporate systems. Enhanced MSA Fixed Assets package to improve productivity. Project Leader - On-Line Systems: Directed team of programmers assigned to provide technical support for order processing and inventory control system. Researched user needs regarding design, development and implementation of systems. Programmer/Analyst - On-Line Systems Wrote and tested structured programs for interactive order processing and inventory control system. RESPONSE TO STATE OF IOWA ITQ BD80200S102 32
  • 33. The KALOS Group, Inc. The Kalos Group, Inc. GIL COLLINS Omaha, NE EDUCATION BS in Computer Information Systems, Bellevue University Bellevue, NE. Graduate: January 2001 AAS in Information Systems, Community College of the Air Force Graduated: 1997 SKILLS Languages: C, C++, Visual Basic, VBA, SQL, Batch, Perl, Expect, Unix Shell, HTML, ASP, JavaScript, Server Side Includes, ActiveX Data Object (ADO) JAVA: Server and Client Side, Java Beans, Java Mail API, Java Applets, Java Servlets Database Management Systems: PostgresQL, MS Access 95, Access 97, Access 2000, DB2 Version 6 Operating Systems: Windows 95/98, NT Server 4/2000, NT Workstation 4/2000, DOS, 3.X, Unix (Solaris, AIX), Linux Application Programs: MS Office 95/97/2000, Star Office, Lotus Notes Version Control: Team Site, Clear Case Web Technologies: FrontPage 2000, Net Objects Fusion 5, IIS 5.0, Apache, WebSphere Application Server 3.X, WebSphere Studio 3.5, JRun, Tomcat-Jakarta, jBoss, Visual Café, Resin, Visual Age for Java EXPERIENCE 3/2001 – Present Software Engineer, The Kalos Group Inc. Omaha, NE Contracted to Healthcare Management Systems Created a portal using HTML, SSL, Java Applets, Java Servlet, Java Script, CSS, etc…The portal allows uploads of any file type to be sent using either port 80 or 443 (HTTP/HTTPS) to a server; the applet includes a progress bar, file size checking a messaging system. The file can then be rebuilt on the server and manipulated or just stored. This system requires users to login with username and password, requires a security entry to the client machine for the Java Runtime Environment, and passes all data after login to be sent back and forth using SSL. This RESPONSE TO STATE OF IOWA ITQ BD80200S102 33
  • 34. The KALOS Group, Inc. system also includes a password generation system that will automatically send a new email once the user has tried and failed login three times. Upon login after a generated password user is required to enter a new password prior to continuing use of the Portal. A mail system was used to receive replies from other systems then processed by Java Beans to show the user logged into the system any new mail for submittals. The system allows users to change their password on their own. The system also monitors the primary language of the browser and show’s the content in either English or Spanish. Text files that are uploaded are parsed and saved to a database then after upload a list is displayed of what file was uploaded, allowing the user to click this file name as a hyperlink and view the contents of that file. Created Data Flow Diagrams of the site and Upload Java Applet. Contracted to eWebGrocer Installation/Administration of Windows 2000 Server for Websphere E- Commerce 5.1 Reconstruct site to suite customer needs. Create a Mail confirmation using the Java Mail API to send to a customer. The email consisted of HTML format showing a logo and a link to the site. Internal work done for KALOS Re-constructed the existing site using Frames removed most uses of (DHTML) and corrected displayed images. This created a much neater and faster environment as well as fixed multiple problems with the existing system. Contracted to Terra Industries Completed a code review and proposal to reconstruct existing site. 1/2000 – 3/2001 Consultant, Modis Omaha, NE Created an expansive video conferencing system with virtually unlimited expandability, replaces comparable systems costing over 9,000 dollars. Developed in JAVA using Sun JDK2. Developed Java applications with the JRun application server. Developed Java applications with the Tomcat JSP and Servlets Server. Created an Open Source Development Environment. Developed multiple Automated Integration programs in Perl for B2B.Com Company. Developed a rapid deployment system in Perl for select file integration on multiple production systems replaced a system costing over 30,000 dollars. Allows immediate update of real- time information to the web site. Developed a secure means of transfer from Omaha to production environment. Developed an integrated notification system in HTML and SSI. Developed a backup system for Team Site and AIX development environments 1/1996 – 1/2000 Independent Consultant, USAF Developed, implemented and trained users on Access database systems, including: a Point of Sale System, a tracking system for monitoring training activity, a system for monitoring hospital counseling (saved the company over $1 million). Rebuilt an existing system to correct serious RESPONSE TO STATE OF IOWA ITQ BD80200S102 34
  • 35. The KALOS Group, Inc. errors and saved over 3 years of data; developed a new system for importing data. Reverse engineered an existing Visual Basic front-end database system. Discovered a bug in the system known to the consultant who developed the system but to his knowledge it was not fixable. Personally identified the problem and fixed the system within two hours. RESPONSE TO STATE OF IOWA ITQ BD80200S102 35