3rd Quarter 2009 NEWSLETTER
 For the DB2 on Campus Community
                                        Welcome to our third ...
Getting Started on DB2 with Apache and PHP
 By Upal Hossain
 IBM Certified Database Associate – DB2 9
 (article from: http...
K.L.N. College of Information Technology
 By Raghuveer Babu

 Dear All,                    ...
                  Session – 1         Session – 2       Session – 3
DB2 Student Ambassador Tutorial:
 How to prepare slides and speeches for a presentation

 Tips & Tricks
 by Eng. Sergio Ma...
How to prepare slides and speeches for a presentation
 Tips & Tricks (continued...)
 Let’s look at some other tips to     ...
How to prepare slides and speeches for a presentation
 Tips & Tricks (continued...)
 So it’s almost over! We are just     ...
DB2 on CAMPUS PROGRAM                                             Story of two DB2 Student Ambassadors
 DB2 on Campus prog...
Larger crowds though, are tough to        In Indonesia, Binus university is in its
Americas Tours                                   Europe Tours                               Asia Pacific Tours
Sreenivaasan                       Joel C. Laurencio              Łukasz Stachowiak
     Rajalakshmi Engineering College  ...
Becoming a DB2 Student Ambassador and promoting DB2                   B) STEPS TO BECOME A DB2 STUDENT AMBASSADOR
Upal Hossain                                                                       Mikhail Temkine
           University o...
By Raul Chong and Kazumichi Hirano
 ISV & Developer Relations, SWG, IBM Japan

By Mahesh Kumar Joshi

 I am a student of B.Tech in                                                     Three Technical Tr...
By M. Prashanth Reddy

 How we got DB2 On Campus:                  DB2 On Campus Activities:                 IBM DB2 Ex...
Prof. Dr. Torsten Grust                     it comes to the execution of data-                 keys with low-selectivity
From Prof. Narongrit                     Track 1: SQL and DB2 Administration           June/09). Usually there are about
Support from IBM global and IBM            From Prof. Kriengkrai Porkaew                  That is, there are around 120
By Surekha Parekh
 WW DB2 for z/OS Market Manager
 IDUG Europe IBM Liaison

 IBM Corporation was Diamond
 Sponsorship at I...
I created a MLRIT DB2 User                    I am very thankful to Raul Chong
Korea Campus Wizard member profile and contribution:

 Kevin Kim Lai
 York University
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  1. 1. 3rd Quarter 2009 NEWSLETTER For the DB2 on Campus Community Welcome to our third Newsletter! Get DB2 Express-C 9.7.1 now For details, see page 8. INSIDE From Our Readers: Agatha, DB2 in TRAINING Thanks for the newsletter. It really is Getting Started on DB2 with Apache a great job! I am trying to be more and PHP active in the DB2 community over the IBM Software Development Camp web, and what caught my attention is How to Prepare slides and Agatha Colangelo the group which you are the leader. DB2 on Campus Community President speeches for a presentation I have been working in IT for almost & Editor-in-Chief 27 years.... (continued on page 7) KEEPING UP with DB2 Welcome to our third edition of the DB2 Express-C 9.7.1 available Ronaldo Marzullo Story of two Ambassadors DB2 on Campus Quarterly IBM Certified Database Administrator DB2 on Campus in ASEAN and Newsletter, 3rd Quarter 2009! DB2 9 Advanced DBA for Linux, Unix and South America Subscribe for free, and provide Windows feedback or send us your own articles Why DB2? by joining the DB2 on Campus Agatha, IBM DB2 pureScale Newsletter group on channelDB2. The newsletters are really Database & AI Group (dbai) Students interested in becoming informative. ambassadors can write to Great efforts! Thank u DB2 in JAPAN db2univ@gmail.com. Feel free to contact me directly on my SuryaPadmanaban DB2 in INDIA channelDB2 page. I will be delighted Student, Sona College of Technology to hear from you. Happy reading! Salem, Tamilnadu – India QUOTES from University Profs From Germany In PDF, click the graphics. Printed version, From Thailand visit: http://www.ibm.com/db2/express IDUG Europe 2009 Conference PROFILING our AMBASSADORS FROM OUR READERS Updated to V9.7! Download the free Getting Started with DB2 Express-C book translated in your own language 3rd Quarter 2009 DB2 on Campus Newsletter Page 1
  2. 2. Getting Started on DB2 with Apache and PHP By Upal Hossain IBM Certified Database Associate – DB2 9 (article from: http://db2atuoft.blogspot.com/) Many users, including myself, initially 3) If you Apache web server is not 4) Now restart your apache web ran into difficulty in connecting with yet connected with PHP, then you server and you should be able to their DB2 database from their PHP also need to add some lines to run php on it! To test that you applications running on an Apache web the httpd.conf file in the conf can connect to a database server. This calls for a quick and pain- directory of your Apache through PHP using the apache free tutorial that will have you running installation. server, you can run the following and off the ground in a matter of test script (with php tags), and minutes! First, ensure the php module is modified for your database, loaded. To do this, add the username and password: Here are the steps: following line to your httpd.conf file, LoadModule php5_module $dbname = "my_db"; 1) We need to add the ibm_db2.dll "PHP_INSTALL_DIR/php5apache2 $username = "upalh"; file to the extensions folder of the _2.dll" $password = "mypassword"; PHP installation on our machine. This ibm_db2.dll file can be Then add the following line to $dbconn = downloaded from PECL, ensure php applications can run db2_connect($dbname, http://pecl.php.net/package/ibm_d on apache, $username, $password); b2. For windows users, there is a AddType application/x-httpd-php PECL for windows, .php if (!$dbconn) { http://pecl4win.php.net/ echo "Failed to connect: Finally, configure the path to db2_conn_errormsg()"; 2) Now we need to modify the php.ini where your php.ini file is located, } file found inside your PHP PHPIniDir "PHP_INSTALL_DIR" else { installation to add the ibm_db2 echo "successfully connected"; extension. To do this, simply go } through the file and where you see lines such as 'extension = If you see the 'successfully connected' blahblah.dll", message when viewing this script add a new line, from your web server, then you have extension=php_ibm_db2.dll successfully connected to your database! -Upal 3rd Quarter 2009 DB2 on Campus Newsletter Page 2
  3. 3. K.L.N. College of Information Technology IBM SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT CAMP By Raghuveer Babu Dear All, 1. Two DVDs - DB2 Express C, IBM Rational Family software along We would be happy if we get the We are glad to inform you that we have with learning resources prizes for winners from IBM. Also, we planned to conduct an IBM Software 2. File + Notebook + Pen are planning to conduct a DB2 Development training: 'Winter Camp - 3. ID Card Student Developers Conference with Season 2' in our college (K.L.N. College 4. Participation Certificate 400 students in the month of January, of Information Technology) from 5. Award Certificate for winners 2010, in our college. December 02, 2009 to December 11, 2009. A maximum of 50 students will See the detailed schedule of the Your valuable suggestions are needed attend this camp for 10 days camp (next page) and poster (below). to turn the camp and conference into a huge success. It's being organized by me and our Also, we've planned to conduct two college DB2 Student Ambassadors quizzes (1 for each of the 5 days) and Thank you, (M.G.Avenash and V.Vaishnavi). We've we would like to give pen drives and Raghuveer Babu, planned to get the registration fee of software goodies as prizes to the DB2 User Community Rs.150 from attendees for the following winners. resources: 3rd Quarter 2009 DB2 on Campus Newsletter Page 3
  4. 4. IBM SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT CAMP SCHEDULE Session – 1 Session – 2 Session – 3 Session - 4 Day Date (10.00 am - (11.45 am. - (1.45 pm - 3.00 Speakers (3.15 pm - 4.45 pm) 11.30 am) 1.15 pm) pm) Introduction to Object Object Concepts and Key Principles Lab: Sample case to 1 2.12.09 P.Rajkumar Oriented Beginning with study OOPS Programming UML 2 Designing Use Case Database Lab: Use Case T.V.Srinivasan 3.12.09 Mechanisms Design Design &Database design T.N.Dhameshwaran Introduction to Java Basics – Java Basics – Lab: Simple Java 3 4.12.09 V.Vaishnavi Java Part 1 Part 2 Programs Classes, Package, Exception Lab: Java programs 4 5.12.09 Collections M.G.Avenash Interface Handling and Quiz -1 Database Evolution of Relational Query 5 6.12.09 Lab: Database Query M.G.Avenash database Database Languages – Part 1 Database Query Relational Introduction to 6 7.12.09 Languages – Part Database Lab: Installing DB2 V.Vaishnavi DB2 2 Design Accessing DB2 7 8.12.09 DB2 Planning DB2 Security Quiz – 2 T.N.Dhameshwaran UDB Data Working with Working with Lab: Working with DB2 DB2 8 9.12.09 DB2 Objects DB2 UDB Data & V.Vaishnavi UDB Data – Part UDB Data – Objects 1 Part 2 Data XQuery M.G.Avenash 9 10.12.09 Beginning XML Concurrency Lab:XQuery practice T.N.Dhameshwaran Lab: Using Data Working with Working with Introduction to studio for DB2 & M.G.Avenash 10 11.12.09 IBM Data IBM Data IBM Data Studio Valedictory V.Vaishnavi Studio – Part 1 Studio – Part 2 facilitation Tea Break: 11.30 am – 11.45 am, 3.00 pm – 3.15 pm Lunch Break: 01.15 pm – 01.45 pm 3rd Quarter 2009 DB2 on Campus Newsletter Page 4
  5. 5. DB2 Student Ambassador Tutorial: How to prepare slides and speeches for a presentation Tips & Tricks by Eng. Sergio Matone When you are asked to become a Now, let’s see how we can organize Moreover, terminology and acronyms Student Ambassador for IBM you our presentation with slides. I think are fine, but it’s hard to remember all begin thinking and wondering, “OK, the right duration for your lesson can of them, if you, as a listener, don’t that’s fine, but what is a Student be between an hour and an hour and have these clear in your mind. Don’t Ambassador supposed to do?”. a half so the number of slides can be abuse acronyms or remind the You can find many answers to this 20 or 25, or even more, but this audience of their meaning each time question, but I’m giving mine: an strongly depends on how much you you cite them. Remember we want to ambassador should do as much as have to say for each single slide. avoid common mistakes: if people possible to promote and distribute have problems following you, they will Well, my first advice is the KISS DB2, having clear in his/her mind why pay less and less attention to you. And principle: Keep It Simple, Stupid! adopting DB2 is a better choice. You again, we want to keep all this simple. It seems to be something obvious, but don’t need to be a guru of it, just a So don’t write too much on the slides, it is not and I really advise you to keep little bit experienced. So far, one of they are too hard to be read. Just put this principle in mind while preparing the best ways to promote DB2 is a few key concepts; it’s really up to your lesson. Your audience probably through lessons and presentations, you to find out which concepts are won’t know anything about what you but many of us have never prepared a the most suitable. Then you can will be talking about, and they need to set of slides for a presentation before concentrate on explaining very well all understand and assimilate the or we never held a lesson in our life; these concepts during your speech. concepts you will be stating. therefore, many of us will feel confused and uncomfortable just because of this. That’s why I have written this Tutorial, where I would like to give you an overview and some guidelines to help you prepare your lesson. Let’s start from the beginning: who knows how many presentation you had listened to as a student; sometimes they were interesting, some others they were Fig. 1 – The comparison between two even funny, but most of time they slides: a confusing slide containing lot of were very boring because they were text (on the left) and a very schematic hard to be understood, or it was slide with bullets summarizing a few difficult to follow a logical sequence. concepts (on the right). The one on the Here we have a key advantage: we can right is noticeably better. learn a lot from these errors, and I exploited immediately this advantage when I prepared my first lesson...of course it’s still not easy at all, I know. 3rd Quarter 2009 DB2 on Campus Newsletter Page 5
  6. 6. How to prepare slides and speeches for a presentation Tips & Tricks (continued...) Let’s look at some other tips to Ok, we saw something about For example “Employing DB2v9 with maintain audience attention. As I preparing slides: don’t insert to much pureXML technology instead of already said before, you should avoid written text, maintain a simple style, regular plain SQL is like driving a car using too many technical words and try to insert statistics and also quizzes with automatic transmission instead expressions. Then try to insert some somewhere to stimulate the of manual one” or “Understanding an quizzes or jokes; these are really audience. Now it’s time to focus on error in an SQL hybrid query in DB2 9 useful, first of all, they not only start your speech. This is the hardest part is as easy as Googling for something people thinking, but they also let your and it’s even harder to give advice, on the Internet”. audience relax for a while during the since it depends on the temperament One of the last steps: don't forget to presentation. This will catch their of each one of us. show some practical examples with attention for sure. For example, a test A useful hint that I can give you is to DB2 command line. This will show can be: “Which do you think is the start thinking about what you want to your audience that you are DBMS allowing more memory usage say while preparing your slides, or experienced with the software. for table storage even in the free even before. A good set of slides Moreover you allow people to version?” or “What kind of license is doesn’t count if you are not able to appreciate the real software in action. employed for DB2 V9?”. expose them in a good manner. So The approach that I use is showing you have to study well and be very something very easy like an easy SQL prepared on what you are going to command; then I make a step forward say. A first way to maintain a high toward something more difficult (for level of attention is to demonstrate example, an XQuery). self-confidence. Moreover, if you have clear in mind your speech you will be able to interact easily with the audience as much as possible. This is very important; interaction makes people feeling really involved in your lesson. Ask for feedbacks, “Do you Fig. 2 – An example of slide containing a understand what I just said?” or quiz “Which do you think is the easiest technology for accessing and querying Something similar can be statistics or an XML tree?” As I already mentioned, comparisons, for example, using involving your audience makes them graphs and charts, “the percent usage focus on what you’re saying. of each brand of dbms last year” or “the number of downloads for free Another trick that I used to employ version of DB software”. When you when I took a lesson is to explain the explain the results, remember to also concepts by examples by comparing include references where you picked them to real examples in everyday them up. If there is a WiFi connection, life. This allows you not only to easily you will see for sure people with understand a concept, but it also laptops in the audience that start connects a concept to something that checking out what you said. people know well. Fig. 3 – Example of slides containing practical examples: an easy one (on the top) and a more advanced one (on the bottom) 3rd Quarter 2009 DB2 on Campus Newsletter Page 6
  7. 7. How to prepare slides and speeches for a presentation Tips & Tricks (continued...) So it’s almost over! We are just giving a no-sense answer, just say: I was really scared since I hadn’t heard missing a last step: final questions. “I don’t know” or “I don’t know but I anything like that and this would have I was really scared about this. What suppose that...” or also “I don’t know taken out a lot of importance to what kind of questions will they ask me for? but I can check the answer for you”. I had said during the presentation. And above all, what can happen if I I decided to answer by listing the There is nothing bad in admitting that wouldn’t be able to answer a features of pureXML technology in you don’t know something, but the question? First of all, the more much detail and at the end the guy worst thing is inventing an answer or questions you get during and at the understood that Microsoft was saying something completely wrong, end of the presentation, the much making a different claim, since they or looking unsure on what you are your audience has got involved. Then were still using a hybrid technology answering. My experience was don’t be scared, most of time you will for XML. receiving a question that blocked me; be completely able to answer any kind a guy from the audience asked me Now it’s your turn to come out and of question, but take this into your whether I knew that Microsoft had play. Let me conclude citing Bob mind: you are expected to be an already experimented with XML Marley: “Don’t worry about a thing, expert, but not a guru of the topic. technology since two years; at the ‘cause any little thing gonna be alright Finally if you really don’t know the time, it was before DB2 pureXML. !” answer to a question, rather than -Sergio From Ronaldo Marzullo My biggest complain, which I wrote many letters to IBM (continued from page 1) and DB2 user groups, is why IBM doesn't market DB2 as Oracle and other vendor do? If you go to any I started as a night shift operator, then programmer Barnes&Noble you can find books for Oracle DBAs, SQL (Assembler, Fortran, RPG II, Cobol, Natural etc), then I spent server, MySQL (now an Oracle product) but there are VERY about 2 years as a System Analyst and because my interest FEW books available (even online) about DB2. How can we in databases, I became a DBA. I worked many years with expect the young generation learn about DB2? IBM has ADABAS (Software AG), TOTAL, DMS II (Unisys DBMS) and I already the "monolithic outdate" label linked to mainframe started working with DB2 when DB2 was called SQL/DS for and they don't anything to change. DOS/VSE or MVS. So I am happy to see Forums like this one, that promote It was very poor in terms of performance, but was the first DB2 (as it deserves) and allow young people to be able to relational database. IBM used to offer a tape with this use, test, and choose which one they like. I will be here, product for FREE :-). Since then I worked with DB2 (always) when my schedule allows, to help you or any member in on both mainframe and LUW, but I worked and supported anything regarding DB2. Thank you. also Oracle, Sybase, MySQL and SQL Server. Best regards, I spent all this time talking about me (sorry for that) just to Ronaldo Marzullo express my joy to see this initiative to promote DB2. DB2 is IBM Certified Database Administrator in my point of view, the best database in the market and it is DB2 9 Advanced DBA for Linux, Unix and Windows growing pretty fast (it improved a lot) on LUW. 3rd Quarter 2009 DB2 on Campus Newsletter Page 7
  8. 8. DB2 on CAMPUS PROGRAM Story of two DB2 Student Ambassadors DB2 on Campus program fosters joint collaboration between students, faculty and professional communities with one common denominator: IBM® DB2 software. Using DB2 Express-C (the free edition of DB2), IBM InfoSphere® Data Architect, and IBM Data Studio, technical experts deliver free presentations and workshops at educational institutions worldwide, and establish the seeds for future collaboration in joint projects. For details, visit the Community Web site. Raghuveer Babu Pradeep Kumar K.L.N. College of Information Technology India The story of two DB2 Student Ambassadors in India has been published online in the Data Management Magazine. I'm very happy these two student ambassadors have been recognized by the IBM Information Champions program. I The goals of the DB2 on Campus program are: still recall how these two students became ambassadors. Early in 2008, I received an email from them inquiring  Increase the pool of DB2 skilled students graduating about the DB2 on Campus program. At the time I had not from educational institutions to keep pace with the visited India, so they showed initiative just by getting in demand in the job market touch with me. As time went on, the two students showed  Foster collaboration between students, faculty and a lot of passion for DB2, and with a lot of enthusiasm, they professionals using DB2 started organizing events about DB2; therefore they were  Increase the number of research projects, papers, named DB2 Student Ambassadors, and established a DB2 articles, books, scripts, and other collateral about DB2 User Group in their university. I was going to attend the inauguration ceremony, but on short notice, the mayor of Get DB2 Express-C 9.7.1 now the city decided to declare a holiday the day of my visit, The 9.7.1 refresh of the DB2 Express-C free database server which meant it would've been hard for students to use is now available: public transportation. Nonetheless, I spoke with DB2 Express-C for Windows Raghuveer/Pradeep on the phone, and congratulated them DB2 Express-C for Windows x64 for their efforts. We also nominated them to the IBM DB2 Express-C for Linux Information Champions program, and I'm glad they were DB2 Express-C for Linux x86-64 selected. DB2 Express-C for Linux on POWER DB2 Express-C for Solaris x86-64 Congratulations again to Raghuveer and Pradeep! What's new Raul. There are many new fixes and features including: - OUT and INOUT parameters for user-defined functions - Global variable assignment in nested contexts - Enhanced diagnostics and logging - Progress indicators for RUNSTATS and reorg of tables and indexes - Transparent LDAP on Linux and Solaris - Improved .NET integration - Many other improvements K.L.N. COLLEGE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Cheers, Leons Petrazickis, DB2 Express-C Community Team (Approved by AICTE & Affiliated to ANNA UNIVERSITY) 3rd Quarter 2009 DB2 on Campus Newsletter Page 8
  9. 9. Larger crowds though, are tough to In Indonesia, Binus university is in its entertain for more than 1 hour, but I second year teaching DB2 as part of did carry a few souvenirs I threw to their curriculum using DB2 on Campus the audience for good answers to material. Last year they reached about questions. The picture in this blog is 300 students, and this year maybe for the JPCS event. 500. In addition, a colleague of mine is working on an internship program to In Singapore I delivered a seminar at bring students from Binus to the NUS (National University of Singapore) Toronto lab for a 16 month internship. Raul Chong which was recorded here: If it happens, it would start in May of DB2 on Campus Manager http://bit.ly/T82C6 (I'm not sure for 2010. how long they will host it, but I'm asking them to send me the video in In Vietnam as usual, I had a busy DB2 on Campus in ASEAN and mp4 so I can upload it to schedule, but several universities are South America channeldb2.com if possible). teaching now DB2 thanks to our support. The past few months I've been In Mexico, Brazil and Peru, I visited travelling at a very heave pace, going several customers providing a 2.5 hour For November, I have another webinar last July from ASEAN, to North overview of DB2 9.7. In Brazil I also in plan, this time hosted by America, then South America, back to visited a partner (Data Access), and developerWorks, and also another ASEAN (Indonesia, Singapore, because of my visit, I was invited to seminar at the IBM Innovation Center Philippines & Vietnam), and now deliver a webinar (in Spanish) to their in Toronto (Markham), and am finally home in Canada. It has been a developer audience. See the Webinar planning a DB2 on Campus tour in very busy time promoting DB2 not abstract. The replay can be found Canada, probably for February. only to universities, but also delivering here. webinars, visiting a few business In addition, I'm working with IBMers, partners, IBMers, and several teachers, students and professionals customers around the world. The jet around the world to deliver by the end lag has been quite a nightmare, and of the year a bunch of free e-books on my body cannot yet distinguish different technologies. More about between day time and night time... this in December! Nonetheless, the results in some countries have been outstanding. In I tweet a bit more often than blog the Philippines for example, I was able now. Follow me at to reach almost 3000 students in 1 http://twitter.com/raulchong week. I probably had the three largest audiences I've ever had since the DB2 Cheers, Raul. on Campus program started: 1200, 1000, 800 approximately. The local organizer in the Philippines (Jun Contreras), timed my visit with huge university events: JPCS (Junior Philippines Computer Society) and Y4IT (Youth for IT). 3rd Quarter 2009 DB2 on Campus Newsletter Page 9
  10. 10. Americas Tours Europe Tours Asia Pacific Tours Argentina Bulgaria China Brazil France India Canada Germany Indonesia Chile Italy Malaysia Mexico Poland Philippines Peru Portugal Thailand Romania Vietnam Spain * Past ambassadors Turkey ** Completing term this quarter Ambassadors in Americas Ambassadors in Europe Ambassadors in Asia Pacific Argentina Chile France Portugal China Indonesia Fernando Isolini* Hector Mansilla Arias Stéphane Journot Joana Job* Qi Jie Shen* Toni Netti Mario Piz* Nuno Job* Cao Xue Mexico Germany Simão Soares * Tammy Hanshu Shi Malaysia Brazil Sara Perez Arroyo* Wolfgang Krause Tiago Pregueiro * Huijuan Zhang Meisam Sarabadani* Caroline Beatriz Antonio Guzman Nuno Veloso (leader) Wei Xingjie Musa Bin Hassan Perlin* Lourdes Fragoso Italy Hélder Pereira Candice Huang Thiago Rossetto Sergio Matone* João Moura Jin Zheng Philippines Wellington Sampaio Peru Felix Mahimai John Marcelo Sousa Dipu Chang Joel C. Laurencio Martins Eduardo Zúñiga Dávila Luca Gallucci** Nuno Lebreiro Edison Huang Rafael Junqueira Juan Carlos Ferro Paolo (Tycos) Pedro Carvalho Troy Huang Thailand Anderson Maia Laura Picciafoco** Ulisses Costa Tanawat Pitchayapryt Renato Lagares Raúl Alex Mariños Emidio Andrea India Juárez Bianco Turkey Rama Raajun.S.* Canada Adelchi Orifici Halil Ender Ünal G.S. Pradeep Mikhail Temkine* Francesco Ferrari** Okan Çalikoĝlu Kumar** Upal Hossain* Raghuveer Babu** Dan Han Poland Aditya Wate Ali Khan Pawel Olaszek Abhishek.Patel Priyanka Trevedi Łukasz Stachowiak Rajesh S Alan Zhang Venkatesh Giduthuri Vince Lee Mahavir Gautham Mohammad Omair Preethi Manoharan Alam Manoharan Preethi Anthony Kong N. Muthu Lakshmi Xiaoxing Liu Ramakrishnan Elisa Park Sathyavageeswaran Kim Fung Lai Mahesh Kumar Joshi Qiang Wu Sreenivaasan Makkini Ramya M. Prashanth Reddy Pavan Kumar Liaq Ahmed 3rd Quarter 2009 DB2 on Campus Newsletter Page 10
  11. 11. Sreenivaasan Joel C. Laurencio Łukasz Stachowiak Rajalakshmi Engineering College University of La Salette Poznan University of Technology India Santiago City, Philippines Poznan, Poland Okan Çalikoĝlu Hector Mansilla Arias Makkini Ramya Bilkent University, Universidad de Los Lagos MLR Institute of Technology Turkey Chile India M. Prashanth Reddy Pavan Kumar Liaq Ahmed MLR Institute of Technology MLR Institute of Technology VIT University India India India 3rd Quarter 2009 DB2 on Campus Newsletter Page 11
  12. 12. Becoming a DB2 Student Ambassador and promoting DB2 B) STEPS TO BECOME A DB2 STUDENT AMBASSADOR Express-C in your university is a rewarding experience in more ways than one, as attested by the testimonials in the 1. Send your resume/curriculum vitae in English to next section. db2univ@gmail.com 2. Write a small paragraph (No more than 100 words) Below are the list of responsibilities and duties you should indicating why you would be a good DB2 student ambassador (may be published in this newsletter). perform as a DB2 student ambassador. These are all 3. Indicate the period of time you are committed to work OPTIONAL; however, the more you do the better for you! actively as a DB2 student ambassador (minimum of 6 If you feel you can perform some of these duties, then months). You should start the soonest possible (within 2 continue with section B. Note that there will be more than months of receiving IBM's response (which will include one ambassador per university, so you can share the duties the information listed here)). below. 4. NEW (optional): Send an article on a topic that relates to databases (500-700 words) to be included in this A) DUTIES OF DB2 STUDENT AMBASSADORS newsletter. 5. NEW: Send your photo to db2univ@ca.ibm.com (to be 1. Establish a DB2 User Group in your university included in this newsletter). o This is an informal support group which can be run any way you want. C) BENEFITS OF BECOMING A DB2 STUDENT o Create a Web page for the group, or use something like AMBASSADOR “Yahoo Groups” or “Facebook.com”. o Advertise in the university bulletin board or with 1. The DB2 Student Ambassador can add to their resume/CV banners the fact that this DB2 User Group has been all your activities performed as an ambassador. This established, and encourage other students to join. should help the student find a job more easily after 2. Translate presentations/courses from English to your he/she graduates. language if required. 2. The DB2 student ambassador will be in contact with IBM 3. Organize events such as speeches or courses in your employees, establishing a good network with them and university, close-by universities, companies, high schools, ... acquiring valuable skills. 4. Post at least three entries in the DB2 Express-C forum. 3. The DB2 student ambassador will develop DB2 technical Questions, answers or (positive) comments are all fine. skills as well as presentation and marketing skills. These 5. Become an IBM Certified Database Associate by passing the are all very valuable in today’s job market. DB2 Certification Exam 730 within your period as DB2 student 4. The DB2 student ambassador will gain recognition ambassador (again this is optional). amongst other students in the university. 6. At the end of your DB2 Student Ambassador period: 5. The DB2 student ambassador *may* receive perks such o Help interview your replacement. as t-shirts, and books. They may be featured as well in the o Help train your replacement. IBM DB2 Express-C Web site if they are very active as 7. Provide any feedback/ideas/templates you may have to ambassadors. improve the program. 8. Be innovative! Remember IBM is an innovative company! For After receiving the information requested in section B, example the students from the university UTN in Argentina, candidates *may* be phone interviewed (in your own organized an SQL challenge using DB2 Express-C. You can for example, organize different courses using DB2 Express-C. A language); therefore ensure to include your telephone popular one would be a course to prepare for the DB2 number as part of your resume. Certification exam! 9. Ensure you document everything you are doing, and take Sending IBM your resume implies you agree to perform pictures. The DB2 User group Web site can be used to store all the tasks above. The time and effort you spend on this of this information and make it available to your peers. All of program is up to you. The more you do, the more you can these activities can be added to your resume/CV at the end of add to your resume! If there are several DB2 student your period as ambassador. The more activities you perform, ambassadors in your university, you can all share the the more you can add in your resume/CV! work. The minimum goal for each ambassador is to reach at least 100 students through DB2 speeches, courses or other activities during the ambassador period. 3rd Quarter 2009 DB2 on Campus Newsletter Page 12
  13. 13. Upal Hossain Mikhail Temkine University of Toronto University of Toronto Canada Canada By Raul Chong The Databases and Artificial Intelligence Group (DBAI) at Austria's most prestigious technical university, the TU-Wien, IBM announced DB2 pureScale, new innovative will be giving a masters-level seminar on databases under the technology to help large OLTP customers gain virtually direction of Professor Dr. Reinhard Pichler. For the first time, unlimited database capacity without changing or tuning this seminar will include a dedicated set of lectures on DB2. their applications. In addition, pureScale helps make their As a Zuckerchen, to use the local expression for "icing on the data continuously available and to operate their business cake", students will be encouraged to take the DB2 730 without interruptions. The implementation is based in certification exam upon completion of the course free of large part on DB2 for z/OS Data Sharing and Sysplex charge. The costs will be covered by the IBM Academic technology that has been in use by the world’s largest Initiative. The lectures related to DB2-specifics will be given organizations for over a decade. This technology is by two IBMers in Vienna: Gerald Aufmuth (Certified DB2 considered by many to be the gold standard for Specialist) and and Helmut Riegler (Certified IT Specialist, delivering reliability and scalability and is now available Datawarehouse Specialist). Thanks to Raul Chong from the for UNIX database servers. DB2-on-campus team in Toronto for his support all along, Isabella Luschin from the Corporate Citizenship and Learn more about it here and register for a free "Chat Communications department, and Rosa Schoch from IDR Alps with the Labs" webcast here. for behind-the-scenes support and enablement of this The IBM Press release can be found at this location. activity. Cheers, Raul. Regards, Raul. 3rd Quarter 2009 DB2 on Campus Newsletter Page 13
  14. 14. By Raul Chong and Kazumichi Hirano ISV & Developer Relations, SWG, IBM Japan Challenge Value • It’s very important for students to • The first DB2 course in Japanese learn practical database skills. for students and beginners • In collaboration with Waseda (15 chapters for 15 lectures). University, develop a course that • Will be publicly opened can be advantageous to acquire job as an IBM Academic skills for students. Initiative course from 2010. Solution • Students who worked for the development have understood • For the development course DB2 overall knowledge. materials, IBM provides Academic • University lecturers and TA who Initiative resources such as DB2 took the skill transfer are able Waseda university using DB2 Express-C software and the related course to manage self-organized book for DB class lectures. materials. Waseda University translates those course materials • This course is appointed to This October 3rd 2009, Waseda and developed “LAB” (practical “Advanced IT Specialist University in Japan started a DB2 class training) by using DB2 software. Fostering Program” specified by that is held every Saturday until late IBM supports the development with the Department of Education November. The course is part of the the technical assistance. and Science Ministry. "Advanced IT Specialist Fostering • For fostering human resources, IBM • For the first term Program” promoted by the Department tech. person (DE) teaches as an started on October 03, of Education and Science Ministry in instructor in charge and gives skill the class is held every Japan. The materials are based on the transfer to the university lecturers Saturday and ends in DB2 on Campus workshop, as well as and Technical Assistants (TA). late November. the "Getting started with DB2 Express- C" book, both of which were translated to Japanese. Congratulations to IBM Japan to establish this great relationship and class at Waseda university!. 3rd Quarter 2009 DB2 on Campus Newsletter Page 14
  15. 15. By Mahesh Kumar Joshi I am a student of B.Tech in Three Technical Trainers from Information Technology from Govt. WebTechLab carried out the Engineering College Bikaner India. sessions. Trainers delivered the I became the first DB2 Student contents in an awesome manner ambassador at Rajasthan Technical that all students were excited to University India in JUN 2009, and I learn DB2 technologies. Along founded the ECB DB2 User Group in with the training we talked about Campus and the group is organizing the ambassadorship program Presentations, Screenshots and and current job opportunities in Workshops on DB2 and other IBM the field of Database. Students Tools and Technologies like Rational, had a practical session along with WASCE, and Tivoli. the presentation in parallel, which helped them a lot in preparing for the Certification We are the students of Govt. Exam. Engineering College Bikaner who are organizing a National Level Techfest On the last day of the training an at campus every year. So this year IBM DB2 Quiz was organized and we organized Techfest (SAKSHAMA) IBM Goodies were delivered by from 28 October to 31 October in IBM India and a Certificate of our campus in which more than 250 Excellence was distributed to the colleges are invited and more than workshop participants. These 3000 students from all over the 100 students, from different country participated in four days colleges and from different parts Techno Festival. of the country, were very excited to win the DB2 Quiz and The ECB DB2 user group invited IBM answering almost every question The ECB DB2 user group is feeling India to sponsor the event and a asked in the Quiz. very proud to announce that this Training Program for DB2 V9 (Exam year we registered more than 600 730) was conducted to 100 students Engineering & Computer Application for 3 days in our college. The Course students in IBM TGMC (The Great was conducted in Association with Mind Challenge) 2009 & in last year the IBM Academic Initiative TGMC (2008) Team Great ECBIANS program. The Training Program from our College was selected in started with an Inauguration India’s top 20 Teams in TGMC. Function, where management The ECB DB2 user group is giving people and Technical Trainers from Congratulations and Best of Luck for IBM (partners) participated. the future to all team members of team GreatECBIANS ( Piyush Kumar, Ashok Kumar Meena, Tarun Goyal, Aditya Chandrawat). 3rd Quarter 2009 DB2 on Campus Newsletter Page 15
  16. 16. By M. Prashanth Reddy How we got DB2 On Campus: DB2 On Campus Activities: IBM DB2 Exam 730 Program: We are glad to inform you all that IBM As the part of DB2 On Campus, we It is a great achievement for our has signed a MoU with MLR Institute of formed a “MLRIT DB2 USER GROUP” college. Till now a total of 250 Technology, Hyderabad to enable the with 200 DB2 Certified Students as students have attended the university to train and build a skilled members. We also created MLRIT DB2 DB2 Training Program for DB2 V9 resource base on leading software USER GROUPs in LINKEDIN, FACEBOOK , (Exam 730) conducted by IBM technologies. It also opened a Center of and CHANNELDB2 where students can Academic Initiative Team at our Excellence (CoE) at MLRIT, with the aim retrieve information about what’s going college as the part of IBM CoE and of providing world class skills to on regarding DB2 activities in our 210 students have been certified as students on Information Management college. IBM Certified Database Associates. Software. IBM TGMC: On IBM CoE inauguration day, through one of the IBM resource persons, Mr. IBM – The Great Mind Challenge a Saravanan Sekar, we came to know project contest conducted by IBM about the DB2 On Campus program and every year. A total of 120 students with the help of Raul Chong, and DB2 of our college are participating in On Campus team, three students of our this contest by forming into 30 college Prashanth, Ramya and Pavan groups. were selected as DB2 Student Ambassadors on August 24, 2009. Our Upcoming Activities: Thanks to DB2 On Campus DB2 DevCon: With the Support of DB2 On Team: Campus Team, the DB2 Community M. Prashanth Reddy Launch event from DB2 User (President – MLRIT DB2 UG) Community will take place at MLRIT, in January 2nd Week. Expected M. Ramya (Vice-President) audience is 700 students. M. Pavan Kumar (Secretary) DB2 Event@MLRIT: A National level DB2 Event includes Quiz Competitions and Problem Solving using DB2. 3rd Quarter 2009 DB2 on Campus Newsletter Page 16
  17. 17. Prof. Dr. Torsten Grust it comes to the execution of data- keys with low-selectivity Wilhelm-Schickard-Institut für intensive programs. prefix), a B-tree variant that Informatik, Eberhard-Karls-Universität most effectively accelerated Tübingen (Germany) In both lines of research, IBM DB2 has Pathfinder-generated queries. proved to be a reliable and versatile • Still, operating with queries relational database platform. During the that often do not adhere to development of Pathfinder and Ferry, traditional SQL query shapes, the following features and characteristics we benefit from IBM DB2's of IBM DB2 have been of particular ability to react to externally importance: provided clues to improve query execution. In this • Pathfinder and Ferry include query context, we have made good compilers that emit substantial use of IBM DB2's statistical For nearly ten years now, my group amounts of non-trivial SQL:1999 code. views. In the same vein, we relies on IBM DB2 as one of its primary We have found IBM DB2's SQL plan to employ Optimization database technology platforms. In processor to be particularly complete, Guidelines, introduced with 2000, I have been a visiting scientist at stable, and dependable, thus IBM DB2 V9, to exercise far- the IBM Silicon Valley Laboratory providing an ideal execution platform reaching control over query (known as the Santa Teresa Laboratory and back-end for research into query plan generation. back then) in San Jose under the lead compilation. • With the advent of pureXML, of Josephine Cheng. Since then, • It is vital for us to understand whether we gained the possibility to run together with my students at the Pathfinder and Ferry compilers an IBM-provided processor and Universität Konstanz, Technische indeed produce code that can be our Pathfinder XQuery Universität München, and efficiently digested and executed by processor on the very same Universität Tübingen, we have used the underlying database back-end. database engine. This enabled IBM DB2 on Linux, Unix, and Windows IBM DB2's extensive query plan unique insights (into pureXML to perform database systems research inspection capabilities (db2expln) as well as our own work) and as well as teaching at undergraduate provide us with the required insight provided an ideal reference and graduate levels. (We run IBM DB2 into plan operators, estimated platform for the evaluation of instances on Intel-based Linux and Mac selectivity’s, expected I/O traffic, and our research efforts. OS X hosts -- and do hope that DB2 much more. db2expln has also development for the latter platform proven to be the students' favourite For the near future it is foreseeable continues to see attention.) tool in our courses on Database that database partitioning (DPF) System Internals and Implementation. will move into the focus of our A main thread of my group’s research • We regard the output of our compilers research work, anticipating that work is new compilation and as ``truly relational'' if the executing DPF will help to uncover the optimization techniques for kinds of database back-end can cope with the parallelism inherent in the -- query languages which, at first glance, emitted code without elaborate user- mostly functional --languages that may appear to be non-relational. From controlled tweaking. IBM DB2's we study. 2001 until today, this work led to the autonomous design advisor development of Pathfinder[1], an (db2advis) has repeatedly proved to [1] www.pathfinder-xquery.org XQuery compiler and optimizer that be very capable to analyze Pathfinder [2] www.ferry-lang.org targets relational database back-ends. or Ferry generated workload, resulting Another current item that lies on our in efficient index constellations Prof. Dr. Torsten Grust workbench today, is the Ferry[2] without the need for manual http://www.informatik.uni- project in which database technology is intervention. Here, we were especially tuebingen.de/ used to support the runtime system of pleased to see db2advis propose so- Database Systems - Universität modern programming languages when called Partitioned B-trees (featuring Tübingen (Germany) 3rd Quarter 2009 DB2 on Campus Newsletter Page 17
  18. 18. From Prof. Narongrit Track 1: SQL and DB2 Administration June/09). Usually there are about • Introduction to DB2 60+ students in each training Waraporn • SQL session. In total, we have trained School of Information Technology, King Mongkut's University of Technology, • Administrator and security for 60+ x 3 which is approximately Thungkru, Bangkok, Thailand 200 students. Track 2: DB2 programming • DB2 data access such as procedures, 2) “Advanced Databases” is a cursors, user-defined functions and course in Computer Science for triggers undergraduate. It covers • Application Development in PHP • Data Warehouse • Application Development in Java • XML • Advanced SQL It is a 6-day training program. The targets • Object – Relational Databases are also SIT family. Trainers include I use DB2-ExpressC and Data Studio I use DB2 express-C, mainly, for myself, Sunisa Sathapornvajana, Sanit during after-hour laboratories, training. However I also use it in my Sirisawatvatana, Unhawa Ninrutsirikul, which is about 2-3 extra hours course. Ekapong Jungcharoensukying, and beside the 3-hour lecture. Students Kittipong Warasup. love hand-on experience during 1.1) “Introduction to DB2” covers the lab. • DB2 Express-C utilities • SQL We open the DB2 training during the It is an elective course opening • DB2 data access such as school off, both October-break and once a year. I opened it for the first procedures, and triggers summer since 2007. We either open time this semester. There are ten • DB2 administration and security 1.1) or 1.2) students registered. I expect more students for next year. However, The 3-day training is aiming to SIT Because 1.2) is a long training, we did it we missed the lab for Data family both graduate and only on Summer/07 and Summer/08. Now Warehouse. If IBM would provide undergraduate students and SIT staffs. we mostly train 1.1) during the school off. us tools, students would have a For undergraduate, they are in There are usually about 60+ students in great opportunity to experience Computer Science and IT programs each training session. In total of 1.1) and the Data Warehouse from world while graduate students are in 1.2), there are 60+ students x 6 times + 30 class software. Computer Business, IT, and Software which is approximately 400 students Engineering programs. Once we trained. The reason to use DB2-ExpressC: opened the training for students from • Easy to install other universities, whose students 1.3) “Introduction to XML programming” • Has complete features of became DB2 student ambassadors covers: standard databases, such as after translating the DB2 express-C • Introduction to XML administration, security, SQL book. There were 30 students. • DTD, XML Schema editor, storage management, The trainers of this training include • XPath, Xquery DB health monitoring, etc. myself, Sunisa Sathapornvajana, and • SQL/XML • Easy to use with GUI Kriengkrai Porkaew. • XSLT • Help can be found from the The training lasts 3 days. K. Porkaew and I web including IBM web sites, 1.2) “DB2 Express-C Verion 9.5” covers are the trainers. We open it every summer IBM AI, and non-IBM web sites more material than “Introduction to since 2007. We use DB2 express-C during • It is free for the community. DB2”. There are two tracks. the sessions of XPath, XQuery, and SQL/XML. I’m planning to add a DB2 XML Schema session for the next training (after I was trained by IBMer from Canada on 3rd Quarter 2009 DB2 on Campus Newsletter Page 18
  19. 19. Support from IBM global and IBM From Prof. Kriengkrai Porkaew That is, there are around 120 Thailand: School of Information Technology, King students per year on this course. Mongkut's University of Technology, It is an elective course for master- • For training we mostly use the Thungkru, Bangkok, Thailand degree-program students. 90% of material from IBM AI, IBM training, these students take INT642 course and help from Sunicha. I also use with me. material from IBM for my courses for some lectures. This course focuses on Database • I have learned DB2 from IBM Warehouse/OLAP and XML in trainers who frequently open databases. I use DB2 Express-C to training courses in Bangkok, and at demonstrate related features, for SIT of KMUTT. example: • Visiting lecturers or guest speakers from IBM regularly present world- • How to write standard I use DB2 Express-C on my database class technologies to SIT students. SQL/OLAP commands courses that I teach. I teach two database • How to work with xml in DB2, • Without tools, especially from IBM, courses each semester (twice a year). theoretical lecture would not open for example, import/ insert/ Each course has two sections per validate/ index the world of Information semester (four times per year). Technology enough to students. • How to write standard • IBM competition events, such as SQL/XML commands For the first course - INT642 Database XML, zOS programming • How to write xQuery in DB2 Management Systems, there are around competition provide experience to 70-80 students/section/semester. That is, SIT students on the technologies.  I have been using DB2 Express-C as there are around 300 students per year on • Certificates of training from IBM the main DBMS for both courses this course. It is a fundamental database • Vouchers of DB2 certificate exam. for around three years or so. course for master-degree-program There are many reasons why I use students. It is a required course that all All of these events and support cannot DB2 Express-C for my classes: M.Sc. IT students must take. I teach the happen without the help from Sunicha, theoretical aspects of database Raul Chong, Kanokpan, IBM Thailand, • It is easy to install and use management system. Along with the and other IBM staff around the world. • It does not require a lot of theories, I use DB2 Express-C to We appreciated your help. system resources demonstrate in class: • It conforms to SQL standards Best regards, (or at least, comparable to) • How DBMSs store data in the file Narongrit Waraporn • It is useful and related to my systems non-teaching job a well • How to write standard SQL commands • It has good documentation/ and how they are processed examples, in books and goggle- • How isolation of transactions works able web • How log-based recovery system works • (best of all) Wonderful support For the second course - INT641 Database from IBMers Technology, there are around 30 Besides these two courses, I students/ section/ semester. occasionally train students on how to use DB2 with Dr. Narongrit. Best Regards, Kriengkrai Porkaew 3rd Quarter 2009 DB2 on Campus Newsletter Page 19
  20. 20. By Surekha Parekh WW DB2 for z/OS Market Manager IDUG Europe IBM Liaison IBM Corporation was Diamond Sponsorship at IDUG Europe 2009 again this year and what an amazing conference it was! More than 400 members of the worldwide DB2 user community gathered together at the Rome Marriott Park Hotel. IDUG One-Day Educational Seminars. delegates, presenters, and industry Presentations (VSPs) allowed attendees Several of the industry's leading DB2 vendors all enjoyed an exceptional direct access to gather in-depth authorities presented including week of education, learning, solution knowledge about vendor products and Bonnie Baker, John Campbell, Phil sharing, and peer networking. services in a focused environment. Grainger, Scott Hayes and Susan Lawson. The conference kicked off on Monday, A packed schedule of technical content 5th October with an insightful keynote continued on Tuesday and throughout IBM closed the conference in style presentation given by IBM’s own the week as delegates participated in by inviting all their customers and Salvatore Vella and John Campbell. DB2 more than 100 technical sessions partners to special launch party to for z/OS and DB2 for LUW – Converging dedicated to a variety of topics on DB2. announce the launch of IBM DB2 Technologies provided the latest In addition to the vast array of technical pureScale. advances to both platforms, which have education provided throughout the minimised differences and helped week, several additional peer-to-peer reduce the effort required to manage networking opportunities, including the and deploy these systems. Vella and always-popular IBM Developers Panel Campbell also gave a glimpse into what Discussions, tackled a variety of tough the future holds for each platform and DB2 questions posed by conference how attendees might be using DB2 five attendees to some of the industry’s years from now. foremost authorities. Delegates concluded the first full-day of IDUG delegates were also given a great their IDUG Experience with the Grand opportunity, sponsored by IBM, to take Opening and Welcome Reception in the FREE Certification Exams. On Friday, 9 IDUG Solutions Centre. In addition to October, a number of registered the Solutions Centre, Monday and attendees took advantage of IDUG's Tuesday’s Vendor Solution Don’t miss IDUG 2010 conferences! More information: www.idug.org www.ibm.com/software/data/db2/zos/ www.ibm.com/software/data/db2/9/ 3rd Quarter 2009 DB2 on Campus Newsletter Page 20
  21. 21. I created a MLRIT DB2 User I am very thankful to Raul Chong Group in Facebook, and in LinkedIn and Agatha for offering me this where students can get information exciting position and I ensure that about what’s going on regarding in future, I will organize many more DB2 activities in our college and also events, workshops and seminars to organized few workshops which promote DB2 in Universities. Check includes introductory speech about for my updates on my Blog DB2 Express-C, How to prepare for DB2 Fundamental exam, etc. Contact me on my channelDB2 page. Makkini Ramya MLR Institute of Technology, India Hi, I am Ramya, a fourth year computer science engineering student at MLR Institute of Technology, Hyderabad city, India. I was selected as DB2 Student Ambassador on August 24, 2009. Let me explain how I got selected as Ambassador. In August, IBM opened Center of Excellence at our college to Being a DB2 student ambassador is for train students on IBM tools and to me a very good opportunity to become provide free certifications on its visible, and to help the students of my Liaq Ahmed Technologies. Through IBM COE, I have college discover what DB2 is. The role VIT University, India attended a five day workshop on DB2 “DB2 Student Ambassador” is helping tool conducted by IBM in our college. me to know and to work with students hi With this I obtained my DB2 9 and IBMers from different parts of the "I've been using DB2 Express-C to Fundamentals Certification (exam 730). world and, in particular, to improve my develop a "Cloud and Virtual I have been selected as Student Mentor technical skills on DB2 that certainly will Hospital Management" as part of at IBM COE to teach DB2 to other be very useful for my career. my course project at "VIT" students and later I also became DB2 on university, India. My experience Campus Student Ambassador. with DB2 Express-C has been pretty good. The benefits of using DB2 On IBM COE inauguration, I came to Express-C were amazing. I'm know about DB2 on Campus through delighted to use it, and can see one of the IBM resource person Mr. myself developing applications Saravanan Sekar. And I applied for it using DB2 Express-C in the future, and that’s how I got this opportunity even for a company I have in mind to become DB2 student Ambassador. starting with friends in the future." Now I am collaborating with the other two ambassadors of my university to lead Laiq in knowledge and promote DB2 in my IBM DB2 Student Ambassador university, and to find new volunteers VIT University , India who contribute in the DB2 on Campus Program. 3rd Quarter 2009 DB2 on Campus Newsletter Page 21
  22. 22. Korea Campus Wizard member profile and contribution: Kevin Kim Lai York University Mina Song Kug-jin Lee Ewha Woman’s University Hi, my name is Kevin and I became a University of Incheon South Korea DB2 student ambassador in April, 2009. Korea I have been working on translation for Mina Song is a senior student at Ewha “Getting started with DB2 Express-C” Kug-jin's major is Computer Woman’s University in South Korea. She from English to Mandarin. I have pretty Science at University of Incheon in participated in IBM Korea Campus Wizard much enjoyed this work as I can learn Korea. He was a member of IBM from March 2008 to January 2009. She plenty of technical skills about Campus Wizard in 2007. introduced DB2 to her professor to use in database processing throughout the He is working in HIST(link: their database class. After she attended a translation. I also enjoyed working with http://www.hist.co.kr) as a System DB2 education at Myungji University, she my teammate, Tom Wu, in the Manager now. He promoted DB2 organized a study group with other translating work as I found him very Express-C in his university class as a Campus Wizard members and conducted professional in the field of Database Campus Wizard activity by using it a DB2 study group every 2 weeks. She Processing. In addition to translation, I in his software projects. He is achieved DB2 9 Fundamentals have been expressing my interests in studying DB2 and participating DB2 certification. Besides, she had analyzed database, web application and also user groups at KDUG (link: Korean RTC with a view of ordinary students and how beneficial is this program for the DB2 User Group). He also is suggested developerWorks to design a development of my study and how it interested in IBM Rational Team RSS reader with the easier access. By using may change my future direction after Concert and Jazz Technology that RTC, she realized that this program can graduation. helps collaborative development help students to learn teamwork in environment. He made a software development. Mina Song is Contact me on my channelDB2 page. ScreenCast to promote RTC as a proficient in network, mobile application Campus Wizard activity. He is and programming especially C/C++, JAVA. participating jazzlab.net (link: Korea jazz lab site). 3rd Quarter 2009 DB2 on Campus Newsletter Page 22
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