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IBM i October Announcements

IBM i October Announcements






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  • -DB2 Web Query is a Query and Reporting solution with OLAP capabilities - It is NOT a full BI solution or a data mining or ETL solution
  • MAIN interface Left side – major application areas with sub folders and reports and graphs within the folders
  • To generate the summary report showing revenue by product type involves dragging and dropping the two fields from the column list. (both fields happen to come from different tables, but thanks to DB2 Web Query’s understanding of DB2 Referential Integrity and Foreign Key support no joins had to be described)
  • Double click on Product Type on first report and drill down to detailed information in the second report. Very, very simple to do
  • Basically same interface to create graphs as it is to create reports (graph shows revenue by product type by manufacturing plant) **JJ change y-axis
  • Power Painter, a new AJAX based WYSIWYG Query design tool. An intuitive state of the art thin client tool for compound ad-hoc reports, graphs and page layouts.
  • It dynamically (on the fly from live data) can create fully formatted spreadsheets with drilldowns, formulas , summations, and color-coding.
  • End users can add visualization bars, sort / filter / highlight based on any column roll up data, convert to pivot tables and more All this simply by saying you want the output to go to an active report instead of the default HTML
  • One check box allows you to OLAP enable an existing report Assumes that you have previously told DB2 Web Query about the hierarchies in your tables Drill down on dimensions Add/remove columns chosen from hierarchies Drill down on the measures shows the details records that made up the summary measure Users can change which columns data is summed by, they can pivot and move columns from the sum by to sum across areas
  • Metadata is the layer of technology that shields the user from data complexities and presents the information in business terms It describes the relationship between items whether or not they reside in the same DB or not DB2 Web Query metadata can even describe cross platform cross databases relationships. Unlike many other tools DB2 Web Query uses the same metadata for the full Information Builders suite including Integration, ETL, Reporting and Analysis. This is important because it simplifies the environment for developers and administrators. (NOTE: think about Business Objects. They have their own metadata and server for Web Intelligence (analysis). They bought Crystal Reports which has a different server and different metadata for reporting. And they bought Acta for ETL which has yet another server and metadata for ETL. Obviously this can be very difficult for a developer to understand and manage. DB2 Web Query metadata is portable across platform. It can be stored and transferred via a memory stick. It can be used for development without even having access to the actual data source. Convenient for mobile/remote developers. To give you an idea of its capabilities here are some is some of the information stored in out metadata: Column-titles, Business Descriptions, Alias, Format, Usage, Dimensions, Pre and Post Processing Calculations, hundreds of data manipulation functions
  • Slide Theme: One of the most important aspects of a BI tool is its capability for automated delivery. Many information workers don’t have hours of time to spend looking for data, so if you can have the data find them it makes their days much more productive. This function can automatically deliver reports. This is known in the industry as “pushing” or “casting” information. This can be setup by an administrator. Delivery can be based on a schedule or through a CL interface that could be called based on some event (e.g., a trigger program). E.g., a trigger could be placed on a transaction indicating if a stock price falls below a certain value to invoke the CL command to route a report out to a distribution list. This function can intelligently burst the pages of a single report out to the appropriate people. For example you might a a Profit and Loss statement that shows the P&L for each business unit on a different page and each page can automatically be burst out to the head of each business unit.
  • Briefly give an overview of the new guided ad hoc feature for Quick Data which opens up QD to basic users.
  • With the recently added Software Development Kit, ISVs can integrate reports into their web applications such as the screen shot shown here, that is a customized interface to run a query by passing parameters to it, and embedding the result set into the same HTML page. The SDK provides a set of Web Services to log in, retrieve parameters, execute a query, retrieve a list of domains or folders. There are also web services for interacting with DB2 Web Query report broker scheduled reports. The web services use SOAP and XML standards.
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IBM i October Announcements IBM i October Announcements Presentation Transcript

  • Web Query på Power i IBM Power Systems Christer Ahlstedt Iptor Konsult AB
    • Web-based query and report writing product that replaces IBM Query for iSeries (Query/400 )
    • Base Product
      • Report and graphing Assistants
      • Power Painter
      • Spreadsheet integration
      • Web-enable Query/400 report
      • DB2 for i5/OS Federated Queries
    • Additional IBM Features
      • Active Reports (Disconnected)
      • On Line Analytical Processing
      • Automatic Report Distribution / Intelligent Bursting
      • Developer’s Workbench
        • Advanced metadata creation
        • SQL Wizard
        • HTML Layout Painter
    • Additional Add-On Available
      • ERP System Integration
      • 250+ Database/Cube/Mining Connectors
      • Extract/Transformation/Load
      • Visual Discovery
      • MS Excel Add-In
    Product Overview: Web Based Query and Reporting
  • Heterogeneous or Homogeneous Operational Data External Data Query/Reporting Data Mining Multidimensional Analysis Informational Data Intranet Extranet Internet Query/Reporting Solution with OLAP enablement
  • DB2 Web Query interface
  • Report Assistant
  • Report Assistant: Drill Down
  • Graph Assistant
  • Graph Assistant
  • Power Painter
    • Business people designing reports for business people
    • Powerful thin-AJAX based Report Design tool
    • Build Rich Compound Reports in your business unit
    • Simple, flexible access without the need to rely on IT
  • Output Reports and Graphs to:
    • HTML
    • PDF
    • Excel 97/2k/2k w formula's
    • Active Reports
    • Postscript
    • DB2 for i5/OS table
    • Excel 95
    • Doc with and without page breaks
    • WK1
    • DIF
    • Lotus
    • Tab Delimited
    • XML
  • MS Excel Integration
    • DB2 Web Query has excellent MS Excel integration
    • Dynamically generates fully formatted Excel spreadsheets
      • W/ Drilldowns, Formulas, Summations, Color-coding & more
    • Improves end user productivity; reduces errors
    Hyperlinks/Drilldowns Formulas/Summations Color-Coding
  • Active Reports: Disconnected Support
    • Self-contained analytical reports
      • Delivered to users via email or browser
    • Users interact with the data on the report w/o being connected to infrastructure
    • Intuitive built-in controls
      • Sorting, Filtering, Visualization, Charting, Dynamic Roll-ups
      • Export to HTML, CSV or Excel
      • Export Charts to Word, Excel, or PowerPoint
    • Great for mobile sales reps and other users that are not connected or defined to the System i
  • Active Reports
  • On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP)
  • DB2 Web Query Enhanced Metadata
    • Excellent Date understanding and added functionality including Date decomposition (Year, Quarter, Month, Day)
    • Creation of Hierarchies and Dimensions
    • Very good awareness of DB2 Foreign Key constraints
    • Basic DB2 Web Query metadata also includes: Column-titles, Business Descriptions, Alias, Format, Usage, Pre and Post Processing Calculations, hundreds of data manipulation functions
    • Automated Delivery Of Information
      • On Scheduled Basis
        • Through Admin GUI
        • Daily, Weekly, Specific Days, exclude rules, etc.
      • On Event Basis
        • Some customization required
    • Intelligent bursting
      • Ex: Regional Sales Report
    • Additional output formats for batch reporting
      • (HTML, PDF, Excel, Active HTML)
    • Delivery Destinations
      • E-mail
      • Printer
      • Save the reports for later viewing
    • Notify Function
      • Send notification when report is complete or fails
      • Report Logging
    Report Scheduling and Distribution
  • News Using the Spreadsheet as a client Accessing Microsoft SQL Server data Embedding the reporting environment into .NET applications with the Software Development Toolkit
  • Web Query Spreadsheet Client Benefits
      • Secure access
      • Create, edit, and save
      • queries
      • Automatic Refresh of data
      • Format and style query data with Web Query engine
      • Automatic Named Ranges and Formulas
    Copyright 2007, Information Builders. Slide
  • Web Query Spreadsheet Client Guided ad hoc within Excel
    • Utilize DB2 Web Query security
    Copyright 2007, Information Builders. Slide
  • Web Query Spreadsheet Client Guided ad hoc within Excel
  • Web Query Spreadsheet Client Guided ad hoc within Excel
  • Web Query Spreadsheet Client Applications: Excel dashboard
  • Web Query Spreadsheet Client Templates
  • Web Query Spreadsheet Client Templates
  • Web Query Spreadsheet Client Templates
  • Web Query Spreadsheet Client Templates
  • Web Query Spreadsheet Client Data Range Properties
    • Query definition
      • Save query definition
    • Refresh (data)
      • Enable background refresh
      • Refresh every
      • Refresh data on file open
    • Formatting and layout
      • Preserve cell formatting
      • Adjust column width
  • Coming in 2009: SQL Server Adapter
    • SQL Server Adapter
      • Extend the reach of DB2 Web Query
      • Support pulling data from multiple SQL Server databases with a single adapter
      • Join data between DB2 and SQL Server in a single report*
    * Performance considerations apply
  • Coming in 2009: SQL Server Adapter
  • Integrating DB2 Web Query into .NET Applications
    • DB2 Web Query Software Development Kit is Required
      • A set of Web Services that allow invocation of DB2 Web Query functions from within an application
      • Enables Developers to access and integrate Web Query Content into any web application
    • Web Services are programming language independent
      • The foundation for SOA
      • C, C++, VB.NET, Java, RPG, Cobol, etc.
    • Requires the BASE product to be installed (run time and development)
      • Developer Workbench also a development requirement
      • Run Time User Enablement required for Run Time
    • Simple to Deliver powerful BI content
      • Self service parameterized reports
      • Active reports and OLAP
  • For More Information: www.ibm.com/systems/i/db2/webquery
    • Demos
      • 40 minute overview
      • 75 minute deeper dive
      • Additional Webinars
    • Helpful Getting Started Tab
      • Latest Installation Instructions
      • Links to our “community”
      • Education and RedBook Offerings
      • Recent Articles (tips and techniques)
    • Additional Product Information
    • Access to Developer Workbench trial
    • Papers
      • FAQs
      • Why i for BI
      • How Run Time Enablement Works
  • Education Links
    • Getting Started with DB2 Web Query Redbook
      • Tutorial Driven
      • Download Sample Database
      • http://www.redbooks.ibm.com/abstracts/sg247214.html
    • Distance (Web) Learning –
      • Getting Started (OV440)
        • http://www-304.ibm.com/jct03001c/services/learning/ites.wss/us/en?pageType= course_search&sortBy =5&searchType=1&sortDirection=9&includeNotScheduled=15&rowStart=0&rowsToReturn=20&maxSearchResults=200&language= en&country = us&searchString =ov440
      • Implementation Workshop (OV550)
        • http://www-304.ibm.com/jct03001c/services/learning/ites.wss/us/en?pageType= course_search&sortBy =5&searchType=1&sortDirection=9&includeNotScheduled=15&rowStart=0&rowsToReturn=20&maxSearchResults=200&language= en&country = us&searchString =ov550
    • E-Learning Modules
      • Self paced, downloadable end user training
      • http://education.informationbuilders.com/edu/courses/elearning/systemi.jsp
    • DB2 SQL and Query Performance Workshop
      • Building the DB2 for i Database Administration (DBA) skills
      • Four classes scheduled for 2008
        • http://www-03.ibm.com/systems/i/software/db2/db2performance.html
  • DB2 Web Query Webinar Series
    • April 21: DB2 Web Query Report Broker.
      • To view a replay of this webinar, go to: http://ibmstg.na3.acrobat.com/replaydb2webqueryreportbroker/event/registration.html
    • May 5: Integrating DB2 Web Query with Microsoft® products.
      • http://ibmstg.connectpro.acrobat.com/power050509e/event/registration.html
    • May 19: Raising the analytics bar with DB2 Web Query Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) feature.
      • http://ibmstg.connectpro.acrobat.com/powerb051909e/event/registration.html
    • June 2: Jump start implementations with DB2 Web Query ecosystem solutions!
      • http://ibmstg.connectpro.acrobat.com/powerb060209e/event/registration.html
    • June 16: Are you getting the maximum performance out of your DB2 Web Query reports?
      • http://ibmstg.connectpro.acrobat.com/powerb061609e/event/registration.html
    • June 30: Building and deploying Dashboards with DB2 Web Query Developer Workbench and Active Dashboards.
      • http://ibmstg.connectpro.acrobat.com/powerb063009e/event/registration.html
  • Building a DB2 Web Query Community
    • New DB2 Web Query Site
      • Registration Recommended
    • KnowledgeBase
    • Forums
    • Links to Additional Information
    • Expert BLOGs
    • WIKI
    • Links to other pertinent Information
    • Supplements www.ibm.com/systems/i/db2/webquery
    NEW http://www-128.ibm.com/developerworks/spaces/DB2WebQuery
  • DB2 Web Query Publications
      • Redbook: Getting Started with DB2 Web Query for System i
        • www.redbooks.ibm.com/abstracts/sg247214.html
      • How DB2 Web Query will help your Shop
        • www.mcpressonline.com/april-14-2008-vol-3-issue-7/database/db2/how-will-ibm-db2-web-query-for-system-i-benefit-your-shop.html
      • DB2 Web Query Directions
        • www.ibmsystemsmag.com/i5/march08/features/19668p1.aspx
      • How Run Time User Enablement Works
        • www.ibm.com/systems/i/software/db2/pdf/DB2_Web_Query_Run_Time_User_Enablement.pdf
      • Using SQL Views and Stored Procedures to control Security with DB2 Web Query
        • www-03.ibm.com/servers/enable/site/education/wp/13aae/13aae.pdf
      • Know the Drill! DB2 Web Query Drill Downs
        • www.mcpressonline.com/tips-techniques/database/techtip-know-the-drill.html
      • Maximizing DB2 Web Query with SQL Query Engine
        • www.mcpressonline.com/database/db2/maximize-sql-query-engine-sqe-usage-of-your-db2-web-query-reports.html
      • DB2 Web Query – Techniques to convert legacy date fields
        • www.mcpressonline.com/tips-techniques/database/techtip-converting-legacy-date-fields-to-db2-web-query-dates-part-i.html
        • www.mcpressonline.com/database/db2/tech-tip-converting-legacy-date-fields-to-db2-web-query-dates-part-ii.html
      • The Evolution of DB2 Web Query for I
        • www.ibmsystemsmag.com/i5/september08/coverstory/21528p1.aspx
      • A Powerful Broker
        • www.ibmsystemsmag.com/i5/september08/features/21532p1.aspx
      • Simplify Report Development with DB2 Web Query Business Views
        • www.mcpressonline.com/database/db2/techtip-simplify-report-development-with-db2-web-query-business-views.html
      • Making Better Use of DB2 Web Query with *LIBL
        • www.mcpressonline.com/database/db2/making-better-use-of-db2-web-query-with-*libl.html
      • Exploit DB2 Web Query's Defined and Computed Fields
        • www.mcpressonline.com/september-5-2008-vol-5-issue-35/tips-techniques/database/techtip-exploit-db2-web-querys-defined-and-computed-fields.html