Helping keep sensitive data secure

    IBM Data Encryption for IMS and DB2
    Databases, Version 1.1

Hardware Requirements                     OS/390 or z/OS ICSF Additional
IBM Data Encryption for IMS and DB2       Informa...
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IBM Data Encryption for IMS and DB2 Databases, Version 1.1


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IBM Data Encryption for IMS and DB2 Databases, Version 1.1

  1. 1. Helping keep sensitive data secure IBM Data Encryption for IMS and DB2 Databases, Version 1.1 Data security is a top issue in today’s world In IMS, the IBM ® Data Encryption Highlights Are you the person responsible tool implements encryption via the for protecting your company’s standard Segment Edit/Compression ■ Provides user-customizable pre- sensitive IMS and DB2 data? Are exit routine. Both IMS data and index coded exits for encryption of you investigating how to comply with databases can be encrypted and IMS ™ and DB2® data security legislation in such industries decrypted. In DB2, the IBM Data as health care and finance? If so, Encryption tool implements encryption ■ Exploits zSeries™ and S/390 ® IBM Data Encryption for IMS and DB2 through the standard EDITPROC Crypto Hardware features which Databases is the tool you need. It exit. This tool can help you save the results in low overhead provides you with a data encryption time and effort required to write and encryption/decryption tool for both IMS and DB2 for z/OS maintain your own encryption software databases in a single product, for use with such exits or within your ■ Uses the ANSI Data Encryption enabling you to protect your sensitive applications. Algorithm (DEA) which is also and private data for IMS at the segment known as the U.S. National level and for DB2 at the table level. Complying with regulatory legislation Institute of Science and IBM Data Encryption for IMS and DB2 Technology (NIST) Data No need to write and maintain Databases enables you to leverage Encryption Standard (DES) encryption software the power of Storage Area Networks algorithm IBM Data Encryption for IMS and (SANs) safely while complying with DB2 Databases is implemented via privacy and security regulations. In the ■ Works at and is customizable at standard IMS and DB2 exits. The U.S., examples of such legislation are the IMS segment level. For DB2, exit code invokes the zSeries and the Health Insurance Portability and encryption and decryption is S/390 Crypto Hardware to encrypt Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) customizable at the table level data for storage and decrypt data for and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of application use thereby protecting 1999 (GLBA), which regulate the health ■ Conforms to the existing OS/390 ® sensitive data residing on various care and financial services industries, and z/OS™ security model storage media. respectively.
  2. 2. Hardware Requirements OS/390 or z/OS ICSF Additional IBM Data Encryption for IMS and DB2 Information Databases supports any processor Integrated Crypotographic Service capable of operating IMS, Version Facility (ICSF) is an element of OS/390 6 and later and/or DB2 Universal and z/OS, so there are no additional © Copyright IBM Corporation 2003 ™ Database (UDB) Server for OS/390 operating system requirements. Before IBM Corporation Silicon Valley Laboratory and z/OS, Version 6 and later. use of the hardware encryption can 555 Bailey Avenue occur, the hardware modules must be San Jose, CA 95141 Software Requirements loaded with at least host DES Master Printed in the United States of America IBM Data Encryption for IMS and DB2 Keys. For details on Master Key entry, 03- 03 Databases requires IMS, Version 6 see the ICSF Administrator’s Guide All Rights Reserved or higher and/or DB2 UDB Server (SA22-7521-03) in the IBM Publication DB2, DB2 Universal Database, the e-business logo, eServer, IBM, the IBM logo, IMS, for OS/390 and z/OS, Version 6 or Center at http://www.elink.ibmlink. Multiprise, OS/390, S/390, and z/OS are higher. It also requires OS/390 or z/OS /public/applications/ trademarks or registered trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in Integrated Cryptographic Service publications/cgibin/pbi.cgi the United States, other countries or both. Facility (ICSF) which only runs on Other company, product or service names may processors that support the IBM For more information be trademarks or service marks of others. Cryptographic Coprocessor Feature Please contact your IBM marketing References in this publication to IBM products or services do not imply that IBM intends to (CCF). For example, these processors representative or an IBM Business make them available in all countries in which ® include G3, G4, G5, G6, Multiprise Partner, or call 1-800 IBM CALL within IBM operates. 2000, Multiprise 3000, or ~ the U.S. Also, visit our Web site at zSeries. The hardware CCF modules /software/data/db2imstools must be enabled with configuration data that is a separately orderable When ordering IBM Data Encryption feature and requires a processor for IMS and DB2 Databases, please Power-On-Reset to complete the specify program number 5799-GWD. loading of the data into the crypto modules. GC18-7569 - 00