2811 Pilot Knob Road
                                Eagan, MN 55121-1121...
September 1998 – Present: Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing (3M). Consultant
January 1991 - January 1992: ITT Financial Group, Inc. Programmer Analyst
                 Developed several high profile ...
    Middleboro High School, grad. 1977
    U.S.A.F., Honorable Discharge, 1982
    Control Data Institut...
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  1. 1. ERIC DRENCKHAHN 2811 Pilot Knob Road Eagan, MN 55121-1121 (651) 405-0338 Data Processing Experience: 15 Years Applications: Financial Payments, Insurance, Marketing, Sales Incentives, Financial Pricing, Statistical Analysis, Customer Frequency, Database Marketing. Hardware: IBM 30XX, IBM PC. Software: COBOL, COBOL II, MicroFocus COBOL, Visual Basic 4, Visual Basic 5, ‘C’, ARGO, JavaScript, HTML, BusinessObjects Database Management Systems: DB2, IMS, MS Access, C-Tree. Operating Systems: MVS, OS/2, DOS, Windows 3x, Windows 95, Windows NT, Novel 4.1, Windows 2000 On-line Systems: PowerBuilder 3.0, Visual Basic 4.0, Visual Basic 5.0, Javascript, light CICS. Software Development Tools: APS, Abend-Aid, DataXpert/File-Aid, Endevor, Eztrieve, MS Excel, MS Word, MVS JCL, ISPF, Panvalet, Group-1 mailing products, PowerBuilder 3.0, QMF, SQL, SyncSort, TSO, JetForm, ARGO, Visual Basic 4.0, Xpediter, Front Page 97, MS Image Composer, MicroFocus Workbench, BusinessObjects, SPF-PC Personality Description: Mentor, approachable, informed, accurate, analytical, creative, friendly, broad knowledge base, helpful, organized, personable.
  2. 2. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT EXPERIENCE: September 1998 – Present: Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing (3M). Consultant Member of the PeopleSoft Financial Reporting team. Designing reporting databases and methods enabling batch processing to run independently of on-line processing. Extensive database design and performance tuning. Developing custom reports using COBOL, Global Enterprise Data Warehouse using a Terradata database, DB2, BusinessObjects, and PeopleSoft Tree Manager. September 1997 – September 1998: St. Paul Companies. Consultant Part of the ‘PLUS’ team, dedicated to the migration of an older legacy insurance system to a year 2000 compliant IMS system. Work environment included MicroFocus COBOL running on Windows NT workstations using IMS databases. Intensive fast-paced development, rigorous testing and fast turn around problem fixes were a staple of the project. Issues confronted during the project included Year 2000, dual environment maintenance, user acceptance testing and multiple platform testing. Played other roles on an as needed basis, including Production Support, data conversion, and technical resource. June 1995 - September 1997: First Banks System, Inc. Programmer Analyst II Primary person responsible for several applications, including 24 hour on call support. These systems included a Pricing system developed using a three-tiered client server architecture combining PowerBuilder 3.0 and a mainframe based DB2 database. Performed database design and extensive DB2 performance tuning of this application. Maintained a Sales Tracking system using ARGO, a client server front-end and DB2 databases. Developed, implemented and tested Disaster Recovery plans for all of these systems in an off-site environment. Developed Year 2000 planning for these systems. Converted a flat-file based Statistical and Reporting system to a DB2 database. Extensive performance tuning of DB2 applications. Limited CICS/IMS exposure. Managed and coordinated several small projects from estimating phase through entire project life cycle. January 1992 - June 1995: Carlson Marketing Group, Inc. Senior Programmer Analyst Developed a frequency program to track and report customer miles. The system also received partner miles from multiple vendors via tape, diskette, and transmissions. Capabilities included call tracking, adjustments, bonuses and promotions. Also setup database marketing functionality to allow tracking and extraction of customer data based upon specific criteria. System included over 90 DB2 tables, 30 online screens written in APS and hundreds of COBOL II batch programs. Extensive database design and performance tuning of DB2 applications. Light CICS. Developed a VISA dollar tracking system capable of handling over 80-100 million transactions per week. System was designed to use a multiple partitioned DB2 database that focused on speed of reporting, limited batch cycle window and sub- second on-line inquiries. Capabilities included receiving multiple data formats from multiple vendors, award tracking and issuance, voice response unit (VRU) information retrieval and account verification.
  3. 3. January 1991 - January 1992: ITT Financial Group, Inc. Programmer Analyst Developed several high profile systems designed to track and identify customers who were eligible for class action lawsuits against the company. Hundreds of court mandated deadline had to be met. Used Eztrieve for batch reporting and FOCUS for online screen generation, batch processing, ad hoc reports and data management. May 1988 - December 1991: Norwest Technical Services. Member of the first class of the Job Enrichment Training (JET) program. This program was a management development program designed to “grow” management from within. Participated in numerous professional development seminars facilitated by both internal and external vendors. Numerous extra- circular community projects were assigned and taken on as part of the program. Programmer. Developed ad hoc end-user reports using QMF against DB2 tables on the Trust Payment. Extensive use of COBOL, DB2 and limited CICS. Involved in performance tuning of several DB2 applications. Senior Technical Consultant. Promoted as part of the JET program to gain experience in other areas of the bank. Project Coordinator for the installation of ATM Machines in the Midwest area. Upon each installation, travel to the site to train management of settlement procedures. November 1987 - May 1988: Northern Telecom, Inc. Intern Worked on several systems written in SYCLOPS, a PL-1 based proprietary language. All systems ran on UNIX OS. Used INFORMIX to develop information reporting utilities. Introduction to ‘C’.
  4. 4. FORMAL EDUCATION: Middleboro High School, grad. 1977 U.S.A.F., Honorable Discharge, 1982 Control Data Institute, grad. 1983 Inver Hills Community College, A. A., grad. 1985 University of Wisconsin, B. S. Computer Science/Mathematics, grad. 1988 University of St. Thomas, MBA Marketing, grad. 1996 ADDITIONAL TECHNICAL EDUCATION PowerBuilder 3.0, Connect Computer, Spring 1994 Intro. to C Programming, Anoka Hennepin Technical College, Fall 1994 Visual Basic 4.0 Intro., St. Paul Technical College, Fall 1996 Visual Basic 4.0 Advanced, St. Paul Technical College, Winter 1996 Designing Effective GUI Interfaces, Human Factors International, Spring 1997 JavaScript, St. Paul Technical College, Spring 1997 Windows NT Administration, Dakota County Technical College, Summer 1997 Visual Basic 5.0 Intro., St. Paul Technical College, Fall 1997 ‘C’ Programming 1, St. Paul Technical College, Fall 1997 ‘C’ Programming 2, St. Paul Technical College, Winter 1997 C++ Programming, St. Paul Technical College, Summer 1999 Java Programming , St. Paul Technical College, Fall 1999 Java Programming , Inver Hills Community College, Winter 2000 COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT Member, Eagan Airport Relations Commission Candidate, 1994 Minnesota House of Representatives