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  • In summary, TOAD’s benefits are from top down: Features and functions to increase end user productivity Improve application code quality A solid community to grab information about the database platform, or provide input to the development team about enhancements to the product. Quest–Pipes TOAD Mailing lists All resting upon the solid foundation of Quest as a partner to provide the need training, R&D, events, and support need by companies today.
  • These are GA dates: Oracle : Toad 8.5 May 17 th Toad 8.6 November Japanese versions: ToadJ 7.5.4 May 3 rd (patch) ToadJ with Optimizer, December GA, still working on this date SQL Navigator: Navigator 5.0 July 19 th SQLServer: Toad 1.0 August 11th Toad 2.0 TBD MySQL Toad 1.0 July 7th Toad 2.0 November go with 5.1 release of MySQL DB2 Toad 1.0 Target end of September -- would like to announce at IDUG 2005 Europe (October 24-28 in Berlin, Germany)
  • What marketing campaigns and tools have been developed to create product awareness and generate leads? (List all of the marketing programs and lead generation tools that will be used for this new product launch… including PR, analyst briefings, marcom programs, events, ads, etc.)
  • Transcript

    • 1. Toad for Oracle 8.5 Ken Speer, Sr. Systems Consultant
    • 2. Product Value Proposition
      • A complete, proven, industry-leading database solution (de facto standard) that provides:
      • Productivity features/functions for rapidly creating and executing queries, automating database object management, and developing SQL & PL/SQL code with the benefit of built-in expertise.
      • Collaboration features to accelerate team development.
      • Utilities to ensure quality code and optimization.
      • Access to a Community of users to assist you in developing applications and Quest in improving our product offerings.
      • Backed by a healthy and growing corporate entity .
    • 3. Product Value Proposition
      • Peace of mind as the leader in database space:
      • As a productivity tool, companies save money and time developing and maintaining applications.
      • Performance of the application is critical. Toad for Oracle Xpert ensures performance for end users.
      • Users have a say in product development. This is very unique in the industry.
    • 4. Toad’s Key Benefits
      • Benefit from Toad’s large community of peers and experts for platform expertise, tips, best practices and up-to-date product news
      • Backed by Quest as a corporation to provide the needed support, events, training and R&D as a vendor for the future
      • Improve productivity with easy-to-use functionality to create/execute queries, create/modify database objects and develop application code
      • Increase code quality with integrated utilities to optimize PL/SQL code and tune SQL
    • 5. Toad 2005 Projected Roadmap Q1 Toad for Oracle 8.6
      • Toad Japanese
      • Patch Release
      ToadJapanese SQLOptimizer Toad for SQL Svr 1.0 Q2 Q3 Q4 Toad for DB2 1.0 Toad for Oracle 8.5 QDesigner 11 QDesigner 12 Toad for MySQL 2.0 SQL Optimizer Visual Studio Extension Toad for MySQL 1.0
    • 6. Toad 8.5 Bundling Diagram
    • 7. Toad 8.5 Bundling Diagram
    • 8. Summary of New Features
      • 10g Support Enhanced
        • Toad embraces and exploits new Oracle 10g features/functions
      • RAC Support
        • Recognize and work with RAC environments like any other
      • Redesigned SQL Editor
        • New workspace with merged SQL Editor and Script Runner interface
      • Integrated SQL Scanning
        • Scan editor source code for SQL Statements and Rate Them
      • Citrix Support
        • Fully supported installation on Citrix Servers
      • Secure Shell Support (SHH)
    • 9. Summary of New Features Continued
      • Export File Browser
        • Browse Oracle dump files as though in the database
      • Just-in-Time Debugging
        • Same feature from SQL Navigator allows debugging from external applications
      • Integrated Windows Task Scheduler Interface
        • Schedule any DDL task!
      • Auditing
        • Toad now has an interface to Oracle’s auditing administration and audit trails
      • New Operations Console
        • Load and run scripts and SQL statements against multiple databases simultaneously
    • 10. Oracle 10g Support in Detail
      • Data Pump - Oracle's Next Generation Import/Export Utility
      • Stand-Alone Instant Client
      • Segment Advisor
        • Available with the DBA Module, the Segment Advisor takes advantage of Oracle 10g's new ability to shrink a segment within a tablespace.
      • Undo Advisor
        • The Undo Advisor provides advice and helps to automate the establishment of the database undo environment.
      • Index monitoring (implemented to support 9i also)
      • 10g Scheduler Tabs added for Schema Browser
        • Scheduler Job Classes
        • Scheduler Jobs
        • Scheduler Schedules
        • Scheduler Window Groups
        • Scheduler Windows
      • More 10g Data Type and SQL Statement Support
        • Rename Tablespace
        • Default Tablespace
        • Tablespace Groups
        • Online Segment Shrink
        • Recycle Bin
        • Big File Tablespaces
        • Global Partitioned Indexes - Hash Partitioning
        • New Row Timestamp pseudo-column
    • 11. Support for Oracle Real Application Cluster Back
    • 12. Support for Citrix and Terminal Server Back
    • 13. CRUD Matrix
      • A CRUD Matrix is tabular representation of the data access for a given piece of SQL or PL/SQL code.
      • C reate * R etrieve * U pdate * D elete
      • Note that CRUD Matrices can also be created at the columnar level. While the name remains CRUD, the options are actually Create (i.e. INSERT), Retrieve (i.e. SELECT), Update and Delete (i.e. NULLIFY – you cannot delete a column’s value, rather you set it to NULL).
    • 14. Lecco Integration
      • LECCO scanner integration with code xpert for SQL scripts
    • 15. New Rules for Code Xpert
      • Approx 48 new rules have been added focusing on "best practices" for SQL*Plus scripting commands.
      • These rules are categorized and can be found under the "SQLPLUS" Category in the RuleSet configuration window.
    • 16. Integrated Windows Scheduler
      • Schedule any DDL task with Toad's new Task Scheduler Interface!
      • Have an index that needs altered? Go thru the Alter Index GUI and hit the 'Schedule' Button.'
      • Need to create a table but aren't able to run the command during Production hours? Schedule it to run after you leave work!
    • 17. Just In Time Debugging Supports Oracle Developer, Visual Basic, Delphi, PowerBuilder, etc This feature is extremely useful when the client-server application calls a stored program with complex parameters, such as cursors, that are not easily simulated from Toad. Rather than trying to simulate the complex environment within Toad, you can simply connect to the external application and then debug the code in its native environment. External Application Oracle Database Debug PL/SQL
    • 18. Words from a Beta User
      • “ What you really need is for TOAD to support "remote" debugging sessions.
      • Oracle JDev has this. Since your web app is running as it's own user,
      • you cannot easily debug those sessions within TOAD. A remote debugger
      • will "listen" for a procedure invocation and then fire up the debugger
      • and interrupt the processing. This would allow TOAD to catch a
      • web-based execution session and then drop into debug mode. This would
      • cause the web app to "hang/freeze" while the debugger is running, with
      • return passed back to the web app when the debug session is over.
      • Without this type of set-up, it's very difficult to see the data move
      • between the front end and the stored proc.
      • I would love to see this as an enhancement. It would increase our
      • productivity ten fold.”
    • 19. Operations Console QuickConnect (c) is simply a way to get a new connection fast, and to see them organized by server: Offered in the Project Manager, so you can execute Scripts across multiple databases at once.  This shows us executing the profiler script on the LER10G and ORSO92 databases simultaneously:
    • 20. Export File Browser
      • The Export File Browser is a new window in 8.5 for users with the DBA or Professional modules. It can be found in the DBA menu, under the "Data Export and Import" submenu.
      • This window lets you browse Oracle Export files. You can see what objects are in them and get DDL for one or multiple objects (or for a whole schema). You can also look at the data of any table (or partition of a table) in a grid, and use Toad's as, or grid...print functions.
    • 21. Export File Browser – Continued
      • All of the data in the file can be exported out to all the Grid Formats supported by Toad's grid. You can also compare the contents of your Export .DMP file to the contents of a live database.
      Note: Does not work with Oracle’s new Data Pump File Formats
    • 22. Threaded Query Manager
      • The Query Viewer displays currently running background queries, the database where they are running, their current execution time and the SQL.
      • From this window you can cancel them, or display the SQL Editor page where they are running and view them in detail.
      • This output panel tab will ONLY show the queries that have run for the active editor tab.
      • Toad has a main Query Viewer window (under the View menu) which will show you ALL the user queries ran by Toad.
    • 23. Query Viewer
    • 24. Master Detail Browser
      • Now you are able to define
      • master-detail relationships in
      • the master detail browser w/o
      • having a foreign key.  This
      • does not add a foreign key, it
      • just tells the screen what rows
      • to show in the detail table
      • depending on the focused
      • row in the master table.
    • 25. Procedure Execution Improvements
      • Output Results for R/C Procedure Execution in SB
      • In Memory Grid Results for Weak REF Cursors as well as strong
    • 26. Redesigned SQL Editor
      • Multi-tab SQL Editor
      • Slide Out SQL Recall
      • VCR Buttons in Data Grid
      • New Tabs
        • Query Viewer
        • Script Debugger
        • Code Xpert
      • New Toolbar buttons
      • Program Navigator Panel
      • Slide out SQL Recall Window
    • 27. SQL Editor Window
    • 28. Multiple Grid Results
      • Executing as a script (F5) allows for multiple results sets
    • 29. REF Cursor Grid
    • 30. SQL Optimizer Integration
      • The Code Xpert has incorporated the SQL Scanner within Toad
      • Still need SQL Optimizer to Scan entire DB and/or Code
      • Lecco Auto Tune methodology not yet incorporated
      • Scheduled SGA trace not yet incorporated into Toad
      • Complete integration of SQL Optimizer scheduled for 8.6 release
    • 31. Marketing Support
      • Webcasts
      • Tips and Tricks
      • User groups
      • Community
      • Events
      • Web
      • White Papers
      • References
    • 32. Questions?