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DB2 Users Group

  1. 1. DB2 Users Group October 11, 2007 1
  2. 2. Meetings/Significant Events • October 26th – SIRDUG – Sheryl Larsen Educational Seminar • November 15th - TRIDUG • December 13th – next DB2 Users Group meeting will be cancelled • February 14th – next DB2 Users Group meeting The next SIRDUG meeting (Concord) is scheduled for Friday, October 26th. This is an Educational Seminar by Sheryl Larsen on Application Impacts on Performance. The cost is $210. For details go to http://www.sirdug.org/ The next TRIDUG meeting (RTP) is scheduled for Thursday, November 15th. So far the agenda includes a DB2 Tools Overview, and for LUW several presentations on Viper II (DB2 V9). The cost is $25. For updated details go to http://www.tridug.org/ The December 13th DB2 Users Group meeting will be cancelled unless we have urgent topics related to the DB2 Utility upgrades or DB2 upgrades. I will send out an email on or around the 13th to update on any additional information we have received. 2
  3. 3. PodCast – Sheryl Larsen • V8 SQL Hints and Tips • Some in Compatibility but most in New Function This Podcast of Sheryl Larsen will give you a preview of her speaking style. She is the speaker at the SIRDUG Educational Seminar on October 26th. 3
  4. 4. DB2 Utilities – RW access during Utilities • Our default for CDB Utilities – RO (Read Only) which compares to IBM DB2 Utilities SHRLEVEL REFERENCE • IBM DB2 Utility SHRLEVEL CHANGE is comparable to CDB’s LR option (Least Restrictive) in certain utilities • DB2 for z/OS V8 Utility Guide and Reference CDB Utilities : +BEFOREACC parameter is overridden by the REORG statement REORG TABLESPACE XXXX.XXXXX CONCURRENT COPYDDN IMAGECPY Both CONCURRENT and SHRLEVEL CHANGE will override the RO (Read Only) option and will keep the object in RW (Read/Write) mode. For information on the LR option please check the documentation. There is a table with each utility that gives the Least Restrictive option based on the parameters chosen for the CDB utility. Details on the DB2 Utilities can be found in the DB2 for z/OS V8 Utility Guide and Reference (link on last slide) 4
  5. 5. DB2 Utilities – RW access during Utilities • COPY with SHRLEVEL CHANGE/LR • Allows other programs to change table space or index space • Chapter 11 (COPY) in IBM Utility Guide & Reference – Page 119, Preparing for Recovery • Chapter 23 (RECOVER) in IBM Utility Guide & Reference Chapter 11 (COPY) in the IBM Utility Guide and Reference, p. 108, states “When you specify SHRLEVEL CHANGE uncommitted data might be copied.” Please read the information on Preparing for Recovery if you choose to use COPY with RW access. This will be applicable with both IBM and CDB because of the synchronization that take place. Chapter 23 (RECOVER): “Copies that are made with SHRLEVEL CHANGE do not copy data at a single instant because changes can occur as the copy is made. As subsequent RECOVERY TOCOPY operation can produce inconsistent data. (p. 369) 5
  6. 6. DB2 Utilities – RW access during Utilities • Chapter 24 (REORG INDEX) in IBM Utility Guide & Reference • Chapter 25 (REORG TABLESPACE) in IBM Utility Guide & Reference Chapter 24 (REORG INDEX): Both SHRLEVEL CHANGE and REFERENCE us shadow data sets (p. 396) When to use SHRLEVEL CHANGE : “Schedule when rate of writing is low and transactions are short” (p. 402) Chapter 25 (REORG TABLESPACE): Cannot specify REBALANCE w/ SHRLEVEL CHANGE, SCOPE PENDING, or for partitioned tablespace with LOB Columns (p. 419) Will require a mapping table (p. 441) 6
  7. 7. Open Discussion • Proof of Technology – DB2 LUW • New items for discussion This is your opportunity to share your experiences and suggest DB2-related topics you would like to see included in the DB2 Users Group. 7
  8. 8. References • DB2 UDB V8 Manuals • Handouts from previous meetings • CDB Manuals w/registration from website DB2 UDB V8 Manuals : http://www-306.ibm.com/software/data/db2/zos/v8books.html Handouts from previous meetings: http://sccw.its.state.nc.us/db2ug/db2ug.html CDB manuals available through their website with registration: http://www.cdbsoftware.com/ Choose the Support, then Product Documentation from the dropdown menu. 8