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  1. 1. CITY OF OPELIKA PURCHASING DEPARTMENT INVITATION TO BID SHIRLEYWASHINGTON PURCHASING AGENT OFFICE (334) 705-5120 FAX (334) 705-5128 BID DATA BID NUMBER: B09-063 COMMODITY TITLE: 8203-E4A PowerSeries (iSeries) Server USER DEPARTMENT: Information Technology BUYER: Shirley Washington BUYER TELEPHONE: (334) 705-5120 ISSUE DATE: September 28, 2009 BID OPENING DAY/DATE: October 12, 2009 TIME: 2:00 PM LOCATION: Opelika City Hall Conference Room MAILING ADDRESS: City of Opelika Purchasing Dept 204 Seventh St S PO Box 390 Opelika, AL 36801-0390
  2. 2. The City of Opelika Purchasing Department will receive sealed bids for the purchase of an 8203- E4A PowerSeries (iSeries) Server per the enclosed configuration for the Information Technology Department as per attached specifications. Bids must be received by 2:00 PM on Monday, October 12, 2009. Late bids will not be opened nor returned. BIDS MAY BE MAILED TO: BIDS MAY BE DELIVERED TO: City of Opelika City of Opelika Purchasing Department Purchasing Department PO Box 390 204 S. 7th Street Opelika, AL 36803-0390 Opelika, AL 36801-4904 GENERAL TERMS AND INSTRUCTIONS SECTION I TERMS AND CONDITIONS 1.1 All bids submitted shall be firm for a minimum of 45 days, unless otherwise specified. 1.2 The equipment furnished under this specification shall be the latest improved model in current, as offered to commercial trade, and shall be of quality workmanship and material. The bidder represents that all equipment offered under this specification shall be new. USED, SHOPWORN, DEMONSTRATOR, PROTOTYPE OR DISCONTINUED MODELS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE, UNLESS SPECIFICALLY STATED OTHERWISE IN THE SPECIFICATIONS. 1.3 The City reserves the right to cancel or make null and void any purchase order, if delivery cannot be made on the specified delivery date. 1.3.1 In case of default by the contractor, the City may procure the articles or services from other sources and hold the contractor responsible for any excess cost occasioned thereby. 1.4 All items shall be delivered F.O.B. destination. Delivery costs and charges shall be included in the bid, unless otherwise stated in the specifications or proposal. 1.5 The name and manufacturer, trade name, manufacturer or vendor catalog number mentioned in specifications and proposal sheet is for the purpose of designating a minimum standard of quality and type and for no other reason. Such references are not intended to be restrictive. Bids will be considered for any brand which meets or exceeds the quality of the specifications listed for any items unless, otherwise stated in the specifications or proposals. 1.6 Bid tabulations will not be given over the telephone. Vendors desiring a bid tabulation shall enclose a stamped and self addressed envelope with their bid. 1.7 Bid awards are not official until a purchase order is issued or the Purchasing Department notifies the successful vendor in writing. 2
  3. 3. SECTION II SUBMISSION OF BID 2.1 Bids received after the designated date and time will not be opened nor returned. 2.2 All bids shall be submitted on and in accordance with forms for this purpose, which are available from the Purchasing Department. Additional supplementary documentation, when requested, shall be submitted on the bidder’s letterhead. 2.3 All bids are to be submitted in sealed, plainly marked envelopes. Envelopes shall be marked in the bottom left corner with the Title of the Invitation to Bid, the Bid Number and the Opening Date. Facsimile and telephone bids will not be accepted. 2.4 All bids shall be typewritten or completed in black ink. 2.5 An authorized officer or agent of the company submitting the bid in order to be considered must sign all bids. 2.6 Bid documents shall be submitted, in duplicate, to the City of Opelika, Purchasing Department. 2.7 Bids which show any omission, irregularity, alteration of forms, additions not called for, conditional or unconditional unresponsive bids may be rejected. 2.8 Any bid submitted with corrected errors shall have the correction initialed by the person signing the bid. 2.9 Bidder shall submit with bid, the latest printed literature and detailed specifications on equipment they propose to furnish. This literature is for informational purpose only and shall be used to help determine a product’s compliance with specifications. SECTION III BID EVALUATION 3.1 The City reserves the right to evaluate all bids, waive any technical or informalities, reject any and/or all bids and proposals, and further specifically reserves the right to make the award and/or awards in the best interest of the City. 3.2 The bid evaluation will be made on the following criteria: 3.2.1 Bid Price ...........................................................................................................25% 3.2.2 Compliance with specifications ........................................................................40% 3.2.3 Ability to deliver product or service..................................................................20% 3.2.4 Prompt pay discount, if offered, and meeting requirements of Section 3.4 .........5% 3.2.5 Availability of warranty service and parts ..........................................................5% 3.2.6 Delivery date ......................................................................................................5% 3
  4. 4. 3.3 The City may waive minor differences in specifications, provided these differences do not violate the specification intent, materially affect the operation for which the item or items are being purchased nor increase the estimated maintenance and repair cost to the City. 3.4 In order for a prompt pay discount to be considered as a factor in the award of this bid, the minimum days allowed for payment to receive discount shall be 15 days after receipt of a correct invoice. 3.5 The City reserves the right to award all bids in their entirety or part, whichever, in its opinion, best serves the interest of the City. 3.6 Unless clearly shown on the bid that it is the intent that a reduced total price is being offered on the basis of receiving an award of all items covered by the total, any totals should be the actual sum of the extension of unit prices; otherwise, in the event of any discrepancy between a unit price(s), extended price(s) and/or total price(s), unit price shall govern and the bid will be refigured accordingly. 3.7 Alabama Bid Law allows a Local Preference to businesses located within the City of Opelika when their bid is within 3% of the lowest responsible bid. The City will extend that preference when applicable. 3.8 The City shall be sole judge as to an item meeting or exceeding the specifications. SECTION IV BILLING AND PAYMENT 4.1 The vendor shall submit an invoice in duplicate to: City of Opelika Accounting Department PO Box 390 Opelika, AL 36803-0390 4.2 Payment by the City shall be made within thirty days, unless otherwise specifically provided, subject to any discounts offered. 4.2.1 Payment will be made by the City to the vendor upon receipt of invoice, and acceptance of the item(s) by the City. 4.2.2 Any prompt pay discount offered will be computed from the date of delivery of the equipment, supplies, or materials at destination, when final inspection and acceptance are at those points, of from the date the correct invoice is received, if the latter is later than the date of delivery. 4
  5. 5. SPECIFICATIONS 8203-E4A PowerSeries (iSeries)Server 911 Communications PROPOSED HARDWARE - ( SERVER ) Product Description Qty 8203-E4A Server 1:8203 Model E4A 1 41 Device Parity Protection-All, Specify Code 1 267 IBM i Operating System Partition Specify 1 347 RAID Hot Spare Specify 1 533 IBM i 5.4 w/ V5R4M5 Specify Code 1 839 #3677 Load Source Specify 1 1025 Modem Cable - US/Canada and General Use 1 1877 Op Panel Cable for Rack-mount Drawer w/3.5 DASD 1 2145 Primary OS - IBM i 1 2893 PCIe 2-Line WAN w/Modem 1 3655 SAS HH Cable 1 3677 139.5GB 15k rpm SAS Disk Drive 6 4532 4096MB (2x2048MB) RDIMMs, 667 MHz, 1Gb DRAM 1 4651 Rack Indicator, Rack #1 1 5000 Software Preload Required 1 5553 Sys Console-Ethernet No IOP 1 5624 4-port 1 Gb Integrated Ethernet Daughter Card 1 5633 1-core 4.2 GHz POWER6 Processor Card, 4 Memory DIMM Slots 1 5651 One Processor Activation for Processor Feature #5633 1 5679 SAS RAID Enablement 1 5736 PCI-X Dual Channel Ultra320 SCSI Adapter 1 5743 SATA Slimline DVD-ROM Drive 1 5746 Half High 800GB/1.6TB LTO4 SAS Tape Drive 1 6471 Power Cable (9-foot),To Wall/OEM PDU,125V, 15A),Plug Type #70 2 6805 PCI 2-Line WAN IOA No IOP 1 7114 IBM/OEM Rack-Mount Drawer Rail Kit 1 7200 IBM Rack-mount Drawer Bezel and Hardware 1 7703 Power Supply, 950 Watt AC, Hot-swap, Base and Redundant 2 8310 DASD/Media Backplane for 3.5 DASD/SATA DVD/Tape with 1 External SAS Port 8506 PowerVM Standard 1 9300 Language Group Specify - US English 1 9441 IBM i Partition Counter 1 5372-IS5 System i HIPO 1 517 Model 8203-E4A Routing 1 1000 IBM i (57xx-SS1) 1 1008 Performance Tools (57xx-PT1) 1 1009 Query (57xx-QU1) 1 1011 DB2 Query (57xx-ST1) 1 1013 Client Access - User Based (57xx-XW1) 1 5
  6. 6. 1015 WebSphere Dev Studio (57xx-WDS/5799-GPB) 1 1501 PSF/400 1-55 PPM (57xx-SS1) 1 1508 Performance Tools Manager (57xx-PT1) 1 2924 English Primary Language U/L SBCS 1 3545 Version 5 Release 4.5 1 5000 Preload 1 5050 Active Processor Quantity 1 5054 IBM i Unlimited Users Mfg Key 1 6010 Websphere Express V6.0 (5722-WE2) 1 6012 DB2 Web Query for System i (5733-QU2) 1 9210 Rack Integrated in Mfg Specify 1 7014-T00 Rack 1:Rack Model T00 1 278 Rack Content Specify: 8203/E4A - 4EIA 1 4651 Rack Indicator, Rack #1 1 6068 Front door (Black) for High Perforation (1.8m racks) 1 6098 Side Panel (Black) 2 6654 PDU to Wall Powercord 14', 200-240V/24A, UTG0247, PT#12 1 9188 Power Distrib Unit Specify - Base/Side Mount, Universal UTG0247 1 Connector 9300 Language Group Specify - US English 1 7212-103 Storage Tape and DVD Enclosure Express Model 1 1215 Rack Mount Kit 1 5061 Rack Pwr Cord, AC Bifurcated 1 9004 IBM System i install 1 9300 Publications - English 1 9764 4.5m VHDCI/HD68 SCSI Cable 2 9860 2.7m (9ft) Rack Power Cord,AC,Single 1 PROPOSED SOFTWARE - ( SERVER ) Product Description Qty 5639-ZC1 Zend Core for i5/OS 1 1 BOTC per Server w/ 1-Year SWMA 1 5809 Supply 1 5660-QU2 1-Year Registration/Renewal for 5733-QU2 1 1020 P05 24x7 Support 1 1259 P05 SWMA Renewal 1 2924 English U/L SBCS Primary 1 5809 Supply 1 5660-QU2 OTC 5692-A5L System Software 1 1004 CD-ROM Process Charge 1 6
  7. 7. 1404 VIOS Expansion Pack 1 2201 Virtual I/O Server 1 2924 English Language 1 3410 CD-ROM 1 5692-A5L OTC 5692-LOP SPO for Linux on POWER 1 1005 Process no-charge 1 1479 System p AVE x86 Media 1 3410 CD-ROM 1 5722-DR1 IBM Director for i5/OS V5.20 1 2001 ePoE Registration 1 2935 Multilingual Language 1 5809 CD-ROM 1 5722-PT1 IBM Performance Tools for iSeries 1 2005 P05 ePoE Registration 1 2105 P05 ePoE Registration - Manager 1 2924 English U/L SBCS Primary 1 5839 CD-ROM Performance Tools V5R4 1 5931 CD-ROM Manager Feature V5R4 1 5722-QU1 IBM Query for iSeries 1 2005 P05 ePoE Registration 1 2924 English U/L SBCS Primary 1 5839 CD-ROM V5R4 1 5722-SS1 i5/OS 1 1550 Stamped SW Media Charge 1 1755 IBM i per Processor Registration (E4A) 1 2001 ePoE Registration 1 2201 ePoE Registration - PSF 1-55 1 2924 English U/L SBCS Primary 1 5839 CD-ROM IBM i V5R4 1 5845 V5R4M5 Machine Code - RS 545-F (05/15/2009) 1 5936 CD-ROM PSF/400 1-55 PPM V5R4 1 6001 IBM i per Proc Registration (Qty 1) 1 6398 IBM i Unlimited Users Registration 1 7030 Setup and Operations CD V5R4 1 5722-SSA IBM i per Processor License Billing 1 1767 OTC per Processor w/ 90-Day SWMA (E4A 1-Core) 1 5722-SSA OTC 5722-SSC IBM i per User Billing 1 1774 Unlimited Users (E4A 1-Core) 1 7
  8. 8. 5722-SSC OTC 5722-ST1 IBM DB2 Query Manager and SQL Development Kit for iSeries 1 2005 P05 ePoE Registration 1 2924 English U/L SBCS Primary 1 5839 CD-ROM V5R4 1 5722-WDS IBM WebSphere Development Studio for iSeries 1 2005 P05 ePoE Registration 1 2924 English U/L SBCS Primary 1 5839 CD-ROM WebSphere Dev Studio V5R4 1 5722-WE2 Web Enablement for i5/OS 1 2101 ePoE Registration - V6.0 1 2924 English U/L SBCS Primary 1 5902 Websphere Express V6.0 (CD-ROM) 1 5722-XW1 iSeries Access 1 2001 ePoE Registration - UB 1 2924 English U/L SBCS Primary 1 5739 CD-ROM User Based V5R4 1 5733-QU2 IBM Web Query for System i 1 42 P05 Upg OTC Web Query (from 5769/22-QU1) 1 2924 English U/L SBCS Primary 1 5859 Supply Web Query (V1.1.1a) 1 6345 Web Query User Registration 2 5733-SP3 IBM Software Maintenance for IBM i and Selected Products, 1 3-Year Registration 3 P05 Registration/Renewal 24x7 1 2935 MultiLingual Language 1 5829 Supply Media 1 5733-SPO IBM SW Maintenance for IBM i and Selected Products, 3-Year Extended Registration 1 1 P05 Per Processor 3-Year Extended 1 2935 MultiLingual Language 1 5809 Supply 1 5765-AVE IBM PowerVM Lx86 for x86 Linux 1 1 Per server 1 5765-PVS PowerVM Standard Edition 1 1 Per Processor small system 1 5773-PVS PowerVM Standard Edition SW Maintenance: 3 Yr 1 1015 Per Processor small system 3yr reg 1 8
  9. 9. QUALIFIED BUSINESS PARTNER: As part of the bid response, please include a signed copy of: • For Solution Providers buying from an IBM Distributor, your firm's IBM Business Partner Agreement for Solution Providers. This document should be signed by IBM and the Partner. • For Solution Providers buying direct from IBM, your firm's IBM Business Partner Agreement-Solution Provider Profile & IBM Business Partner Agreement Signature Page. MAINTENANCE As with all of our other existing IBM contracts, after any initial warranty period, all first year’s maintenance contract terms must be prorated to terminate with the City’s fiscal year end (Sep30). The next two years contract periods would then run concurrently with the City’s fiscal year (Oct1- Sep30). It is expected that the contracts would expire Sep 30, 2012. Software maintenance to include: • P05 Subscription with Support Line • 24x7 4 hour response • AS/400 Alert Include 3 year, On-site, IBM maintenance charges, payable in annual installments, as separate line items. The vendor shall provide certification on all equipment that will be accepted for IBM on-site maintenance with our current maintenance vendor, IBM. The cost of annual maintenance for the specified equipment may be a factor in determining the low bid for the above equipment. NOTES: Rack configuration for the existing iSeries 520 is available, via email, upon request. All equipment/components to be provided as required above shall be IBM, new. Used, refurbished, or "3rd Party" equipment will not be accepted. PowerSeries 8203 Model E4A Rack Model shall be shipped with all IBM software preloaded at Version V5R4M5 as released by IBM. The bid shall include all cabling, power cords, and/or parts required for installing all components. A copy of all operator's and set-up manuals shall be packaged and shipped with the system. Include a copy of the manufacturer's standard published specifications and warranty for the equipment as bid. The above specifications are minimum specifications to perform the tasks as required by the City of Opelika. The equipment, as bid, may exceed the specifications, but shall not fail to meet the 9
  10. 10. minimum requirements. The City of Opelika shall be the sole judge as to the system meeting, failing to meet, or exceeding the specifications. BID FORM ITB #B09-063 8203-E4A PowerSeries (iSeries) Server The undersigned declares that before preparing their bid, they read carefully the specifications and requirements for Bidders and that their bid is made with full knowledge of the kind, quality and quantity of services and equipment to be furnished, and their said bid is as stated on these pages. The undersigned offers and agrees, if this bid is accepted within FORTY-FIVE (45) calendar days from date of opening, to furnish any or all of the items upon which prices are offered at the price set opposite each item, delivered at the designated point(s) within the time specified. PLEASE SUBMIT BIDS IN DUPLICATE AS REQUESTED IN SECTION II, ITEM 2.6 Item Qty. Description Unit Price Total Price 1. 1 Each 8203-E4A Rack Model PowerSeries (iSeries) Server 911 Communications $__________ $__________ 2. First Year Maintenance $__________ $__________ (Hardware, Software Subscription, Software Support and Alert) 3. Second Year Maintenance $__________ $__________ 4. Third Year Maintenance $__________ $__________ Total Bid $__________ Delivery Information: Delivery shall be made within ____ calendar days after receipt of purchase order. Discounts will be allowed for prompt payment _____percent, 10 calendar days _____percent, 15 calendar days _____percent, 20 calendar days _____percent, 30 calendar days COMPANY SUBMITTING BID _________________________________________________________ ADDRESS ___________________________________________________________ CITY, STATE, ZIP CODE _____________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ SIGNATURE OF PERSON AUTHORIZED TO SIGN BIDS _________________________________________________________________________ TYPED NAME AND TITLE OF SIGNER ____________________________ ____________________________ PHONE NUMBER FAX NUMBER ____________________________ ____________________________ FEDERAL ID NUMBER WEB SITE ADDRESS 10
  11. 11. ___________________________ ____________________________ E-MAIL ADDRESS DATE 11
  13. 13. BID NO.: _B09-063 STATEMENT OF NO BID/PROPOSAL NOTE: If you DO NOT intend to bid on this commodity or service, please complete and Return this form immediately. Your response will assist us in evaluating all responses for this important project and to improve our bid solicitation process. The Purchasing Division of the City of Opelika wishes to keep its bid list file up-to-date. If, for any reason you cannot supply the commodity/service noted in this bid/proposal solicitation, this form must be completed and returned to remain on the particular bid list for future projects of this type. If you do not respond to this inquiry within the time set for the proposal opening date and time noted, we will assume that you can no longer supply this commodity/service, and your name will be removed from this commodity/service list. _____ Specifications too “tight”, i.e. geared toward one brand or manufacturer only. _____ Specifications are unclear (explain below) _____ We are unable to meet specifications. _____ Insufficient time to respond to the Request for Proposal. _____ Our schedule would not permit us to perform. _____ We are unable to meet bond requirements. _____ We are unable to meet insurance requirements. _____ We do not offer this product or service. _____ Remove us from your proposer’s list for this commodity or service. _____ Other (specify below). REMARKS _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ SIGNED: NAME: (Type or Print) TITLE: DATE: FIRM NAME: PHONE: FAX: ADDRESS: (Street address) (City) (State) (Zip) 13