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  1. 1. eATM ™ WMQ Adapter DB Adapter TCp Adapter sMTp Adapter IBM DB2 IBM As/400 DB2 Oracle MssQl MysQl IBM As/400 DB2 Adapter xCoupler eATM Module for Allen-Bradley Controllogix pAC Exchanges Data with IBM As/400 DB2 systems OVERVIEW AS/400 DB2 Plant IT Operations xCoupler® eATM™ modules with IBM® AS/400 DB2 adapters enable ERP Data Warehouse two-tier bidirectional data exchange between Allen-Bradley® ControlLogix PACs and IBM AS/400 DB2 databases. They are an easy- to-use and cost-effective means to exchange and manage data for a variety of workflow applications. AS/400 DB2 Database Supply Chain CRM IBM AS/400 DB2 xCoupler eATM Module These modules for ControlLogx PACs eliminate cumbersome and costly patchwork systems and are very easy to configure without ControlLogix PAC programming. They are also virtually maintenance-free, scalable to accommodate expansion, provide timely and accurate data, and are Inserting critical data into databases in a timely manner provides the extremely secure. information to make crucial business decisions with confidence. The OpTIMIzEs As/400 DB2 CApABIlITIEs AS/400 adapter provides seamless integration into the latest AS/400 IBM AS/400 DB2 provides the data storage and retrieval capabilities for DB2 database technology and does not require drivers or special the development and deployment of workflow applications such as: interfacing code within the database. • Downloading/confirmation of batch recipes and process line The architecture of the AS/400 adapter has been specifically developed equipment configuration using a native interface to operate in the database environment, while • Sending build orders/bill of materials for manufacturing and conforming to all security requirements. It enables direct population assembly operations from a ControlLogix PAC to IBM AS/400 at the enterprise level. This eliminates the need for intermediate gateway or bridging systems. The • Manage/replenish inventories of raw materials, parts and finished goods adapter supports all shipping versions of IBM AS/400 DB2. • Robot movement and feedback • Dynamic warehousing and palletizing FEATUREs AND BENEFITs • Product tracking and reporting Reduced Hardware Infrastructure • Device actuation and sensor data reporting These data appliances provide an alternative to custom programmed, • Collect and manage machine/process utilization, quality control, PC-based software bridges or OPC-UA drivers. Since they install in material usage and production data the ControlLogix chassis, there is no other hardware to buy, install or maintain. • Send alerts for out-of-tolerance events via email, cell phone or PDA Bridging the Gap
  2. 2. eATM ™ IBM As/400 DB2 Adapter Factory Floor Tough Its simplicity enables workflow applications to be developed in just a These modules are designed and manufactured to Rockwell few hours by anyone with PLC/PAC knowledge. Automation standards for installation and operation 24/7 in a No Maintenance ControlLogix chassis. Since programming is not required, there is no software maintenance Fast Workflow Application Development or drivers to upgrade in the future. Once a module is installed in the ControlLogix chassis and connected Bidirectional Data Exchange to the business system via Ethernet, it automatically recognizes all The xCoupler eATM module provides bidirectionl data exchange controller tags and accessible database tables. Projects, tag transports between ControlLogix controllers and business systems. It can send and event triggers used to configure workflow applications, can be data from the ControlLogix PAC to the business system and receive quickly developed by simply dragging and dropping icons into fields. a confirmation. Likewise, data sent from the business system to the All applications can be verified before operation. ControlLogix can be confirmed. No Programming Required Secure Operation Setup and workflow application development is through intuitive dialog Since these data appliances are not PC-based, there is a reduced risk boxes, screens and drag and drop operation instead of programming. of viruses, hackers or unintended operation, from the plant floor or the business system, affecting the performance of these modules or other systems. Their setup utility features a high level of encrypted permissions for administration, configuration and runtime access for optimum security. This security system ensures that xCoupler eATMs cannot affect the operation of a ControlLogix PAC, nor can the ControlLogix affect the operation of the module. No Data Loss Should business system data become unavailable, the xCoupler eATM stores the data on a flash drive and sends an alert of the data loss. Once the connection is established again, the module forwards the stored data. Logging/Audit Systems xCoupler eATM modules feature several logs to verify performance. The audit log tracks all system parameter changes made via the WorkBench setup/configuration tool. An exception log records trigger, transport, system warnings and error messages. All messages to and from the business system are recorded through the transaction log. Scalable These modules enable fast modifications and additions to workflow applications to meet changing needs. IBM® Business Partner Corporate Headquarters: Online Development Inc. 7209 Chapman Highway • Knoxville, TN 37920 USA • Phone: In the USA: 800.625.8678 • Outside of the USA: +1.865.251.5252 • Fax: +1.865.579.4740 Europe Operations: Online Development Inc. Galileo, 303-305, 4a Planta • 08028 Barcelona, Spain • Phone: +34 93 394 4462 • Fax: +34 93 439 8927 © 2008, Online Development Inc. All Rights Reserved. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Printed in USA. ON-0463V2 IBM AS/400 DB2 0708