Troy, MI 48099                                                       Phone: 248.808.1078
P.O. Box 99388...
•   Data Migration Test Manager (08/08-04/09)
       o Managed test team during migration of data from Facets 4.31 to Face...
•   Brought in to design ETL architecture for new trickle warehouse (not loaded through batches).
    Designed overall pro...
warehouse, to extract UDB cataloguing information from UNIX
•   Current marketing warehouse loads approximate 500 million ...
USAA (1st time)                                                            Jan 2001 – May 2001
Lead Informatica Developer
•   Created custom interface to external benefit providers, general ledger system, and also many one time
    interfaces t...
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  1. 1. ALLAN VANRYCKEGHEM Troy, MI 48099 Phone: 248.808.1078 P.O. Box 99388 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY • 13 years project based data integration experience. • 9 years of data warehousing/ETL experience • 8 years of Informatica development. Thorough knowledge of Informatica, including tuning and some administration • 10 years of UNIX experience including extensive scripting, both Perl and shell • 10 years of data analysis experience. • 4 years of Facets experience, including deep knowledge of Facets data model • Deep knowledge of SQL, PL/SQL, triggers, stored procedures, tuning and database administration • Experience in creation of development standards, including design specifications, source to target templates, and unit/system testing documentation. including test plans • Design and modeling experience with 2 years experience using ErWin and Oracle Designer • Experience in data mining, archeology, and cleansing • Experience in structured testing using Mercury Quality Center TECHNICAL EXPERTISE ETL Informatica PowerCenter/Mart v4.5-8.1 Databases UDB/DB2, Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, Access OS UNIX (Most flavors), Windows Database Tools Erwin, Oracle Designer, SQL Nav, TOAD, DB Artisan, DTS Languages UNIX Shell scripting, PL/SQL, Perl, C, VB, JCL Reporting Tools Oracle Reports, Crystal Reports, Mercury QC, Cognos Applications Facets 4.31/4.51 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE CareFirst (BCBS) through TriZetto Aug 2008 - Present Data Migration Test Manager Configuration Management Team Lead Data Management Lead Facets 4.31/4.51, Mercury QC, Facets CMU, EAB Resume of Allan VanRyckeghem PO Box 99388 248.703.7082 Troy, MI 48099
  2. 2. • Data Migration Test Manager (08/08-04/09) o Managed test team during migration of data from Facets 4.31 to Facets 4.51. Subsequent project work at CareFirst as Test Manager for migrations into Facets from EAB/Care and Flexx systems.. o Testing activities involved creating overall test plan, in addition to individual test plans for all sub-projects, creating and executing test cases, verifying results, logging defects in Mercury Quality Center, creating defect reports for weekly meetings. o The areas tested were quite varied. Primarily, the testing was data testing. This involved data testing using SQL to ensure that mapping documents rules and transformations were applied correctly. My oversight also included testing on legacy systems, particularly EAB/Care. This testing covered testing data extractions, termination of legacy groups and members, and downstream activities for systems being shut down. • Configuration Management Team Lead (04/09-09/09) o Configured Facets CMU (configuration management utility) for moving data between environments o Trained CareFirst resources on CMU tool and Facets data model as it pertains to configuration date, including benefit plans, products, accums, and other areas which were moved between environments o Created processes for promotion of configuration data moves between environments o Acted as gate keeper for data related and configuration related requests and other data issues. o Created processes for configuration data moves between environments o Modified CMU migration tool to look at entire Facets table and only move modified data when full table move was specified. This was done to reduce amount of data moved • Team Lead for Environments and Test Data Creation teams (04/09-09/09) o Mentored junior analysts and assisted on understanding health care processes, Facets data model, and general data issues. • Data Migration Project Manager (09/09-04/10) o Managed business aspects of data migration. This covered all business tasks that occurred before and after the actual migration of data. This involved on finalizing the groups to be migrating, coordinating with IT to ensure that pre and post migration activities were executed, and working with underwriting and sales team with broker and member communications. o Maintained MS Project plan for migration go-lives John Deere Credit Feb 2008 – August 2008 Data Warehouse Lead Developer Loan Servicing, Insurance, Banking Informatica 8.1, MVS • Modified existing mappings to reflect database and application changes • Created JCL scripts to FTP and load files into DB2 on mainframe. USAA (4th time) Jan 2007 – Feb 2008 Informatica Architect Insurance, Financial service for military Informatica 8.1, Linux Resume of Allan VanRyckeghem -
  3. 3. • Brought in to design ETL architecture for new trickle warehouse (not loaded through batches). Designed overall processes and created mapping templates for off-shore development • Created reusable data lineage/control process using Informatica metadata PHP (Physicians Health Plan) through TriZetto Apr 2006 – May 2007 Lead Informatica Developer of HPXR Health Care Informatica 7.1-8.1, Sybase, SQL Server 2000, Facets Responsibilities • Lead developer in creation of HPXR, a Facets reporting warehouse • Wrote standards documents, code templates, and introduced reusable objects to speed up development • Created 70+ new mappings/workflows and converted 20+ existing objects to new modularized and parameterized format • Instituted peer review system and created review templates • Performed data analysis on all feeds to ensure granularity matching on targets • Acted as “gate keeper” to version control tool and final reviewer to ensure code integrity USAA (3rd time) Oct 2002 – Mar 2006 Lead Informatica Developer Insurance, Financial service for military Informatica, 6.1-7.2, UDB/DB2, Oracle, AIX, Epiphany, Cognos, Linux, Responsibilities • Brought back third time to architect redesign of marketing data warehouse initiative and to redesign loads of HR data marts. This warehouse brought in data from multiple companies, many external vendors and dozens of internal data sources. These internal sources included feeds from MVS flat files and PDSEs, SQL Server, Oracle, UDB, flat files, and Access. • Analyzed current data mart, proposed and implemented changes • Redesigned data mart to more efficient star schema from transactional model • Developed all design and testing specifications • Worked with Congos developers with data mapping documents and report validation • Performed data analysis on flat file loads to determine granularity, domain values and ranges. Created UNIX script which ran through source files looking for erroneous values, format errors, sorting problems and other potential errors prior to loading of data • Created Epiphany extract code for extraction of warehouse data into marketing data mart. • Standardized Informatica as ETL tool for loads. This involved analyzing existing PL/SQL programs and SQL Loader scripts, replacing them with Informatica mappings • Created reusable mapplets to reduce development times • Streamlined load process of existing incremental loads. Reduced load time for HR data mart by 75% by utilizing Informatica bulk loader and externalized processing • Developed over 100 Informatica mappings sourcing over 20 source systems • Trained and mentored developers using Informatica, SQL, UNIX scripting • Developed multiple Perl scripts to convert mainframe partitioned datasets to allow loading into data Resume of Allan VanRyckeghem -
  4. 4. warehouse, to extract UDB cataloguing information from UNIX • Current marketing warehouse loads approximate 500 million records weekly through 2 separate systems USAA (2nd time) Mar 2002 Lead Informatica Developer Insurance, Financial service for military Informatica 6.1, Power Connect for MQ Series, AIX • Initially brought in to assist in corporate data warehouse initiative. Once it was determined that the current configuration was inappropriate, my task then became to analyze current configuration / architecture and advise management. This occurred over 4 weekends. • Developed Informatica mappings using PowerConnect for MQ Series Purdue University Jun 2001 – Oct 2002 Lead Technical Consultant Higher Education Oracle Developer Suite, Oracle 8i, Informatica v.1, AIX • Originally recruited to modify COBOL payroll system to new Oracle data model, asked to continue to assist in leading the development of a home grown web-based HRIS system. All web forms were created using Oracle Forms and data migration tasks using Informatica. • Sole developer in creating custom medical spending account system. • Designed ODS and data marts using Kimball methodologies • Trained and mentored team members using Informatica and Oracle Forms • Developed Informatica mappings to facilitate loading of data marts, ODS • Created standardization, specification and testing documents for all Informatica development • Developed flexible spending account system and all interfaces using Oracle Forms • Created web based forms using Oracle Forms and tuned for high volume input. • Designed error handling strategy for ETL loads • Developed two-way interface between payroll to GL system using PL/SQL Allegheny Energy (2nd time) May 2001 Technical Consultant Energy supply and distribution Oracle 7.3.4-8i, MicroFocus COBOL • Returned to previous client to oversee upgrade of HR/Payroll system from 16 to 32 bit COBOL and Oracle from 7.3.4 to Oracle 8i. • Oversaw COBOL developers during recompile of all HR/Payroll modules of InPower • Coordinated unit, system and regression testing of all affected COBOL modules • Developed automated regression test scripts and procedures for database objects and HRIS Resume of Allan VanRyckeghem -
  5. 5. USAA (1st time) Jan 2001 – May 2001 Lead Informatica Developer Insurance, Financial service for military Informatica 5.1, Oracle, UDB • Recruited to architect historical load of legacy HR information into PeopleSoft HRIS. • Trained and mentored USAA developers on Informatica and ETL methodologies • Created development, unit and system test templates UPMC May 2000 – Dec 2000 Lead Informatica Developer Health Care Informatica 4.5, HP-UX, Oracle 8 • Recruited as lead technical consultant with responsibility covering creation and population of large medical claims data mart. This data mart became the primary source for all government reporting of Medicare/Medicaid information. • Created all document templates for project • Worked with BA’s to develop business requirements and translated into technical specifications • Trained and mentored multiple developers on Informatica development techniques • Created UNIX shell scripts used to FTP files, archive data feeds, and to execute Informatica sessions • Implemented error handling strategy for ETL environment • Worked as part time Informatica and UNIX administrator • Performed all data archaeology on incoming source files Allegheny Energy (1st time) Mar 1998 – May 2000 Lead Technical Consultant Energy Supply and Distribution Oracle 7.x, AIX, InPower 3.4, Informatica 4.5 • Served as lead technical resource on large HR/Payroll implementation. My responsibilities covered the creation and maintenance of all back end programs and processes. This included all data migration and cleansing activities, interface development, and internal and external interface development. • Created and implemented load strategy used during creation of all data conversion and other program development • Created UNIX load scripts executing PL/SQL programs and later, Informatica mappings Administered version control for all UNIX program using RCS • Created UNIX scripts for automated database exports, payroll system compiles, and data archival and scheduled them using the cron scheduler • Acted as liaison between developers and testers to facilitate successful implementation • Managed data cleansing during migration to new system Resume of Allan VanRyckeghem -
  6. 6. • Created custom interface to external benefit providers, general ledger system, and also many one time interfaces to other smaller systems • Created Visual Basic application launcher Promina Health Systems Mar 1998 Technical Consultant Health Care Oracle 7.x, Solaris, Cobol • Wrote Cobol program with integrated SQL to extract time collection data into payroll runs and returning benefit accrual information Genesys Medical Center Aug 1996 – Mar 1998 Database developer Health care Oracle 7.x, AIX, InPower, C, Cobol • Teamed with InPower on large ERP implementation. InPower was Integral’s first foray into client server HR/Payroll systems. My primary responsibilities were the creation of data conversion scripts, but the team’s small size allowed me to participate in most aspects of implementation. • Helped develop load and testing strategies used for all data conversion scripts. • Developed template for design specification and unit/system testing • Wrote all PL/SQL and UNIX scripts used in loading of legacy data • Created custom C interface to current general ledger and Kronos time collection system • Created data validation reports using PL/SQL, Crystal Reports, and/or Access • Modified UNIX and Windows based COBOL programs to represent data model changes • Created Oracle views and synonyms for role based security. EDUCATION Education University of Maryland, Baltimore County Baltimore, MD Masters of Science in Information Systems 1/2010-Present Expected Graduation: 2011. Wayne State University Detroit, MI B.A. in Computer Science Graduated 1997 Graduated Cum Laude Resume of Allan VanRyckeghem -