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5206.doc.doc Document Transcript

  • 1. 1125 Route 22 West, Bridgewater, NJ 08807 Phone (908) 429-8008 Ext 313, Fax (908) 429-8005 Email: nilesh@cyberthink.com Contact: Nilesh Adani www.cyberthink.com Resume of SACHIN PARKAR (Ref # 5206) SUMMARY OF EXPERIENCE: • SIX years of focused experience in Full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) including Analysis, Design, Development, Deployment, production support using Java, EJB, J2EE, CORBA, XML & C++. • TWO years of experience in Object Oriented Analysis & Design (OOA&D) using Design Patterns, experience with Use-case design, Test Case, Test Plans, Class & Sequence diagrams using UML/ Rational Rose 2001 & designing of Test Case, Test plans. • Sun Certified Java 2 Programmer • Brainbench Certified Master Java 2 Programmer • Proficient in Rational Unified Process (RUP)), XP, Strut Framework. • Over 4 years of experience on pure Java including Java 1 & 2 with N-tier development environment. • Expert level skills on Java 1.2.2, Servlets, JSP, EJB, CORBA, JDBC, XML, AWT/Swing and JNDI. • 2 years of experience on EJB, Servlets, JSP, Tag Libraries with experience in MVC Design Pattern of J2EE Architecture • 1.5 years experience on CORBA 2.0, Remote Method Invocation (RMI) & XML • Two and half years of experience on SQL, PL/SQL, Java/JDBC using Oracle 8i, DB2. • Working experience with JNDI / LDAP Directory Server for Internet Security Project • 1 year experience on User Interface Design & Components Development using Java Swing (JFC) • 1.5 years of experience on UML, Rational Rose 2001, Rational Clearcase, Clearquest, Requisite pro • 1.5 years of experience in Unix Operating System environment, Shell Scripting • Worked on Web Servers like BEA WebLogic 6.1, IBM WebSphere 3.5.2, IIS 4.0, Jrun 3.0 • 2 years of experience in implementing Multithreading, Object Pooling using Java. • Worked on XML using SAX & DOM Parsers using the IBM Parser for Java 2.0.1 • Worked on Oracle 7.3, LDAP/Directory Server and MS-ACCESS as back-ends. • Worked on JMS Messaging standards such as asynchronous messaging • Worked on Version Control Tools like PVCS & Microsoft Visual Source Safe • Proficient in using IDE tools like IBM Visual Age For Java 3.5.3, MS Visual J++, Borland Jbuilder, MS Visio, Symantec Visual Café, UML, Rational Rose 2001. • Experience with Borland Delphi 3.0 for Client/Server Application Development • Sound Knowledge of Internet Protocols such as TCP/IP, UDP • Experience working with Digital Signatures, PKI, X.509 Certificates using LDAP AWARDS: Received a Sprint Values Excellence Award at Sprint Corporation TECHNICAL SKILLS: Languages: Java, C++, XML, Servlets, JSP, PL/SQL, Perl, JavaScript, UML, HTML, DHTML J2EE Technology: EJB 2.0, Servlets 2.2, JSP 1.1 Distributed Object Technologies: CORBA 2.2, RMI Front-end: IBM Visual Age for Java 3.5.3, Borland JBuilder, MS-Visual C++ 5.0, Visual J++ 6.0, FrontPage 98
  • 2. Software Tools: Inprise Visibroker 3.4, Hitachi TPBroker 3.4, Rational Rose 2001, Rational Clearquest, Rational Requisite proVisio 6.0, PVCS Version Manager, IBM MQ Series 5.1, Visio 6.0 Web Server: BEA WebLogic 5.1.0/6.1, IBM Websphere 3.5.2, IIS Server 4.0, Jrun 3.0 RDBMS: Oracle 7.x/8i, IBM DB2, IBM Mainframe CICS, MS-Access, DB2, LDAP Directory Server Directory: LDAP (Safe Pages, Entegrity Solutions product) Operating Systems: Windows 95/98/NT 4.0, UNIX PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Jun 2002 till today Cap Gemini, Ernst & Young Consulting Software Design Engineer (Consultant) CA Languages : Java, Servlets 2.2, JSP 1.1, XML, Java script, DHTML and JDBC Software : IBM Websphere 4.0.2 Application Server, Rational Rose 2001 (Rational Unified Process), Rational Clearcase, Rational ClearQuest, Rational Requisite pro, WSAD 4.0.3 Environment : Windows 2000 Backend : IBM Mainframe CICS, IBM DB2 Team :6 e-Auto & e-Home for FARMERS Insurance Company This project is being developed at Cap Gemini/Ernst & Young Consulting group for farmers Insurance Company. This project aimed at converting their mainframe system into web enabled application. They will continue to use their mainframe DB2 database. Web architecture consists of JSP as a front end, with Controller Servlets & DB2 as a backend accessed through JDBC. Delegate chaining is the design pattern extensively used in the project. Responsibilities: • Create Design documents from the Use Case documents. • Write pseudo code that will useful for developers to implement a Use case as a Business transaction • Design Class diagrams & sequence diagrams for the subsystem • Development of Delegate Handlers, development of JSP, view beans for JSP • Development using Java script & DHTML for presentation logic • Worked with installation & packaging of web application • Worked with JDBC/SQL for retrieving Informational, error & warning messages Mar 2002 till May 2002 State of Tennessee, Nashville, TN Software Design Engineer (Consultant) Languages : Java, EJB, Servlets, JSP Software : Rational Rose 2001 (Rational Unified Process), Visio 6.0, PVCS Version Manager, Microsoft Work 2000 Environment : Windows NT 4.0 Backend : Oracle 8i Team :6 TRUST (Title & Registration User’s System for Tennessee) This system is for the Title & Registration department of the state of Tennessee. A System that helps to maintain Customer management, Cash Management, Inventory Management of the Titles and Vehicle Registration management. The system is a newly designed system that can be accessible over the web. The system is in the analysis & design phase.
  • 3. Responsibilities: • Requirements Analysis through User Meetings and through functional specifications • Writing Use Cases and identifying business Classes, drawing class diagrams, sequence diagrams • Design a system for the Web Architecture • Development of Reusable Components using java Dec 2000 till Feb 2002 Sprint Corp, Kansas Software Engineer (Consultant, Tech Lead) Languages : Java, RMI, CORBA, XML, UML, EJB, Servlets 2.2, JSP 1.1, UML Software : Rational Rose 2001, IBM Visual Age for Java 3.5.3, Visio 6.0, IBM WebSphere 3.5.2, PVCS Version Manager Environment : Windows NT 4.0, Unix Backend : Oracle 8i, DB2 Team Size :3 SIMULATOR (Formerly called W.A.T.C.H., WFO Automated Test Component Harness) This is a Component Testing System that uses RMI, XML, CORBA & implements any technology in which Component to be tested is built. XML is used for data exchange among various components of the System. Responsibilities: • Worked on Entire Software Development Life Cycle that includes Analysis, Design, Development, Deployment, production Support on UNIX & Windows NT platforms. • Requirement Analysis & Design to introduce a new Component in a System by which asynchronous messaging can be achieved and to convert an RMI based Application to Web-enabled Application • Implementation of MVC Design Pattern of J2EE Architecture. • Development of CORBA, EJB, RMI Client Simulator Classes using Java Reflection APIs. • Development of Java Server Pages & Servlets for Presentation Layer. • Design & Develop Services for Initializing CORBA ORB & for registering object to the ORB using COSNamingService. • Development of a Multithreaded Message Queuing Component called Service Agent using RMI technology & JMS standard for supporting multiples users through asynchronous messaging. • Develop Session & Entity Beans & Servlet interfaces for EJB server Simulator Implementation using IBM WebSphere 3.5.2 (Container-Managed Persistence is used) • Installation of Enterprise beans on the Websphere Application Server • Development of Java Server Pages & Servlets for Presentation Layer • Developed CORBA Server Implementations using DSI & DII, which has been later replaced by Java Reflection APIs • Design & Develop Services for Initializing CORBA ORB & for registering object to the ORB using COSNamingService • Developed class library for parsing XML (SAX, DOM) Test scripts using IBM XML Parser. • Installation & configuration of the Product on UNIX Servers & responsible for a production support and demonstration of the product. Jul 2000 to Nov 2000 Entegrity Solutions, Maryland Software Engineer (Consultant) Languages : Servlets 2.2, JSP 1.0, Java / JNDI, EJB Software : IBM Visual Age for Java 2.0, UML/Rational Rose, PVCS Version Manager Web Server : BEA WebLogic 5.1/6, Microsoft IIS 4.0
  • 4. Environment : Windows NT 4.0 Back end : Oracle 8i, LDAP Directory (Entegrity Product Safe Pages) Team Size :3 Secure Access Management System The Entegrity Solutions is a company for the Secure B2B E-Commerce Solutions and they are Certification Authority (CA) too. The project consists of developing a JSP, Servlets, EJB, JNDI based application for the Secure Server Access. The system is capable of doing strong authentication using Smart cards, PKIs, Biometrics. Responsibilities: • Object Oriented Analysis & Design using UML/Rational Rose 2000 • Design & Develop Java Server Pages, Servlets for the Presentation Layer • Development of Session & Entity EJBs for the Server functionality using Oracle 8i • Entire Server side development, which incorporates Directory Context Pooling & Multithreading to store data in a database & Directory at the same time • Implementation of bilateral SSL using Certificates issued by Entegrity CA • Development of JSP Tag Libraries • Application deployment on BEA WebLogic 5.1.6 for Client Authentication Dec ‘99 to Jul 2000 DiTools Software (India) Pvt Ltd Software Engineer Languages : EJB, Servlets 2.0, JSP 1.0, C++ Software : BEA WebLogic 4.5, Microsoft Visual C++ 5.0, Microsoft Visual Source Safe Environment : Windows NT 4.0 Hardware : IBM Compatible PC’s. RDBMS : Oracle 7.3 Team Size :6 Web Site Development for Navin (CA, USA), Voice Mail Site Navin is a company involving the services in Voice Mail over the Internet. The project involves upgrading the existing model using CGI scripting with the Servlets and JSP Combination. The task involves providing an interface using EJBs & java server pages, creating users, maintaining user’s data using Oracle 7.3. Responsibilities: • Design and develop architecture for the Application. • Develop Session & Entity EJBs for the application. • To develop interfaces using Servlets, JSPs. • Development of JSP Tag Libraries. • Deployment of the product on the site. • Developed Two ActiveX Components for Capturing Multimedia devices from the client PC & upload it to the Web Server using MS Visual C++ 5.0 & Windows APIs. • Worked on PL/SQL for database development July ‘99 to Dec ‘99 DiTools Software (India) Pvt. Ltd. Core Components Developer (Software Engineer) Languages : Swing 1.1 / 1.0, JDK 1.2.2 / 1.1.6 Environment : Windows NT 4.0 Software : Microsoft Visual Source Safe
  • 5. Hardware : IBM Compatible PC’s. Team Size :5 Project Resource Management (Company Product) The company has it’s own product which is Project Resource Management. I have been working as a "Components developer" for all of their products such as AutoPlan, AutoLead, and AutoTeam. These are basically Project Management Tools, which are web enabled. Responsibilities: • Built the whole component model for all of their components using swing's model/view/Controller technology. Writing wrapper classes to all components. • Making each component Java Bean compatible. So that it can be used in the Beans-aware container. • Responsible for development of customized components and it’s maintenance. Feb ‘98 to July ‘99 DSS Infotech Pvt. Ltd Software Engineer Languages : Java (JDK 1.2.2), Swing 1.1 Software : Inprise Visibroker 3.3 (CORBA 2.0), Microsoft Visual Source Safe Environment : Windows 95/NT Hardware : IBM Compatible PC’s RDBMS : Oracle 7.3 Team Size : 7 Online Helpdesk Helpdesk is necessary for all the production and manufacturing companies. Once the company's product is launched, customer or clients who bought it always requires some kind of assistance or service. In this project, I worked on both Client & server side. On the server side, design of the middle tier. Implementation of the middle tier using CORBA 2.0. Responsibilities: • Design & implementation of Server Side Object using Java/CORBA 2.0 • Server Object implementation involves Database Operations like opening database connections, • Retrieval, posting and updating records. • On the Server side developed a CORBA object for record locking. • Design & development of User Interfaces using Java. • Worked on PL/SQL & Stored Procedures for Database Management • Component development: Developed custom components for Date and Time field. • Slider Component and Color Chooser Component. Nov ‘97 to Feb ‘98 DSS Infotech Pvt. Ltd Systems Analyst Languages : Object Pascal. Software : Borland Delphi 3.0, Borland Interbase. Environment : Windows 95/NT Hardware : IBM Compatible PC’s Team Size :8 Resource Management for Retailers This project offered by General Computers, Belgium, solution providers for the fashion industry. The front- end tool for the project was Borland Delphi 3.0 with Interbase 4.0 under as a backend under Windows NT
  • 6. platform. The system is suitable for the companies with retailers and manufacturers as well. The system also incorporates financial accounting system. Responsibilities: • Representative for the finance module developed in a system • Development of the User Interface forms May ’97 to Nov ’97 Semaphore Systems Programmer Languages : Object Pascal. Software : Borland Delphi 3.0, Windows Paradox. Environment : Windows 95/NT Hardware : IBM Compatible PC’s Team Size :3 Sales Target System Worked on the project of Sale Target for the company that stores the data to estimate product sale in an area, zone etc. It stores all the information of the sale of the product that helps in producing the graph for the sale for a particular time/season. The system estimates the graph of the sale required to be done in a particular season. It also compares it with the actual performance. Responsibilities: • Development of the various UI forms. • Handling Database operations. EDUCATION: Post Diploma in Computer Applications, (Accredited by Bombay University, India) Diploma in Electronics Engineering (Accredited by Bombay University, India)