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  • 1. 1125 Route 22 West, Bridgewater, NJ 08807 Phone (908) 429-8008 Ext 315, Fax (908) 429-8005 Email: Contact: Nikhil Upreti Resume # 4009 SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS: • Over EIGHT years of experience in the Information Technology industry having significant experience in areas of MS SQL-Server Administration (with replication server), system study, analysis, design, development, testing and implementation with expertise in online transaction processing and multi-user systems involving large and distributed databases. • Experience Migrating Sybase to MS-SQL server 7 using DTS, Worked on Sybase v11 on HP-UX Platform. • Extensively involved in application design using Rational Rose and database design and modeling using Erwin tool. • Experience using third party tool DBArtisan to administer and manage databases running on different geographical location, Setting up of transactional replication and snapshot replication. • Experience working with Microsoft Cluster Server for fail-over support and load balancing. • Experience Configuring SQL Mail, Working with SMS, Web publishing, IIS, Proficiency in TSQL. • Experience in Datawarehousing, Datamart, and Datamining. • Experience in Data Transfer using Data Transformation services & Bcp, Microstrategy (oracle - > Sql), Data Migration (DTS, Bulk insert, bcp etc). • Experience in Migrating DB2 Database to Oracle 8 database. • Certified Microsoft SQL Server DBA. TECHNICAL SKILLS: Hardware: Compaq Proliant series (DL580), IBM (Xseries 350) and other Intel PC Compatibles Operating System: Windows 2000/NT/98, Unix, Linux. Databases: MS-SQL Server (2000/7.0/6.5) and OLAP Services, Sybase 11/10.5, and Oracle 8.0/7.x, DB2, MS-Access. Languages: T-SQL, SQL, C, C++, Pro*C, PL-SQL. GUI: Visual Basic 6.0/5.0, ASP, Developer 2000, Seagate Crystal Reports. ERP: SAP 4.6c, Peoplesoft 8.0. Others: Exchange Server 5.5, IIS 4, SMS, Legato SQL Backup, Veritos SAP etc. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Feb ‘00 – Present 21st Century Insurance SQL Server Database Administrator/Developer Los Angeles, CA 21st Century Insurance Group (NYSE: TW) is the ninth-largest personal auto insurance stock company in the United States and insures nearly 1.2 million automobiles. Estimated No of SQL Servers - 45 production, 20 development and 12 test servers. Production Servers includes 120 databases totally ranging from size 600 MB to 100 GB. Several applications are running on each server. Few of the major application detail described below. Maintenance and development of SQL servers running across the organization. Data Migration Project SYBASE TO MS-SQL SERVER The sales application was running on Sybase version 11 on HP-UX Platform. The data from Sybase needed to be migrated to MS-SQL Server 7. DTS Technology available in MS-SQLSERVER VERSION 7 was used; ODBC for Sybase available on market was procured, as it does not come with Pages 1 of 4
  • 2. Original ODBC Package. During Conversion ODBC for Sybase was selected for conversion. Source database was sales database, available on Sybase 7 and the destination database was SQL7 on WIN NT. Environment: Sybase 11 on HP-UX and MS-SQL Server 2000 on Windows NT 4.0. Oracle TO MS-SQL SERVER Data Migration was performed using the DTS Import and Export wizard. Migration of Mainframe data was done to SQL Server periodically. It involved FTP the data from mainframe to flat file and pull the data from flat file to SQL Server through the stored procedures. It involved lots of development work in SQL Database. Also involved in replicating data from Mainframe to SQL Server. Also multi- tier web server applications were running 24/7 on SQL Server database and software like Cold fusion, MS-IIS and MTS. Most of Databases were participating in transaction replication and few in snapshot replication. Extensively worked on setting up of publication, distribution and subscription based on the replication topology central publisher with remote distributor. Responsibilities: • Installation of SQL SERVER locally and remotely. • Upgradation of SQL Server from 6.5 to 7.0 using migration wizard and from 7.0 to 2000. • Extensively involved in writing the stored procedure, database triggers and scripting out the data from migration purposes. • Involved in Developing DTS packages for data transfer and scheduled to run on regularly basis. • Extensively involved in application design using Rational Rose and database design and modeling using Erwin tool. • Extensively used Erwin tool to forward engineer (logical to physical database) and reverse engineering • User third party tool DBArtisan to administer and manage databases running on different geographical location. • Setting up of transactional replication and snapshot replication. • Extensively worked on deployment of publication to other servers, adding more and more subscribers based on needs. • MS SQL-Server Installation & Upgrades and service pack (patch) upgrades. • Optimized the database to improve the perfomance right from design stage like denormalization. • Designed and added appropriate index to improve the performance of the database. • Database backup and Disaster recovery, performance tuning and monitoring, Scalability Testing. • Troubleshooting – Resolving user problem. • Involved in Logical and physical database design. • Data Transfer using Data Transformation services & Bcp, Microstrategy (oracle - > Sql). • Data Migration (DTS, Bulk insert, bcp etc). • Worked with Microsoft Cluster Server for fail-over support and load balancing. • Web publishing, Configuring SQL Mail, Working with SMS, IIS, Proficiency in TSQL. • Windows NT 4.0 Administration (Domain account Management, Network Monitoring, Raid setting, Emc’s etc). • Worked on Datawarehousing and Datamart, Datamining. • Installation and administration of Unix, Wrote Unix shell script. • Performed QA/QC Operation using SQA Suite testing tool. Environment: MS-SQL Server 6.5/7.0/2000, Visual Basic 6.0 on Windows NT 4.0 Jun ’98 – Jan ’00 PRT Software Inc. Database Administrator NEWYORK PRT Software is involved in development and maintenance projects for Fortune 500 companies like JP Morgan, Guy-Carpenter, Phillip Morris and Chase Manhattan bank, Prudential Insurance with strict adherence to SEI-CMM level 3 quality processes. Pages 2 of 4
  • 3. Re-Vision It is the heart of insurance business. Re-Insurance was done through this application. The client is Guy Carpenter, a major re-insurance Broker based in New York. Reinsurance. When insurance is of huge sum, the client may not be in position to take entire money, so he looks for market to take part of the money, he may do so via Broker Who aids client to get market. It’s the project serves like umbrella for others projects like Companies Names and contacts, Contract Drafting system, Contract tracking system. Basically any transaction, for insurance business can be done through this application. Integrating applications gives dates for Input. Responsibilities: • Involved in MS SQL-Server Installation & Upgrades, Database backup and recovery. • Managing disk storage, Setup Replication Servers (Snapshot, Merge, Transactional). • User account creation, group creation and setting up privileges and accesses. • Database performance tuning and monitoring, Data Modeling. • Troubleshooting – Resolving user problem in production. • Maintenance of database, Fine tuning MS SQL server by changing the configurable system parameters. • Involved in Logical and Physical database design. • Data Transfer using Data Transformation services & BCP, Data Migration. • Worked with Microsoft Cluster Server, Web publishing. • Worked on DB2 Environment under OS/390 OS on S/390 Machine. • Migrated DB2 Database to Oracle 8 database. • Extensively worked on the Command center, control center, query patroller etc. • Unix administration, installation, patch upgrades, Windows NT 4.0 Administration. Environment: MS-SQL Server 7.0, Visual Basic 5.0, and Windows NT 4.0. Feb ’94 - May ’98 Birla Consultancy & Software Services Database Administrator India Cricket Club Of India, Club Management System It automates the entire club’s management system, which includes: Form for new applicants with status, royalty, allowable clubroom and period. Lists games available with rooms (Indoor), and current availability. Lists advance bookings of various rooms & other important activities. Responsibilities: • As a Database Administrator involved in Database development and administration. • Transforming client business problem into effective business process and solutions. • Planning, organizing and controlling activities related to development and implementation of database system and procedure. • Performance tuning, Disk space management, Backup/recovery procedure of large corporate database. • Extensively worked on setting up of Replication (Publisher, Distributor, Subscriber). • Development activities like creation and administration of databases, table spaces and user tables using developed scripts. • Data Transfer & bcp. • Security, purging data, reporting and disaster plan management. • Data and system security setup, database authorization -Grant/Revoke. • User interaction, Trusted Connection user authenticated by OS. • PL/SQL Programming. • Unix system Administration. Environment: MS-SQL Server 6.5, Oracle 7.3, and Windows NT 4.0. Pages 3 of 4
  • 4. EDUCATION: Bachelors Degree in Engineering (1989-1993), India. Pages 4 of 4