1125 Route 22 West, Bridgewater, NJ 08807
                                                   Phone (908) 429-8008 Ext 313,...
Aug ’03 – till date                                           T. Rowe Price, Owings Mills, MD
Sr ...
This system, which gives full information about various companies and their products. The system provides
an easy of selec...
three logical layers (Application, Business and Service) and System events are handled using the Model-
View-Controller Pa...
•  Designed and executed Structural Modeling procedures of Dataflow Management
• Involved in requirement...
Satyam is a powerful AWT based extranet of automotive databases application containing details of every
car available for ...
•  Designed the GUI using HTML and the client side validations were performed using Java.
•  Design and development of Jav...
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  1. 1. 1125 Route 22 West, Bridgewater, NJ 08807 Phone (908) 429-8008 Ext 313, Fax (908) 429-8005 Email: Nilesh.Adani@cyberthink.com Contact: Nilesh Adani www.cyberthink.com Ref #: 3826 SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS: • SIX years of expérience in IT Industry mainly as Java Spécialist, Web Developer, Software Engineer and worked in Banking, Finance, Insurance, Telecom, Transportation, Web Development and Client/Server areas. Worked across different platforms and with different Data Bases, Front End and BackEnd applications and different O/S. • 6+ yrs of experience in Designing and Implementing software development on both FrontEnd and BackEnd applications using Java 2.0, JDK 1.2.2, JDK 1.3, J2SDKEE 1.3, BDK 1.1, J2EE, Java Servlets 2.2, JFC Swing, AWT, Java Applets, JDBC 3.0, ODBC, Java Server Pages 1.2 and JSP TAG Libs. • Expertise in Java 2.0 (Applets, JFC Swing, JDBC 3.0, Servlets 2.2, JNDI 1.2, Java Beans, RMI 1.0) and J2EE Technologies (EJB 2.0, JSP 1.2, JMS 1.0, Java Mail 1.2, JTS 1.0, JAAS 1.0, JTA 1.0). • Expertise in HTML 4.0, DHTML, XML 1.0, XSL, JAXP 1.1, JAXM, CSS, Java Script. • Expertise in Database design using Oracle 8i/8.x/7.x, MS SQL Server 7.0/6.5, Sybase, DB2. • Specialized in using IDEs like WSAD 5.0/4.0, Jbuilder7.0, Visual Symantec Cafe 4.0, IBM’s Visual age for java4.0, ANT building tool 1.51. • Proficient with Application servers and web servers like BEA Web logic7.0/6.1/6.0, IBM Websphere 5.0/ 4.0/3.5, Weblogic portal 8.1/7.0, iPlanet LDAP Server 5.2and Jakarta-apache 2.0, iPlanet web servers. • Experience in designing application architecture based on Struts (Model 2 Architecture). • Proficiency in developing Model 2 Architecture based presentation tiers using Struts Framework. • Experience in developing Custom Tag libraries for JSP Pages. • Extensive experience in handling complex Multi-Thread mechanism. • Worked on multiple Operating Systems like UNIX, Windows2k, Win-NT, Win’95, and Win’98. • Good exposure in different type of protocols HTTP, FTP, SOAP, SMTP, SNMP, LDAP. • Proficient in C and C++ and, extensive knowledge in RUP, UDB. • Expertise in OOAD Technologies developing UML Diagrams using case tools like UML/Rational Rose 2000. • Extensive experience in structured analysis, structured design, coding, testing, installation, documentation and maintenance of complex business on small to complex business systems. TECHNICAL SKILLS: Languages Java (JDK 1.3.1), J2SDKEE 1.3, JFC/Swing, JDBC 3.0, Servlets, J2EE (EJB, JSP, JMS, Java Mail, JTS, JAAS, JTA, JNI), Beans (BDK1.1), RMI, C, C++, PERL 5.8, COBOL, PL/SQL, AS/400, UML GUI AWT, JFC/Swing IDE WSAD 5.0/4.0,VisualAge 3.5/4.0, Web Sphere Application Studio 4.0, Jbuilder 7.0,Rational Rose 2000, ANT building tool1.5.1, JUnit, Jrun, Win Runner 7.3 Web Technologies HTML, DHTML, XML, XSL, JAXP, JAXM, Java Script Web/Application Web Sphere Server5.0/4.0/3.5, Web Logic Server 7.0/6.1/6.0, Netscape Servers Enterprise server, JBOSS, Jakarta-apache 2.0, IPlanet LDAP Server 4.0/5.2, Jrun and Java web Server RDBMS Oracle 8i/ 8.0/7.x, Sybase, MS SQL Server 7.0/6.5, MS-Access 97/95, DB2 OS Sun Solaris, Unix, Linux6.0, Windows NT/98/95, OS2 Page 1 of 7
  2. 2. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Aug ’03 – till date T. Rowe Price, Owings Mills, MD Sr Java Consultant Online Status Maintenance System (OSM) This project was done for Financial Investment Company. The OSM is the software system, which maintains the investment accounts of various client companies on behalf of their employees into various Mutual Fund, Brokerage, Variable annuity Companies (SBL, DST, PSH). Each client company can create its own Plan for employee’s benefit and invest through Equitable. Individual employees also can invest through their own plan account. The investment can be done for mutual funds investing on Stock markets, debt funds and also for Variable annuity. The users are allowed to take loan on their individual accounts and can repay the loan according to the amortization (diminishing balance) schedule. This system is developed using HTML, EJB, JSP, Struts (1.1) on Websphere5.0 and DB2 in the backend. The application runs on both IE and Netscape. The User Interface developed in JSP, HTML that accesses the Controller Action Servlets, which directs the page request to its corresponding Action Servlets. Application is based on n-tier architecture and uses standard J2EE design patterns. Roles and Responsibilities: • Involved in Design, Analysis, Development, Testing and Implementation of the complete B2C Financial application. • Responsible for the development of Mutual Fund, Brokerage, Variable annuity. • Involved in Software Development Life cycle starting from requirements gathering and performed object oriented analysis and design. • Involved in use case design, functional documentation and technical documentation. • Involved in designing documentation of flows functional diagrams using Rational Rose. • Designed the workflow, system architecture, drawing sequence diagrams, activity diagrams, class diagrams. • Designed and developed Business Components/Data Access Components reside on Websphere5.0 • Used JSP’s to create the front-end screens for the module. • Created JSP custom tag libraries for displaying information on the JSP pages. • Implemented the MVC architecture in the websphere5.0 server using the Struts (1.1) framework of Jakarta • Created Form Beans, Value Beans, and Action classes as a part of the Struts framework. • Used J2EE design patterns View, Session Façade, Data Access Object for the presentation tier, business tier and Integration Tier layers of the project. • Created Entity beans to encapsulating the business logic of the application like fetching the data required, updating the customer information. • Involved in writing EJB components to the corresponding existing business classes. • Used PVCS for version control of the product. • Created applications to connect to DB2 by using ODBC, JDBC, connection pools, callable statements and prepared statements. • Designed an EJB to implement database connection pool. • Used PVCS for version control of the product. • Created Ant build scripts. • Used WSAD for development, debugging, coding and deploying applications. • Used WSAD to create JSP’s, STRUTS, EJB’s that pulled information from a DB2/UDB database and sent to a front end GUI for end users. Environment: J2EE (JSP 1.1), EJB 2.0, Java2 (JDK 1.3), Struts1.1, UML, Rational Rose, PL/SQL, HTML, Websphere 5.0, JDBC 2.0, DB2, Web Sphere Studio Application Developer v5.0, Windows NT, Unix (AIX) Mar’ 02 to July’03 www.Grainger.com, Chicago, IL Java Consultant Page 2 of 7
  3. 3. This system, which gives full information about various companies and their products. The system provides an easy of selecting a particular product and its features, the particular product may available in various companies with differ features. The customer is allowed to make his own choice so no difficulty raises for the customer to generate the quotation for the selected product or filling of the order of the form. The system provides for the database back up i.e., it allows the administrator to modify, update any information. The Grainger.com also provides financial risk coverage for both buyers and sellers who pledge a financial security with Grainger.com. Responsibilities: • Involved in analysis, design, coding and testing of B2B financial product. • Responsible for the development of financial accounting module. This module generates standard reports, statements of account, check lists and year-end financial statements. • Responsible for the design and development of the framework. The system is designed using J2EE technologies based on MVC architecture. The application uses the STRUTS framework. The Views are programmed using JSP pages with the Struts tag library, Model is a combination of EJB’s and Java classes (Form and Action classes) and Controllers are Action Servlets. The controller uses XML mappings in struts to map the request to the server side functionality. • Business Logic classes are accessed using command pattern of Struts. • Form level Validations are provided using Struts validation framework. • Developed class, collaboration and sequence diagrams for the system using UML/Rational rose. • Used JSP’s and Action Servlets for server side transactions. • Login authentication is done by JSP by verifying with database security tables. • JSP are used to communicate with EJBs registered in Websphere4.0. • EJB as a middleware in designing and developing a three-tier distributed application. • The processed data is transferred to the database through persistent Bean (cmp) • Development of Entity Beans (Program, User) using for encapsulating business logic. • JNDI in JSP to get the reference of the EJB Home Objects. • Created and maintenance of data using DB2 database. JDBC for database connectivity with DB2. • Developed Stored Procedures using PL/SQL for DB2 database. • Used IBM WSAD (Web Sphere Studio Application Developer v5.0/4.0) as Integration Development tool. Environment: J2EE (JSP 1.1), EJB, Servlets 2.2, JDBC, Java2 (JDK 1.3), Struts1.1, UML, Rational Rose, PL/SQL, HTML, Websphere 5.0/4.0, JDBC2.0, DB2, Web Sphere Studio Application Developer v5.0/4.0, Unix (AIX) April ’01 – Feb ’02 S1corporation, Charlotte, NC Java Consultant US Bank This is the online banking system developed for customer transactions. Major transactions include account transactions, credit card transactions, and wire transactions. Customers can do banking from anywhere in the world using Internet. Other functionality includes payments of bills, account summary, current transactions, history of transactions, stop payments, standing instructions, check clearings, download transaction listings, online applications, enrollment for account holders, email facility. The system is based on a three-tier Client / Server architecture with Applets at the client end, EJBs at middle tier. It was based on hybrid approach (Enterprise / Branch Centric). Normally everything worked in enterprise mode, but if the mainframe was down then it automatically switched to Branch server as host. Even if the branch server was down user could login to any of the 270 branches and proceed with the transactions. The customer uses intranet to log on and is authenticated from LDAP server. Its Efficient Design utilizing multithreading, singletons, in memory caching and connection pooling, controls the performance of the Application and Application is Scalable both vertically and horizontally. The Application is divided into Page 3 of 7
  4. 4. three logical layers (Application, Business and Service) and System events are handled using the Model- View-Controller Pattern. Responsibilities: • Architectural design of the whole application using Struts Model-View-Controller (MVC) paradigm. • Used various J2EE front-end design patterns in implementing Struts (Model 2 Architecture) framework for developing front end using Servlets-JSP-Java Beans. • Address validation is designed on the Frame work Struts. • Creating a prototype to check the feasibility of the system using applet and JSP for presentation. • Developed the Visual beans for bank wide use. These beans were self-validating and self formatting. They also generated the events that were intercepted by the state machine and processed. Data persistence maintained using Entity beans (CMP). • Wrote Java Servlets to be used for server-side validations and communication with CMP EJB. Worked on EJBs for Branch and user Sign Ones and Sign Offs. • Involved in the coding of classes to access LDAP Server for Authentication & Authorization. User profile was stored in LDAP on each branch server. • Actively involved in RDFP (Remote Dynamic Forwarding Parameters) using JMS. The users wanted this facility for sending live messages to the client Applet and for Teller overrides. • All the data between the client and the server was passed as binary objects using HTTP Tunneling. • Used Business Delegate Design Pattern for communication between applet and Server side components to reduce decoupling between client and server. • Set up the client side framework using MVC, and Command Pattern (Design Patterns). • Value Object Design Pattern was used to group data according to screen designs. • Used Message Facade Design Pattern for Teller Override functionality. • To minimize network calls used Session Facade Design Pattern. • Unit Testing and Integration Testing of JSPs, STRUTS and Java Beans • Created and maintenance of data using ORACLE8i database. Used JDBC for database connectivity with ORACLE8i. • Developed Stored Procedures using PL/SQL for ORACLE8i database. • The request and response from the client is controlled using Session Tracking in JSP. • ANT building tool was used to build and deploy components into Weblogic server6.1/6.0. • Made builds with ANT for testing environments. • Wrote Finance business rules in JAVA. • Java beans for storing financial information related to US Bank and finally transferring that information into database. This consists of updating Account Balances of Bank, customers. • Wrote a number of HTML help pages for using the software. • Involved in taking customer’s feedback for modification of these pages. • Involved on user interface, main search engine, registration etc. • Involved in testing of the software, before migrating to the production environment. • Migrated code to Sun Solaris production machine. Environment: JDK, J2EE, Servlets, EJB, JDBC, JSP, MVC Design Pattern (Struts1.0), Oracle 8i, Weblogic6.1/6.0, Unix (Solaris 5.x), Windows 2000, Jbuilder 7.0 Dec ’99 to Mar ’01 Firstdatacorp, Omaha, NE Java Consultant Cable & Wireless (PCCW Hong Kong) is biggest telecommunication in Hong Kong. They have different applications that are running on Web Logic 5.2.1 and Run. We have developed documentation management application with workflow management system and a web interface for there billing system between the C&W / PCCW and Standard Charted. The document management is a support system of their current existing billing system. This is a 3-tier application based on J2EE architectural specifications. The presentation layer consists of JSP, which is built using JSP/Servlets for Web Interface. The business tier consists of Java code servers, which are hosted on Sun Solaris. The back end is Oracle. Page 4 of 7
  5. 5. Responsibilities: • Designed and executed Structural Modeling procedures of Dataflow Management • Involved in requirement analysis, design, coding and implementation, team co-ordination, code review, testing, installation, R & D • Designed Data schemas and Structured of tables for the application in Oracle database • Designed and developed the presentation layer using JSP/Servlets. • Designed and Developed GUI’s using JSP and Servlets Components. • Developing a database design of the system for Oracle. • Involved in system design and modeling using UML and Rational Rose • Worked on Full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). • Designed application strategies for Clustering of J2EE application on WebLogic 5.2.1 and JRun. • Designed Application session Management for the handling fail over technology of the application server • Executing complete implementation of business/data access layer in EJB’s and other classes on Web Logic Application Server 5.2.1 and JRun • Deployed the Entity beans (BMP) on Web Logic 5.2.1. • Designed and implemented EJB Transactions • Used Web Logic’s Connection Pooling for optimal database performance • Responsible for preparation and monitoring of Module Schedules and Project Status Tracking using MS Project 2000 • Responsible for project documentation, status reporting and presentation. Environment: Java, J2EE (JSP1.0, JDBC, Servlets2.0, EJB) Technologies, Rational Rose v2000, DHTML, Oracle, Windows NT and Sun Solaris, JBuilder7.0, Weblogic server 5.2.1 Feb ’99 to Nov ’99 Satyam Computers LTD Java Developer Satyam project is a Web based application developed for Farmers Insurance Group mainly focused on Agents to have a Single Customer View for integrating all the policies based on Household Number and Household Relations. This interface consists of Auto, Fire, Home Owners, Personal Umbrella, Commercial Polices and Claims. Single Customer View application was developed using MVC Architecture. Responsibilities: • Design of application using Rational Rose v98. • Analysis & Design, Developed Use cases and Technical Design Specs (Class diagrams and Sequence diagrams). • Involved in complete life cycle of web development planning, analysis, design and implementation. • Developed client side validations using Java Script for HTML and DHTML pages. • View Beans for end-to-end application flow • Developed several Servlets. • Deployed Java Bean technology for Single Customer View. • Developed client side components and Java Bean ’s for getting data from Database, validating and pushing into the Satyam database. • Created Database Objects such as stored procedures, functions and complex queries required for Satyam module using PL/SQL. • Used Clear Case for Version Control. Environment: Java, (JDBC, Servlets) Technologies, CORBA, Rational Rose v98, DHTML, Java Script, HTML, Sybase, Windows NT, Weblogic 4.5.1 Mar ‘98 to Jan ’99 Satyam Computers LTD Java Developer/Team Lead World online Page 5 of 7
  6. 6. Satyam is a powerful AWT based extranet of automotive databases application containing details of every car available for sale from participating automotive dealers (franchises), private owners, banks, credit unions and industry-related government agencies. Satyam provides powerful search access to vast, interrelated databases, even down to specific local areas. Satyam provides photos, features, specifications, reviews, and listings of new cars, previously-owned cars and vehicles that have been stolen, impounded, repossessed, or unclaimed from floods and fires. Responsibilities: • As an Team Lead, designed, developed and Contributed well into the SLC of this Project (Requirement Analysis, Database Design, Data Modeling, Reverse Engineering, Preparing Technical Documentation, Project Resource Planning & Allocation etc. • Contributed well into the Object Oriented Class Design, Object Relational Mapping (O/R), and Database Entities etc. • Designed Java Beans Components, and Several Util Classes and base classes, generalized paging/sorting mechanisms etc. • Designing and Developing the Email module that creates a new user account in the Linux mail server from java application running on NT. • Developed “SELECT CUSTOMER” sub –module, which is an AWT based GUI application that is used in the Satyam application for selecting the customer based on the registrations code and the user. • Developed the Main Screen’s Menus and submenus, which are dynamically created based on the user‘s login status and the access permission. • Integrating all the main modules and sub-modules into the main application and putting into the production server Environment: Java, Java Beans, Rational Rose, RMI, RMI-IIOP, JNDI, HTML, Servlets, Jdk1.2, Sybase/Object Views/ Stored Procedures/Triggers, WinNT /98, MVC (Model-View- Controller), Apache web server Aug ’97 to Feb ’98 Satyam Computers LTD Java Developer Visa verification 3D Secure (Verified by Visa) Visa's payer authentication service will enable financial institutions that issue Visa cards to confirm a cardholder's identity for a merchant during the virtual checkout process. Enabling merchants to verify your identity puts another barrier between criminals and your information. With Verified by Visa, consumers can rest assured that using their Visa cards on the Web is just as safe as using it at a local merchant around the corner. This System is developed with the technologies like Java, Servlets, JDBC; JNDI and Apache web server is used as the Web/Application server for this application. Responsibilities: • Involved in the development of Mass Enrollment for Visa USA. • High Level and Detailed Design using Rational Rose (UML) • Involved in the Performance testing of CSR to calculate the workload and performance measures. • Configured the Apache web server for development environment using Perl. • Java is used for fixing the backend validations. • Involved in the designing and coding of Servlets programming. • Involved in designing of GUI using Servlets and HTML. Environment: Java, Servlets, JNDI, JDBC, XML, Java2 (JDK 1.2), HTML, JNI, Apache web server, SSL, JDBC, WinNT/98,Netscape server June ’96 to July ’97 Satyam Computers LTD Java Developer Warehouse Management System Responsibilities: • Implementation of web application based on Model view Controller. Page 6 of 7
  7. 7. • Designed the GUI using HTML and the client side validations were performed using Java. • Design and development of Java based RMI components. • Design and development of presentation layer using Applet. Environment: Java, JNI, JDBC, Jbuilder3.5, RMI, Visual Source Safe and Oracle, Win98, Netscape server EDUCATION: Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communication Engineering Brain Bench Certification for Java, EJB Page 7 of 7