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  1. 1. 1125 US Highway 22 West, Bridgewater, NJ 08807 Phone (908) 429-8008 ext 325, Fax (908) 429-8005 Email: anil@cyberThink.com Contact: Anil Kakar www.cyberThink.com Resume of SUDIP MAL (ref # 3360) SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS: • Over Eight Years of software Life Cycle Experience(Over Four Years US Experience) in Application Software Design, Development and Management. • Experienced in developing Web based Object Oriented Applications on Windows NT , Sun Solaris using OOA/D, EJB, Java1.2, Java 1.3, J2EE, JFC/ SWING, Servlets, JDBC- ODBC, RMI, Multi-Threading, Java Beans. • Certified in HTML and JavaScript. • Good RDBMS experience in working with Oracle 8I, DB2, SQL Server. • Worked with Web Servers like Netscape Enterprise Server, Apache Web Server, Java Web Server and Application Servers like Websphere Application Server and BEA Weblogic. • Experienced in developing integrated, online, transaction based application system using DB2, CICS and COBOL. • Experienced in Developing applications as per SEI-CMM Level 3 compliant Software development methodology. • Worked with Clients like Deloitte Consulting and Anderson Consulting. • Experienced in working for Projects related to Options/Futures Trading, Banking and Telecommunications. • Worked for Financial/Tel Com Companies like Options Clearing Corporation – Clearinghouse for the Chicago Board of Options Exchange, JP Morgan Bank, NY, Guy Carpenter Inc. NY, SBC Ameritech. • Certificate of Recognition for work done on the Financial Control System –Outstanding Project for JP Morgan, New York. • Certified Auditor for ISO 9002 System from Bureau Veritas Quality Internationale. • Letter of Recognition from the Project Director (PRT Barbados Ltd.) for the excellent feedback from the client Guy Carpenter for contribution towards Wilcox Data Conversion Project. TECHNICAL SKILLS: Operating System : MVS/ ESA, DOS 6.22, Windows 95,AIX,Windows NT, and UNIX. Databases : DB2, Oracle 8i, MS-Access, MS-SQL Server 6.5. OLTP : CICS, MQ Series. Languages : JAVA (AWT, Incl. JFC/ Swing, Java Beans, Servlets, EJB), JSP, XML, C/C++, Java Script, HTML, VS COBOL II, JCL. Packages : MAINFRAME EXPRESS, REVOLVE 2000, Lotus Notes 4.6 Tools & Utilities : JDK1.2, JDK1.3, JSDK, J2EE, Jbuilder3.5, JDeveloper, TSO, ISPF, FILE- AID, ENDEVOR, QMF, SPUFI, MS-Office, File-Aid, UML, RUP, Rational Rose 2000e, Shell scripting, Perl, BEA Weblogic, Visual Age for Java, JProbe 2.8, Websphere Application Server 3.5, Websphere Studio, Tracker, Web Defect Manager, Netscape Enterprise Server, Apache Web Server, Java Web Server. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Oct ’01 – Present SBC Ameritech, Chicago USA Developer Mechanized ESOI Delivery System (MEDS) Erred System Order Images (Esoi’s) received from the SORD & RMA are processed by the system in accordance with the embedded business logic. Based on the inputs, appropriate notifications are Pages 1 of 6
  2. 2. Resume of SUDIP MAL sent to the responsible customer advocates desk for fixing the Esoi’s. Daily, weekly and monthly reports are generated by the system. Comprehensive reports can also be made available for the Managers review. Responsibilities: • Development of a Korn shell script and Perl to connect from the MEDS Application to different Mainframe systems using X3270 utility. Relevant screens are returned from the appropriate mainframe system after authentication of the user and the application id. The information returned is screen scraped for necessary information the relevant order status, which is then used to update the cleared time information in the Oracle database via a host of C/C++ and Java programs. • The application has been developed as a Windows application using Visual C++ 6.0. • Development of shell scripts to initiate starting and stopping of the entire MEDS application, triggering of various processing cycles. • Writing scripts to perform different functions within the Application. • Development of a Table Loading Routine to retrieve information from on database based on the responsibility codes and tables joins and loading the Manager and CA Tables in the SBCPHONE Database. • Development of Message handling routines for SORD and RMA messages. • Development of HTML pages and Servlets for deployment on a JServer. • Testing and Implementation of the entire application. Environment: Sun Solaris, JDK 1.3, JDK1.2.2, UNIX, Perl, C/C++, Visual C++, X3270, SCCS, Windows NT, Oracle 8i, JServer, ColdFusion 4.0. June ‘00 - Sep ’01 Options Clearing Corporation, Chicago USA Developer Enterprise Clearing System for OCC and its Related Activities (ENCORE) Involves development of an Integrated Clearing System for Options Clearing Corporation and its members to facilitate Real Time Trade capture and position processing. The System links Clearing Membership Organizations to Clearing Groups, Regulatory Agencies, Trade Sources, Asset Managers and maintain their accounts in a tiered structure through a proper validation mechanism. The System enables the members to Trade in various products like Options. Account Integrity Checker (AIC), Process Control, Clearing Membership Organization, Asset Manger: Responsibilities: • Development of all front End screens (List Panels, Edit Panels, Summary Detail Panels, Role Association Panels) using Swing Components (JTable, JTree, JComboBox, JTextField etc.) to Add Clearing Member Organizations, Asset Managers. Define, schedule and monitor the process and check the Account Integrity. • Creation of Inner Classes for Screen Level Custom Validation. • Setting up of Client Controllers to set up communication with the Business Objects and Data Objects. • Use of Visbroker idl2java compiler for compiling the IDL files to Java. • Development of a CORBA compliant server in C++ to process different user requests .The relevant SQL query strings are formed in these programs for necessary select, update, insert and delete to a DB2 backend. • Incorporate Client Side Logic to Display Data in the desired format after it has been supplied in the generic form by the base architecture classes. • Developing a pilot for a Web based Clearing System. EJB’s were developed on Visual Age for Java, and deployed in Websphere Application Server 3.5. Session Beans (Both Stateful and Stateless) Entity beans (both BMP and CMP) was developed to maintain the Clearing member accounts. • Implementing the Asynchronous Client Notification mechanism through the use of Java Messaging Services and IBM MQ Series Pages 2 of 6
  3. 3. Resume of SUDIP MAL • Execution of Unit Test Scripts and Debugging. Performance Tuning. Extensive research and analysis for the application areas where performance was lacking used JProbe 2.8. • Uses of Visio to depict inter-relationships. • Query Analysis using the DB2 Command Line Processor. • Implementing Persistent Data Objects for reducing the number of calls, tweaking the Heap Size and Garbage Collection parameters. • Addressing of Memory Leaks in the application. • Implementing the Data Store concept to avoid Data Base Calls. Environment: JDK 1.2.2, JDK 1.3, J2EE, Jbuilder3.5, JDeveloper, JSP, HTML, XML, CORBA, C++, DB2, Visibroker, DBClient, Web Defect Manager, MS Query, Exceed 6.1, JProbe 2.8, Visual Age for Java, JProbe 2.8, Websphere Application Server 3.5, Websphere Studio. Apr ‘00 - June ’00 Technium Inc, Chicago USA Sr. Developer Real Time Online Trading Involves features to display information on Real time market Selection, System Setup, assistance, Open Trades, Historical Trade for Options and Futures in exchanges like the Chicago board of Trade and the European Exchange. The real time information is continually presented through a ticker screen (JTable) based on selected symbol list and the respective user id. Users can select their time for a bid or ask depending on the Market status; this brings up the order ticket where the price and quantity can be varied and the order placed. Confirmation of the order is displayed through a pop up screen. Responsibilities: • Capture User Requirements. • Building Use Cases using UML and Rational Rose. Extending Use Cases to obtain Class Structures and Object Diagrams. Generating Sequence Diagrams to depict interaction among the elements of the system. • Designed the Layout of User Interfaces and developed the same • GUI developed using Swing (JTable) that shows Real Time Market. • Developed rendering classes for JTable • Development/Deployment of the Servlets and Web pages on an Apache Web Server. • Manage Security and Access Control, using Server redirection. • Used URL class for connecting to server and Properties class for sending data. • Used JDBC-ODBC Database connection and development of Server side Java Bean for DB connection and data manipulation. • Developing Test Plans, Performing Unit Tests and Debugging. • Mentoring of Team members. Environment: Sun Solaris, Apache Web Server, Java 1.2, J2EE, Shell Scripts, Perl, JFC/ Swing, Servlets, JDBC-ODBC, EJB’s, JSP, XML, MS-Access, MS- SQL Server 6.5, BEA WebLogic server 5.1 Nov ‘99 - Mar ’00 Computer Exchange Ltd. Team Lead Inventory Management System Design and Development of a multi-tier Client/Server Application for an Inventory Management System using Distributed objects. Emphasis on Object level functions and structures, object oriented techniques such as inheritance, polymorphism etc. for user objects. Responsibilities: • Capturing of User Requirements and development of Use Cases, generation of Object and Class Diagrams; establishing relationships through Sequence Diagrams. Pages 3 of 6
  4. 4. Resume of SUDIP MAL • Designed using Java Distributed Objects with class structures & Data Encapsulation using Rational Rose. • Design and development of the GUI using Swing Components. • Setting up of Client Controllers to set up communication with the Business Objects and Data Objects. • Use of Servlets to communicate with the database using JDBC-ODBC. Environment: Sun Solaris, Java 1.2, JFC/ Swing, Servlets ,Shell Scripts, Perl , JDBC- ODBC, CORBA, OOD / OOA, Oracle 8i, UML, Rational Rose. Jan ‘99 - Oct ’99 Company: PRT Barbados Ltd. Team Lead On Line Tester Application The Project involved Design and Development of a Tester Application, which allows the users to take Online Test. Responsibilities: • Lead a team of Designers and developers to successful achievement of Project goals. • Designed and developed Web pages for submitting questions using HTML forms. • Use of JavaScript for Data Validation during Questions entry. • Use of Servlets to store Question Objects in the database. • Deployment of Web Pages and Servlets, maintaining Access control, doing server redirects. • Use of JDBC-ODBC for connecting to the DataBase. • Use of Swing Components for the GUI for the Tester Applet. Environment: Windows, Java 1.2, Java Script, and HTML, UML, Netscape Enterprise Server. July ‘98 – Dec ’98 PRT Barbados Ltd. Team Lead Library Management System The work involved Design and Development of an Intranet based Lib. Management System in the Organization. Responsibilities: • Design and Development of the Web Pages and Classes for maintaining and retrieving information from the Library Database. • Designed using Java OOP with class structures & data encapsulation. • Designed and developed Web pages using HTML & JavaScript for submission of Queries through Search Servlets. • Inserting, deleting and updating of data in tables to maintain the database. • Designed and developed Web pages for submitting Books Information using HTML forms. • Use of JavaScript for Data Validation during Data entry. • Use of Search Servlets to query the database for information. • Use of JDBC-ODBC for connecting to the Database for Selecting, Inserting, Updating and deleting Data. • Use of Swing Components for the GUI for the Library Management Applet. Environment: Windows, Java 1.2, JFC/ Swing, Servlet, JDBC-ODBC, RPC, Java Script, HTML UML, Netscape Enterprise Server and Oracle. May ‘98 - July ’98 PRT Barbados Ltd. Team Lead Pages 4 of 6
  5. 5. Resume of SUDIP MAL Client: JP Morgan, NY Financial Control System – Outstanding This is a 24 x 7 Production support job which provides the Period End balance sheet and Off- Balance sheet transaction detail from all JP Morgan Entities on a Global scale for Monitoring Credit Exposure and Market Risks .The System also Provides Public & Regulatory Reporting. Responsibilities: • Served as point of contact for the Client and the End Users. • Lead a team of 3 members to coordinate and resolve the issues related with Data Feeds from JPM network worldwide, Ensuring loading of Quality data into their respective daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly tables. • Bug fixes in JCL ‘S and programs to treat job abend. • Successful Migration of the entire Financial Control System – Outstanding Production support activity from New York to Barbados location. Environment: MVS/OS390, TSO, ISPF, File-Aid, QMF, MS-Office, Lotus Notes 4.6, Control –M. Apr ‘98 - May ‘98 PRT Barbados Ltd. Team lead Client: Guy Carpenter Inc. NY Wilcox Data Conversion This project was done for Guy Carpenter, the largest Reinsurance Company to adapt a London Business into the US Business environment all the programs involved were enhanced to incorporate the new format for Account numbers, Business Entity, Business Codes & FET. Responsibilities: • Enhancement of existing Code to incorporate Account Numbers with complex account codes. Fixed bugs as well. • Unit & system tested reporting modules as a result of enhancement requested by customers. Environment: MVS/OS390, TSO, ISPF, File-Aid, MS- Office, Lotus Notes4.6, ENDEVOR. Jan ‘98 - Mar ’98 PRT Barbados Ltd. Client: JP Morgan NY, PA Year 2000 PCG Renovation This project was done for Private Client Group (PCG) of JP Morgan. Responsibilities: • Analysis of Dates in Key Fields, Use of DRI LS/2000 tool, Analysis and Review of External Sorts and making changes in Control Cards using Sync sort. • Manual corrections of the Hot Spots identified by the tool and Non-Compliant date sensitive Key Fields Expansion in the UNIX environment. Environment: RS/6000, MS WINDOWS95, ES9000 through dedicated Satellite links. Aug ‘96 - Dec ’97 Visakhapatnam Steel Plant, India, PA Auxiliary and Repair Shop Scheduling AARS is an integrated, online, transaction based application system that uses DB2 as Relational database And CICS as transaction processing software. AARS manages all the activities of the planning and Scheduling functions relating to manufacture and repair of spares required for the running of a steel plant. There are 7 sub systems in AARS. Pages 5 of 6
  6. 6. Resume of SUDIP MAL Responsibilities: • Developing of Code in accordance with the specification given using COBOL, CICS & DB2. • Development of User interfaces using BMS Macros. Environment: COBOL, DB2, and CICS on IBM 3090. June ‘94 - July ’96 Visakhapatnam Steel Plant, India, PA Purchase Order System This system keeps track of indent details, supplier’s details and purchase order details. Responsibilities: • Developing of Code in accordance with the specification given using COBOL, CICS & DB2. Environment: COBOL, DB2, and CICS on IBM 3090. EDUCATION: • Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering (Honors), Regional Engineering College, Durgapur, West Bengal in 1985. • Graduate in Industrial Engineering, Indian Institution of Industrial Engineers, Bombay, 1994. • Auditor for Implementation of ISO 9002, Bureau Verities Quality Interationale in Visakhapatnam Steel Plant, India. Pages 6 of 6