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Reference:                          HW001

Job Title:                          Senio...
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2008 – 2009
Contracted to a German Bank as a MQ Specialist to build the MQ infrastructur...
Contracted to a bank in Germany as a Senior WebSphere MQ Consultant. Configured new
WebSphere components for the inte...
Performed fail-over tests on running systems (whilst processing message flows). Compared the
output of a normal flow to th...
Carried out systems programming and SMP/E installation of IMS/TM and IMS/DB on OS/390. Used
OS/390, SMP/E, TSO, ISPF, JCL,...
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  1. 1. SPECIALIST PROFILE Personal Details Reference: HW001 Job Title: Senior MQ Specialist Nationality: Belgian IT Experience: 29 years Qualifications: BSc and PhD in Mathematics Languages: English, French, Dutch and German Availability: On Request Overview Architecture and Products: ABEND-AID, ADABAS, AF/OPERATOR, AIX, APACHE, APACHE TOMCAT, CA-7, CA-ENDEVOR, CANDLE, CA-UNICENTER TNG, CBIPO, CICS, CICS/TS, CICSPLEX, COMMAND CENTER, CONSUL/RACF, CROSSWORLDS, CVS, DB2, E*GATE, FILE-AID/CS, FTP, HP-UX, IMS/DB, IMS/DC, IMS/TM, ISPF, JAVA EE, JAXB, JES2, MERVA, MINT, MQSECURE, MQSERIES, MQSERIES INTEGRATOR ADAPTER FOR CICS, MVS, OAM, OMEGAMON ALERT EMITTER, OPC/A, ORACLE, OS/390 (MVS), OS/400, RACF, RMF, SDSF, SMF, SMP/E, SOLARIS, SPAZIO DATA SECURE, SYSPLEX, TCP/IP, TIVOLI, TIVOLI AF/REMOTE, TSO/E, UNIX, VSAM, VTAM, WEBSPHERE BUSINESS INTEGRATION, WEBSPHERE BUSINESS INTEGRATION INTERCHANGE SERVER, WEBSPHERE MQ, WINDOWS, XPEDITER, Z/OS (MVS), CANDLE COMMAND CENTRE, Programming Languages: APL, ASSEMBLER, C, CLIST, COBOL, HTML, JAVA, JCL, NATURAL, PL/1, QMF, SHELL SCRIPT, SQL, XML, Specialist Experience: MQSeries administration, upgrade and customisation on OS/390, Solaris and Windows NT. MQ environment set up and acceptance testing. z/OS, Unix, Windows and MQSeries development and production support. WebSphere MQ development, configuration, monitoring, implementation and technical support. WebSphere MQ testing, evaluating and administration on z/OS, Unix and Windows. Product installation on z/OS using SMP/E. Team leadership and Project Management. B & M Europe Limited Tel: +44 (0) 118 981 1880
  2. 2. Work History Experience Details: 2008 – 2009 Contracted to a German Bank as a MQ Specialist to build the MQ infrastructure for new legislation. Connected Xchanging software on IBM-owned Unix infrastructure with MQ Series to participating Banks using direct SSL-encrypted TCP MQ Series Channels. Planned and implemented the MQ queue managers in all environments (test, integration, production) in order to communicate with multiple instances of the Weblogic Server software from BEA. Supported infrastructure with over 5000+ simultaneous MQ Client Connections. Developed a MQ Series Channel Receive Exit (code running inside MQ) in order to communicate with an existing mainframe IMS/TM application, in a manner transparent to the Compensation Tax application (Tributum software package). Developed MQ Java applications to handle MQ Series Queues in an appropriate manner for Tributum. Interfaced with IBM Unix Third Level Technical Support Organization with regard to the implementation of all needed MQ configuration resource files (RCM tool). Trained, supported and coached the test teams (80+ individuals), with regard to the correct usage of MQ. Installed and configured MQ Series on a z/OS mainframe LPAR for the need of communicating between Xchanging and Bank Systems. Debugged bank on-line software applications with regard to using UTF-8 character set in COBOL programs. 2008 Contracted as a technical EAI architect to a private bank in Switzerland. Designed the production environment for use with MQ V6 and Message Broker V6. Installation of the two above products in the Development environment. Coaching other team members with regard to WebSphere MQ and WebSphere Message Broker administration. Liaising with the other Group sites to ensure that we meet Group level compliance in terms of availability, recoverability, throughput etc. Defining new naming conventions for the Message Broker objects. 2007 Contracted to an electricity provider in Belgium as the Technical EAI Architect. Gave directions to the business analysts for applying‚ best practice solutions to the needs of the projects. Upgrading to MQ V6 and to Message Broker V6. Designed a model for efficient use of MQ Series with external partners 2006-2007 Contracted as a WebSphere MQ Consultant to a bank in The Netherlands. Configured new WebSphere components for their integration into the bank’s EAI architecture (the bank decided to extend their Services Oriented Architecture infrastructure to incorporate additional, new generic services throughout Europe, while at the same time performing a substantial upgrade of the supporting hardware and software that made up the Enterprise Server Bus framework). Created and configured the WebSphere MQ servers for both the Service Providing and the Service Consuming Applications, running in a variety of operating system environments, such as z/OS, Unix, AIX and Windows. Made considerable changes to the new environment in order to simplify maintenance and the usability of the architecture (new naming conventions, systematic use of channel connections and enhanced security management). Used Candle for MQSeries (now called Tivoli), J2EE, C, plus the normal suite of mainframe tools (ISPF panels for MQSeries, SDSF and CICS/TM). Evaluated how to incorporate Web Services into the overall architecture, but this was not in the scope of the current assignment. B & M Europe Limited Tel: +44 (0) 118 981 1880
  3. 3. 2006 Contracted to a bank in Germany as a Senior WebSphere MQ Consultant. Configured new WebSphere components for the integration into the bank’s EAI architecture. Designed the EAI architecture on a conceptual and technical level. Prepared test scenarios for the acceptance tests of WebSphere MQ 6. Developed test tools for acceptance tests. 2006 Contracted to an international financial services company in Switzerland as a Senior WebSphere MQ Consultant. Set up the first global WebSphere MQ 6.0 environment for testing and evaluating the latest version of WebSphere MQ on z/OS, Unix and Windows. Tested the throughput of the new large message feature (messages on Shared Queues with a size of up to 100 MB). Undertook the testing of very large page data sets up to 64 GB. Tested the new dynamic log file allocation feature of MQ. Measured the throughput of WebSphere MQ. Tested the new message routing tracking feature and evaluated the new accounting feature. Made recommendations to management about how to use the new features of MQ 6.0. 2005 Contracted as a WebSphere MQ Consultant to a major bank. Created a proving environment for MQ, in order to prove the integration of the IT system onto the platform. Set up 20 Queue Managers over 4 LPARs within Queue Sharing Groups and within one Cluster. Undertook the setting up of the testing and production MQ environment for the integration of another insurance company’s IT systems, from scratch to full production. 2005 Worked for IBM in Saudi Arabia as a WebSphere MQ Consultant. Provided technical proof-of-concept of the High-Availability advantages provided by MQSeries Shared Queues in a z/OS 1.4 Sysplex environments. Implemented and validated various disaster scenarios with respect to HA and the recovery of MQSeries resources in a Sysplex configuration. Developed and provided production support on z/OS, Unix and Windows servers for MQSeries configurations. 2004-2005 Contracted to a major UK bank as a Senior MQ Systems Specialist. Undertook WebSphere MQ administration on z/OS, Unix, Windows and AS/400. Upgraded MQ from 5.2 to 5.3.1. Secured MQSeries configurations with Candle Command Center and RACF in production Sysplex. Automated the creation of z/OS Queue-Managers to be put into production. Coached and mentored new members of staff. Analysed z/OS dumps and followed up their resolution with IBM and Candle. Provided team members with ready-to-use Java MQClient programs and classes. Prepared for the upgrade of Candle Command Center for MQSeries. Configured the collection of historical data for MQSeries using DB2 and SQL Server. 2004 Employed by a facilities management company as a Senior Consultant. Worked at a delivery services company in Belgium on a middleware, EAI and re-engineering project. Undertook MQSeries implementation, consisting of configuring the set of Queues and Channels necessary to support the CrossWorlds Agent Connectors as well as the internal CrossWorlds Queues. Reviewed the Connector configurations allowing the virtualisation of the definition to make them environment-independent on the level of host-names, channels, Queue-Manager names and Queue names, making the CrossWorlds resources portable to different environments. Provided support and set up and administered CrossWorlds. Performed volume testing, recovery-restarts and fail-over for all middleware components. Performed volume test using self-written loader-programs (Java MQClient JMS) and monitored programs to observe the rate of arrival in the output Queues and Directories of the Connectors. B & M Europe Limited Tel: +44 (0) 118 981 1880
  4. 4. Performed fail-over tests on running systems (whilst processing message flows). Compared the output of a normal flow to the output of a flow produced with a fail-over. Made checks to see that all messages had arrived in the correct sequence. Used Flow Manager and Log Viewer. Accepted the WBI software and installed it on numerous servers. Configured the WBI service parts including ICS (Interchange Server) and CSM (System Manager). Undertook the configuration and deployment of ICS adapters and connectors. Tuned WBI components (connectors, collaborations and WBI maps). Worked on WBI fail-over on HP-UX Multi-Computer and Service Guard Clusters. Carried out ICS repository change management with CVS. Developed, tested and debugged Collaboration Templates and Collaboration Objects. Undertook the development of Business Objects and associated maps using the Test-Connector. Configured Jtext Connectors and DataHandlers. 2002-2003 Employed as an MQSeries Administrator by a Belgian bank, in an environment consisting of IBM AIX, Sun Solaris, Windows, IBM OS/390 and CICS/TS 1.3. Developed a trigger monitor in order to route requests to OPC for scheduling. Implemented MQSeries support for Natural. Configured application infrastructure (queues and channels). Provided support for XML wrapping (marshalling and unmarshalling) of MQSeries messages. Installed Coupling Facility Data Tables for CICSPlex. Undertook the installation of CrossWorlds (the IBM EAI integration product). Provided technical support to the development teams and day-to-day production support. Installed and customised CrossWorlds on Unix and Win2000 (ICS and CSM). Implemented MQSeries connector for CrossWorlds. Developed channel send and receive exits in order to monitor EAI activity throughout CrossWorlds. 2001-2002 Worked as a Technical Consultant at an information provider in the UK. Administered MQSeries for Sun Solaris, Windows and IBM OS/390. Developed an MQSeries channel message exit aimed at monitoring the channel throughput on the MQ network using C. Fed an Oracle database with the collected data using Java, MQSeries for Java, SQLJ and JAXB (Java Architecture for XML Binding). Created Web pages with JSP (Java Server Pages) in order to make the data available on the web with Apache Web Browser and Tomcat Container. 1996-2001 Employed as a Senior Systems Expert by a facilities management provider. Undertook a number of customer assignments. Worked at a clearing house in Luxembourg as an MQSeries Administrator (OS/390, Sun Solaris and Windows NT). Undertook MQSeries product customisation on OS/390, Solaris and Windows NT. Carried out file transfer implementations between OS/390 and Unix (developed in C and Assembler). Configured and monitored MQSeries with the Candle Command Center for MQSeries toolset. Integrated MQSeries Alert Monitor with CA-Unicenter TNG. Installed DB2 5 and migrated 150+ CICS regions to CICS 4 using self-developed migration tools. Undertook product installations, customisations and Assembler exits as a Systems Programmer for OS/390. Secured MQSeries channels with MQSecure from Candle. Undertook the securing of MQSeries on Unix with OAM (Object Authority Manager). Developed MQSeries security and message exits for OS/390 and Sun Solaris (Unix). Provided user community support and project consultancy. The environment consisted of OS/390, Sun Solaris, MQSeries, CICS, DB2, CCC, MQSecure, TNG, C, Assembler, VTAM, VSAM, TCP/IP, File-Aid, COBOL, ISPF, JCL, SDSF, Consul, RACF, CA-7, Windows NT, Alert Emitter, VI, Merva, Xpediter, shell scripting, Java SDK, HTML, XML, DataSecure from Spazio, Endevor, QMF, LU 6.2, Xpediter, Abend-Aid, Open MVS, MINT and e-Gate. Worked as a Team Leader and a Lead Developer for CICS DB2 on OS/390, led 5 analyst programmers. Used TSO, ISPF, Clist, JCL, Endevor, FTP, RACF, Win NT, Microsoft Office Suite, COBOL, CA-7 and QMF. Worked at a Swiss bank in the UK and USA as a Systems Programmer, undertook the migration to MVS/XA, customisation of AF/Operator and console management software AF/Remote. B & M Europe Limited Tel: +44 (0) 118 981 1880
  5. 5. Carried out systems programming and SMP/E installation of IMS/TM and IMS/DB on OS/390. Used OS/390, SMP/E, TSO, ISPF, JCL, CBIPO, IMS/TM, IMS/DB, VTAM, TCP/IP and LU 6.2. Worked at a telecommunications company in the UK, undertook Y2K migration for batch and on-line OS/390 applications. At a Dutch telecommunications company, tuned IMS/TM systems and analysed database access patterns. Evaluated the data-communication patterns, resulting in the proven reduction of CPU consumption and in reduced response-times. 1985-1996 Employed by a software house as a Software Developer. Developed commercially available systems software to support 4GL programming language Natural and its database system ADABAS on OS/390 running under IMS/TM and IMS/DB. Participated in pre and post-sales activities as a Technical Consultant. 1978-1985 Worked as a Project Manager and a Technical Lead Developer at a bank in Belgium. Undertook a number of real-time projects related to syndicated euro-dollar credits, foreign exchange, correspondent banking, cash management, corporate customers and Swift. The environment consisted of MVS, TSO, IMS/DC, IMS/DB, ISPF, JCL, PL/1, Assembler, APL, COBOL, IBM Data- Dictionary and Inquiry/IMS. B & M Europe Limited Tel: +44 (0) 118 981 1880