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A presentation on membership with TESOL International Association.

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New Member Orientation

  1. 1. Joining An Overview ofMembership Benefits
  2. 2. About TESOL International AssociationFor nearly 50 years, TESOL has been bringing togethereducators, researchers, administrators, and students toadvance the profession of English language teaching.
  3. 3. About TESOL International AssociationThe association provides professionals like youwith a dynamic, connected community:• Teachers, administrators, researchers, teacher trainers, and policy makers• More than 12,000 members representing 156 countries• 100 worldwide affiliates
  4. 4. TESOL’s Mission To advance professional expertise inEnglish language teaching and learning for speakers of other languages worldwide.
  5. 5. TESOL’s CredoIdeals we believe in as professional community:• Professionalism in language education• Interaction of research and practice for educational improvement• Accessible, high quality instruction• Respect for diversity, multilingualism, and multiculturalism• Respect for individual language rights• Collaboration in global community
  6. 6. Why Join TESOL International Association?• Lifelong learning opportunities• Networking with colleagues• Access to world-class publications and resources• Career support and advancement• A voice in your community and your profession
  7. 7. Lifelong Learning Opportunities
  8. 8. TESOL International Convention & English Language Expo
  9. 9. TESOL International Convention & English Language ExpoThe TESOL International Convention offers professionaldevelopment in all areas of English language teaching:• More than 700 educational sessions• Important keynotes speakers from the field• Numerous opportunities to network with colleagues• The popular English Language Expo featuring publishers, software providers, and other suppliers to the English language community
  10. 10. Online Education Opportunities• Leadership Development Certificate Program Online Workshops• TESOL Core Certificate Program• TESOL’s Principles and Practices of Online Teaching Certificate Program• Online Discussions: Peer-to-peer learning opportunities in the TESOL Community. These discussions are open to members and nonmembers.
  11. 11. Face-to-Face Events
  12. 12. Face-to-Face Events• Symposiums – One-day regional programs on a theme chosen by a TESOL affiliate with experts sharing their insights about work and research on key issues in the field.• Academies – An intensive 10-hour workshop that covers the latest teaching trends led by experts in the field.• International Conferences – In conjunction with its affiliates, TESOL facilitates conference opportunities around the world.
  13. 13. Virtual SeminarsTESOL Virtual Seminars allow members to• Connect with experts in the field• Bring together ELT professionals in your school to discuss important issues• Discuss important hot topics
  14. 14. Networking With Colleagues
  15. 15. The TESOL Community
  16. 16. TESOL Community Profile
  17. 17. TESOL Interest SectionsTESOL Interest Sections offer membersnumerous opportunities for leadership,online networking, professionaldevelopment, and knowledge- and research-sharing in numerous areas of practice.
  18. 18. The 21 TESOL Interest Sections• Adult Education • Materials Writers• Applied Linguistics • Nonnative English Speakers in• Bilingual Education TESOL• Computer-Assisted Language • Program Administration Learning • Refugee Concerns• Elementary Education • Second Language Writing• English as a Foreign Language • Secondary Schools• English for Specific Purposes • Social Responsibility• Higher Education • Speech, Pronunciation, and• Intercultural Communications Listening• Intensive English Programs • Teacher Education• International Teaching • Video and Digital Media Assistants
  19. 19. TESOL Affiliates
  20. 20. Why Join a TESOL Affiliate?Regional TESOL affiliates offer their members networkingopportunities, publications, and professional developmentactivities at the regional (local, state/provincial, andnational) level.Some of TESOL Affiliates:• JALT• ACTA• BRAZ-TESOL• MexTESOL• CATESOL
  21. 21. Some TESOL Affiliates The Japan Association Australian Council of TESOLFor Language Teaching (JALT) Associations (ACTA)
  22. 22. Some TESOL Affiliates Brazil TESOL Asociación Mexicana de(BRAZ-TESOL) Maestros de Inglés (MexTESOL)
  23. 23. Some of TESOL Affiliates California Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (CATESOL)
  24. 24. Access to World-ClassPublications and Resources
  25. 25. Serial PublicationsTESOL publishes a variety of serial publications, includingtwo refereed academic journals, produced in partnershipwith Wiley-Blackwell, and two e-newsletters. In addition,each TESOL Interest Section produces its own e-newsletter.
  26. 26. TESOL QuarterlyTESOL Quarterly, an optionalmember benefit available bysubscription, is the field’s premierrefereed journal devoted to researchon English language teaching andlearning.
  27. 27. TESOL JournalTESOL Journal is a free memberbenefit. TJ is a refereed onlinepublication with articles for classroompractitioners.
  28. 28. TESOL Connections TESOL Connections (TC), a monthly e-newsletter for TESOL members, features articles, association news, and important resources in each issue.
  29. 29. TESOL English Language BulletinThe TESOL EnglishLanguage Bulletin (ELB)features news fromaround the world onwhat’s happening inthe field. The ELB is aweekly e-newsletter.
  30. 30. TESOL PublicationsTESOL currently offers more than 90 booksfor ESL and EFL educators.Written by experts in the field, these booksprovide• Current information on standards• Technology• Research• Classroom practice• Pedagogy• Teacher education• Assessment and professional developmentMember discounts average 30% per title.
  31. 31. TESOL Resource CenterThe TESOL Resource Center (TRC) provides an exclusiveopportunity to find and share a variety of resources tosupport teaching and professional development efforts.Resources include lesson plans, activities, quizzes andother assessment tools, papers and articles, andmultimedia resources.
  32. 32. Career Support & Advancement
  33. 33. TESOL Career Services• TESOL’s Online Career Center allows you to search forjobs, post your resume, and apply for jobs online.• The Job MarketPlace, held annually at TESOL’sInternational Convention, enables you to interview on-site with recruiters from around the world.
  34. 34. Awards and Grants ProgramTESOL’s Awards and Grants program promotes the highstandards vital to the development of the profession byproviding financial support to graduate students, ESL/EFLprofessionals, materials writers, researchers, and others.
  35. 35. Types of Awards• Travel Grants• Research• Professional Development ScholarshipsFOR• Graduate Students• Researchers• Teachers and Trainers• EFL Professionals• All TESOL members
  36. 36. A Voice in YourCommunity and Your Profession
  37. 37. AdvocacyTESOL is the only organization representing the voice ofESL practitioners, administrators, and researchers. Theassociation provides resources for members to use inadvocating for their communities.• Position Statements•TESOL U.S. Advocacy Action Center•The Global Professional Issues Committee•Advocacy Day
  38. 38. Position StatementsPosition statements are available on the TESOLWeb site for download and cover a variety ofprofessional and policy issues facing the field.
  39. 39. TESOL U.S. Advocacy CenterIf you live in the United States, you can use the AdvocacyCenter to write directly to your representatives inCongress regarding issues that concern you and yourprofessional community.
  40. 40. Advocacy DayEach year TESOL invitesU.S. affiliates and others toparticipate in TESOLAdvocacy Day. This is anopportunity for membersto learn about publicpolicy, get educated onimportant issues affectingour profession, and visitCapitol Hill to meet theirrepresentatives inCongress.
  41. 41. The Global ProfessionalIssues CommitteeThis committee is made up of TESOL membersfrom all over the world and provides input onissues facing the TESOL community.
  42. 42. Standards and Best Practices in the FieldTESOL is a leading voice for standards and best practices inEnglish language teaching and learning. TESOL publishes arange of standards and best practices, including• PreK–12 English Language Proficiency Standards• Technology Standards• TESOL/NCATE Standards for P-12 Teacher Education Programs• Standards for Adult Education• Effective Practices in Workplace Language Training
  43. 43. Volunteer With TESOL• Serve on a standing committee or become an interest section leader.• Help out at the TESOL convention.• Participate in the peer-review process on article submissions.• Run for the TESOL Board of Directors.
  44. 44. Vote for Your TESOL LeadersTESOL members have full voting rights in allTESOL elections. Exercise your right to vote fornew board members and interest sectionleaders.
  45. 45. TESOL Executive CommitteeChristine Coombe Suzanne Panferov Brock Brady President President Elect Past President
  46. 46. TESOL’s Board of Directors
  47. 47. THANK YOU FOR JOINING TESOL!For more information, please contactTESOL Member Services1925 Ballenger Ave., Suite 550Alexandria, VA 22314-6820 USATel. +1 703.836.0774, 888.547.3369Fax +1 703.836.6447 or -7864E-mail members@tesol.orgWeb site