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PLayful Embodiment
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PLayful Embodiment


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Presentation at the AoIR Conference

Presentation at the AoIR Conference

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • This presentation has a lot of playfulness, but nothing to do with childhood… so we ask the audience to be aware of this presentation for adults (the nudity part is not a joke).
  • Transcript

    • 1. The following presentation is restricted. Viewer discretion is advice: It contains nudity and some academic thoughts
    • 2. Playful embodiment and identity performance on Internet Edgar Gómez Elisenda Ardèvol Adolfo Estalella Internet Interdisciplinary Institute Universitat Oberta de Catalunya Internet Research 8.0: Let's Play Vancouver, 17-20 October, 2007
    • 3. From disembodied identities…
    • 4. To “fleshy” identities….
    • 5. Body image Ubiquitous Camera presence Social software platforms Interactional Practices =
    • 6. pLaYfuL EmbodiMent / iDentity perFormaNce
      • Use of self produced photos as a key element for the mediated communication in “social software”.
      • The own body is one of the main photographed objects by users in these systems.
      • The identity construction is based on the interaction and performance using these photos.
    • 7. Body-blogs and Ego-Logs
    • 8.
      • Playing with the “script”
      • Playing with his routine
      • Playing with the “audience”
      • The body as the main object.
      Daily record of: -Sleep hours -Food consumed in breakfast, lunch and dinner -Exercise Done -Food between meals -Dental Hygiene -Medicines
    • 9. Daily record of: -Sleep hours -Food consumed in breakfast, lunch and dinner -Exercise Done -Food between meals -Dental Hygiene -Medicines Plays with an “audience” Plays with her body and her sexuality as a commodity
    • 10. - Identity consumption - Social bonds based on the photo sharing and comments.
    • 11. Underline These embodiment practices seem to occur in a playful way, either using the possibilities of the digital treatment of images, or with the constant and complex game of posing; the use of inter-textual references, or setting the images in wide and different contexts. What it seems a trivial practice at the beginning, becomes an elaborated process of setting a stage. We have called this practice “Playful Embodiment”. Which is in fact a set of different and interlinked practices where the body is central.
    • 12. For discussion
      • The online identity performance (in the “social software”) is growing in visual elements and through visual practices
      • The practice of self-portrait, as part of an identity performance, is a key element for the social interaction
      • This practice, far from being simple is performed in a complex and playful way
      • This practice creates social bonds and identity “consumption” which leaves to the creation of an “audience” around it
      • The body is central not only for the self identity shaping but for the interaction online.
    • 13. egomezcr eardevol jestalellaf