Online Networking for Beginners


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An introductory presentation for businesses on how to use social networking media.

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Online Networking for Beginners

  1. 1. beginners guide to online networking
  2. 2. who are you?
  3. 3. ...but first...
  4. 4. who am I?
  5. 5. terry thorpe
  6. 6. fellow of the british computer society fellow of the institute for information management chartered information technology professional senior member of the association for computing machinery
  7. 7. ex director of skipton building society and coutts founder of kohd winner of multiple awards - business and technology first use of broadband in europe
  8. 8. it used to be....
  9. 9. one to one or one to many there were controllers, PR, you, me there were agendas and processes there were communicators and communcated-to’s
  10. 10. and then came web 2.0
  11. 11. two way conversations and ‘communities’ people are in control; ‘crowdsourcing’ ‘prosumers’ not ‘consumers’ massive changes taking place
  12. 12. what to do?
  13. 13. join LinkedIn
  14. 14. join LinkedIn business based network 25 million users join groups e.g. industry, region, interests invite business collegues, old and new fill in your profile - link to your web, etc. reccomend and ask for reccomendations
  15. 15. why bother?
  16. 16. visability, visability, visability... improve your connectability - old & new find people you should know puts you on google makes search engines like you and your web
  17. 17. start a blog
  18. 18. start a blog like the bbc, new york times, barrack obama fifty senior managers in HP, every day it’s easier than you think: read other peoples and comment put it on your web site, emails, cards
  19. 19. why bother?
  20. 20. direct communications competitive advantage - expertise build you as, and for, your brand public relations and positioning search engines - again
  21. 21. join facebook
  22. 22. join facebook more ‘social’ than ‘business’, have you ever... ignore the press hysteria, proves it’s here brand, personal touch, you, your company set up a company group search engines dot, dot, dot,
  23. 23. join twitter
  24. 24. join twitter very quick and simple to join and use do it every day at least once follow colleques, famous, clients, etc. use news feeds, quotes, advice, observations you can autofeed onto facebook
  25. 25. why bother?
  26. 26. google is your PR
  27. 27. makes your business more ‘personal’ builds trust and reputation you as your company and as brand (cool) valuable information for you from others
  28. 28. think about youtube
  29. 29. think about youtube set up a your own space think about what you could do include in email, web, twitter, blog, .... the biggest ‘new media’ use not that easy?
  30. 30. susan boyle = 100million
  31. 31. but not that hard
  32. 32. flip mino hd
  33. 33. words of advice
  34. 34. words of advice be positive in the things you say be aware that all of this connects in ways be patient and keep with it everything ends back with your web site update it often - blog, tweets, rss
  35. 35. be part of it.
  36. 36. kohd
  37. 37. kohd