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Web 3.0 Platforms, DevCon5 Conference
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Web 3.0 Platforms, DevCon5 Conference


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Using a semantic super-layer, Brands can personalize service for each mobile customer--and animate their mobile relationship with Personal Assistants, Brand Advisors, and Fan Avatars. …

Using a semantic super-layer, Brands can personalize service for each mobile customer--and animate their mobile relationship with Personal Assistants, Brand Advisors, and Fan Avatars.

This presentation reviews the role of semantics in the relationship between Brands and their Raving Fans. It also describes how to design assistants, advisors, and avatars that can serve as the customer's personal interface to your mobile brand--across all digital channels.

Published in: Technology, Education, Business

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  • 1. Innovation 3.0: Mobile Appswww.Mobile Relevance Project.comTerry
  • 2. 2Be the Brand in their Pocket & Purse1.0 Search Web 3.0 Service Web2.0 Social WebAuthorslink content pagesand convert to purchasePeoplelink friend pagesand share likesAppslink a fan’s current intereststo the brand’s relevant resourcesWeb 3.0 is the Service WebFirst it was machine to machine. Now its brand to fan.Search Layer:Enablesconsumers to discoverbrand pagesSocial Layer:Enablesfans to likebrand pagesService Layer:Enablesbrands to personal servicefor each mobile customer2013 Relevens
  • 3. 31.0 Search Web 3.0 Service Web2.0 Social WebWeb 3.0 is the Service WebExample: Zipcar2013 Relevens
  • 4. Innovation 3.0All of us are transitioning to something new.But there is a trap:applying old ideas to new technology42013 Relevens
  • 5. Why do I care?5StreamEntertainment Brands: Engage with fan mediaServeDestination Brands: Mobilize with personal serviceShopProduct Brands: Empower with lifestyle adviceShareSocial Brands: Connect with personasSearchLifestyle Brands: Attract with branded experiencesSearchStreamShopServeShare2013 RelevensFive Innovation Leaps… are raising the barfor every mobile brand
  • 6. While you are mobilizesearch and social marketing…Your Customers are empowered withmobile lifestyle experiencesWhy now for your Brand? Consumer expectations are escalating.6= Targetmobile audiences= Create and Retainmobile fans2013 Relevens
  • 7. Comparison Shopperswant the lowest priceMobile Lifestyle Spenderswant the best advice= Price comparisonscommoditize your offerings= Personal servicecreates personal spending7Why now for your Brand? Counter the effects of spending interceptions.2013 Relevens
  • 8. Rethink5 mobile activities3.0 Service Innovations8SearchStreamShopServeShare2013 Relevens
  • 9. 3.0 Service InnovationTo attract customers,search is preemptedwith branded experiences92013 Relevens
  • 10. The innovator’s challenge:Not radio shows on TVInnovation leap:Live Action Drama10Innovation leap:Branded ExperiencesNot sites and search boxes on phones2013 Relevens
  • 11. From: Searching SitesI searchyour company’sproduct lines, business units, channelsYou positionwithin my mobilelifestyle, workstyle, or playstyle3.0 Rethink SearchingTo: Branded Experiences11SearchStreamShopServeShare2013 Relevens
  • 12. Needsomething for dinnerMeet meat home12Taking the Subway Home From WorkHome Delivery ServiceLighted Displays QR CodesShopwith my phoneA subway shopping experienceHomeplus by TescoA retailer positioned withinProfessionals’ Mobile Lives2013 Relevens
  • 13. 13Monitor myPerformanceMeasure myWILLPOWERTMTrack myImprovementsA clothing manufacturer positioned withinAthlete’s Mobile LivesA fitness experienceArmour39 by Under Armour2013 Relevens
  • 14. 14LocatecarsSelectmodelDriveAwayA venture positioned withinUrban Dwellers’ Mobile LivesA car-sharing experienceBy Zipcar2013 Relevens
  • 15. DesignElementsMobile Relevance Leap: Attract with Branded ExperiencesMobile LifestyleTouchpointsExtend local servicewith mobile serviceExtend branded contentwith fan contentLifestyle SpendersExtend trustwith monitored resultsA Branded ExperienceConcept152013 Relevens
  • 16. Brands are extending their lifestyle imageto real-life experiences.Lifestyle spenders invest time and moneyto simplify or amplify their lifestyle experience.3 Drivers: Attract with Branded Experiences16To counter mobile spending interceptions,brands can create a new level of value:mobile lifestyle experiences.2013 Relevens
  • 17. 173.0 Service InnovationTo engage customers,streaming is updatedwith engaging fan media2013 Relevens
  • 18. The innovator’s challenge:Not radio shows on TVInnovation leap:Live Action Drama18Innovation leap:Engage with Fan MediaNot movies, TV, music, magazines on phones2013 Relevens
  • 19. Same content,smaller channelNew kind of engaging app,new level of fan content3.0 Rethink StreamingTo: Fan Media19From: Movies, TV, Music, MagazinesSearchStreamShopServeShare2013 Relevens
  • 20. League Pass Game TimeiPhone quick StatsLive Streaming with Stats iPad 2nd screen statsGame Time Courtside20NBA Fans love Stats2013 Relevens
  • 21. 21Current RaceBy NASCAR Digital Media Inc.Upcoming Race All SeasonNASCAR Fans love the Drivers2013 Relevens
  • 22. 22iPad Book: Record a StoryMobile App: Play GamesWeb App: Create a ComicToy Story Fans love to Play2013 Relevens
  • 23. Personal Karaoke Song Sharing Song PurchaseSmule creates social music-making experiences23Glee Fans love to Play2013 Relevens
  • 24. Music PlayerVideosCelebrity AppPhotosPlatform: Mobile Roadie24Taylor Swift Fans love Taylor Swift2013 Relevens
  • 25. PurchaseInvite FriendsTourschedule, locations, ticketsFan Walland Top Users252013 Relevens
  • 26. DesignElementsMobile Relevance Leap: Engage with Fan MediaNew Kind ofEngaging MediaDigital Goods Transmedia ContentBrand FansFanMerchandiseNew Level ofFan Content262013 Relevens
  • 27. With engaging media and fan content,fans gain insider access anda deeper sense of community.Brand Fans want to engage with their favorite brandas they live their mobile lives.3 Drivers: Engage with Fan Media27When linked to commerce, engaging fan mediacan create and satisfy demandwithin each encounter.2013 Relevens
  • 28. 283.0 Service InnovationTo sell customers,shopping is simplifiedwith lifestyle advice2013 Relevens
  • 29. Not retail stores on phonesInnovation leap:Empower with Lifestyle AdviceThe innovator’s challenge:Not radio shows on TVInnovation leap:Live Action Drama292013 Relevens
  • 30. Retail Stores on Tablets“Windowshop more than40 product categories”Lifestyle Advice3.0 Rethink ShoppingStyle content+ product advice30SearchStreamShopServeShare2013 Relevens
  • 31. 31Assess my tastesPersonalizeMy ShowroomBrand my StyleShoeDazzle.comOnline & MobileShowroomPersonalizeMy promotionsInspiring LooksTrendy PromotionsTotal SolutionsAdvise on my personal style2013 Relevens
  • 32. 32Ask about mybody shapeRecommendthe dressPlan BudgetLocatethe storeAdvise on my life events2013 Relevens
  • 33. Snow and Ski Report by REI. Zumobi app platform connects media properties and sponsors.Snow today Stop along the waySki tomorrow33Advise on my seasonal needs2013 Relevens
  • 34. ProfileRoadmap MonitoringUtilityJenny Craig34Advise on my transformational roadmap2013 Relevens
  • 35. Step 1: Meal Planning Step 2: Shopping Step 3: CookingiFood Assistant by Kraft35Advise on my daily routines2013 Relevens
  • 36. WomanOne designer, head to toeManMix and match favorite looksGQ Editorial PartnershipFlash Designer SalesGilt36Advise on my total experience2013 Relevens
  • 37. Mobile Relevance Leap: Empower with Lifestyle AdviceMyDaily RoutineMySeasonal NeedsMyTotalExperienceMyLife EventsMyTransformation RoadmapsMyPersonal StyleDesignElements372013 Relevens
  • 38. With style content, the brand filterswhat’ new… what’s hot… and what works.Lifestyle Spenders want advice from a Brandthat understands their aspiring lives.3 Drivers: Empower with Lifestyle Advice38With product advice, fans gain direct accessto the Brand’s most relevant resources:content, people, places,products, services, and experiences.2013 Relevens
  • 39. 393.0 Service InnovationTo re-engage customers,self-service is elevated withpersonal assistance2013 Relevens
  • 40. Not self-service on phonesInnovation leap:Reengage with Personal AssistanceThe innovator’s challenge:Not radio shows on TVInnovation leap:Live Action Drama402013 Relevens
  • 41. 3.0 Rethink ServiceFrom: Self-serviceI do the work.Apps and agentsdo the work at my request.To: Personal Assistance41SearchStreamShopServeShare2013 Relevens
  • 42. Manage my prepaymentsand loyalty pointsRemembermy favoritesFind nearestcoffee shopStarbucks Assistance … find my coffee422013 Relevens
  • 43. Bookan officeLocatevenuesFindmy wayRegus Assistance … book an officeClickon need432013 Relevens
  • 44. FindrestaurantReviewmenuCustomizeorderRepeatfavoritesChipotle Assistance … make my lunch442013 Relevens
  • 45. 45Aetna Assistance … recommend my next stepiTriage App, acquired by AetnaManagemy recordsFindmedical helpBookappointmentCheckmy symptoms2013 Relevens
  • 46. 46Disneyland Assistance … guide my experiencePlan & GuideDisney’s park characters know your name.Design a Small World doll online at home;it will appear in the ride with a greeting.Character & Ride InteractionsAccessReserve Ride times,Parade spaces,and cafe seating.Magic Bands with RFID accessenable Fast Pass access.Disney platform called MyMagic+2013 Relevens
  • 47. MyServicesMyCampus & Friend LocationsMyAlerts, News, Calendar47UCL Assistance … manage my campus life2013 Relevens
  • 48. 48Google Assistance… Manage local movesGoogle Now app. Each type of card is related to an existing Google Service.Time RemindersNext AppointmentReservations, Tickets,…Events/dealsTeam resultsNext movieInterest search Products I may likeShow schedule to air2013 Relevens
  • 49. Mobile Relevance Leap: Re-engage with Personal AssistanceDestinationFanPersonalizeserviceRemind,Replenish,RenewSchedule, Reserve,Access,Pickup, DeliverPlan and guide myExperienceDesignElements49Manage digital spendingand loyalty rewards2013 Relevens
  • 50. A personal assistant remembers and sharesdata about my interests, plans, and progress.Destination Fans spend often and spend a lot,so they expect personal service.Smart service touchpoints can use this datato personalize the brand experience.3 Drivers: Re-engage with Personal Assistance502013 Relevens
  • 51. 513.0 Service InnovationTo build community,sharing becomes relevant withpersonas2013 Relevens
  • 52. Not social crowds on tabletsInnovation Leap:Connect with Community PersonasThe innovator’s challenge:Not radio shows on TVInnovation Leap:Live Action Drama522013 Relevens
  • 53. From: Social Crowds3.0 Rethink SharingTo: Community PersonasReacting Crowd=rants, ratings, reviewsRaving Persona =my style, current interests,and favorite brand resources2013 Relevens 53SearchStreamShopServeShare
  • 54. Platform: Immersive LabsWoman walks byMan walks byWomen analyticsMen analyticsAdvertise to Personas2013 Relevens 54
  • 55. Dog LoversFoursquare check inSample dispensedPlatform: Foursquare. GranataPet in Germany.Promote to Personas2013 Relevens 55
  • 56. By (acquired by Google)2013 Relevens 56Email to PersonasThree Spending Personas
  • 57. The Invisible ArtistAn augmented reality tourof Londons contemporary art galleriesPlatform: Layar.com57Guide with Personas2013 Relevens
  • 58. 58Celebrity StylistsShoeDazzle.comAdvise with Personas2013 Relevens
  • 59. Venue surfacesNFC billboards Interactive displays59Serve with Personas2013 Relevens
  • 60. With a persona on file,Kraft would nothave had to survey me,then reject me.2013 Relevens 60Co-Innovate with Personas
  • 61. Mobile Relevance Leap: Connect with Personas61Serve GuideAdvertise,PromoteDesignElementsCo-InnovateCommunityPersonasEmailAdvise2013 Relevens
  • 62. As a brand fan, I have different spending personas,for myself, family, and friends.If I can connect with other raving personas,I can keep pace with relevant:Brand advisors, designers, and experts.Fan role models and peers.3 Drivers: Connect with Personas62If a brand learns about and relates to each of my personas,it can win 100% of each persona’s spending.2013 Relevens
  • 63. SummaryInnovation 3.0632013 Relevens
  • 64. Avoid the innovation trap:Radio Shows on TV642013 Relevens
  • 65. Five Innovation Leaps… are raising the barfor every mobile brand65Be the Brand in my pocket:design a mobile lifestyle experienceStreamEntertainment Brands: Engage with fan mediaServeDestination Brands: Mobilize with personal serviceShopProduct Brands: Empower with lifestyle adviceShareSocial Brands: Connect with personasSearchLifestyle Brands: Attract with branded experiences2013 Relevens
  • 66. Plan for web 3.0 now.To download these slides, visitwww.MobileRelevanceProject.comThis project is sponsored by Relevens.To learn about 3.0 innovation services,visit www.Relevens.comFor more information, contact TerryRibb@Relevens.com662013 Relevens