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Horne OPTITHERM Thermostatic Mixing Tap - Specification Manual
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  • 1. UniclassL725111:D4CI/SfB 4 (53.9) XEPICH322012thermostatic tap specification manualTel: +44 (0)191 490 1547Fax: +44 (0)191 477 5371Email: northernsales@thorneandderrick.co.ukWebsite: www.heattracing.co.ukwww.thorneanderrick.co.uk
  • 2. contentsintroduction to HORNE 2the design brief 3safe hot water & surface temperatures 4infection control & hand-washing 5installation & commissioning 6performance testing & maintenance 7water system management 8options 9tap dimensions/CAD drawings 10accessories 11N.B. This CD will work best if Internet Explorer is set as your default browser.Horne Engineering Ltd reserves the right to alter any product, design or specification without notice.A fully rendered 3D animation is available to view on the CD rom above. Please refer to it for a fully guided and narrated tour of the OPTITHERM®Thermostatic tapThis CD contains product specifications,dimensioned drawings, images and3D animations that explains how the tapis operated, cleaned, maintained andwater quality improved.For further technical specification adviceor information please contact us.If your CD is missing please contact usand request CD ref: L-176Tel: +44 (0)1505 321455email: sales@horne.co.ukweb: www.horne.co.uk/optithermn Polyester jacketmal Insulationfor Filler Accessbe used with HSSD, HISD or HBDdard sizes 25L, 50L, 105L, 200Loke Sizes Made to Orderr ResistantInstallationockpe HIJD Insulation JacketComponents Ltd.Industrial Estate,Walden, EssexQ United Kingdom(0) 1799 523177(0) 1799 513714lroydcomponents.comroydcomponents.comDE approved manufacturing facilities www.holroydcomponents.comTechnical DatasheetConstruction:High performance ceramic fibre thermal insulation containedwithin layers of Teflon coated polyester give the jacket a durableand industrial feel.Easy to fit with Velcro fixing strips and a moveable flap for easeof access makes the HIJD jacket the most convenient way tokeep your products warm.Technical Data:Jacket Material: 1100 deitex texturised NylonPolyurethane coatedInsulation: Glass filament blanketFixing: Velcro FixingCustom Made:All HIJD heater jackets are manufactured to conform to the EEClow voltage and EMC directives and CE marked accordingly.Health and Safety:All HIJD heater jackets are manufactured to conform to the EEClow voltage and EMC directives and CE marked accordingly.
  • 4. 2 OPTITHERMTMintroductionOver the years we have continually improved and refinedthermostatic temperature control technology and its application.Our product portfolio includes a broad range of specialisedthermostatic mixing valves and shower valves developed toaddress the needs of a variety of niche applications. Now ourproduct range has been extended further with the productionof our first thermostatic tap – the award-winning* OPTITHERM®.*Best Interiors Product, Building Better Healthcare Awards 2008The OPTITHERM®tap has an integral Thermostatic Mixing Valve that is certified as Type 3 Approved (TMV3Scheme Approval number: BC405/0508 and WRAS Approval number: 0806001) in compliance with NHSModel engineering specifications D 08 Thermostatic mixing valves (Healthcare premises) and BS 7942.HORNE Engineering have been designing,developing and manufacturing thermostaticvalves since 1909.
  • 5. DESIGN CONCEPTThe OPTITHERM®is a highly specialised thermostatic tapdeveloped principally for healthcare applications. We setout to achieve a design that meets the needs of a varietyof users looking for the following key features:the design briefease of useconsistent delivery of safe and comfortable hot watereasy access for testing and maintenanceoptimised user interface - to enhance hygiene complianceeasy cleaning for improved hygienerobust constructioncompliance with a range of healthcare related regulations and published guidanceefficient use of energy and waterminimisation of coldwater dead legs3OPTITHERMTM
  • 6. ANALYSISAr1 Min 21.8°C Max 41.8°C Average 33.7°CSp1 41.0°Csafe hot waterThe Type 3 approved OPTITHERM®mixes hot andcold water immediately prior to the point of dischargeand it is essential that the user does not experiencetransients or excursions in the temperature of the mixedwater. It is normal for thermostatic mixing valves toproduce transients when starting from ambient as theproportioning device in the mixing valve moves to thedesired position. The highly responsive mechanism in theOPTITHERM®produces exceptional performance in thisregard as shown on the above graph. Please refer to theCD affixed to the inside front cover for further details.The consistent delivery of safe hot water is anessential component in the provision of goodhealthcare.safe hot water & surface temperaturesSafe temperature, safe hands OPTITHERM®thermal imagesafe surfaceThe OPTITHERM®should be supplied with hot water at atemperature that will typically be in the range of 55°C – 65°C,which is then mixed with cold water inside the tap to producemixed water at a safe and comfortable level. It is essential thatthe temperature of the outer surface of a tap does not becomedangerously high during and immediately after periods ofoperation. The thermal image above demonstrates how thetemperature of the outer surface of the OPTITHERM®remainsat a safe level during operation.4 OPTITHERMTM
  • 7. Fixtures and fittings used by healthcare staff and patients should be designedwherever possible to contribute to enhanced infection control and perform ina manner that is conducive to maintaining excellent levels of hygiene.infection control & hand-washinguser operationThe manner in which the user makes physical contact withthe tap when opening and closing the flow is recognised asa particularly important feature of a hospital tap. Our uniquedouble lever option allows for the lever to be pushed on usinga single thumb (A) but, crucially, after hand washing, theelbow or upper forearm is used, again in a pushing forwardmovement (B), to close the flow keeping the hands away fromthe face and hair. Wherever possible we have made the userinterface as easy and intuitive as possible. An integral flowregulator and laminar flow conditioner ensures that wateris delivered in a controlled manner (6 l/m) as opposed to asplashing surge, which again gives a more user friendly result,that is conducive to good hand washing practice.Correct operation prevents re-contamination Smooth and accessible surface for complete cleaningease of cleaningThe OPTITHERM®has been designed to ensure thatall areas of the outer surface of the product are highlyaccessible for easy and effective cleaning. There are alsono parts that can be prised off leaving recesses, which canharbour dirt and pathogens. The enclosed CD explicitlyshows the outer surface of the OPTITHERM®and how itcan be easily accessed for thorough and effective cleaning.We recommend a single-use cleaning cloth be used toclean the Optitherm tap and a separate, single-use clothfor cleaning the basin.AB5OPTITHERMTM
  • 8. INSTALLATIONInstallation of the OPTITHERM®is particularly easy and canbe achieved in two stages. The spigot can be installed at thesame time as the water supply pipe work and wall panelling.A Flushing kit (part number 5640) fits over the spigotsuch that, in accordance with Water Supply (water fitting)Regulations, pipe work flushing can be carried out as soonas water is available on site. This spigot mounted flushingkit also better facilitates the required thermal and chemicaldisinfection of the hot and cold water system before the tapbody is connected to the spigot.A complete and effective commissioning procedure willhelp to ensure the correct operation of the hot and coldwater systems.installation & commissioningFlush pipework after spigot installation Fit and commission during final fit-outCOMMISSIONINGThe OPTITHERM®tap assembly may be fitted to thespigot and commissioned during the final build phase.This greatly reduces the risk of damage or contaminationto the tap, which is often sustained as plastering andpainting etc. is carried out around the wash hand basin.In any case the OPTITHERM®can only be properlycommissioned once hot water is available and this is veryoften only in the latter stages of the build programme.We recommend the current commissioning instructions befollowed including thermal disinfection of the tap’s internalsurfaces (detailed on page 8).6 OPTITHERMTM
  • 9. In order to achieve consistent and accurate performanceover a maximised operational lifespan, the product shouldbe designed in such a way that facilitates easy access forroutine testing and maintenance.performance testing & maintenanceIsolation valves are accessed under the tap spigot Internal components are all easily accessible for maintenanceSTRAINERHot and cold strainer and check valve cartridges areaccessible for routine cleaning – the strainer basket isremovable to aid rinsing and disinfection.THERMOSTATIC CARTRIDGEThe thermostatic cartridge is easily removed when due forrepair or replacement (we recommend every 3 years).accessibilityBy virtue of the fact that the thermostatic control is integralto the tap, it is easily accessed by facilities managementstaff in possession of the correct tools and equipment(see accessories on page 11). The OPTITHERM®featuresintegral isolation valves, which are accessible withoutmoving the tap or any panelling, and are used when testingthermostatic control performance and safety. The CDsupplied with this literature features a narrated animationshowing this feature and how other key components,such as the strainers and the thermostatic cartridge, areaccessed for cleaning and maintenance.7OPTITHERMTM
  • 10. water system management – thermal regime8 OPTITHERMTMTESTING AND SAMPLINGAn additional Flushing Kit (part no. 5492) allows forroutine water supply temperature testing and samplingfor micro-biological analysis. We also recommendroutine pipe work flushing at higher velocity, whichshears excess biofilm from the pipe walls and removesit to drain - thus improving water quality. The CD atthe front of this brochure features animations that fullyillustrate this routine pipe work flushing process.Thermal DisinfectionThe OPTITHERM®’s Thermal Disinfection Adaptor (TDA) allowsthe thermal regime to be extended right down to the point ofwater discharge. The thermal image above shows how, duringthe disinfection process, the surface temperature of the tapincreases to system temperature and in doing so its internalsurfaces become sanitised. A narrated animation contained inthe enclosed CD fully illustrates this disinfection process.Simple and effective flushing and sampling procedure Thermal disinfection of the OPTITHERM®thermostatic tapThe product should be so designed to facilitate bestpractice water system management with respect tomicrobiological contamination.
  • 11. OPTIONSThe OPTITHERM®can be installed with our unique dual leversor with short levers as required. The location of the point ofdischarge can be modified by the inclusion of extension pieces.It is important that water does not fall directly into the plughole andthe extension pieces give the designer and installer scope to make theOPTITHERM®ideally compatible with the selected wash hand basin.Dual levers - no extension pieceDual levers - 60mm extension pieceDual levers - 30mm extension pieceShort levers - 30mm extension pieceThe strip of images above are taken from the fully-narrated 3D-animated OPTITHERM®CD-ROM on the inside front cover of this brochure.Fixtures and fittings used by healthcare staff and patients should be designedwherever possible to contribute to enhanced infection control and perform ina manner that is conducive to maintaining excellent levels of hygiene.9OPTITHERMTMoptions
  • 12. 10TBT1-170SLNo extension piece, short leversTBT1-200SL30mm extension piece, short leversTBT1-230SL60mm extension piece, short leversON POSITIONMOUNTING HOLE SPECIFICATIONPANEL THICKNESS 6-30MMDIMENSIONS IN MILLIMETRESOFFPOSITION34LEVER ARC 90°14890TOPOFBASINTOUNDERSIDEOFNOZZLE150-300(225RECOMMENDED)CLEARANCEFORSERVICING60minimum648+2-1200 (TBT1-200XX)170 (TBT1-170XX)230 (TBT1-230XX)10 O.D. COPPER PIPE(SUPPLIED BY INSTALLER)ON POSITIONMOUNTING HOLE SPECIFICATIONPANEL THICKNESS 6-30MMDIMENSIONS IN MILLIMETRESOFFPOSITION34LEVER ARC 90°14890TOPOFBASINTOUNDERSIDEOFNOZZLE150-300(225RECOMMENDED)CLEARANCEFORSERVICING60minimum648+2-1CLEARANCE (FRONT OFPANEL TO BACK OF SERVICE DUCT)100 MINIMUM192200 (TBT1-200XX)170 (TBT1-170XX)230 (TBT1-230XX)R2410 O.D. COPPER PIPE(SUPPLIED BY INSTALLER)TBT1-170DLNo extension piece, dual leversProduct references -Full specification clauses for each of the OPTITHERM®configurations below can be found on the CD-ROM on the inside front cover of this brochureTBT1-200DL30mm extension piece, dual leversTBT1-230DL60mm extension piece, dual leverstap dimensions/CAD drawingsFurther ReadingHealth Technical Memorandum 04-01: ‘The Control OfLegionella, Hygiene, "Safe" Hot Water, Cold Water And DrinkingWater Systems: Part A Design, Installation And Testing’, 2006.Health Technical Memorandum 04-01: ‘The Control OfLegionella, Hygiene, "Safe" Hot Water, Cold Water And DrinkingWater Systems: Part B Operational Management’, 2006.www.epic.tvu.ac.uk Epic II Guidelines.Health Guidance Note, "Safe" Hot Water And SurfaceTemperatures. NHS EstatesHealth Technical Memorandum 64, ‘Sanitary Assemblies’, 3rd ed., 2006Infection Control Nurses’ Association, ‘Hand DecontaminationGuidelines’.Infection Control in the Built Environment: Design and Planning.NHS Estates, 2003.
  • 13. A special toolkit (part no. 5491) is available to aidmaintenance of the OPTITHERM®tap and includesthe following items (some pictured above):Multi-tool plus screwdriver bit2 No. hex keys1 no. Torx T20 keyStrap wrenchThermostatic cartridge removal toolFlushing/Sampling kitOil bottleAn additional Kit (part no. 6006) to aid compliance with respectto water quality comprises a Flushing/Sampling Kit and ThermalDisinfection Adaptor in a sturdy carrying case.Strap WrenchPART No 5457Spigot Flushing KitPART No 5640Flushing/Sampling KitPART No 5492PART No 5632MultitoolPART No 5459accessories11OPTITHERMTMWater Quality Compliance KitPART No 6006Thermal Disinfection AdaptorPART No 5963
  • 14. Issue5,May2012.BrochureRefL-175.Printedonrecycledpaper.Brochureproducedbywww.colinbarrows.co.uk3Dmodellingproducedbywww.showthempictures.comHORNE ENGINEERING LtdPO Box 7, Rankine StreetJohnstone, United Kingdom PA5 8BDtel +44 (0)1505 321455fax +44 (0)1505 336287email sales@horne.co.ukweb www.horne.co.ukHORNE and OPTITHERM®are trade marks or registered trade marks of Horne Engineering LimitedDesign rights and Copyright Horne Engineering Limited 2012Patented:Dual Lever Action AU2006-327948, DE1963724, DK1963724, FR1963724, GB1963724, HK1115623, IT1963724, SE1963724;Integrated TMV with dedicated cold control AU2006-327944, DE1963723, DK1963723, FR1963723, GB1963723, HK1115624, IT1963723, SE1963723;Integrated TMV serviceability features AU2010-206073, DE1965109, FI1965109, GB1965109, HK1115625B, NL1965109, SE1965109, US8,020,779.Patents Pending:Dual Lever Action CA2673780, US12/158005;Integrated TMV with dedicated cold control US12/097983;Integrated TMV serviceability features HK08111319.3.Design Registrations:Mixing Taps (part of - ) EU 000612585-0001 to 0007, EU000451489-0001 to 0003.All Rights Reserved.Dwww.holroydcomponents.comJacket Material: 1100 deitex texturised NylonPolyurethane coatedInsulation: Glass filament blanketFixing: Velcro FixingCustom Made:All HIJD heater jackets are manufactured to conform to the EEClow voltage and EMC directives and CE marked accordingly.Health and Safety:All HIJD heater jackets are manufactured to conform to the EEClow voltage and EMC directives and CE marked accordingly.