Flow Watch Micronics Flow and Heat Meter Product Catalogue 2012


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Flow Watch Micronics Flow and Heat Meter Product Catalogue 2012

  1. 1. Flow:watchMicronics Flowand Heat MeterProduct CatalogueThroughMeasurementComes ControlTel: +44 (0)191 490 1547Fax: +44 (0)191 4775371Email: northernsales@thorneandderrick.co.ukWebsite: www.heattracing.co.ukwww.thorneanderrick.co.uk
  2. 2. elcome to the latestedition of our Flow:watchbrochure where you willfind some exciting newproducts that ideallycomplement our expandingrange of flow measurementequipment.Over twenty five years ofmanufacturing our ownPortable and Fixed noninvasive clamp-onultrasonic flow meters hasgiven Micronics the edgeyou need when it comes toquality, reliability and notforgetting that allimportant word -service.In this catalogueyou will find ourstandard range ofproducts and someuseful accessories.Micronics enjoys a closeworking relationship with allour customers throughoutthe UK, Europe and theRest of the World.Our experienced anddedicated staff will gladlybe at your disposalwhatever the requirement.Customer service is ourwatchword and should youdecide to buy fromMicronics, our internalsales team will make surethe experience is apleasant one.Michael FarnonManaging DirectorWelcome toFlow:watchWMicronicsFlow:watchWhat are the benefits of usingclamp-on flow and energymonitoring Technology?potable water- Energy efficient!river watercooling waterdemineralized waterwater/glycol solutionshydraulic oildiesel and fuel oilschemicalsTransit Time flow meters -Transit time flow meters are ideal formeasuring the flow of clean, non-aeratedfluids in full pipes.They work best whenthere is less than 2% particulate.Recommended For:sewagetreated waste wateraerated watersludge and slurrieschemicals andsolventsviscous liquidsabrasivesfood productspulp stockacids and causticsDoppler flow meters -Ideal for measuring flow of any liquidcontaining gas bubbles or solids largerthan 100 microns and in concentrationsgreater than 75ppm.Recommended For:liquidspressure lossoperator training1
  3. 3. BUILDINGSERVICESIn response to the Terminal 5specification for Clamp-On UltrasonicHeat Meters for simple maintenance,high availability and minimum down timeMicronics have supplied the CALEC® STIntegrator combined with the U2000*Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flow meters.The CALEC® ST - Ultraflo 2000combination provides an innovativeand cost-effective energy measurementsolution for fixed or temporaryapplications. Configured for Heating orCooling applications the systemelements for a composite thermalmeter application comprise:non-invasive Flow Meter-ture Sensors - 2- orsensorsCustody Transfer meters requireimmersion temperature sensors,however, for monitoring and generalenergy management applications,Clamp-On sensors can be usedproviding a totally non-invasive system.Associated benefitsinclude no disruptionof services orproblemsassociated withsystem drain downfor maintenance,providing minimum downtime andmaximum availability plus significantreductions in meter supply andinstallation costs for large meter orretrofit applications.The system can be applied in a stand-alone mode and communicate totalizedenergy and volumetric valuesor selected alarm condi-tions via relay outputs orintegrated with BEMS,AM&T or Billing systemsvia M Bus and otherindustry standardcommunications.CASESTUDIESMicronics provide Clamp-On,Non-invasive, Thermal MeteringSolutions for BAA - Terminal 5 HeatMeasurementTerminal 53Micronics Ltd commenced trading in1985 and was set up to design andmarket “Clamp-On” ultrasonic liquid flowmeters for industry and commerce.Since its inception Micronics have soldclamp-on meters in more than 80countries, concentrating mainly onportable “Time of Flight” meters, some ofwhich are marketed under the registeredtrade name of Portaflow™.From the introduction of the first portableinstrument the company now markets arange of different productsincorporating “Time of Flight” and"Doppler" technology. The rangeincludes portable instruments andfixed meters based on the use ofnon-invasive ultrasonic soundtransmission to detect liquid flowvelocity within closed pipes oropen channels. There are alsoEnergy options for the clamp-on,fixed and portable meters.In addition Micronicsoffer flow measurementsolutions, combiningthe Micronics productrange with FlowAnalysis software and expert staff toconduct flow surveys.From our offices and manufacturingfacilities to the west of London in HighWycombe, we supply and support a broadcustomer base both in the UK and abroad.Our large network of distributors providethe same high level of Micronicsservice wherever you may find yourselfaround the world.Visit our website:www.micronicsflowmeters.comwhere you can find all the informationabout our products and services. Keep upto date with our latest product andexhibition news - if you are looking for aparticular application case study or someengineering data, you will find it here withour easy to navigate pages.Micronics -About UsChoose Micronics for all yourflow monitoring - We are thepeople with the service andproducts for you2visit micronicsflowmeters.com available in English, French, Spanish and German
  4. 4. 4/5mCarry Case: – The PF330 is supplied in a hard wearing IP67 carry case.‘A’ Transducers: – 13mm DN to 115mm DN pipes.‘B’ Transducers: – 50mm DN to 2000mm DN pipes.Transducer Operating Temp: – ‘A’&‘B’ -20°C to +135°C. ‘D’ -20°C to +80°C.Outputs: – Opto Isolated 0/4 –20mA; RS 232/USB;Pulse output - programmable pulse width from 2ms - 500ms or frequency.Optional Hi-Temp: -20°C to +200°C.Data Logging: – 200,000 data points. Up to 20 named recording blocks. Datadisplayed locally in text or graph format. Real time or stored. Can be downloadedvia RS232 or USB port to Windows based PC. Flow rate and totals can be logged.Portaflow 330CE approvedFlow Range – 0.1m/sec to 20m/sec bi-directionalDisplay – 64 x 240 pixels graphic displayProgramming via 16 key control panelBattery or mains operationRechargeable batteryBattery Life – 20 hours from fully charged, depending on loadPower – 110 – 240VAC +/-10% supply via PSU10 user selectable languages including English, German, French,Accuracy ± 0.5% to ± 3% depending on pipe size for flow rate >0.2m/sSpanish and Russian!‘D’ Transducers: 1500mm to 5000mm DN pipe.–PORTABLESPF330For “clean” liquidmonitoringTo suit pipes DN13mm-• Portable CalecST Energy• Thickness gauge• Thermal PrintersComplementary ProductsPORTABLESPF330For “clean” liquidmonitoringTo suit pipes DN13mm-5000mm200,000 point loggerand softwareNon invasive sensingPortable and Easy touse•••••+44 (0)1628 811622• Portable CalecST Energy• Thickness gauge• Thermal PrintersComplementary Products
  5. 5. 6/7Portaflow 220CE approvedFlow Range – 0.1m/sec to 20m/sec bi-directionalDisplay – 64 x 240 pixels graphic displayProgramming via 16 key control panelBattery or mains operationRechargeable batteryBattery Life – 20 hours from fully charged, depending on loadPower – 110 – 240VAC +/-10% supply via PSU10 user selectable languages including English, German, French,Spanish and Russian!Accuracy ±0.5% to ±3% depending on pipe size for flow rate >0.2m/sCarry Case: – Polypropylene case, with foam insert and double wall for extra strength.PF220A with ‘A’ Transducers: – 13mm DN to 115mm DN pipes.ORPF220B with ‘B’ Transducers: – 50mm DN to 1000mm DN pipes.Transducer Operating Temp: – ‘A’ & ‘B’ -20°C to +135°C.Outputs: – Opto Isolated 0/4 –20mA; Pulse output - programmable width from 2ms-500msor frequency.PORTABLESPF330+44 (0)1628 811622PORTABLESPF220For “clean” liquidmonitoringA version for pipesDN 13mm-115mmB version for pipesDN 50mm-1000mmNon invasivesensingPortable and Easyto use•••••+44 (0)1628 810456Complementary Products• Portable CalecST Energy• Thickness GaugeBattery Life – 20 hours from fully charged, depending on load10 user selectable languages including English, German, French,>0.2m/sPORTABLESPF330+44 (0)1628 811622PORTABLESPF220For “clean” liquidmonitoringA version for pipesDN 13mm-115mmB version for pipesDN 50mm-1000mmNon invasivesensingPortable and Easyto use•••••Complementary Products• Portable CalecST Energy• Thickness GaugeBattery Life – 20 hours from fully charged, depending on load10 user selectable languages including English, German, French,>0.2m/s
  6. 6. Complementary ProductsPF LV550For use with Doppler instrumentsDial in function when modems are connected to instrumentsQuickly graph the downloaded dataand export to ExcelFor Windows 98/XPFor use with PF330 and U4000For Windows 98 / XP / Vista / 7Quickly graph downloaded data andexport to ExcelSOFTWAREComplementary Products88Transit Time SoftwareLogger Software - Doppler- PortaGraphPORTABLEHEAT METERHeatmeter for usewith U3000, PF330and PF220Complementary ProductsSee page 24 for ourenergy case studies!Compatible with any flow meter witha pulse outputQuick and easy setupUse with external datalogger for temporaryenergy monitoringKwh Total, instant energy, volume andtemperature readingsSensor Probes:- 4 wire PT100 clamp-on 150mm probes.Temperature Range:- 0°C to +180°C.Power:- Battery powered.Option:- External datalogger.Replaceable Battery Life:- Approximately 6 years.Units:- Selectable, volume, Delta T, Hot and Cold temperature, Kwh Total,Instant energy.Output:- Pulse per Kwh, Pulse per m³.Programming:- No programming required- set and forget.to use
  7. 7. Sensor CoversDurable Nylon/PVCDraw string and Velcro fixing method forProcess 101 Current RecorderSuitable for 4-20mA recordingProgrammable engineering unitsReal time operationFree software (see below)-20 to +100mA rangePulse 101 Data LoggerInterfaces to pulse output flow metersand contact closuresUp to 100Hz inputReal time operationMiniature sizeThermocouple Recorder TC4000Accepts a variety of ThermocoupletypesInternal cold junction reference.Real time operationFree software (see below)Miniature sizeFree software (see below)10/1110 ComplementaryproductsAdd enhancedapplicationknowledge andmaximisein-service lifeThickness Gauge 8812Allows accurate wall thickness entryfor best results with clamp-on flow metersQuick and easy setup and calibrationease of mountingFIXEDUF3000/UF4000For “clean” liquidmonitoringTo suit pipes DN 13mm-5000mmMinimised uncertaintyOptimised reliabilityMinimal maintenanceEfficient regreasingEasy sensor mountingHighlights:The UF3000/UF4000 stands for continuity and long termreliability.This clamp-on flowmeter for liquids with its robustindustrial construction provides a quick, reliable and easymeans of measuring flow accurately - whatever theindustry. Adding the optional energy calculator turns theUF3000/UF4000 into a heat meter.Ultraflo 3000/4000User friendly Quickstart operating modeBi-directional accurate measurement over wide fluidvelocity range, 0.1m/s to 20m/sAutomatic compensation for velocity profile effectsof waterEnclosure:- Wall mountable. ABS housing with clear front panel and IP65 protection.Separate signal and power cable entry glands.User Controls:- Large 240 x 64 graphics LCD allows easy to read multi-line menus.Multi-function 15-key keypad permits intuitive option selections.Accuracy:- ±0.5% to ±3% depending on pipe size for flow rate >0.2m/s.Repeatability:- ±0.5% of measured value or ±0.02m/s whichever is greater.Outputs:- 1. Opto-isolated 4-20mA current output, max current 26mA into 620ohm max load.2. Pulse output – Programmable Pulse Width from 2ms – 500ms, or frequency pulse.3. Two programmable user alarms for high/low threshold triggering.Power Input:- 86V – 264V AC, 50/60Hz (standard), 24V AC or DC (optional).Transducers:- A-ST for pipe range 13mm – 115mm, pipe temperature -20°C to +135°C.B-ST for pipe range 50mm – 2000mm, pipe temperature -20°C to +135°C.D-Type for pipe range 1500mm – 5000mm pipe. Contact Micronics.Environmental:- Operating temperature range -20°C to +50°C.Storage temperature range -25°C to +75°C, Humidity 90% RH at 50°C max.All in one systemSecure operation – menus password protected10 user selectable languages including English,German, French, Spanish and Russian!Non invasive sensingChemicalsPetrochemicalsPower plantsWaterOil & GasSemi-conductorFood & BeveragesPharmaceuticalsIndustries:Optional Hi-Temp: -20°C to +200°C.
  8. 8. U1000+44 (0)1628 811622To suit pipes DN 13mm-5000mmMetered liquid flowrate and volumeEasy to installClamp-on sensorLower installed costthan in-line metersIndustries:FIXEDBuilding ServicesEnergy ManagementWater TreatmentChemicalPharmaceuticalPetrochemicalFoodRecommended for:Hot water < 85°CChilled waterPotable waterDemineralised water12/13The new alternative to cutting pipes andmechanical meters from Micronics,for simple, low cost flow measurementfromoutside thepipe!Ultraflo 1000The U1000 is an ultrasonic permanent/fixed clamp-on flowmetering solution for measuringpreset flow rate – l/m with avolume pulse output in litres and with a 4-20mA flow ratesignal, which can be used as a stand alone meter or as anintegral part of an aM&T or BEM’s system.Simple to install – clamp-on to the pipe, connect power andenter the pipe diameter, no specialist skills or tools required!A cost effective alternative to traditional in-line meterinstallation, plus dry servicing, providing minimum downtimeand maximum availability!Compact, rugged and reliable, the U1000 has been designedto provide sustained performance in industrial environments.U1000+44 (0)1628 811622Metered liquid flowrate and volumeApplication/use:Hot water metering and flowmeasurementFlow measurement forHeat MeteringChilled water metering andflow measurementFlow measurement for chilledwater energy meteringPotable water metering andflow measurementProcess water metering andflow measurementUltrapure water measurementU1000 SpecificationAccuracy:+/-1-3% of flow reading for >0.3m/sFlow Velocity Range:0.1 to 10m/s, bidirectionalPipe Range:50-150mm Nominal BoreWater Temp: Range:0°C to 85°CFlow Rate Output:Opto Isolated 4-20mAVolume Output:PulseOutputs preset to default condition based on Pipe Nominal BoreExternal Power supply:12V-24V +/- 10% AC/DC at 7 wattsElectronics enclosure:IP54Input/Output Cable:5m x 6 core for power in and data out
  9. 9. The U6000 stands for continuity and longterm reliability. Flow measurement can be doneanywhere and start-up is immediate.This clamp-on flowmeter for liquids with itsrobust industrial construction and regreasingconcept provides a revolutionary solution for easyhandling.The U6000 is manufactured according to theEuropean Directive 94/9 EC (ATEX 100a).These flowmeters are approved for installation anduse in hazardous classified locations of Zone 1 and 2 by thePTB and are in accordance with the European Standards of the EN500xx and the EN 60079-7 standard.14/15 FIXEDU6000For “clean” liquidmonitoringTo suit pipes DN 15mm-6000mmNon invasive sensingEEx, FM and CSAapprovalsSetup wizardChemicalsPetrochemicalsPower plantsWaterOil & GasSemi-conductorFood & BeveragesPharmaceuticalsIndustries:Minimised uncertaintyOptimised reliabilityMinimal maintenanceEfficient regreasingEasy sensor mountingInstallation wizardAll in one systemHighlights:Ultraflo 6000Enclosure:- Die-cast aluminium with polyurethane coating. Stainless steel option.Max. deviation (under reference conditions):- <± 1% of M.V. for DN 50 mm / 2", v >0.5 m/s / 1.5 ft/s. <± 3% of M.V. for DN < 50 mm / 2", v > 0.5 m/s / 1.5 ft/s.Measuring range:- 0…20 m/s / 0…66 ft/s.Process Temp:- -40…120°C / -40…284°F. High temp option -50…200°C / -58…392°F.Communication:- Current, pulse & status output. HART® communication, control input.IP rating:- IP66/IP67Mounting area:- 10 diameters inlet, 5 diameters outletRepeatability:- <± 0.2%Protection ATEX:- EEx - zone 1/2 compliant, FM - Class I DIV 1/2, CSA - Class I DIV 1/2.Intrinsically safe Ex-I.Pipe size:- (DN15…DN6000 / ½"…160") depending on flow sensor.Power supply:- Standard 100…230 VAC (-15/+10%), 50/60 Hz/ Option: 24 VAC/DCHuman machine interface:- Infra red touchscreen setup.Languages:- English, French, GermanSolid content:- less than 5%.Gas content:- less than 2%.Flexible ultrasonic flowmeter solutionRobust industrial clamp-on constructionImmediate start-upReliable measurementAll in one conceptEEx - zone 1/2Flow direction (forward or reverse)Totalisation of volume flowReliability of flow measurement, Quality of acoustic signalCE approvedContinuous measurement of actual volume flow rate, flowvelocity, velocity of sound, damping of acoustic signal, signalto noise ratio
  10. 10. HEAT METERCalecSTCalculates energyuseTemp. sensors areclamp-on or insertedUsed in conjunctionwith a flow meterClamp-on Ultrasonictechnology can besuccessfullyimplemented as acost effectivesolution to improveenergy measurementand management.Complementary ProductsGo to page 3 to seehow you studies!Energy - AND MONEY!Sensor probes:- 4 wire PT100 clamp-on 150mm/ 2 wire PT500 insertion.Power:- Mains 240VAC/24VDC/Battery (6 year life).Options:- MBUS central hub with GSM/Ethernet for up to 240 CalecSTs .Output options:- Pulse / Pulse with Mbus / 4-20mA / LONUnits:- Selectable, volume, Delta T, Hot and Cold temperature, Kwh Total,Instant energy.Programming:- No programming required- set and forget.CalecST Heat MeterAllows accurate energy calculations - used inconjunction with a flow meterQuick and easy setup16*TheU2000hassincebeenupdatedtotheU3000,seepage12/13fordetails.POWERINDUSTRY2/13fordetails.CASESTUDIESEnvironmentalTreatment ConceptsEnvironmental Treatment Conceptsuse Micronics Clamp-On Flow & HeatMeasurement in Sustainable WaterTreatment projects.17Demonstrating the benefits includingimprovements in the potential performance andenergy savings from the retrofit installation ofSustainable Water Treatment to existing buildingservices is a major factor in the take-up and casefor investment. And being able to demonstratewhat’s flowing where, not flowing or even flowingbackwards can go a long way to establishingconfidence with potential customers that yourcompany knows what its doing!Surveying existing large-scale heating and HWSinstallations to establish a basis for installingimprovements can be a daunting task andEnvironmental Treatment Concepts (ETC)www.electronicdescaler.com have found that thePF330 portable clamp-on flow and heat-meterfrom Micronics www.micronicsflowmeters.comis an ideal tool for the job.Established in 1989 ETC has helped manycommercial and industrial clients save thousandsof pounds with their Effective Physical WaterTreatment. Water that is naturally hard, as in70% of the UK contains dissolved calcium andother minerals and their effect on pipe work andwater systems can be disastrous includingreducing heat exchanger energy efficiency byup-to 40% due to lime scale build-up. TheMicronics products are used to demonstrate howbad the performance is before installation and theimprovements in efficiency following installationwith LTHW pipe sizes ranging from circa 2 to 18inches. The ETC products prevent new andreduce existing lime scale, water flow rate is akey factor in the process and the PF330 providesthe essential information for assessment andtimeframes for improvement.Having considered various suppliers ETC selectedthe Micronics – PF330 - Time of Flight - portableflow instrument plus heat-meter data-logger.Portable Clamp-On Ultrasonic flow measurementhas clear advantages for survey work andMicronics were selected as the supplier due to acombination of their long-term experience withnon-invasive, Clamp-On technology, productperformance and pre-order assistance.ETC Technical Services Manager - Simon Elliotsays “The PF330 has proved to be a great tool toundertake plant surveys including identification ofcirculation shortfalls, even pumps goingbackwards. It provides a real insight into what’sgoing on, like having X-ray vision. And it’s also avaluable tool for demonstrating how well ourinstallations work to improve performance andreduce energy consumption. The Micronicswebsite and pre-order support was good and theproducts are simple to use. We’ve got a lot ofPublic sector – MOD and Hospital installationswith very old pipe work where we’ve been pleasedwith the product performance and the ongoingservice support has been there when we’veneeded it.”
  11. 11. PORTABLESPF D550For “dirty” liquidmonitoringTo suit pipes DN 13mm-4500mmOn board data loggerand softwareNon invasive sensingPortable and Easy touse18PF D550PORTABPF D550For “dirty” limonitoringTo suit pipe4500mmOn board daand softwarNon invasivePortable anuse818PF D550For part filled pipeand open channelmonitoringBuilt in displayLong term data-logging capabilityPortable and Easyto useStreamlined sensorfor invasivemeasurementSensormounting19+44 (0)1628 811622PORTABLESPF LV550PF LV550 Portable Level-Velocity Logger
  12. 12. *NowsupersededbyPFD550,seepage18fordetails.WATERINDUSTRYCASESTUDIESLodge Conttrell20Lodge Cottrell use Micronics PF330 -Portable Clamp - on Flow Meter tosubstantially reduce commissioning timeand fixed installation costs on large scalepollution control plant for coal fired boilers.Lodge Cottrell is a world-leading supplier oflarge-scale industrial air pollution controlequipment. On a project carried out during2010 they had a requirement to processthe ash extracted from their boiler flue gastreatment system by mixing this withwater to form slurry suitable for disposal.The ash is extracted from the flue gasusing an Electrostatic Precipitator with theash collecting in hoppers, which havevarying fill rates determined by theextraction process. These hoppers thenfeed through to mixers where a specificwater flow rate is required to achieve thetarget slurry consistency from the plant.The plant has 32 water lines with pipesizes ranging from 18 to 1 inch diameterpipe and the Micronics Portaflo meterswere used to accurately measure thewater flow rate for the set-up of eachmixer section.The alternative to using the portable meterwould have been 32 fixed metering pointsand as a consequence the use of theportable, clamp-on solution generatedsubstantial benefits in terms of reducedcommissioning time - labour and fixedmetering point costs, plus the addedadvantage that the PF330 can beutilised again on other sites withsimilar requirements.Having considered various suppliers LodgeCottrell selected the Micronics - PortafloPF330 - Time of Flight - portable flowinstrument. Portable clamp-on Ultrasonicflow measurement has clear advantagesfor commissioning/set-up work andMicronics were selected as the supplierdue to a combination of their long-termexperience with non-invasive, clamp-ontechnology, product performance andbest value.Project Manager Nigel Dolphin says “ThePortaflo PF330 has proved to be a valuabletool for commissioning of the plant waterflow lines with considerable time and costbenefits over alternative fixed in-linemetering points. The PF330 was simpleto set-up/use and the flow measurementperformance was good. The product hasworked well and the customer service andtechnical support from Micronics has alsobeen good.”The potential for re-use by Lodge Cottrellon other plant installations with similarrequirements is significant and the projecthas demonstrated the clear benefitsavailable from using portable, clamp-on,ultrasonic flow metering for temporaryflow measurement requirements suchas commissioning and set-up of waterflow lines.NowsupersededbyPFD550,seepage18fordetails.YFIXEDUF D5000For “dirty” liquidmonitoringTo suit pipes DN 13mm-4500mmNon invasive sensingEasy to use21up to -UF D5000Suitable for most contaminated fluid flows150 C.
  13. 13. FIXEDUF AV5000For part filled pipeand open channelmonitoring2 million point loggeroption and softwareStreamlined sensorfor invasivemeasurementEasy to useSensormounting22+44 (0)1628 811622Measure and Log -Talk to us aboutthe ideal packagefor you.UF AV5000 Area-Velocity Flow Meter3Velocity:FIXEDUF OC5000For open channelmonitoringVersatile choice ofchannel typesEasy to use23Use with Flumes,Weirs, V notchesCmUF OC5000 Open Channel Flow Monitor
  14. 14. MANCHESTERUNIVERSITYCASE STUDY24BUILDINGSERVICESThe University of Manchester’s EnergyManagement and Building Services team haveinstalled 15 Micronics Heat Meters,utilisingMicronics UF2000 Clamp-on, Ultrasonicflow meters as part of their ongoing energymanagement programme.The University’s heating requirement includingLTHW and MTHW is supplied from sharedEnergy Centres and distributed via a steelpipe network, ranging in size from 200 to300mm. To comply with current legislationand implement the University’s best practiceenergy management programme, the campusis monitored and managed by Energy CostCentres with Display Energy Certificatesrequired for all areas >1000 M2and theUniversity has to account for 90% of theenergy flow from the Energy Centres.Implementing the installation of Heat Metersin an existing distribution network of 200 to300 mm pipe-work would be a major taskusing in-line meters, which led ChrisCunningham, Assistant Mechanical andEnergy Engineer and the team to specifyClamp-on Ultrasonic Flow Measurement.Chris says “After considering the variousoptions Clamp-on Ultrasonic FlowMeasurement was clearly the most cost-effective and least disruptive solution formeasuring flow in our distribution network.In-line meters would have been moreexpensive and very disruptive requiringsystem drain-down and cutting pipe work”.The meters provide 1/2 hour consumptiondata, which is supplied for analysis via theUniversity’s data concentrators and campusEthernet network, providing energyconsumption data for 24hr Laboratories,Conference and Teaching blocks.Micronics were selected as the supplier dueto the University’s previous experience usingthe Micronics Portaflow, Portable Ultrasonic,Clamp-on Flow Meter. A combination ofMicronics profile in the market, long-termexperience with Ultrasonic Clamp-ontechnology plus competitive pricing andproduct performance i.e. best value!Chris has been pleased with the performanceof the Micronics products and says the preand post orderservice supporthas also beengood, however,he feels therequirementfor annualcalibration andthe associatedcosts is an area, which requiresfurther consideration. The project has been asuccess and there are future plans to use thesame technology on the University’s chilledwater circuits.The project has demonstrated how Clamp-on - Ultrasonic technology can be successfullyimplemented as a cost-effective, minimaldisruption solution to provide heat energymeasurement and the potential for replicationon similar campus sites is significant.Micronics Clamp-On Ultrasonic water metersprovide flow measurement for Heat Meteringat University of ManchesterBUILDINGSERVICESMicronics the leading UK manufacturer ofclamp-on,ultrasonic flow metering products forportable and fixed applications has beenassessed and recognised by the CharteredInstitute of Building Services (CIBSE) as a CPD(Continuous Professional Development)Course Provider.The potential for greater use of clamp-on,ultrasonic flow measurement within the BuildingServices sector for new and refurbishmentprojects is significant with both cost andoperational benefits. Micronics is working toincrease greater awareness amongst BuildingServices professionals and their CPD course- Clamp-on Fixed, Ultrasonic Flow Measurementfor Building Services & Energy Management hasbeen positively assessed by CIBSE leading torecognition for Micronics as a provider of CPDcourses recognized by the institute.Course attendance will be accepted by CIBSE asa valid CPD contribution for engineers as part oftheir ongoing development. If you would like furtherClamp-on, ultrasonic flow metering, an on-siteinformation on demonstration of the technologyfor your specific application or would like to arrangea CPD presentation for your organisation pleasevisit www.micronicsflowmeters.com .PRESSSTUDIESCIBSE recognise Micronics asa CPD Course ProviderCIBSEACCREDITATIONS25
  15. 15. INLINEENERGYMETERSCF-ECHONo moving parts-Ultrasonic technologyTo suit pipes DN15mm-50mmMains or battery26Integral-V MaXX Compact HeatMeterFlow range - 6 I/h up to 3.75m /hPipe range - DN15 up to DN20Optional Output Connections for M-bus and pulse- G /4A or G1APipe Connections3Class C Flowmeter acc. EN 1434-13- DN15 and DN20Pipe Sizes- 0.6m /h to 2.5m /h dependant on sizeNominal Flow Range Qp 3 3- 1.5m /h to 3.75m /h dependant on sizeMaximum Flow Range 3 3- 6I/h to 25I/h dependant on sizeMinimum Flow Range- PN16Nominal Pressure- 3.6V Lithium Battery (1O Years Typical)Power Supply- PT100 2 wire with 1.2m coiled cableTemperature Sensors- Optional Output Connections with pulse or M-bus output and option to connectOutputs- 20 C....90 CTemperature Range o oup to 4 external water metersUltrasonic Compact Heat MeterHigh metrologyAdvanced functionsEase of installationEasy readingPre-equipped for communication Ultrasonic technology - no moving partsCF ECHO IIApplicationsHeating and Combined, return and supply positioning, horizontal or vertical.BenefitsUltrasonic Compact Heat MeterItron inc all rights reservedItron inc all rights reservedINLINEWATERMETERSPipe Sizes15-200mmHot + ColdWater27Hot & Cold Water MetersFlow range - 30 I/h up to 3000m /hPipe range - DN15 up to DN200For Cold (30 C) or Hot (90 C) water3Screwed or Flanged pipe connections dependant on sizeHermetically Sealed Counter- DN15 and DN200Pipe Sizes- 1.5m /h to 1500m /h dependant on sizeNominal Flow Range Qn 3 3- 3m /h to 3000m /h dependant on sizeMaximum Flow Range 3 3- 30I/h to 45m /h dependant on sizeMinimum Flow Range- PN16Nominal Pressure- Large, easy to read, hermetically sealedDial- WRAS approved productApprovals- Epoxy Powder CoatedBody- 30 C - Cold, 90 C - hotTemperature Range o oo oFor horizontal installationPulse output for connection to pulse counter, heat calculator orBMS System3US BR473 Ultrasonic FlowmeterFlow range - 250 I/h up to 120m /hPipe range - DN65 up to DN100Selectable pulse values3Horizontal or vertical mountingUse with heat calculator or stand-alone with Pulsbox power supplyMID 2004/22/Ec module B + DClass 2.0 acc. EN1434- Flagged connectionsPipe Connections- DN65 and DN100Pipe Sizes- 25m /h to 60m /h dependant on sizeNominal Flow Range Qp 3 3- 50m /h to 120m /h dependant on sizeMaximum Flow Range 3 3- 250I/h to 600I/h dependant on sizeMinimum Flow Range- PN25Nominal Pressure- 3.0.....5.5 Vdc powred by heat calculator or PulsboxPower Supply- Open collector pulse output, max. Voltage 30 Vdc, polarity dependantOutputs- 5 C....150 CTemperature Range o oItron inc all rights reservedItron inc all rights reserved
  16. 16. Micronics surveys have provided useful informationand an insight into whats flowing where, wevemade a start but we will need to continue withfurther investigations over a longer term to realisethe benefits.The project has demonstrated the benefits ofPortable Clamp-On Ultrasonic flow measurementand that the option to hire or purchase a servicewith the necessary expertise for projects of thistype is a viable alternative to product purchase.RICOH ARENACASE STUDY28BUILDINGSERVICESArena Coventry Limited, a total facilitiesmanagement company, which manages all thefacilities at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry, hasreduced water consumption and achievedsignificant cost savings. The company’s originalinvestment in Micronics meters was a HeatMeter installed in 2008 to establish and monitorthe energy costs associated with undergroundheating of the pitch. This was a success andfollowing a later meeting with Seven Trent,triggered by a reduction in water consumption,the valuable information gained and clarificationthat the water used for the pitch heating doesnot go to sewage led to a reduction in watercharges.Energy management to reduce consumption andcosts are a key function of Alan Pickering’s roleas the Ricoh Arena’s Deputy Facilities and EnergyManager. He said “water consumption isa big issue on the site, which led us to invest inthe installation of three Micronics Ultraflo 2000,Clamp-On Flow-Meters in 2009, which weuse with an on-site Monitoring and Targetingsystem to manage the significant waterconsumption onthe site.”The three meterswere supplied andinstalled by Micronics,and provide individualhalf-hour consumptiondata for the north concourse, arena and southernconcourse areas, Within three weeks ofinstallation, the investment identified intermittentcontinuous flushing periods of some WCs in thesouthern concourse area, which when remediedreduced the site water consumption by 50%providing a payback of one month!In addition to the above, Micronics meters havealso been installed in the new Exhibition Hall toprovide consumption data for automatic billing ofwater consumption for this area, which is sharedbetween the on-site G Casino and the RicohArena.Having considered various measurementalternatives, Clamp-On Ultrasonic meters wereselected due to the installation and maintenance/service benefits associated with the non-invasivetechnology including low cost and minimumdisruption installation with no system drain downrequired plus dry maintenance and service. AndMicronics were selected as the supplier dueto Alan’s previous experience with them and acombination of their long-term experience withClamp-On technology; competitive pricing andproduct performance i.e. best value!Micronics’ Clamp-On Flow Meters in conjuctionwith Alan’s effective use of the on-site Monitoringand Targeting system has delivered a significantreduction in water consumption and reducedoverall costs by 50%! He has been very pleasedwith the performance of the Micronics productsand says the pre and post order service supporthas also been very good.Alan believes there is significant potential forongoing savings on-site and the project hasdemonstrated how Clamp-On - Ultrasonictechnology can be successfully implemented asa cost-effective solution to improve heat energymeasurement and water management on similarsites.Micronics Clamp-On Ultrasonic water metersprovide flow measurement for pitch heating,water management and billing at the RicohArena and water costs are reduced by 50%Micronics has a wealth ofexperience hiring manytypes of equipment,especially our own.Remember that when youhire Micronics equipment,you are dealing with themanufacturer with all thebenefits that brings.We have a large stock ofhire equipment on the shelfand ready to go at any time.Do you need an equipmentexpert on site? 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