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Xerox Communication and Business Process Outsourcing Services
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Xerox Communication and Business Process Outsourcing Services


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Communication and Business Process Outsourcing Services Xerox Global Services Communication and Business Process Outsourcing Accelerate your business by transforming communications and information processes
  • 2. The freedom to grow, the knowledge to succeed. The challenge for most organizations is that the design and management of information-driven processes is not their core expertise. At Xerox Global Services, it’s what we do best. That’s why partnering with us to improve those processes makes sense. Much is said about the digital age, but the truth But the real gains lie in the opportunity to Everything we do is about leveraging the is that many organizations are still highly fundamentally redesign your processes to information that drives your organization, reliant on paper. Paper documents are leverage information contained in both digital transforming paper into digital, streamlining expensive and environmentally unfriendly to and paper documents—whether they are and accelerating processes and managing it produce, difficult to manage, costly to store and invoices, customer applications and more effectively. It’s our core business. So when transport, hard to re-use and impossible to correspondence or customer responses to you outsource to us one or more of your integrate. The information they contain is marketing campaigns. Redesigning your business process areas—such as invoicing, valuable, but to transform it into a driving force processes around the optimum flow of application processing or customer for business improvement, you have to convert information can have dramatic effects on the communication—we have the resources and it from paper to digital. speed and efficiency with which you can know-how to make them more flexible, faster, achieve your organizational goals. Capturing, substantially more cost-effective and As soon as you digitize information, the rules analyzing and leveraging critical consumer and environmentally sustainable. change and massive opportunities arise to partner data can enable you to more effectively make noticeable improvements in efficiency, And it’s not just about process efficiency. communicate with your customers, enhancing cost and the environment. Storing, finding, As information experts, we can also help you their experience with your company and accessing, distributing, managing and re-using improve the quality of your content for clearer building brand loyalty. information becomes easier and less wasteful. communications targeted at the right audience using the most appropriate communication methods and channels. With more efficient, flexible processes and more relevant and powerful communications, you’ll be able to support the growth underlying your organization’s success. 2
  • 3. Whatever the industry… We can organize and centralize your product • usiness process re-engineering and B knowledge, and manage every aspect of your outsourcing—we digitize and streamline For years, our services have been freeing large product documentation, including design, any document-centric process from enterprises from the costs and constraints of authoring, localization, production and customer-facing to back-office and managing non-core business functions, helping distribution. The results are more informed take responsibility for managing this them focus more fully on activities that give sales and service people, a better customer moving forward. them a competitive edge. Whatever your experience and cost savings that often industry challenges—focusing on customer • ocalization and translation—we ensure L exceed 20%. retention or on cross-selling services— that your documents work everywhere. we’ll take care of the information- and And we can streamline your key back-office • ocument supply-chain management—we D communication-centric processes that functions, such as accounts payable, handle all aspects of your document supply enable you to achieve your strategic goals. travel and expense reporting, HR records chain as an outsourced service. management and end-to-end document Faced with critical document supply-chain management. …we deliver challenges… And complex business Everything Xerox Global Services delivers is Every service in our portfolio has been requirements… tailored to the precise business needs of our specifically created to eliminate the waste individual clients. But although every client is and inefficiency that make traditional Our services encompass all aspects of different, one thing always stays the same: paper-based processes both commercially content creation, transaction processing everything we do is supported by Service and environmentally unsustainable. and management. Level Agreements, proven methodologies and We can optimize all of your customer account • ata analytics, communication engineering D globally consistent processes, all delivered by processes, including new customer application and document design—understanding your best-in-class capabilities. processing, mortgage processing, customer target audience, we specify the appropriate lifecycle information management and content, design, format and channels for any correspondence, reducing the time it takes to form of customer communication. open an account or process an application by up to 50%. 3
  • 4. Sharpen your competitive edge through superior customer service and faster responses. You are judged each time you interact with a customer. So whether you’re a small, medium, large or global organization, it’s absolutely essential to get it right. How much does it cost you to acquire customers? Once you’ve made that investment, can you keep them? Can you gain a larger share of their wallet? 4
  • 5. A key to pleasing customers is timely, relevant, Enterprise Marketing accurate communications. Independent Create powerful, personalized marketing Case Study research conducted in 2008 for Xerox found communications, based on the profiles, that 90% of those surveyed believe they can Transforming customer service at known preferences and behaviors grow sales and improve customer loyalty with Co-operative Financial Services (CFS) of your customers. more targeted messaging and communication. • Capitalize on valuable cross-selling CFS was receiving over 10,000 pieces of One of the biggest challenges to effective printed, e-mailed, faxed and handwritten opportunities. customer interaction is the integration of customer correspondence per day, but customer data with communication processes. • Target your customer communications the processes for reading, responding to If you can’t capture, store, retrieve and leverage more precisely for greater returns. and filing were wholly manual, resulting customer information, targeted marketing is • Capture incremental business more easily. in poor quality customer service, which all but impossible. It’s much harder to create in turn impacted customer satisfaction efficient workflows where customer-specific Customer Onboarding and and retention. events (such as the end of a policy term) Application Processing automatically trigger the appropriate response Working with CFS, Xerox Global Services Streamline your organization’s business implemented a fully automated (a renewal reminder). processes by digitally receiving, reviewing e-mailroom which efficiently processes Another major challenge is paperwork. This and approving applications in a fully and catalogs all inbound insurance and is true regardless of your industry. Dealing outsourced service. retail banking correspondence. with proof of identity, processing account • Speed up account approval processes. Customer service is now more applications, creating and sending fulfillment proactive. We enabled a same day packs, managing inbound and outbound • Reduce the time it takes to generate revenue turnaround of insurance claim communication—it all adds up to a flood of from new accounts. settlements in comparison with a information and documents that can put a • Give your call center and customer service previous resolution time of seven days. real strain on your organization. staff instant access to the documents they Key customer documents are no longer need to manage customer inquiries. mislaid and significant operational cost How Xerox can help savings resulted from a reduction in We’ll help you use digitized document Customer Servicing the number of calls to the service desk processes to reduce the cost and complexity of D igitize, index and store all your customer and fewer employees actively handling customer-related, document-driven processes. documentation for easy processing, correspondence. We’ll open up access to your customer management and retrieval through the data and help you use it to engineer more “We’ve moved rapidly from working on a entire customer lifecycle. automated processes and more targeted ‘best endeavors’ basis to delivering a • Integrate all customer communications, market-leading service—and we communications. All types of transactions regardless of media, in a single digital regularly exceed our own targets.” and customer interaction become faster and repository or CRM system. more manageable. You’ll be able to service Dick Parkhouse your customers more promptly and efficiently, • Manage the entire customer file Managing Director, Retail enhance your reputation, reduce costs electronically from the moment the Co-operative Financial Services and respond to emerging opportunities account is opened to the day it closes. more effectively. • Respond to inquiries and resolve disputes faster and more accurately. 5
  • 6. Shorten your time to market with more efficient product information management. Business is tough for organizations faced with the globalization of operations and markets. Supply and distribution chains are growing in complexity, staff are more distributed and your success depends on being more innovative, more efficient and faster to market than the ever-growing competition. 6
  • 7. Don’t underestimate either the extent to which Product Documentation product knowledge and documentation can slow down and inflate the cost of getting your Enable faster time to market for your products Case Study through streamlined documentation processes. products and services to market or the effect We turned a document challenge into a that poor documentation can have on service • Efficient design, content creation and competitive advantage for a leading delivery and on customer satisfaction with your digital storage services enable clear product global technology manufacturer. products and services. documentation and content re-use. In its ongoing challenge to reduce costs, Multiple authors (technical writers, product • Support global and local requirements the firm decided to work with us to development engineers, marketing, sales) with multilingual service, sales and review how it managed documentation and multiple users (customer service, help marketing materials. development of its 200 user guides desk, suppliers, OEMs and customers) make it published in 26 languages. • Enable multi-channel publishing of even more difficult to get it right. Standalone information from a single source. Our first task was to assess current document production systems, siloed content product documentation processes, and the use of multiple agencies can all Product Training including content development and fragment the product documentation lifecycle, Ensure successful product launches by print production. We developed a adding complexity, cost and time. delivering relevant information at the point single-source print, authoring and And that’s before you consider the content. of need. translation process, which has delivered Are its structure, language, tone, layout and guaranteed savings of over 10% on • eploy content that exactly matches the D localization consistent and capable of print production in year one and latest configuration of your product. best representing you, your products and savings of approximately 25% in your brand? • eliver up-to-date product training D authoring and translation costs. information in language and format to How Xerox can help meet your audience’s needs. “…we chose a strategic partner whose upgradeable solutions suited our current We can offer you better quality documents, Service and Repair Manuals requirements… Xerox, as a globally with shorter production times, at lower unit L ower service response times and call center operating services provider, will be cost. We’ll help you engineer the way your volumes through streamlined delivery of able to meet future challenges of information is presented, actually reducing the information. editorial and printing work for our number of documents you need and increasing documentation.” their relevance. We’ll implement a seamless • Improve repair rates through clear and workflow across all your product information concise manuals with up-to-date materials. Senior Director Marketing processes, cutting the hassles, costs and brand Fujitsu Technology Solutions risks of working with multiple agencies and • Eliminate redundancy and high inventory complex supply chains. costs through print-on-demand and multi-channel delivery. From just-in-time document production to translation and localization services, you’ll • Provide consistent accurate information in see savings and simplification. Above all, multiple languages and formats. you’ll get your products to market faster and Technical Service Bulletins more easily, knowing that the associated documentation will enhance your salespeople’s Enable immediate delivery of vital information effectiveness, your service people’s efficiency to your dispersed workforce. and customers’ satisfaction. • Provide timely deployment of key information to all your channels and partners. • Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. 7
  • 8. Eliminate the siloed costs within your back-office functions. The cost of administrative and financial functions in your back-office—HR, accounts payable, facilities, legal, purchasing—can be overlooked. Organizations generally do not measure the costs of the manual, paper-based processes that these functions typically rely on—even in the most efficient organizations. 8
  • 9. Depending on the size of your organization, Invoice, Travel and siloed back-office processes can cost millions Expense Processing every year. Misfiled documents make it difficult Case Study to expedite and resolve customer disputes. A digital workflow and fully indexed We helped the UK Department for Manual matching of orders, invoices and document repository allow immediate Work and Pensions meet stringent delivery notes delays the payment process. cross-referencing of account documents efficiency targets. Incomplete management of information with your transaction data. Like all government departments, the leads to inappropriate inventory levels and a • atch invoices to POs and delivery M UK’s Department for Work and Pensions failure to exploit volume discounts. And audits receipts electronically. (DWP) faces increasingly vigilant are inevitably difficult and expensive, making • treamline back-office operations and S reviews of its services and spending. compliance even harder in today’s increasingly improve day sales and payables outstanding. As the country’s largest national regulated business environment. government department, it was suffering This is compounded by a lack of centralization. Document Supply major inefficiencies from fragmented Departments doing their own thing, engaging Chain Management document-related services across more multiple suppliers for document production than 1,000 offices. A fully outsourced service that manages and add to the cost and inefficiency. improves your entire document supply chain. Xerox was tasked with providing How Xerox can help • Improve efficiency with a single point of an integrated service management contact for all document, design, creation, infrastructure for all the DWP’s core print Xerox Global Services automates your production, finishing and distribution. and related requirements. We created administrative and financial processes by iON, an association of leading suppliers, digitizing, indexing, categorizing, sorting, • Realize significant improvements in and set up a dedicated contact center routing and streamlining the flow of document quality, security and compliance. and central warehouse from which all documents, and integrating them with your existing ERP system. Employee Onboarding document-related components can and Communications be ordered and shipped. For the first With more efficient back-office processes, time, all business print and marketing your staff can spend less time searching for Reduce process cycle time and the cost materials, stationery and reprographics documents and more time improving service of managing documents throughout the are available to DWP staff through a and profitability. By transforming your back- employee lifecycle. single point of contact and via the office documents and giving your staff easy, government’s e-procurement exchange. • igitally capture and manage in- D Web-based access to all the information they The contract will deliver substantial and out-bound HR documents. need to accelerate their workflows and reduce overall savings to the DWP. errors, we deliver real savings and increased • Secure, compliant, confidential efficiency for a leaner, more agile business. processing and routing of HR documents “Xerox will help us to deliver better through an efficient, centralized records products, better services and be part By choosing us to help you manage your most of a major transformation of the way management service. complex litigation and regulatory matters, we do business with our customers.” we provide you with expertise you can rely Litigation Services David Smith on, a scalable and secure platform and a Mitigate complex discovery and litigation risks Commercial Director, defensible process. with established processes and protocols. Department for Work and Pensions • Xerox’s technology is configurable to meet your litigation needs. • Utilize a defensible process throughout the case lifecycle. 9
  • 10. Delivering excellence in every corner of the world. Businesses around the world rely on us every day to engineer, create, process and manage documents on their behalf, delivering excellence in every corner of the world. By working with us, you can redeploy your internal resources and focus more clearly on achieving your strategic business goals. 10
  • 11. The facts to back it up You can have it all • More than 15,000 professionals work in our Our services raise the bar on what you can “Xerox has developed a strong global services group, with 90% of them dedicated expect from an outsourcing partner: delivery capability. Xerox has deployed to front-line delivery. document management centers in • Efficient, central processing and local Europe, the US, and Asia... [and has] • e have more than 30 Service Delivery W support with a personal touch. complete offerings for invoice Centers around the globe, with local “spoke” • Security, quality and speed. processing, expense management operations extending to customer facilities. • Consistency and flexibility. and account opening.” • e offer consistent, global Service Level W Agreements across a fully integrated • Higher quality and shrinking costs. “Market Overview: Document onshore and offshore delivery capability. Processing Services,” Forrester Passionate about excellence • All of our primary locations are compliant Research, Inc., April 2008. At Xerox Global Services, we are passionate with ISO9001, ISO27001 and SAS70 about delivery excellence. Time and again we standards. exceed our customers’ expectations with a • We process more than 15 million business- smooth, risk-free transition and transformation critical images every week and our of their document-driven operations. Find translation services support more than out how we can do the same for you. Contact 50 languages. your Xerox Representative or visit us at • e use Lean Six Sigma-based W methodologies to reduce costs, process variability and waste. • Year-in and year-out, we commit a significant percentage of revenue to research and development on your behalf. Service Delivery Locations 11
  • 12. About Xerox Global Services. Xerox Global Services is a world leader in document outsourcing services with industry expertise that helps you reduce costs, achieve operational excellence and grow revenue. Our unique combination of experience, technology and delivery capabilities enable integration, transformation and continuous innovation of your office environment, centralized print production, and communication and business processes. We deliver excellence in every corner of the world—locally, nationally, globally. To learn more about how Xerox Global Services can help you, contact your Xerox Representative or visit us at Savings highlighted in this brochure (including the case studies) are unique to each company and should not be relied upon for savings you may achieve. ©2009 Xerox Corporation. All rights reserved. Xerox® and the sphere of connectivity design are trademarks of Xerox Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. 09/09