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World Headquarters Cincinnati, Ohio Welcome
World Headquarters Cincinnati, Ohio Welcome
World Headquarters Cincinnati, Ohio Welcome
World Headquarters Cincinnati, Ohio Welcome
World Headquarters Cincinnati, Ohio Welcome
World Headquarters Cincinnati, Ohio Welcome
World Headquarters Cincinnati, Ohio Welcome
World Headquarters Cincinnati, Ohio Welcome
World Headquarters Cincinnati, Ohio Welcome
World Headquarters Cincinnati, Ohio Welcome
World Headquarters Cincinnati, Ohio Welcome
World Headquarters Cincinnati, Ohio Welcome
World Headquarters Cincinnati, Ohio Welcome
World Headquarters Cincinnati, Ohio Welcome
World Headquarters Cincinnati, Ohio Welcome
World Headquarters Cincinnati, Ohio Welcome
World Headquarters Cincinnati, Ohio Welcome
World Headquarters Cincinnati, Ohio Welcome
World Headquarters Cincinnati, Ohio Welcome
World Headquarters Cincinnati, Ohio Welcome
World Headquarters Cincinnati, Ohio Welcome
World Headquarters Cincinnati, Ohio Welcome
World Headquarters Cincinnati, Ohio Welcome
World Headquarters Cincinnati, Ohio Welcome
World Headquarters Cincinnati, Ohio Welcome
World Headquarters Cincinnati, Ohio Welcome
World Headquarters Cincinnati, Ohio Welcome
World Headquarters Cincinnati, Ohio Welcome
World Headquarters Cincinnati, Ohio Welcome
World Headquarters Cincinnati, Ohio Welcome
World Headquarters Cincinnati, Ohio Welcome
World Headquarters Cincinnati, Ohio Welcome
World Headquarters Cincinnati, Ohio Welcome
World Headquarters Cincinnati, Ohio Welcome
World Headquarters Cincinnati, Ohio Welcome
World Headquarters Cincinnati, Ohio Welcome
World Headquarters Cincinnati, Ohio Welcome
World Headquarters Cincinnati, Ohio Welcome
World Headquarters Cincinnati, Ohio Welcome
World Headquarters Cincinnati, Ohio Welcome
World Headquarters Cincinnati, Ohio Welcome
World Headquarters Cincinnati, Ohio Welcome
World Headquarters Cincinnati, Ohio Welcome
World Headquarters Cincinnati, Ohio Welcome
World Headquarters Cincinnati, Ohio Welcome
World Headquarters Cincinnati, Ohio Welcome
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World Headquarters Cincinnati, Ohio Welcome


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1 NOTE: This commentary is mean as an educational/training tool for Cincom’s internal sales force. It is not to be used word-for-word with a prospect or anyone external to Cincom. Commentary: One of the biggest challenges we’ve had for those of us who’ve been here a long is explaining “What is Cincom” or “Who is Cincom.” We’re not just a one-horse company; there are a lot of things that are involved in “Cincom.” But just how do you put that message together?   A couple of points before we begin. First: Before giving any presentation, know your prospect. Know why your particular solution is going to be value to them. Ask yourself: How can I solve a problem they have? That’s why they want you there. So make sure that you know what their issues are and how Cincom can help.   Second: Understand the objectives of the meeting . Make sure going in that you know whether this meeting is to get permission to meet the other executives, or whether you’re there to validate a proposal you’ve been working on for the past 6-month together. Make sure you understand the objectives of the meeting.   Third: Talk at a “business solutions” level . That’s why the executives are there. They have a problem and you need to convenience them you can solve it. So talk about business solutions at the executive-level.   Fourth: Be careful of addressing a multi level audience . If you have executives, along with technical people and perhaps even administrative people in there, they all have different objectives and needs, not to mention a different knowledge base. It may be worthwhile to split a presentation into a couple of groups so you can address their needs individually. In any event, the mix of the audience is an important thing to know.   Finally, present a professional appearance - in your voice, in your presentation, in your personal appearance. You are representing this company; as far as that customer is concerned, you ARE Cincom. I know many times, business casual is ok in different parts of the country or in various industries, but it never hurts to have a suit on when you’re presenting.   So with that in mind what I would like to do is try to educate you a little bit about Cincom. Bringing new people into this company is what has kept this company growing year after year. So it’s important that we get you to understand the company, our culture, our customers, our products; understand what the business issues are.   I’ve often used the phrase that “we’re the most successful software company you’ve never heard of.” Now that’s not something I’m proud of, but it is a reality. In interviews, many of you have said to me, “I’ve never heard of your company”. But now you’re all here because of what you learned and how you got excited about our offerings. Well, it’s not unusual for a prospect not to know our company, as well. If you remember that there are 40,000 software and services companies around the world, the fact that they don’t know who Cincom is may not be so unusual. But you should remind them we’re among the top 1% of all those companies worldwide. That should get their attention.
  • Now I’d like to tell you a little about Cincom. I’ll start with our Mission Statement. We’ve had this statement for about the last 15 years. It’s not something that we just put together for this presentation. This is something we’ve tried to live by for the entire history of our company. There are a couple of key words here I want you to look at. Look at the first paragraph which states that we are going to deliver and support high quality business solutions . That’s what Cincom is involved in: Business Solutions. It says delivering support, it doesn’t necessarily say we will develop every piece of software that we bring to the market. Because often we go out and find too technology, bring it in, integrate it with other technology end up with better technology. That’s the important thing. We deliver and support advanced software technology. Also everything we do will be worldwide. You get 55% of your revenues coming in from outside of the United States, so you have to remember there is a market outside of Cincinnati. Anything we do, we try to do worldwide.   Secondly, we talked about the scope, the quality and distribution of our products. Makes Cincom the leading alternative to knowledgeable buyers. Now why is that phrase in there and why is that important? Go back to what we were talking about before: someone who first buys our software more than likely has never heard of Cincom before. But when people take the time to understand what their problems are and then understand how Cincom solutions can solve that problem for them, the light goes on. They become a knowledgeable buyer – not just someone who’s looking to buy a piece of software by how many ads they’ve seen, or the stock price. If they want to take the time to talk about what the issues are and how they can best be solved, Cincom is the company for them to work with.   Finally, the last point: a challenging environment. That’s one of things that has kept me here; it’s constantly a challenge.   And ethics. Now this isn’t something we just stuck in our mission statements because it was fashionable, this is part of our corporate culture, this is a part of our company. Quite frankly that’s one of the things that’s kept me here, because this company is an ethical company to do business with, and an ethical company to work for. It always has been. With respect for Cincomers, clients and partners speaks to the fact that everyone involved is important to us.
  • Cincom has now spanned five decades: we began in the late ‘60’s, spanned the ‘70s, ‘80s, ‘90s, and now of course we’re into the 2000s. We started in 1968 as a services and database company.   In the ‘70s we moved into international markets because we recognized that software was not uniquely a U.S.-based issue. We expanded into Canada in 1971, and the the UK in 1972. Like many of our international expansions that followed, we had a client take us to France in the early ’70s. 3M wanted to take our software from the U.S. and use it in France, so we opened an office there. 3M is still a client of ours today.   We moved into Japan in 1975. I’m still fascinated that such a young company (7 years old) decided to take on such a daunting challenge.   In the ‘80s we started combining our database technology with applications our customers were wanting. One of the first offerings we provided was a combination of manufacturing and our database technology. We started selling solutions in the ‘80s.   In the ‘90s we looked to increase our distribution channels with acquisitions and new technologies. One of these new technologies was an object-oriented development technology: Smalltalk. Additionally, we acquired a consulting group in France (Andersen Consulting), along with a research and development facility there (Chemdata), and one of our Italian VARs was acquired at this time (Gruppo Formula). Today, the four areas listed here are important to the business leaders that we want to address. That’s what we’ll try to spend some time looking at these as we go through.
  • Tom Nies had worked for IBM for 6 years when he just fell in love with software. At that time, IBM didn’t want to get into software because they told him that “the problems are in the software, the profits are in the hardware,” and told him to let it go. But he couldn’t, and he started Cincom in 1968 so he could do what he loved. Think about it: When IBM’s giving software away for free with a hardware purchase, and you’re trying to sell it, you’d better be able to show the value. And that’s the situation we were in when we started the company in 1968. Cincom initiated technical product support centers 5 years before IBM got started. We saw the value of servicing our customers early-on. We were the first to introduce interpretative application development system for the mainframe: MANTIS. We were the first vendor to be selected by the government for the defense information systems agency (DISA) - now part of the defense enterprise computing mega-center (DECC).
  • 4 Over 40% of Cincomers have been with the company for 10 years or more. That’s unheard of in the software industry – many software companies aren’t even 10 years old themselves! This translates into a stable work force for our clients.   We have direct offices in 18 countries - and software installed on every continent except Antarctica.
  • Cincom has clients who have been with us for 20, 25, even 30 years. You don’t keep clients that long because you sold them software at one time in the distant past. You keep them because you are constantly servicing and support those clients. That’s something that we’ve worked very hard at doing.   Cincom as a whole invests about 15-16% in research and development. Now that is not a high percentage from an industry viewpoint, but if you take out what I’ll call our heritage applications (the ones we’re not opening up new accounts with), than that investment in R&D goes to about 31%, which is much more significant. 24 x 7 support is something that’s been universal for Cincom. When you have been an international operation since 1971, the concept is to “follow the sun.” Support for critical systems is something the customer needs around the clock.
  • NOTE: Click on only those links you want to highlight. (You don’t even have to include all links on the slide when presenting to a prospect) Even though you may not have heard of Cincom, I’m sure you’ve heard of many of Cincom’s clients – organizations who are successful in part because they rely on Cincom’s strategic enterprise software solutions to run their day-to-day operations. One of the things that has protected this company and enabled us to continue to invest is the recurring revenue stream coming into our company. About 60% of our revenues come into the company year after year – from clients who have been with us for 20+ years. That steady revenue stream has enabled us again to maintain the company, to grow the company, and to invest in technology.   You can really judge an organization by the company they keep. So even if you don’t know who Cincom is, I’m sure you’ll recognize the clients we have. Normally when giving this presentation, if you’re speaking to a utilities company or an educational institution, or a governmental body, you would click on the appropriate link and go directly to Cincom’s clients in that industry. I’m going to walk you through each of the slides and tell you a little bit about some of these clients. But really it’s important to know that these relationships were built on trust, confidence and commitment. And that’s an important part of the Cincom brand.
  • NOTE: In this section (customer lists), you could research a few of these customers ahead of time (those with relevancy to the prospect you are presenting to) and prepare a “case study” slide for these particular customers. Then you could click on that particular customer from the list and show how Cincom had helped this customer with similar issues to those the prospect is facing. 20% of our existing client base in the U.S. is in the financial services sector. You’ll notice some well-recognizable names such as Visa. The name Cincom may not be known but these clients who trust their day-to-day operations to Cincom certainly are. Sallie Mae, who handles a large part of the student loans in the US is located nearby, in Indianapolis. Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance in Milwaukee has been a Cincom client for about 25-30 years.
  • Cincom knows manufacturing. That’s where our roots are. About 40% of our existing client base today is the manufacturing sector. Again, names that you know, clients we’re proud of. They’re either using our manufacturing software or using other technology that Cincom provides. For instance, Trane started out with Cincom’s database system, and when we decided to move to another platform because that’s where the market was heading, Trane moved with us. When the next market move to web-enabled systems happened, Trane moved to Cincom’s web-enabled manufacturing system. This is a good example of how Cincom’s investment in advanced technologies continues to benefit our existing clients. Trane continues to move ahead with Cincom because of the value we continue to offer them.   Another Cincom customer, Owens-Illinois, uses our data integration technology – and they have also been a client for over 20 years. Someone from Owens-Illinois told me just the other day, “You know that database system you have, it’s up 99.998% of the time.” That’s pretty good. And that’s why they stay with it - because it’s reliably running their business.
  • Even though Manufacturing and Financial Services together make up 60% of our existing client base, there are many companies in other industries benefiting from Cincom software solutions. For instance, Allegany Power in Pittsburgh has been a Cincom client for 30 years. Why? Because we continue to add value. We’re solving business problems for them – an important thing to remember.  
  • Sprint is a recent client of ours, writing many applications using some of our newer technology. All three of the big communications companies listed here use our manufacturing technology – and we partner with L-3 for some of the outsourcing infrastructure that we offer.
  • One of the nice things about Cincom’s client base is that there is no client that generates more than 2% of our total revenue. Many times when you’re dealing with other vendors, they have one large client, and if that goes south they’re in trouble. That won’t happen with Cincom. This diversity in our client base, both domestic and international, has enabled Cincom to continue to thrive throughout difficult economic times - because we’re not tied to any one particular industry segment.   Penn State has a huge student information system called e-Lion that they’ve put together using Cincom technology. It’s running their entire student information system, student registration, classes, and administration.   The University of Virginia, is another long-term client who has just recently made another 5-year commitment to Cincom technology. Christian Children’s Fund, we have classified as education because it’s one of these groups that not only feeds but educates many of the poor children across the world. They were able to use some of our document solutions technology and improve the response time back to their donors by over 80%. What does that mean? It means the money gets to those people they’re helping 80% quicker. So that was one of the values they saw in working with Cincom.
  • In the healthcare industry, one of our largest clients is Aurora Health Care in Milwaukee. They have been using Cincom technologies for more than 20 years.   McKesson is a third party provider, who is very big in the hospital sector. They have Cincom technology embedded in many of their offerings. So often we’re working with hospitals that don’t even know they’re using Cincom technology. But it’s important to let them know so they realize they’re getting value from Cincom software. Again, McKesson is another good third party relationship we have.   Mayo Clinic up in Rochester, Minnesota is also a 20 year client.
  • The US Social Security Administration is a long-time Cincom client, using our document solution technology.
  • Anhueser-Bush is another long-term Cincom client. Know why? Because we’ve got technology that’s providing value to run their business. We didn’t sell them on the technology value, we sold them on the business value.   BMG - BertelsmannMusic Group - communicates with their clients using our iD Solutions product line again.   As you can see, relationships are an important part of this company’s style and this company’s culture.
  • From the business side, there are 4 areas we focus on. The way the presentation is structured is that we’re going to through each of these four areas, talk about what some of the issues are, and then give you maybe a case or story or two about one of the issues.
  • Notice the 3 rd -party quote (from Doculabs).
  • Praxair Surface Technologies – supplier of thermal “spray equipment, powders, wires and spare parts. Parent Company: Praxair, Inc., a $5 billion company operating in 40 countries. Cincom Solution Used: KnowledgeBuilder
  • Barclays has been a leading player in the banking industry for almost 300 years. They have 2,067 branches in the UK alone, catering to the needs of one million business account holders and seven million personal account holders. Cincom Solution Used: iD (document solutions)
  • Note the 3 rd party quote from Gartner.
  • Siemens Energy & Automation is the leading manufacturer of Above NEMA motors, used exclusively for industrial and manufacturing applications. Cincom Solution Used: KnowledgeBuilder (CRM for Complex Manufacturing)
  • The Thyssen Aufzuge Group has a turnover of around $3 billion (5.8 billion DM), 27,000 employees and 550 customer sites Part of Thyssen Krupp Industries AG – one of the world’s top 50 companies. The main elevator factory is based in Neuhausen, Germany. Cincom Solution Used: CRM for Complex Manufacturing
  • Note the 3 rd -party quote (from AMR)
  • In Winnipeg, Manitoba, Boeing produces fiberglass composite parts for Boeing 737, 757, 767, 777 and 747 jets. Cincom Solution Used: CONTROL
  • Fleetguard, a division of Cummins Engine Company, is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of heavy-duty filtration devices. Fleetguard is a 2,000-plus person organization with manufacturing and distribution sites around the world. Cincom Solution Used: Production Scheduling Workbench (CONTROL)
  • Further Explanation of the Customer Issues: 1. Channel Productivity = Achieving productivity from proliferating, costly distribution channels 2. Organizational Flexibility = the inability to consolidate and restructure the business to remain competitive 3. Understanding Customers = growing the business by addressing changing market conditions and customer needs 4. Customer Communications = deliver consistent value proposition message and experience across all touchpoints 5. Leveraging Technology = cost effectively leveraging existing (legacy) information technology investments 6. Operational Efficiency = maintaining profitability and growth in face of rising operations costs Process automation is another area. Channel productivity, and for those of you don’t know that one sales. How do we prove the productivity of sales professional? How do we capture the best practices of sales professionals and get other people to benefit from that? We get new people to come on board, so that’s another thing that we’re working on some of the things we have.   Again, another third party endorsement. Expertise addresses business requirements grounded in years of experience. I don’t like to say we’re the oldest software company in the world but I think, like I say we’re the most experienced. And again one of the reasons for that is because we have people that have worked with so many different clients. But again for the business process side a couple of examples here of some things we offer.
  • GE Capital is one of 10 divisions of General Electric (GE), a company founded in 1892 by Thomas Edison. Today, with $100 billion in sales and a workforce of more than 290,000, GE is a leading multinational organization with a widely divergent reach, present in: industry (lighting, plastics and household appliances), technology (medical imaging and airplane engines) and services (finance, computers and television). Cincom Solution Used: iD Web Document Services
  • Ohio Bureau of Worker’s Compensation clients are injured workers applying for compensation for any medical bills and lost time/wages. Administration of these claims requires correspondence with the injured employees, their companies or organizations, legal representatives of both, and medical providers of Ohio. Cincom Solutions used: iD Solutions Ohio Bureau of Workman’s Compensation runs about 12-15,000 documents a day. That’s about 3 million documents a year. They cut their document cost by 15%, so let’s just say they were going from $3.45 a document down to 3 dollars a document. Using these figures, I came up $1.35 million dollars a year in savings. Again, you can see the business value they’ve gained through use of Cincom software.
  • Software’s as good as the services that surround it. You can have the best technology, the best business solutions in the world. But unless you have a team of professionals that can work with that client and understand their business needs and know how to fine-tune that software … know how to develop new applications, know how to integrate the different software components - both our and others - then the value isn’t there. I was communicating with one of our software support folks through e-mail not too long ago. I love the tag line at the end of their e-mail. It was “Never lose a customer because of poor software support.” So everyday when this person was sending out an e-mail, that’s what the customer will see. Never lose a customer because of poor software support. That was their commitment to servicing the clients. Why do people want to work with Cincom? Because we have a proven track record - and in many instances, we may understand their business process as well as they do. So you have to look at the value of the software and the services combined.
  • NOTE: Many people want to see this because it provides much-needed stability and security in our rapidly-changing, competitive, and complex world today. Select those slides (management team) that are appropriate for your particular situation. The last thing in this presentation talks a little about Cincom’s management team and traditionally we have low keyed that. We’re not the ones that like to get out in front because it’s those in the field that we believe are the ones who really understand the customer needs better than we do. But some of the things we’ve heard by talking with the field is they’re looking to see who the management team is. Many customers may want to know what our structure is. So we felt it was appropriate then just to give you a little background on some of the people that you may run into while you’re here at our World Headquarters. The average time with Cincom is about 20 years. When you have Senior management who have 20 years with the same company – well, there are companies that haven’t been in business that long. There’s something about why people stay and continue to work for this company. It’s something about why customers stay and continue to work with this company, It’s about value and business ethics.
  • Tom Nies is the longest-serving CEO in the computer industry. Not just the software industry – the entire computer industry. Now that says something about the stability and commitment of this company. Tom has been praised by presidents and prime ministers, both of companies and of countries. Tom started the company in 1968 “with $600, a card table, and a dream.” Today he’s honored to be one of the industry pioneers profiled in the Smithsonian Museum of Technology in Washington, DC, alongside others such as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. The other thing we often say is that a company is the reflection of the length and shadow of its leader. So we have about 10 or so other executives that are part of this company who are just as committed.
  • Jerry’s official title is Treasurer. Jerry’s a 20 year veteran with the company. Interesting enough, Jerry also has 20 years with the University of Cincinnati. He holds a PHD in mathematics. So Jerry has a pretty good understanding of business - and he also a good understanding of universities as we begin to talk to those organizations. His comment speaks to relationships as being of primary importance.
  • Brian Bish is in charge of our pre and post sales support area for Financial Services and everything but Manufacturing. That would be the easiest way to say it. Brian’s a 24 year veteran of Cincom. In the “Whatever it Takes” ad campaign we ran years ago which many of you may remember, there was a picture of Brian talking about his view of customer service and support. So Brian’s area is a very important one in making sure that clients continue to stay with Cincom.
  • Richard Collins is now running specific operations for us in Canada. Richard started with Cincom in 1974, and all of his experience has been in the international market. He did have a short stay here in the U.S but it’s been mostly in international markets where he’s been involved.
  • Pat Dowling is running our Financial Service organization, the eastern sector. Pat understands a lot about communicating with the clients and how our software can improve our client’s ability to communicate with their own customers.
  • Ron Hank has served Cincom Systems in a variety of sales, marketing and business development functions during his nearly 30-year tenure with the company.
  • Gerard Maret comes to us from IBM. Gerard’s running our indirect and Latin American Operations.
  • Jay McKeever oversees all of Cincom's marketing operations, including the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Africa and Europe.
  • Jerry Miller has had a 10 year history with Cincom. He not only understand the technology, he understand the business side, as well.
  • Ashish was running our Indian operation and we thought one of the best ways for Ashish to be even more successful in India is for him to understand the U.S. operation. So we have moved Ashish here for 3 years to understand the business processes in the U.S. We’re keeping the domain expertise here but much of the developments being done over there.
  • Dave Schwarber has been involved in the manufacturing industry for 30 years. He’s worked with Cincom’s manufacturing solutions for over 25 years, 22 of them in various quality, engineering and customer support roles.
  • Dan Vogel is Cincom’s CFO. Dan brings to Cincom “public practices to a private company.” He gives the company structure, something we all need.
  • Talk about commitment to Cincom, Ron Weeks has 33 years with the company. Even at that, Ron is not the longest employee - Judy Carlson has been with the company throughout its entire history - 35 years - and she’s still with the company. But Ron’s been here for 33 years, running our engineering organization for our non-manufacturing product line. He’s responsible for all product lines that are non-manufacturing as far as getting them integrated, bring them together, continuing to enhance these products. Plus protect those heritage systems, those systems that clients have been using for 20 and 25 years and continue to move them forward. That’s an important part of Cincom’s revenue stream that we must protect.
  • Dave Wood runs all of our European operations. 55% of Cincom’s revenues come from outside the United States, so this is a key role. Dave is a Cincinnati native and made a commitment to move to Europe several years ago, after he spent some time running our South American Operations. So Dave has U.S. based business understanding, and is now running our European operations.
  • So what’s the the value Cincom brings to the table? Our strong, loyal, client base, our measurable solutions. Thousands of clients we’ve worked with for a long, long time. Billions of dollars in increased productivity for those clients through the use of Cincom Solutions.   If there were something that would separate Cincom from other vendors, the difference is commitment. Promises made; promises kept. That’s what you get by working with a company like Cincom. You get a commitment of people from all levels in the organization to making the client successful, to making those of you who represent Cincom successful. So if there’s one word I’d like you to remember, it’s commitment – this is a key Cincom difference.  
  • Transcript

    • 1. Introducing Cincom to Our Future Presented by Ron Hank Global Business Development
    • 2. Mission Statement
      • Cincom will deliver and support high-quality business solutions through advanced software technology worldwide.
      • The scope, quality and distribution of our products and services will make Cincom the leading alternative for knowledgeable buyers.
      • This mission will be accomplished in a profitable and challenging environment with the highest business ethics and with respect for Cincomers, clients, and partners.
    • 3. Spanning Five Decades of Global Software Leadership
      • Founded in 1968 as DBMS company
      • Strong international expansion in the 1970s
      • Manufacturing specialization and application development diversification in the 1980s
      • New technologies, acquisitions and increased distribution in the 1990s
      • Business communications solutions, data access and integration, enterprise management, and process automation in the 2000s
    • 4. Some Cincom Firsts
      • The first U.S. software firm to promote the concept of a database management system – as software “unbundled” from a hardware purchase (1960s)
      • The first to initiate the concept of Technical Product Support centers (five years before IBM) (1970s)
      • The first to introduce an interpretive application development system for the IBM mainframe environment (1980s)
      • The first single vendor to be selected by the U.S. government as a standard for government agencies (1990s)
    • 5. Cincom Today
      • Annual revenues of $120 million
      • Broad solution portfolio
      • Over 700 employees
      • Offices in 18 countries
      • Thousands of customers on six continents
    • 6. Worldwide Service and Support
      • Track record of large-scale projects implemented in record time, ensuring continuous Return on Investment (ROI)
      • Cincom pioneered 24x7 support decades ago – because of its commitment to ‘Whatever it Takes’ service
      “ Cincom’s customer service and support is a key differentiator” - Gartner
    • 7.
      • Over 60% of our revenues are recurring.
      • Many customers have trusted and grown with us for over 20 years.
      Client Trust Financial Services Manufacturing Healthcare Government Utilities Education Telecommunications Retail Forward
    • 8.
      • Financial Services
      Client Trust Back Forward
    • 9.
      • Manufacturing
      Client Trust Back Forward
    • 10.
      • Utilities
      Client Trust Back Forward
    • 11.
      • Telecommunications
      Client Trust Back Forward
    • 12. Client Trust
      • Education
      Back Forward
    • 13. Client Trust
      • Healthcare Providers
      • * Healthcare insurers listed under “Financial Services”
      Back Forward
    • 14. Client Trust
      • Government
      Back Forward
    • 15. Client Trust
      • Retail
      Back Forward
    • 16. Cincom Solutions
      • Business Communications
      • Data Access and Integration
      • Enterprise Management
      • Process Automation
    • 17. Solutions – Business Communications Customer Issues Reduce Costs Increase Customer Retention Revenue Enhancement Improved Customer Communication Cincom Solution Document Management and Customer Correspondence CRM for Complex Manufacturing XML Integration Business Rules and Process Automation Engine Application Development Tools Application Hosting Integrated Call Center Technologies Call Center Outsourcing Case Studies Praxair Surface Technologies Barclays Bank “ Cincom has a demonstrated track record of expertise in providing customer communica-tion solutions.” - Doculabs
    • 18. Business Communications Case Study Praxair Surface Technologies
      • Goal:
      • Create a web-based, interactive, knowledge-driven configurator for sales personnel and customers to serve their needs for product information, configuration options and standardized budgetary estimates.
      • Key Results:
      • Capturing new business opportunities estimated at over $1.5 million annually
      • Producing custom system estimates in minutes instead of days
      • Generating annual savings via automation of product and service information to customers
      • Decreasing field service/warranty costs
      • Improving Engineering/Sales focus on managing customers’ most complex needs
      • “ There were two critical factors to implementing our project within the shortest time frame: the simplicity/ intuitiveness of Cincom’s software and the abilities/ knowledge of its internal team of professionals.”
      • Mike Hanlon,
      • Praxair Business Analyst
    • 19. Business Communications Case Study Barclays Bank
      • Goal:
      • Centralize customer information and permit access from thousands of authorized worldwide branches who send out over 24 million personalized letters per year.
      • Key Results:
      • Improved customer service
      • Achieved 50% time savings in document production
      • Centralized access to customer data ensures consistency across branches
      • Reduced document production cost from $15-$3 per letter
      • “ Cincom was the only company that was prepared to adapt its product to all the environ-ments we needed.”
      • Phil Robinson,
      • Barclays Project Manager
    • 20. Solutions – Data Access & Integration Customer Issues Access and Integration Extracting Data From Disparate Databases Real-time Decisionmaking Cincom Solution XML Integration CRM for Complex Manufacturing Application Development Tools Case Studies Siemens Thyssen “ Documented, measurable ROI is a key differentiator for Cincom.” - Gartner
    • 21. Data Access & Integration Case Study Siemens Energy and Automation
      • Goals:
      • Reduce Costs
      • Cut Quotation Times
      • Generate motor performance data and drawings quickly
      • Improve customer satisfaction
      • Key Results:
      • Reduced quotation times from days to minutes
      • Reduced the time needed to generate CAD drawings and certified motor performance data from 4-6 weeks to less than one hour.
      • Reduced customers’ engineering lead times
      “ We evaluated nearly every interactive selling and product configuration solution on the market - and Cincom was the only system that could meet our business challenges.” - John Larabee, Manager, Engineering Systems
    • 22. Data Access & Integration Case Study Thyssen
      • Goal:
      • Reduce quotation time scales.
      • Improve configuration accuracy.
      • Automate data into SAP system.
      • Challenge:
      • Multi-process quotations.
      • Thousands of possible product permutations.
      • Worldwide requirements.
      • Key Results:
      • Single-process quotation generation.
      • A savings of $450,000 (US) per year in one area alone.
      • One-time data entry for quotation and SAP.
      • “ We were very impressed with the support provided by the Cincom consultants.”
      • Hans Lauffer,
      • Thyssen CRM project leader
    • 23. Solutions – Enterprise Management Customer Issues Improve visibility to key business processes for employees, suppliers, business partners, and customers Simplify customer and supplier-facing business processes Drive out costs throughout supply chain Improve productivity of sales and distribution channels Customer Issues Integrate disparate systems while providing more effective enterprise solutions Improve ability to manage entire product lifecycle Cincom Solution Cincom Manufacturing Resource Management CRM for Complex Manufacturing "Cincom has proven they can execute and has the references to back it up." - AMR Case Studies Boeing Fleetguard
    • 24. Enterprise Management Case Study Boeing
      • Goal:
      • To increase efficiency and accuracy in the plant while cutting financial reporting times and maintaining a more structured approach to schedules.
      • Key Results:
      • A savings of tens of thousands of dollars [Canadian] in overtime costs.
      • Increased accuracy in manufacturing processes.
      • Financial administrative support has been reduced by two-thirds, and financial reporting times have been cut by 67 percent.
      • “ Boeing has saved ‘tens of thosands of dollars [Canadian] per month in overtime costs since it implemented Cincom’s CONTROL.”
      • Diedre Keddie,
      • Boeing MIS Manager
    • 25. Enterprise Management Case Study Fleetguard
      • Goal:
      • Turn Fleetguard's production plants into an efficient, automated, operation by having desktop access to scheduling information.
      • Key Results:
      • Orders are now sequenced according to specifications, schedules are previewed graphically, and "what-if“ scenarios are run before committing the schedule to the shop floor.
      • Daily sequencing reduced by 88%, and the weekly spread time reduced by 75%.
      • Shop paper now prints in assembly sequence, which saves 15 hours per week in sorting time.
      • Typos and transcription errors have been eliminated.
      • “ Cincom’s system gives us visibility into our production plans to quickly determine when it makes sense to re-schedule production.”
      • Frank Cummings,
      • Fleetguard Production Control Manager
    • 26. Solutions – Process Automation Customer Issues Channel Productivity Organizational Flexibility Understanding Customers Customer Communications Leveraging Technology Operational Efficiency Cincom Solution XML Integration Application Development Tools Business Rules and Process Automation Engine Document Management and Customer Correspondence “ Cincom’s expertise in addressing the business requirements of organizations is grounded in years of experience.” - Doculabs Case Studies GE Capital Bank Ohio Bureau of Worker’s Compensation
    • 27. Process Automation Case Study GE Capital Bank
      • Goal:
      • Integrate seamlessly with existing systems’ structures
      • Move from MVS to open server platforms
      • Increase accuracy, consistency and personalization
      • Reduce or eliminate the need for preprinted documents
      • Key Results:
      • Seamless integration with existing systems
      • Rapid implementation and ease of use
      • Web server platform
      • Ability to carry out calculations locally without affecting the data management engines
      • Less preprinted documents
      • “ The implementationtime and quality of the work were excellent.”
      • Pascal Ngo Van,
      • Project manager, GE Capital
    • 28. Process Automation Case Study Ohio Bureau of Worker’s Compensation
      • Goal:
      • Automate claims processing
      • Eliminate manual file storage
      • Personalize correspondence
      • Production of 12,000 to 15,000 personalized documents per day
      • Key Results:
      • Improved response time through automated processing
      • Eliminated cumbersome, time-consuming manual processes
      • Reduced costs by 15%
      “ Cincom iD Solutions increases our ability to better serve the injured workers and employers of Ohio.” - Les Bravender, BWC MIS manager
    • 29. Cincom Professional Services
      • Cincom’s Professional Services organization has a range of services delivered by a staff of senior-level systems engineers and consultants who bring many years of experience and expertise to the job.
      • Core Competencies
      • Conversion and Migration
      • On-site and Off-site Education
      • Application Services and Hosting
      • Core Competencies
      • Business Process Improvement
      • Project Management
      • Fine-tuning to get more out of existing legacy systems
      • Offshore development
      • Outsourcing Operations
      • Cincom Manufacturing Application Consulting
      • Document Solutions Consulting
    • 30. Senior Management Team
      • Our key leaders in the following areas average over 25 years industry experience, with nearly 20 years at Cincom.
      • product development
      • customer support
      • sales and marketing
      • operations
    • 31. Thomas M. Nies The Longest-Serving CEO in the Computer Industry Founded Cincom 1968 Previous Experience: IBM Sales Representative Education: B.A. Marketing – University of Cincinnati Master’s Degree in Finance – University of Cincinnati “ We have always defined our success by the success of our customers.”
    • 32.
      • Joined Cincom in 1983
      • Previous Experience:
      • Metallurgical Engineer
      • University of Cincinnati - Asst. V.P. of Business Affairs; Director of Institutional Research; Director of Campus Planning and Construction; Adjunct Associate Professor of Mathematics
      • Education:
      • B.S. in Metallurgical Engineering - University of Cincinnati
      • Ph.D in Mathematics - University of Cincinnati
      • “ Customers are more than simply customers to us - they are our partners for life! And as such, we must both succeed.”
      Gerald L. Shawhan Company Treasurer and Managing Director - Finance, Administration, and Engineering
    • 33. Brian Bish Director, Professional Services
      • Joined Cincom 1979
      • Previous Experience:
      • V.P., Product Management and Marketing, Allen Systems Group
      • Cincom Experience:
      • Sr. Manager, Customer Support
      • Sr. Engineering Manager
      • COO, OverC International
      • Education:
      • B.A. in Business Administration - University of Cincinnati
      • "Service and support is the foundation upon which
      • Cincom has been built."
    • 34. Richard Collins Vice President, Greater Asia Pacific and Canada
      • Joined Cincom in 1974
      • Previous Experience:
      • Computer and System Services Manager, Air Canada
      • Established Teradata Canada
      • Cincom Experience:
      • General Manager, Cincom Canada
      • Director, Global Business Development
      • Director, Document Solutions Group
      • Education:
      • Advanced Cost Accounting – Int’l Accounting Society
      • “ We help our clients’ ‘impossible dreams’
      • become business realities.”
    • 35. Pat Dowling Managing Director, Financial Services
      • Joined Cincom 1995
      • Previous Experience:
      • Plant Operations Business Manager, David J. Joseph Company
      • Corporate Trust Operations Officer, Fifth Third Bank
      • Cincom Experience:
      • Sales and Customer Relationship Management positions
      • Managing Director, Document Solutions Group
      • Managing Director, Application Service Provider Group
      • Education:
      • B.S. in Business Administration - Miami University
      • When Cincom created the Financial Services Group, we had two objectives in mind. First, we knew that we must provide solutions that addressed the issues of our customers in the Financial Services Marketplace, and second that these solutions enhanced our customers shareholder value; increase revenue, lower costs and improve customer loyalty. This we have done!
    • 36. Ron Hank Director, Customer Relationship Management and Global Business Development
      • Joined Cincom 1975
      • Previous Experience:
      • Information Technology and Finance, PPG Industries
      • Cincom Experience:
      • Manager, U.S. Client Services Consulting
      • Director, Corporate Relations/Corporate Marketing
      • Education:
      • B.S. in Computer Science - Miami University
      • “ Customer loyalty is solidified through long-term relationships based upon trust, confidence and commitment.”
    • 37. Gerard Maret General Manager, Transatlantic Field Operations
      • Joined Cincom 1993
      • Previous Experience:
      • Finance and Operations, IBM
      • Sales Representative, IBM
      • Cincom Experience:
      • Account Executive, Regional Sales Manager
      • Director of U.S. Field Operations
      • Director of Latin American Operations
      • Education:
      • BS in Marketing – Southwest Missouri State University
      • MBA - University of Houston
      • “ Cincom has uniquely served customers across five decades by providing quality products and services, as well as attracting and retaining loyal employees who are intensely focused on their customers’ success.”
    • 38. Jay McKeever Director, Worldwide Marketing
      • Joined Cincom 1996
      • Previous Experience:
      • Marketing Manager, Mortgage Now
      • Communications Manager, United Parcel Service
      • Cincom Experience:
      • Director, Worldwide Marketing
      • Education:
      • B.A. in Communications - Xavier University
      • “ Cincom spans five decades and has thousands of loyal customers worldwide, many of whom we have been privileged to serve for well over 25 years.”
    • 39. Jerry Miller Managing Director, Manufacturing Industries
      • Joined Cincom 1993
      • Previous Experience:
      • Manager, Purchasing, Materials and Factory Modernization, ITT Fluid Technology Corp.
      • Cincom Experience:
      • Manager, Manufacturing Operations
      • Education:
      • Bachelor of Science - Indiana University
      • “ Cincom Manufacturing Business Solutions has helped hundreds of manufacturing companies address their business challenges. The comprehensive nature of our solutions, coupled with our strong domain expertise in manufacturing, has produced tremendous results for our customers.”
    • 40. Ashish Paul President, Cincom India
      • Joined Cincom 1998
      • Previous Experience:
      • Director of Int'l Marketing and Business Development, Telstra Corp. Australia
      • Marketing, Digital Equipment Corporation
      • Sales, Tata Industries
      • Media and Marketing Chairman, Pacific Telecom Council
      • Director, Indo-U.S. Business Council of Cincinnati
      • Education:
      • MBA, BSc
      • “ Cincom India and OverC provide benefits of higher profits, cost savings, and intellectual capital retention for our customers.”
    • 41. Dave Schwarber Senior Director, Applications Development
      • Joined Cincom 1980
      • Previous Experience:
      • Cincinnati Electronics – Materials, Purchasing, IT Operations, Project Management
      • Cincom Experience:
      • Manufacturing Technical Representative
      • Quality Assurance and Documentation Manager
      • Manufacturing Development Manager
      • Director of Engineering
      • “ Our deep experience in complex manufacturing, coupled with our belief in putting the customer first enable us to provide high value solutions to our customers at a price well below industry average.”
    • 42. Daniel J. Vogel Chief Financial Officer
      • Joined Cincom 1998
      • Previous Experience:
      • V.P. and CFO, Calver Fund, Inc.
      • V.P., Treasurer, and CFO of DVI, Inc.
      • Corporate Controller, Amplicon, Inc.
      • Sr. Staff Accountant, Price Waterhouse
      • Director, Beeson & Associates, Inc.
      • Education:
      • B.A. in Business Administration - University of Cincinnati
      • MBA in Finance - California State University
      • “ Our success over the past few years provides a solid foundation and positions us well for future growth.”
    • 43. Ron Weeks Director, Engineering and Support, Advanced Technology
      • Joined Cincom 1970
      • Cincom Experience:
      • Client Services Management
      • Support Management
      • Product Management
      • Director of Corporate Planning
      • Education:
      • B.S. in Mathematics – University of Cincinnati
      • Master’s Degree in Business Administration – Xavier University
    • 44. Dave Wood Managing Director, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Russia
      • Joined Cincom 1980
      • Cincom Experience:
      • Director, Systems Software
      • Managing Director, Latin American Operations
      • Managing Director, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa, Canada
      • Education:
      • B.A. in Business Administration - University of Cincinnati
    • 45. Take Advantage of Our Experience
      • Spanning five decades
      • Thousands of clients on six continents
      • Billions of dollars in increased productivity and profitability
      • Cincom
      • The World’s Most Experienced Software Company
    • 46. Take Advantage of Us
      • 2003 Cincom Systems, Inc.
      • All Rights Reserved
      • Developed in the U.S.A.
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