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The Ultimate Business Phone System for
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The Ultimate Business Phone System for


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • Since 1997, Virtual PBX has delivered its VirtualPBX and PBX Parachute services to tens of thousands of users, and continues to grow every month. We target the small and medium size businesses. This segment continues to grow and thrive despite the economic downturn. Virtual PBX is a privately held business with an experienced management staff.
  • The bottom line is that your company voice is probably the first and last thing your customer will hear, so make it good
  • A company can buy a hardware phone system, or a hosted phone service like Virtual PBX With hosted, you get big PBX features without spending the capital money to do it You are always up to date with the latest technology Scales with your growth, so you only pay as your grow You can upgrade to have more features, extensions, etc.
  • This is a large PBX phone service, so you get the features that you would find on a large phone system Everything is managed through a very intuitive web interface, or the phone We can tell you about the call before you actually accept the call
  • Let’s discuss the concept of a hosted phone service first, then we’ll get into more details: Virtual PBX can provide you with a number, or we can port your current number Call goes into the Virtual PBX system Extensions are used to route calls to individuals or to voicemail
  • There’s three different ways that you can handle incoming Fetch! Pet Care calls…
  • You would get the Virtual PBX personal phone service Fetch! Pet Care corporate can automatically route calls to you based on callers entering their 5-digit zip code
  • Now that you have your own personal Virtual PBX service, you can market yourself in your own geography
  • Virtual PBX gives you a phone system to “present yourself” to customers Calls will get the auto-attendant, then make their choice When you receive a call from the VPBX, you will get some Call Preview Detail first, then you can accept the call
  • The second way to get your Fetch! Pet Care calls is to get together and use a regional dispatcher The regional dispatcher will have their own Virtual PBX, and be responsible for getting calls for your zip codes They will get the messages out to you via a phone call or email, or whichever way you negotiate
  • Coming soon: You can pay to have Fetch! Pet Care corporate answer your calls for you
  • Everything is managed using a very intuitive web interface Enter the numbers where you want our system to call you
  • Whenever a voicemail or fax is left for you, you can have it forwarded to your email address A separate email notification of a voicemail or fax can be sent as well
  • This is an overview of the Virtual PBX phone service as well as the negotiated costs for Fetch! Pet Care
  • You sign up by filling out the set up document that Flesche will send you Fill it out, fax it back to her and she will coordinate with Virtual PBX to get your service set up
  • Transcript

    • 1. The Ultimate Business Phone System for
    • 2. Who is Virtual PBX ®
      • Delivering VirtualPBX ® and PBX Parachute ™ service since 1997
      • A robust solution:
        • Largest business-class hosted phone service
        • Growing 50%+ every year for the last four years
        • 99.999% uptime
      • Profitable private business
      • Experienced management staff
    • 3. Professional, Reliable Business Communications
      • Your phone system is the primary contact with customers, vendors, and employees
      • Essential to efficient business operations
      • Critical to your business success
      Your company voice needs to sound professional
    • 4. Why the VirtualPBX Solution?
      • Big PBX features, small phone price
      • Hosted Service - cost effective alternative to PBX purchase
      • No hardware, no software, no maintenance, NO HEADACHES!
      • Latest technology without the cost and hassle of upgrading your system
      • Concentrate on your business, not your phone system
      • Pay as you go = Pay as you grow
    • 5. Virtual PBX Features
      • Integrated voice and fax
      • Messages can be delivered through voice, web or email
      • Easy web-based system administration
      • Call Preview Detail, choose to accept call or not
      • Music jukebox for custom on-hold music
      • Integrated conference call bridge
      • Unlimited scalability
      • Detailed call logs
      • Extension to extension transfer
    • 6. Virtual PBX – How it Works
      • Your company receives a toll free or local number, or you can port your current business number to Virtual PBX
      x1 Schedule appointment x0 General Mailbox 1-XXX-XXX-XXXX
      • Extensions can route calls to any number, or just be a voicemail box
    • 7. Virtual PBX and Fetch! Your Phone Service Choices
      • Fetch! Pet Care Personal Virtual PBX
      • Fetch! Pet Care Regional Dispatcher
      • COMING SOON: Fetch! Pet Care Corporate Dispatcher
    • 8. Virtual PBX – Personal Calls from Fetch! Corporate
      • Callers can reach you from the Fetch! Toll-free number by entering their zip code
      1-866-FETCHME Thank you for calling Fetch! Pet Care… To be connected to a pet care provider near you, please enter your five digit zip code Fetch! Franchisee Fetch! Franchisee Fetch! Franchisee Customers 95129 80526 08824
    • 9. Virtual PBX – Personal Calls Direct from Customers
      • Customer calls your number
      • Makes selection at auto-attendant greeting
      • Pressing 1 will dial out to you at up to four numbers to find you
      • Pressing 0 goes to General Mailbox (voicemail)
      1-XXX-XXX-XXXX Thank you for calling Fetch! Pet Care… To schedule an appointment, press 1…
      • x1
      • Tel #1
      • Tel #2
      • Tel #3
      • Tel #4
      x0 Customers
    • 10. Virtual PBX – Personal (cont’d) Call Preview Detail
      • Call Preview Detail will tell you some detail about the call first, before you talk to your caller
        • Company Name
        • Caller ID
        • Call Screen
      • You can accept the call or send the call to voicemail
      1-XXX-XXX-XXXX Fetch Pet Care Call from 408-555-1212 Press # to accept Press * to send to voicemail
      • x1
      • Tel #1
      • Tel #2
      • Tel #3
      • Tel #4
    • 11. Virtual PBX – Regional Dispatch
      • If you have quite a few franchisees in a region, you can have your own regional dispatcher handle your incoming calls
      1-866-FETCHME Thank you for calling Fetch! Pet Care… To be connected to a pet care provider near you, please enter your five digit zip code Customers 95125 95129 95123 Regional Dispatch
    • 12. Virtual PBX – COMING SOON: Corporate Dispatch
      • Let the Fetch! Corporate Dispatch center do the phone work for you
      1-866-FETCHME Thank you for calling Fetch! Pet Care… To be connected to a pet care provider near you, please enter your five digit zip code Customers Fetch! Dispatch
    • 13. Easy User Configuration
      • Forward your calls to up to 4 numbers
      • Adjust the order in which those numbers are called
    • 14. Easy User Configuration
      • Forward voicemail and faxes to your email
      • Separate email notification of voice/fax messages
    • 15. Phone Service Overview
      • Local Phone Number : Virtual PBX assigns, or port your current phone number for $10
      • Free Minutes : 500 free minutes/month; overage $.03/minute
      • Voicemail : voicemail forwarded to email address
      • Voicemail Notification : Notification to a email or cell phone
      • Virtual Fax : Your phone number is a fax number; emailed as a .pdf file
      • Intuitive Web and Phone Interface : Manage via the web or the phone
      • Setup Time : 2 business days
      There is a one-time setup fee of $10 and a monthly recurring fee of $7 for the following:
    • 16. Easy Sign Up Process
    • 17. Virtual PBX FAQs
      • Can I send faxes through Virtual PBX?
      • Why can't I port a cell phone number?
      • I looked on the Virtual PBX website and they can't give me a local number right now. Should I accept the "temp" toll-free number they are offering me?
      • Once my number is ported, where will it ring?
      • Will my current phone service be cancelled?
    • 18. Thank You