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  • 1. Orange Business Services presented by together we can do more
  • 2. best global operator 2006 2007 2008 2009 World Communication Awards 2
  • 3. meeting all your communications needs our range of services our range of services caters to responsible caters to responsible growth in networks, growth in networks, networks applications telephony, mobility, telephony, mobility, security support services collaboration, IT collaboration, IT services and large services and large telephony large projects projects projects management working together sustainable development working on the move 3 corporate presentation - December 2009
  • 4. international presence, local support 3,700 multinational customers the world’s largest seamless voice and data network, with local support in 166 countries and territories Orange mobile operations in 32 countries 117 million Orange mobile customers including 8 million business mobile users more than 325,000 IP VPN connections in 151 countries more than 1,200 000 Business Everywhere customers 4 corporate presentation - December 2009
  • 5. from a network provider to a communications integrator enabling real-time business 2008-2010 focus on individuals real-time business end-user proximity focus on sites IP as a convergence enabler connectivity sites time 2000 network related services core network related services 5 corporate presentation - December 2009
  • 6. a recognized leader in global business communications industry recognition Didier Lombard, best manager of the year (BFM awards 2008) world’s best global operator 4th year running (World Communication Awards 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009) world’s best mobile operator (World Communication Awards 2006, 2008 and 2009) world’s best change maker (World Communication Awards 2008 and 2009) 6 corporate presentation - December 2009
  • 7. a recognized leader in global business communications customer satisfaction World Record Award in customer satisfaction received from Telemark (2008 & 2009) innovation best innovator prize for the 2nd time since 2005 (A.T. Kearney/Les Echos 2007) sustainable development Green Excellence Award (Frost & Sullivan Trophies 2007 & 2008) « Green Quadrant » Verdantix Orange recognized as the leader in 2009 7 corporate presentation - December 2009
  • 8. a recognized leader in global business communications partnerships Orange Business Services Cisco Gold Certified Partner (October 2008) key ISO certificates ISO 20000 for Service Management, ISO 9001 for Quality Management, ISO 27001 for Security Management System, ISO 15408 for security of its international IP VPN (2008-2009) 8 corporate presentation - December 2009
  • 9. opening up opportunities Orange Business Services helps you turn your ideas into new business opportunities making technology useful and easy to use partnering with industry leaders moving forward together ! 9 corporate presentation - December 2009
  • 10. removing complexity a worldwide network of innovation more than 3,800 researchers 18 Orange Labs on four continents more than 8,500 patents we are well placed to keep you on the leading edge of future advances 10 corporate presentation - December 2009
  • 11. enabling every individual to contribute to business success we can help you maximize the productivity of your people turning technology into high performing tools developing solutions that are intuitive and easy to use bringing you the infrastructure, resources and agility your organization needs 11 corporate presentation - December 2009
  • 12. end-to-end lifecycle services consulting project management field services service management 12 corporate presentation - December 2009
  • 13. propositions that meet business needs Business Business Business Everywhere Together VPN Business Business Talk & Telephony Acceleration enabling remote unifying focusing on users to securely, communication end-to-end reliably and simply to improve network making your connect to business management improving enterprise more corporate systems, processes and from WAN to visibility, efficient with applications and speed LAN on a global management voice-over-IP, IP resources workflows basis and performance telephony and of applications contact center expertise large projects management large projects management 13 corporate presentation - December 2009
  • 14. innovation helps increase the effectiveness of employees and enhance processes collaborative Business Everywhere: more than 1,200,000 users solutions Business Together with Microsoft: flexible exchange fleet fleet management: international extensions management 14 corporate presentation - December 2009
  • 15. new business models enabled by innovation remote equipment monitoring RFID monitoring ticketing, proximity payment, dynamic payment currency conversion 15 corporate presentation - December 2009
  • 16. contributing to sustainable development enable flexible workplace optimize vehicle fleet management promote collaborative work consolidating and virtualize IT infrastructures implement telemetering solutions 16 corporate presentation - December 2009
  • 17. a footprint that supports businesses around the world local support in 166 countries and territories local support in 166 countries and territories a seamless network covering 220 countries and a seamless network covering 220 countries and territories territories 17 corporate presentation - December 2009
  • 18. appendix our business propositions Business Business Business Everywhere Together VPN Business Business Talk & Telephony Acceleration 18
  • 19. Business VPN you’ve got needs … we’ve got answers we can help you build the best network customized to your site profile … Ethernet for hub sites Small Office Solutions for branch sites satellite for remote sites … designed for best application delivery … via application acceleration with a wide portfolio of continuity services for back-up including LAN management … and improved end-user performance perimeter security at every site ready now for voice over IP, multimedia and telepresence 19 corporate presentation - December 2009
  • 20. Business Talk & Telephony 1 Business Talk site 1 country A (VoIP for WAN) 2 Enterprise Telephony (IPT) PSTN phones features Business Talk service site 2 country B site 3 country C 3 Contact Center 4 Telephony Consulting 20 corporate presentation - December 2009
  • 21. Business Everywhere one bill, one contract, one contact, global support secure corporate connection global coverage public/private Wi-Fi corporate applications dial access mobile data Internet dial anti-virus email one client mobile applications and device management 21 corporate presentation - December 2009
  • 22. Business Acceleration a suite of business services that improves visibility, management and performance of applications through an optimized communications infrastructure analyze manage optimize supplying business leveraging an adaptive focusing on infrastructure intelligence network and applications consulting service management/service sustainable growth focus catalog cache business applications compression applications Orange Business Services control networks adaptive networks consolidation consolidation third-party networks delivering an application SLA delivering an application SLA 22 corporate presentation - December 2009
  • 23. Business Together unifying your communications to speed-up business processes; employees resolve issues quicker, make decisions faster and collaborate better IBM unified communications Avaya messaging enriched telephony email enterprise telephony instant messaging telephony presence calendar voice messaging directory unified messaging mobile integration mobile integration fixed network fixed network enabling rich end user presence collaborative conferencing workspace document collaboration audio conferencing wikis, blogs web conferencing web portal videoconferencing content management telepresence IBM collaboration 23 corporate presentation - December 2009
  • 24. thank you