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    PPT Slides PPT Slides Presentation Transcript

    • ES2002 Business Communication Oral Presentations
    • Outline
      • Preparation
      • Delivery
    • Preparing for the Talk
      • Define the purpose
      • Analyse the audience
      • Consider logistics
      • Gather the material
      • Organise the material
      • Prepare an outline
      • Write the script
      • Prepare delivery notes
      • Prepare visual aids
      • Rehearse
    • Define the Purpose
      • General purpose
      • to inform
      • to persuade or motivate
      • Specific purpose
      • the audience should know, think or do something
      Prepare talk Define purpose
    • Specific Purpose to persuade audience to buy PR services to inform audience about PR services to convince audience of need for PR services Audience Should buy PR services know about PR services believe PR services are essential Prepare talk Define purpose
    • Analyse the Audience
      • Size
      • Composition
      • Likely reaction
      • Level of understanding
      • Attitude towards you
      Prepare talk Analyse audience
    • Consider Logistics
      • Timing
      • Duration
      • Physical environment
      • Equipment availability
      Prepare talk Consider logistics
    • Gather the Material
      • Research topic
      • Select information
      Prepare talk Gather material
    • Organise the Material
      • Allocation of Time for Presentation
      • introduction - 15%
      • body - 75%
      • conclusion - 10%
      Prepare talk Organise material
    • Body
      • Main points
      • Supporting points (examples, statistics etc.)
      • Connectives
      Prepare talk Organise material Body
    • How to hold your Audience’s Attention and Interest Attention and Interest Opening Body Closin g 6 to 8 minutes Natural Tendency Prepare talk Organise material Body
    • Introduction
      • Get attention
      • Reveal topic
      • Preview main points
      • Establish credibility
      Prepare talk Organise material Introduction
    • Get Attention
      • Make what you say relevant
      • Ask a question
      • Arouse curiosity
      • Make a startling statement
      • Tell a story or anecdote
      Prepare talk Organise material Introduction
    • Conclusion
      • Signal the end
      • Reinforce the central idea
      • Ask for action (if appropriate)
      Prepare talk Organise material Conclusion
    • Reinforce the Central Idea
      • Provide a summary
      • Make a prediction/promise
      • Refer to the introduction
      • Make a dramatic statement
      Prepare talk Organise material Conclusion
    • Outline the Talk
        • An outline helps you to
        • check logic and sequencing of ideas
        • ensure your talk is well organised and complete
        • write up the talk
        • deliver the talk
      Prepare talk Outline talk
    • Write the Script
      • Proportion the talk
      • Show relationships between ideas
      • Use an appropriate tone
      Prepare talk Write script
    • Prepare Delivery Notes
      • Use 3 by 5-inch cards
      • Have one main point or sub point per card
      • Include statistics or quotes
      • Write on one side only
      • Number cards
      Prepare talk Prepare delivery notes
    • Prepare Visual Aids
      • Use visual aids with care
      • Most important focus of presentation - YOU
      Prepare talk Prepare visual aids
    • Methods of Instruction Percent of Recall 3 hours later 3 days later Telling, when used alone 70% 10% Showing, when used alone 72% 20% Combination of telling 85% 65% and showing Prepare talk Prepare visual aids Use of Visual Aids
    • Prepare Visual Aids
      • Be clear about objective
      • Know your material
      • Plan structure and content
      • Consider how visual dimension will help
      Prepare talk Prepare visual aids
    • Prepare Visual Aids
      • Consider:
        • Design and Layout
        • Colour
        • Text and Graphics
        • Animation
      Prepare talk Prepare visual aids
    • Rehearse
      • Build self-confidence
      • Practise using equipment
      • Make sure length is correct
      Prepare talk Rehearse
    • Delivering the Talk
      • Eye contact
      • Posture
      • Gestures
      • Facial expressions
      • Voice
      • Speed
      • Use of visual aids
      • Handling of questions
    • Eye contact
      • Don’t look at
        • the ceiling
        • your notes
        • the floor
        • the screen
        • one individual
        • the audience with glazed expression
        • out the window
      Do look systematically at different sections of the audience. Deliver talk Eye contact
    • Posture
      • Don’t
      • Stand stiffly
      • Shift weight
      • Sway
      • Lean on lectern or table
      • Do
      • Stand tall with weight evenly on both feet and shoulders back
      • Move occasionally to add action
      Deliver talk Posture
    • Gestures
      • Don’t
      • Raise and lower arms repeatedly
      • Point at audience
      • Swing pointer
      • Fiddle with hair, jewellery, etc
      • Put hands in pockets
      • Hold hands awkwardly
      • Fold arms
      • Do
      • Use natural gestures
      • Make sure gestures not distracting
      Deliver talk Gestures
    • Facial Expressions
      • Relax and be enthusiastic
      • Smile
      • Vary your expressions
      Deliver talk Facial expressions
    • Voice
      • Project your voice
      • Speak and pronounce clearly
      • Vary your volume
      • Vary your pitch
      Deliver talk Voice
    • Speed of Delivery
      • Don’t rush through points
      • Slow down to emphasise key points
      • Use pauses
      • Make sure the talk is within the time limit
      Deliver talk Speed of delivery
    • Handling Visual Aids
      • Make sure visual aids can be seen by all
      • Focus on audience, not VA
      • Incorporate VA into talk
      • Reveal / remove VA when appropriate
      • Avoid reading VA word for word
      • Use a pointer, not your fingers
      • Give audience time to see
      Deliver talk Handling visual aids
    • Handling Questions
      • Before presentation
      • Anticipate questions
      • During question and answer session
      • Listen to entire question; make sure you understand it
      • Repeat question out loud
      • Credit person for asking question
      • Respond to question honestly and the best way you can
      Deliver talk Handling questions
    • Handling Questions
      • If you cannot answer,
        • Redirect question to audience
        • Offer to find out answer later
      • Check clarity of your response before taking on next question
      • Try not to contradict each other when giving a team presentation
      Deliver talk Handling questions
    • Team Presentations
      • Ensure individual presentations are part of a coherent whole.
      • Provide smooth transitions from speaker to speaker.
      • Coordinate handling of questions.
      • Present a cooperative outlook.
      • Coordinate the handling of V.A.
      • REHEARSE as a team.