Managerial Communications Are you prepared to start interviewing?
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Managerial Communications Are you prepared to start interviewing?






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Managerial Communications Are you prepared to start interviewing? Managerial Communications Are you prepared to start interviewing? Presentation Transcript

    • Are you prepared to start interviewing? Is your resume RawlsCONNECT ready? Do you know how to approach an employer at a job fair? Do you know how to use RawlsCONNECT to its full potential? If you answered NO to 1 or more of these questions, you need to plan to attend one of the CMC Workshops!   Workshops will cover: Resume Do's and Don'ts RawlsCONNECT navigation Job Fair Preparation Interviewing Skills No signup necessary - they will be held throughout the semester on MONDAYS in BA 266 at 2:00pm and on
    • THURSDAYS in 266 at 3:30pm. 
    Managerial Communications
  • Developing a winning résumé & cover letter: Your ticket to a great career! Managerial Communications
  • Disclaimer:
    • Résumés are like snowflakes…no two are exactly alike.
    • However, résumés, like snowflakes, are made composed of the same material and have the same basic properties.
    Managerial Communications
  • Ten Critical Success Factors
    • Positive attitude toward work
    • Proficiency in field of study
    • Communication skills (oral and written)
    • Interpersonal skills
    • Confidence
    • Critical thinking and problem solving skills
    • Flexibility
    • Self-motivation
    • Leadership
    • Teamwork
    Managerial Communications
  • Resume Basics:
    • Profile/Objective
    • Education
    • Computer Skills
    • Experience
    • Honors/Awards
    • Collegiate Activities/ Volunteerism
    Managerial Communications
  • Your Profile
    • Don’t waste the hiring manager’s time explaining what YOU want to do.
    • The only thing that interests prospective employers is what you can do for THEM . Your skills/talents/etc.
    • Your resume profile must quickly show
      • Who you are, what skills you bring to the table
      • What you can do for the company.
    • Consider the profile as an ad for the rest of the resume: it must immediately convince the hiring manager to keep on reading.
    Managerial Communications
  • Your Profile
    • Sample profiles
    • Educated in International Business and Spanish, with experience in document translation, international student programs, foreign studies, and travel. Additional education in import/export processes. Experienced in team building and customer service. Additional experience in developing, executing, and analyzing tactical and strategic planning, organizational projects, fundraising, problem solving, market research, and risk analysis; professional literacy in the use of computers.
    • Friendly, dependable university graduate possessing an extensive background in sales and customer service. Strong written and verbal communication skills, excellent computer proficiency, and solid financial knowledge are additional defining characteristics.
    Managerial Communications
  • The Job Objective:
    • The “hook” that grabs the attention of the reader.
    • Needs to answer 2 questions:
      • What you want & Why you want it?
    • Needs to be focused
      • Short & Concise
      • The ‘2’ Second rule!
    • Used when you are applying to a specific position with a company
    Managerial Communications
  • Your Education:
    • What is Needed?
      • Rawls College of Business, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX
      • August 2003 – Present
      • Bachelor of Business Administration, Major
      • Anticipated Graduation Date
    • Extras
      • The Great GPA Debate
      • Should I list every class I ever took?
      • Scholastic Honors, Awards & Scholarships
    Managerial Communications
  • Computer Skills:
    • List all software applications that you are familiar with
    • List all hardware that you have used
    • List other “tools of the trade” that you know employers are looking for.
    Managerial Communications
  • Work Experience:
    • What are Employers Looking For?
      • General work experience
      • Does this person have a good work ethic?
      • Customer Service Skills/ Interpersonal Skills
      • Teamwork skills
    • Professional Experience
    • The Use of Bullets
    • Utilizing Power Words
    Managerial Communications
  • Job Description Sample:
    • Wal-Mart Inc., Wichita Falls, TX
    • Customer Service Representative- May 2003 to Present
    • Monitored customer satisfaction.
    • Managed inventory movement.
    • Trained new employees in positive customer service.
    • Organized and participated in weekly staff meetings.
    Managerial Communications
  • Job Description Sample:
    • ICS Computer Solutions, Dallas, TX  
    • Technical Support Associate – Summer 2003
    • Install, configure, and maintain software on desktop workstations and servers-based computer systems.
    • Replace hardware components while performing routine computer checks on personal computers.
    • Support multiple software applications with Microsoft Windows operating systems.
    • Checked, monitored, and changed daily backups of both Windows 2000 and the Novell NetWare Servers.
    • Monitor, respond, and promote reliable customer service as a help desk technician.
    Managerial Communications
  • Important point!
    • What is the difference between a good resume and a GREAT resume?
    • Good resume – In the job description, tells the employer what you did in that position.
    • Great resume - Tells the employer what you did in that position why you did it, why it was important to that employer and the results of your work.
    Managerial Communications
  • Collegiate Activities
    • Why is this necessary?
    • What is Important?
    • The Message…
    Managerial Communications
  • Sample: Activities
    • Texas Tech Student Government Association
      • Financial Aid Committee, 2003
      • Faculty Senate Representative, 2004
    • Habitat for Humanity - Student Volunteer, 2004
    • Tech Marketing Association - Secretary
    • Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity
      • Treasurer
      • Rush Chair
    • American Red Cross
    Managerial Communications
  • Resume Extras:
    • Personal Strengths
    • Special Skills
    • Time Management Skills
    • Customer Service Skills
    • Organizational Skills
    • Community Activities
    Managerial Communications
  • References
    • “ Available upon request”
    • Separate piece of paper
      • Name, Address & Telephone Number
      • Include email address
      • Company & Title of Individual
      • Make sure to call those you have chosen
    • Whom should I ask to be my references
      • Employers & Teachers
      • Co-Workers & Family Friends
    • How many references should I have
    Managerial Communications
  • Most Common Mistakes:
    • Spelling
    • Grammar
    • Too much information…
    • Too little information…
    • Inappropriate email addresses
      • [email_address]
    • Length
    • Microsoft Templates
    Managerial Communications
  • Most Common Mistakes:
    • Font & Font Size
    • Personal Information
    • Pictures
    • Colored Paper
    • Long-winded paragraph Job Descriptions
    • Objectives that are vague
    Managerial Communications
  • Cover Letters
    • "The most valuable of all talents is that of never using two words when one will do.“
    • Thomas Jefferson
    Managerial Communications
  • Basic formula - cover letter:
    • Standard business letter format
    • prospect name, title, company, address-top left
    • Salutation
    • yes, it should be to a real person (take time to know who your target is)
    • First paragraph
    • Why you are writing? To meet that company's specific need(s)!
    Managerial Communications
    • Second paragraph
      • Briefly state two or three top skills (from the Summary section of your résumé), then immediately follow with benefit after benefit that these features (and you as a person) will provide to the company.
    • Third paragraph
      • Close the sale. Give your target contact a specific action to take and a backup action you will take if you do not get a response. Make them WANT to call you!
    Managerial Communications
  • Cover Letter Checklist
    • __One page and limited to three targeted paragraphs
    • __Typed, spell checked and proofed.
    • __Written to someone specific, name and title spelled correctly.
    • __Company name and address are correct and complete
    • __Quality paper, 8x11 inches, same as your résumé
    • __Three paragraphs (focused on the reader's needs)
    • __ enclosure notation is needed on the letter
    • __Closes with "Sincerely,"- Signed with a blue or black pen
    • __Place the résumé behind and fold in a tri-fold, with no staples
    • __Type or neatly print address on envelope
    • __Conservative stamp on the envelope
    Managerial Communications
  • Cover Letter Checklist
    • Do not just send off your resume and cover letter and wait for the phone to ring. It won’t.
    Final step: __do not forget to follow up, or all the other steps will be in vain! Managerial Communications