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Level B1 The Gate DIFC
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Level B1 The Gate DIFC


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • Note: Self introduction and set up.
  • The following agenda is designed to introduce you to Xerox office services, with particular focus on how we can help to improve your document production costs, operational efficiency, and services to your employees. Review agenda.
  • Let’s start by discussing the market forces and trends impacting today’s global enterprises… Advances in computers, networking, the internet, imaging, printing and other technologies are impacting your business. This technological revolution has created tremendous flexibility for office workers, but at the same time it has increased the complexity of managing cost and services to meet organizational objectives and budgets. Technology obsolescence is a constant risk. Competitive pressures make it necessary to streamline all aspects of business. Companies are seeking ways to increase operational efficiency, contain and reduce cost, and increase productivity. Enterprises are continuing to use outsourcing as a way to improve enterprise infrastructure and employee services. Such outsourcing allows the enterprise to work more effectively and to focus on their primary mission. Companies continually seek to reduce their IT administrative burden. IT Outsourcing frees companies from the day-to-day maintenance of IT systems, and, the recruiting of IT talent, allowing them to focus on their core business. Globalization -- Services and solutions need to be offered world-wide in new markets to diverse customers. Key message: Outsourcing allows companies to partner with specialists to optimize their operations and infrastructure, while they focus on core competencies and primary mission..
  • Tom Peters, another leading business consultant believes businesses must begin treating their customers as an appreciating asset. Think for a minute…. how many assets do you have in your business that are appreciating. Now think of the lifetime value of a customer, as opposed to the value of that customer based on a single transaction. At each opportunity and customer interaction some action must be taken to “keep the conversation going,” and build a valuable, long-term customer relationship.
  • Suggested talk track: The next four slides are really one build. It would be possible just to show the final slide put it doesn’ t really put across the value proposition that Xerox offers. The Automated Document Factory is what Xerox does best. We take customer information via a datastream, compose it into a personalised document, s ort, print , check and mail to the customer. We have many examples of where we have done this. However, how specific is the personalisation ? Are the marketing messages personal or generic? Certainly the detail on the statement, if that is what we are sending, is personal but are the marketing messages? What about the inserts? Are these personal? Do they relate to the messages on the statement? Are we making the best use of colour? Are we treating our high-value customers differently? L et us continue…
  • Some years ago an independent research group conducted a study for IBM on the impact of personalizing communications with customers. The study revealed that personalized, one-to-one documents made a huge difference. Response rates were 34% faster… repeat orders with a greater average value increased significantly… and overall revenue increased as well. Very impressive numbers to say the least, so impressive we wanted to do a little investigation of our own at Xerox. So we looked at what a few of our customers were doing with personalized documents.
  • To be successful in this brave new world of one-to-one marketing we can’t stress enough the importance of DATA. How important is the data to the scheme of things? Several years ago the CEO of Merck Pharmaceutical Company said, “He who has the data, wins.” This comment was made at the time when Merck acquired a company named MedCo, which was a mail-order prescription company with a database of millions of people who use prescription drugs. These data warehouses have millions and millions of individual records about people or organizations. Some records can have upwards of 1,000 or more different data elements about an individual or organization. It’s within these elements where the function of data mining is performed.
  • To be successful in this brave new world of one-to-one marketing we can’t stress enough the importance of DATA. How important is the data to the scheme of things? Several years ago the CEO of Merck Pharmaceutical Company said, “He who has the data, wins.” This comment was made at the time when Merck acquired a company named MedCo, which was a mail-order prescription company with a database of millions of people who use prescription drugs. These data warehouses have millions and millions of individual records about people or organizations. Some records can have upwards of 1,000 or more different data elements about an individual or organization. It’s within these elements where the function of data mining is performed.
  • There’s a reason marketers want to find a printer that can deliver 1:1 marketing materials. Let’s look at a study performed by RIT in conjunction with a major direct-mail marketing organization. Several Variable Information programs were developed to test various approaches to personalized and database printing. Mailing One The most basic mailings - black and white with NO Variable Information - had a measured response rate. Mailing Two Adding a NAME ONLY – the most basic category of personalization – increased response rates by 44% over Mailing One’s static, black and white mailing. Mailing Three Adding FULL COLOR WITH NO VARIABLE INFORMATION increased response rates by 45% over Mailing One’s static, black and white presentation. Mailing Four Adding name personalization to the color piece increased response rates by 135%. Mailing Five Taking that personalized color mailer and adding some specific information regarding the customer - customization, increases response rates by 500%. Then if a value-add coupon or money-off promotion is added , the response rates increased by over 1000%!
  • We hope that this presentation has introduced some new thinking and new ideas on ways you can help your clients take advantage of the new directions in full color personalized communications. By ensuring that your clients are sending the right message to every customer, you increase the value of every client job -- and your value to your clients. (OBTAIN FEEDBACK)
  • The first of these is 1 to 1 marketing communications and as shown in this sample, this mock-up of a an actual automotive mailing would be sent to two different families with a variety of variable elements including car photos, descriptions and sales contact information--all highly relevant to the customer. OPTIONAL COPY The document on the left is targeting a family of four, while the document on the right is targeting a much younger audience. Besides the full color presentation of the material, some of the important variable elements include… Personalized headline with name of customer. Body copy with marketing information specific to targeted customer. List of features customer has indicated a desire for via the Web. Photograph of salesperson handling potential deal. This automotive example is a great demonstration of how agencies and their clients are co-developing highly effective 1to1 programs that bring increasing returns. For those of you who do not know, the automotive firms have been early adopters of these strategies and in the luxury market, highly personalized print communications for both acquisition and retention are commonplace.
  • Finally, here is an example of two transactional document examples. Depicted here are two account statements using full color digital printing technology to maximize impact. Note that each statement contains specific client data with an easy-to-read bar chart and a photo and message from their personal investment banker. And each statement contains a targeted marketing message focused on eliciting a response. Other typical promotional/transactional jobs that can value from the power of color and personalization include personalized financial statements, telephone bills, notices, consolidated statements, cable bills, mutual fund/brokerage statements, utility bills, annuity statements, credit card bills. Using full data-driven charts and graphs in transactional documents improves reader comprehension and set companies apart from the competition. And, the use of customer specific data and charts to promote a product or service becomes a very cost-efficient, and highly targeted method of delivering the right marketing message to the right customer. As you have seen, each category has more and more personalized information. So what is the real impact on the response rate and revenue when you increase the level of personalization?
  • Just to come full circle in the discussion, here’s a sample of what a Web page designed to capture customer data might look like. Customers simply fill in the fields and the travel agency can create marketing documents tailored to individual wants and needs… documents like we saw in the previous slide.
  • Here’s another example, this time in the travel industry, of a powerful 1 to 1 marketing communications piece that an agency like yours could easily create. Again… the example on the left is targeting a family of four and example on the right … a very different audience segment. But look closely….these examples include: Lots of attention-grabbing color. Body copy with travel information specific to customer and destination. List of events of interest to customer, specific to time of visit. Relevant photographs of trip destination and accommodations. Photograph of and signoff from travel agent assisting with trip. Much of the customer information and preferences contained in these documents could have been collected over the Web and as such are ideal strategies to incorporate into personalized web fulfillment programs. Let me also mention at this point that there are great opportunities to use 1to1 communications strategies to spice up all of your self promotional materials. Whether its client-specific pitch books, marketing brochures, and portfolios, it can be made more personal -- and more effective -- by tailoring the exact message to the audience.
  • Another application in this category is the personalized coupon -- here shown in two flavors -- a B/W overprinted customized service program and a full color supermarket promotion--the latter the well known Tesco application, produced by PoleStar on DC2060s, that catapulted them from no. 6 to the no. 1 supermarket chain in the UK.
  • The famous Tesco example….. Supermarket tracking of buying habits…. Turned into coupons on the same or related products…. CRM example….
  • And so we have come full circle -- so to speak. We have looked at the key drivers of 1to1, the applications created by industry marketeers and creatives and how we will enable print providers to deliver them. What is our opportunity? We are right in the middle of the action -- and through a concentrated, integrated approach to the 1to1 opportunity-- the right solutions right marketing to promote them and right sales force selling them -- we can achieve our short and long term goals in this exciting and dynamic market space. For whether we use our professional services to support our solutions strategy or aggressively market our services by demonstrating that we have the solutions for effective implementation -- the end result is the same. Xerox can own this space and position ourselves as the premier provider of the critical enabler of these high value applications for leading corporations throughout the world.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Level B1 The Gate DIFC Dubai UAE
    • 2. AGENDA Agenda
      • Spectrum Digital Print Solutions
      • Today’s Business Environment
      • 1:1 Communications
      • Customer Value and Benefits
      • Customer Success Stories
      • Summary
      • Part of ITP Group, the largest magazine publisher in the region
      • Based in the DIFC in state of the art premises
      • Web to Print interface using Xerox IGen Digital Print Technology
      • Produces true 1:1 fully personalized, full color customer
      • communication campaigns
      • Offers a full Print Management Service
      • Experienced, dedicated staff and operatives
      • Offers full Online interactive facilities with digital storefront
      • Data, artwork, front end development and creative services
      • Personalized Letters
      • Direct Mail
      • Transactional Mailings
      • Bills and Statements
      • One Piece Mailers
      • Coupons and Vouchers
      • Agency Brochures
      • Personalized Post Cards
      • Card Carriers
      • Random Bar Coding
      • Sequential Bar Coding
      • Business Cards
      • Tickets
      • Event Tickets
      • Manuals
      • Brochures
      • Magazines
      • Leaflets
      • Flyers
      • Invitations
      • Certificates
      • Greeting Cards
      • Company Reports
      • Web Hosted Solutions
      Spectrum is the solution to your marketing campaigns, customer communications and print requirements in small and large volumes
      • True Communication With an ‘Audience of One’
      • Higher Response Rates
      • Customer Loyalty
      • Uplift in Sales
      • Call to Action
      • New Customers
      • Brand Awareness and Adding Value
      • Lower cost per enquiry/higher ROI
      • On Demand/Time to Market/Reaction to Market
      ‘ A Complete Communication Solution’
    • 6. TODAY’S BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT Customers are becoming increasingly aware and demanding Enterprise business needs and challenges…
      • Cost savings and improved profit-to-earnings ratios
      • Well-integrated systems that leverage IT investments
      • Improved human productivity – Leverage people
      • Streamlined business processes
      Market forces and trends…
      • Cost containment
      • Technology Obsolescence
      • Competitive pressures
      • Globalization
      • Increased organizational efficiency
      • Improved productivity
      • Focus on core competencies
      • Business Process & IT Outsourcing
      • New markets driven by technology
    • 7. Treat the customer as an appreciating asset . -Tom Peters
    • 8. BUSINESS BENEFITS OF CRM Revenue Growth Customer Retention Increase Employee Productivity Gains Customer Satisfaction Increase
      • Customers have seen it all before in mature markets
      • It is not just about software
      • It is not just about collecting data on your customers
      • It is not just about selling what you have left in stock
      • It is not just about offering discounts
      • It is not just a project for IT
      • It should be focussed entirely on the customer
      • It should be lead from the top
      • It should be about empowering your customers
      • It should enable customers to buy what they want to buy, when they want to buy it
      You should be Innovative
    • 10. SO WHY DO OUR CUSTOMERS LIKE IT … more than 90 % of communications with customers is through documents
    • 11. THE VALUE OF PERSONALIZED COMMUNICATIONS A 34% faster rate of response A 48% increase in repeat orders A 25% greater average value of each order A 32% increase in overall revenue 70% of customers would rather receıve it!!
    • 12. THE MARKETING DATABASE He who has the data wins! - Data is the key to successful Direct Marketing Our parent company, ITP Publishing, have over 250,000 names and addresses on their database. This can be used to target a particular audience by lifestyle Age, sex, country of residence, nationality and many more
    • 13. THE MARKETING DATABASE He who knows what data to collect, the purpose of collecting it, knows what to do with it and most importantly listens to his customers has a better chance
    • 14. THE POWER OF 1:1 COMMUNICATIONS 3 4 1 2 5
    • 15. PERSONALIZED COMMUNICATIONS Brochures Personalized Coupons Postcards Special Offers Flyers and Coupons Newsletters Membership Cards and Letters
    • 20. PERSONALIZED AND CUSTOMISED COUPONS Standard Customized Per the Service Station Personalized Per Customer Buying Pattern
    • 21.
      • Tesco Loyalty Program
        • Coupons personalized per customer buying pattern
        • Money refund based on spending amount
        • Send to 10 000 000 customers on quarterly basis
        • In 3 years Tesco moved from number 5 to number ONE on the list of the most popular grocery stores
      • Output Providers
      • Print Providers
      • Fulfillment Services
      • Internet Services
      • Print & Web Specialists
      • Marketers/Communicators
      • C-Level Executives
      • VP Marketing
      • VP Sales
      • Customer Support Managers
      • Communication Creators
      • Advertising Agencies
      • Direct Marketers
      • In-house creatives
      • Internet Specialists
      • Customers
      • Business to Business
      • Business to Consumer
      • Personalized
      • documents
      • Response
      • mechanisms
      • Purchases
      • Contacts
      • Personal
      • data
      • Target audience
      • Direction
      • Funds
      + Customer Contact Data
      • Static Templates
      • VI Rules
      + Content Data
      • Full Print Management Service
      • Dedicated Account Management
      • All Printed Products
      • Excellent Supply Chain
      • Cost Effective Solutions
      • All Printed Products supplied
      • Using our extensive supply base we take away the complexities of print buying allowing you to concentrate on your core business
    • 24. SUMMARY
      • The World and Local Area is changing
      • Customers expectations are changing and more demanding
      • If we do not listen to our customers and be innovative in how we react, they will react first and change supplier
      • CRM requires a multiple channel approach
      • All Customer opportunities should be maximised
      • Customer Loyalty will become important
      • Customers like to feel special and wanted and be part of a club
      • Paper will always be a media with a call to action
      • Spectrum is uniquely positioned to support your business
      Be Innovative, talk to your customers before someone else does
    • 25. A Final Thought… “ It ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it, and that’s what gets results” Bananarama
    • 26. Thank You. Graeme Selby Sales Director 0505067110 [email_address]