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Leadership Toolkit (.doc)

  1. 1. Greetings! Stepping into the role of president can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. You have just been elected by colleagues to lead the organization through thick and thin. As though that wasn’t pressure enough, you are expected to act decisively and quickly from the get-go. The Pacific Plains Region (PPR) Board understands your situation. We have walked in your shoes before. That is why PPR has developed this Regional Leadership Toolkit to help you succeed – especially during those critical first months of your presidency. You will find a treasure trove of valuable information and resources in this toolkit. From recommending the first steps you should take as a new president to listing Web conferences on best practices we have planned for the region, PPR has your success in mind. As this toolkit is a work in progress, PPR intends to periodically add new features and updated information. I invite you to share your thoughts on how we can improve this product. If the toolkit does not have what you are looking for, then tickle the keys on your laptop or grab your smart phone and contact your PPR Chapter Advocate for help. They exist to serve you, the chapter leader. So on behalf of the PPR Board, I congratulate you on your budding success as an IABC chapter leader. Yours truly, Suzanne Poggio Director, IABC - Pacific Plains Region 2008 – 2009
  2. 2. IABC PACIFIC PLAINS REGIONAL LEADERSHIP TOOLKIT Important First-Steps for Chapter Leaders  Submit your updated board information to HQ and PPR. Be sure IABC headquarters and Pacific Plains Region (“PPR”) have your up-to-date board information to ensure your leadership team has full access to Leader Center and other leadership resources. For the time being, we ask that you provide information separately to HQ and PPR. IABC HQ: Go to http://www.iabc.com/leaders/bdform.htm, or contact Gretchen Hoover if you have questions. PPR: Email your board information to iabcpacificplains@yahoo.com.  Connect with your PPR Chapter Advocate: Chapter Advocates (“CAs”) serve the interests of the chapters they represent on the PPR board. Skilled and experienced, CAs can assist in a variety of ways. Facilitating your chapter’s annual strategic planning session, securing a speaker for a professional development session, and providing guidance on leadership succession or finances are just a few of the ways your CA can add value to your organization. Find your designated CA: http://pacificplains.iabc.com/business-communications- resources/communicator_advocates.html  Don’t reinvent the wheel. View chapters’ best practices on the HQ and PPR Websites, and adopt those that are suitable for your chapter. HQ: http://www.iabc.com/leaders/ldrBestPractices.htm PPR: http://pacificplains.iabc.com/communications-best-practices/introduction.html  Mark your calendar with key IABC dates. PPR board meetings: – September 21 & 22, 2008 in Seattle, Washington (completed) – April 17 & 18, 2009 in San Diego, California PPR Leadership Webconference Series: PPR sponsors a series of virtual conferences on best practices throughout the year. Schedule your board members for these upcoming sessions: http://pacificplains.iabc.com/business-communications- resources/communicator_blog.html
  3. 3. Leadership Institute: February 5-7, 2009 in Orlando, Florida Read about it: http://www.iabc.com/leaders/cli.htm Chapter Management Awards: Does your chapter have what it takes to be counted among the best-managed chapters in all of IABC? Then consider submitting your chapter in the IABC Chapter Management Awards (“CMAs”). The deadline for entries is on December 4, 2008. Winners will be announced at the 2009 Leadership Institute next February. For information about the CMAs and an application form, go to: http://www.iabc.com/leaders/cma/CallForEntries.htm 2009 IABC World Conference: June 7-10, 2009 in San Francisco, California Read about it: http://www.iabc.com/wc/ PPR Exchange Conference: October 2009 in Minneapolis, Minnesota Read about the 2008 conference: http://pacificplains.iabc.com/communicators-events/ regional_conference.html Gold Quill Awards: June 7-10, 2009 at the World Conference in San Francisco, CA Read about it: http://www.iabc.com/awards/gq/ PPR Silver Quill Awards: October 2009 at the Pacific Plains Region Exchange Conference in Minneapolis, MN Read about it: http://pacificplains.iabc.com/silver-quill-awards/call_for_entries.html  Make note of available scholarships Leadership Institute: If your chapter is new, struggling or otherwise in need of financial assistance in order to send leaders to LI, you may be eligible for a scholarship from IABC HQ. To apply, submit an application form no later than December 1, 2008: http://www.iabc.com/leaders/LIscholarship- app.htm. The Region may offer a similar scholarship to chapter leaders who apply and are selected by the PPR Board. Information is forthcoming from PPR. World Conference: Your chapter may be eligible to receive a scholarship to the annual IABC World Conference (formerly known as the IABC International Conference) from PPR. The scholarship covers the cost of registration. PPR will notify chapter leaders of the availability of these limited scholarships. Look for details about the conference on the HQ Website beginning in December. PPR Exchange Conference: Information on the availability of scholarships for the second annual Exchange Conference is forthcoming. PPR will notify chapter leaders of the availability of scholarships and the application process.  Send chapter leaders to PPR board meetings: Twice yearly, chapter leaders are invited to attend PPR Board meetings, which offer participants an excellent
  4. 4. opportunity to network similar to a mini-Leadership Institute. To take full advantage of these relationship-building and knowledge-sharing opportunities, a chapter should send its Senior Delegate, President Elect/Executive V.P. or other board officer who is in line to lead the chapter one day. The Region will reimburse each chapter one-third of a chapter leader’s travel and lodging expenses. (See item “C” above for dates.) PPR will provide instructions for submitting reimbursement claims. Tips for Locating Online Resources A. Logon as a member to www.iabc.com: The Member Centre site links you to a wealth of online resources, such as Leader Centre, MyComm and other valuable services from IABC HQ. B. Leader Centre: This site features chapter management and leadership information and resources designed for IABC leaders. − Templates and tools (e.g., accreditation, branding, financial management, professional development, etc.) − Best practices − Chapter essentials (e.g., presidents orientation kit) − Chapter awards − Governing documents C. Membership Management Area (“MMA”): Your role as chapter leader grants you access to Membership Management Area (www.iabc.com/MMA). MMA lists your chapter’s members, their status, details record changes, provides current chapter demographics and includes an “email my chapter” function. D. Leader Publications: IABC HQ provides these online publication resources for managing your chapter: – Leader Letter Monthly Newsletter is for all IABC volunteer leaders with information and ideas to share about chapter management, and IABC updates: http://www.iabc.com/leaders/ll/ – Steal Sheet features articles on communication topics, fillers, and IABC news and updates - especially designed for IABC chapter newsletter editors: http://www.iabc.com/leaders/ss/ – IABC Upload is an online resource providing chapter webmasters with important links, images and news items on IABC’s programs and services: http://www.iabc.com/leaders/wm/
  5. 5. E. Communities: Share knowledge, seek insights and debate current issues with peers in IABC’s online knowledge communities, such as IABC eXchange online tool connecting the Worldpress blogging platform with the IABC member database of more than 16,000 communicators. Know your Pacific Plains Region: http://pacificplains.iabc.com/ Pacific Plains supports the leaders and members of the region’s IABC chapters with resources and professional development opportunities. Our goal is to foster a collegial network of professionals engaged in all aspects of corporate communication and to extend opportunities to members to expand their leadership skills and experience by participating at the local, regional and international level. Pacific Plains Region was created in 2005 by the merger of two IABC districts. The region embraces 21 chapters in 19 states from Illinois to Hawaii, from Arizona to North Dakota, including scores of members at large who live outside local chapter. Our geographic sweep gives us a wide network of colleagues for sharing ideas, asking advice and celebrating successes. PPR Board Service Members of the Pacific Plains Region Board are chosen for their skills, experience and dedication to fostering excellence in chapter management and professional communication. They are aided by a network of committees whose members take responsibility for planning, executing and maintaining crucial region endeavors, including the Silver Quill Awards program, the region conference, and the PPR Website. Benefits of volunteering as an IABC leader include the opportunity to make decisions that support the health of the region’s chapters and affect the future of the profession and IABC. Leaders report they develop both personally and professionally, becoming more valuable to their organizations or clients through their leadership, exposure to professional content and enhanced networking experience. IABC members located within the Pacific Plains Region are eligible for board service. Everyone nominating him or herself for a board position must submit a nominee statement form and board composition analysis grid, a current resume or curriculum vita, a list of IABC or other relevant volunteer service, and a brief statement that discusses why he/she wants to join the PPR board and what strengths he/she will bring. We recommend you refer to the nominations overview of PPR Board Roles and Expectations as you compile the information. Important links:
  6. 6. Pacific Plains Region Board of Directors: http://pacificplains.iabc.com/business- communications-resources/pacific_plains_board.html PPR bylaws: http://pacificplains.iabc.com/business-communications- resources/ppr_by_laws.html PPR strategic plan: http://pacificplains.iabc.com/business-communications-resources/ documents/2008-09PPRStratPlan.doc Board handbook: http://pacificplains.iabc.com/business-communications- resources/ppr_board_handbook.html Chapters in the Region Each chapter is a community of professionals working in all aspects of corporate communication. Local chapters offer professional development, networking and leadership development opportunities to chapter members and the local business communication community. Important links: Want to know who does what in each chapter? Contacts: http://pacificplains.iabc.com/business-communications- resources/communications_leaders.html Chapter member resources: http://pacificplains.iabc.com/business-communications- resources/member_resources.html # # # #