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  • 1. KURSSIKUVAUKSET: INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS COMMUNICATION 385 7.28 INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS Assessment by exam (60 %) and assignments COMMUNICATION (40 %). Timing 75C00500 Introduction to International Busi- Autumn 2009 ness Communication (6cr) Teaching and exam language Status of the course English A mandatory course in the IBC Minor at BSc or Registration MSc level Via WebOodi Level of the course Remarks A mandatory course in the IBC Minor at BSc or Attendance is mandatory at lectures. MSc level 61A00100 Business Communication and Objectives 61C00100 Managerial Communication courses This course is intended as an introduction to In- are recommended for students taking the IBC ternational Business Communication and to help Minor. students prepare for the 75C00600 IBC Minor Homepage Project. The 75C00500 Introduction to Interna- tional Business Communication course should https://cie.hkkk.fi/75C00500/ therefore be taken at the start of the IBC minor program and before the 75C00600 IBC Minor Project. 75C00600 IBC Minor Project (6cr) The aim of this course is to introduce corporate Status of the course and cultural communication theories that provide A mandatory course in the IBC Minor at BSc or the tools to analyse real international business MSc level communication situations, to develop your ability to make effective communication decisions based Level of the course on communication theory and analysis, and to A mandatory course in the IBC Minor at BSc or build on your existing communication skills. MSc level Content Objectives The content of this course covers three areas: The aim of the course is to develop the ability to - corporate communication analyse a real complex communication situation in business and deliver a professional written re- - intercultural business communication port and a persuasive presentation based on this - specific communication skills, i.e. writing and analysis. presentation skills. Content Other course material Successful completion of the project will include; Indicated on the course home page. defining the project scope for the real-world prob- Teacher(s) lem/situation addressed, providing analytical in- sight into the problem and relating analysis to Professor Mirjaliisa Charles, PhD, lecturers Geoff communication theory readings, justifying rec- Hilton, MA, Anne Kankaanranta, PhD and Taija ommendations made and explaining how recom- Townsend, MA mendations will be implemented, and showing Course format evidence of having interviewed or consulted busi- ness professionals or experts in the field. - Lectures (7 weeks / 3 hours per week) During the project students will need to draw on - Course assignments both previous business communication courses - In-class exercises and knowledge gained from studies in other areas - Extensive reading (reading package provided) of business at HSE. The working language of the project is English. However, in the report other
  • 2. 386 KURSSIKUVAUKSET: INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS COMMUNICATION languages (French, German, Italian, Japanese, Objectives Russian, Spanish, Swedish) can also be used. On completion of the course, students should be Other course material able to draft a framework for a corporate commu- Provided by the lecturer. nication strategy, and use appropriate tools to critically manage communication challenges in a Teacher(s) multinational company. Lecturer Geoff Hilton, MA Content Course format This course introduces the corporate communica- - 14 weeks tions function, and focuses on the basic concepts, terminology, and models of corporate communi- - Assessment: Evaluation for the IBC minor cation in multinational corporations. It gives in- project will be based on the quality of the two sight into the way corporate strategy is imple- project deliverables (the report and the presen- mented through communication, and examines tation), and attendance and contribution in communication issues, structures, policies, and class. processes in companies, with specific focus on Methods corporate identity and stakeholder dialogue in a global environment. Classroom teaching and guided research and preparation outside class. Literature Timing ARGENTI, Paul (2007) Corporate Communica- tion Spring 2010 Other course material Prerequisite Materials provided by the lecturer. 61A00100 Business Communication and Teacher(s) 75C00500 Introduction to International Business Communication. Professor Mirjaliisa Charles, PhD Teaching and exam language Course format English 1. 7 weeks Registration 2. Lectures (total 36) twice a week, via WebOodi 3. Evaluation: Assignments 60%, end-of-course exam 40% Remarks Timing The course should be taken during the final term of your IBC minor studies. Autumn 2009, first period. 61C00100 Managerial Communication course is Teaching and exam language recommended for students taking the IBC Minor English Project. Registration Homepage via WebOodi https://cie.hkkk.fi/75C00600/ Homepage https://cie.hkkk.fi/75E00100/ 75E00100 Managing Corporate Communica- tion (6cr) Status of the course 75E00300 Business Communication Research (6cr) Mandatory course in the IBC Master’s Program Status of the course CEMS course Mandatory course in the IBC Master’s Program Level of the course Level of the course Advanced Studies Advanced Studies
  • 3. KURSSIKUVAUKSET: INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS COMMUNICATION 387 Objectives Level of the course On completion of the course, you should be able MSc elective, advanced studies. to critically read and understand academic studies Objectives on business communication, identify communica- tion issues that can be studied, and have the nec- The aim is to give students in-depth knowledge of essary tools for doing research of your own. You the main issues involved in organizational com- will also learn how to write a Research Proposal munication. for further development. Content Content Main theories, concepts and issues related to or- This course gives you a toolkit for conducting ganisational communication. independent research into business communica- Literature tion. It introduces you to the principles of doing research in business communication, and the main Indicated on the course homepage: methodologies used - questionnaires and inter- https://cie.hkkk.fi/75E00530 views,communication audits, and pragmatic Literature analysis of business discourse. The course will Smith, Lyn (2005) Effective internal communica- also help you with the initial planning stage of tion your Master’s Thesis, and the writing up of the Thesis. Cornelissen, Joep (2004) Corporate communica- tions theory and practice Other course material Tourish, D. & O. Hargie . (2004) Key Issues in Materials provided by the lecturer. Organizational Communication. Teacher(s) Szukale, Brian & O Conor (2001) 21st Century Professor (acting) Leena Louhiala-Salminen, PhD, Commmunication MSc (Econ) Teacher(s) Course format Lecturer Anne Kankaanranta, PhD. 1. 36 classroom hours and tutorials over 7 weeks, Course format and final exam A book exam, which will be organised twice each 2. Mandatory attendance term. For details, see course homepage: 3. Assignments (75 %), exam (25 %) https://cie.hkkk.fi/75E00530. Timing Prerequisite Spring 2010, second period. 75E00100 Managing Corporate Communication Prerequisite Teaching and exam language 75E00100 Managing Corporate Communication English. Teaching and exam language Registration English email Anne.Kankaanranta@hse.fi Registration Homepage via WebOodi https://cie.hkkk.fi/75E00530/ Homepage https://cie.hkkk.fi/75E00300/ 75E00540 Advanced Managerial Writing (6cr) Status of the course 75E00530 Organizational Communication MSc elective (6cr) Level of the course Status of the course MSc elective, advanced studies MSc elective.
  • 4. 388 KURSSIKUVAUKSET: INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS COMMUNICATION Objectives Homepage The aim of this online course is to focus on skills https://cie.hkkk.fi/75E00540/ and strategies that will enable you to produce effective managerial emails, memos, executive summaries, PowerPoint slides and recommenda- 75E00560 Communication for Corporate So- tion reports. cial Responsibility (6cr) Content Status of the course The course focuses on key managerial writing MSc elective issues: writing with a reader-focus, high impact Level of the course document design, persuasive strategies, and choice of style and tone. MSc elective, advanced studies The written assignments will give you ample op- Objectives portunity to practise theories introduced during The aim of this online course is to give you a the course. Comprehensive feedback from fellow deepened understanding of the concept of corpo- students and the course tutor will allow you to rate social responsibility (CSR) and the CSR re- enhance your own writing skills. porting practices. Other course material Content Provided by the lecturer on the Optima platform The course covers the definitions of corporate Teacher(s) social responsibility and the application of Global Reporting Initiative guidelines in CSR reporting. Michael Baker, MA, lecturer You will learn to see communication as part of a Course format company’s CSR strategy and to assess companies’ 1. 1 hr kick-off session, 8 weeks online (Optima CSR/CR/Sustainability reports. platform), individual report consultation ses- Other course material sions, final PowerPoint presentations. Provided by the lecturer on the Optima platform. 2. The course requires a substantial amount of Teacher(s) work: readings, written assignments including a long recommendation report, and peer re- Lecturer Maija Tammelin, PhD viewing. Course format 3. Written assignments (90%) and final presenta- 1. One mandatory classroom session: Introduc- tion (10%). tion to the course. Timing 2. Online course work requiring a substantial Fall 2009 amount required reading, written assignments, collaborative work in online teams and peer Prerequisite reviewing of fellow participants’ documents. 75E00100 Managing Corporate Communication 3. Assignments (100%) Teaching and exam language Timing English Spring 2010 (12 weeks). Registration Prerequisite via WebOodi 75E00100 Managing Corporate Communication Remarks Teaching and exam language Students who have completed 61C380 Business English. Writing in English: Strategy and Tactics (course from the old degree program) or 61C00200 Registration Managerial Writing are not eligible for this via WebOodi. course. Homepage https://cie.hkkk.fi/75E00560/
  • 5. KURSSIKUVAUKSET: INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS COMMUNICATION 389 75E00570 Company Performance and Inves- Objectives tor Relations (6cr) The purpose of this course is to develop a theo- Status of the course retical conceptualization of the process of crisis communication and an understanding of crisis MSc elective. In 2009-2010, this module com- communication practices, and then to focus on the prises 61C00500, supplemented by extra readings. implementation of crisis communication programs For details, see course 61C00500 (N.B. students for businesses and organizations. need to be fluent in both Finnish and English to complete the course). Content Level of the course Topics covered during the course include: the role of communication in crisis management, crisis MSc elective, advanced studies communication theories and strategies, differ- Objectives ences between effective and ineffective crisis communication, the role of the media, and ethical See 61C00500 Financial Communication accountability in crisis situations. A variety of Content case studies will be analysed and discussed in See 61C00500 Financial Communication class, and exercises will be used to give partici- pants the experience of communicating in crisis Other course material situations. Provided by the lecturer. Other course material Teacher(s) 1. Books designated by the lecturer. Lecturer Kristian Hursti, M.B.A. (Accouting), 2. Materials provided by the lecturer. M.A. Teacher(s) Course format Lecturer Michael Baker, M.A., and lecturer Geof- See 61C00500 Financial Communication frey Hilton, M.A. Timing Course format See 61C00500 Financial Communication 1. 42 classroom hours (7 weeks / 6 hours per Prerequisite week) and extensive reading and preparation outside class. 75E00100 Managing Corporate Communication 2. Mandatory attendance. Teaching and exam language 3. Assessment by assignments, final examination English and Finnish and attendance. Registration Timing WebOodi Spring 2010/first period. Remarks Prerequisite Language of instruction: English and Finnish: 75E00100 Managing Corporate Communication contrastive analysis is an integral part of the course. Teaching and exam language English 75E00580 Crisis Communication (6cr) Registration via WebOodi Status of the course Homepage MSc elective https://cie.hkkk.fi/75E00580/ Level of the course MSc elective, advanced studies
  • 6. 390 KURSSIKUVAUKSET: INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS COMMUNICATION 75E00600 Cross-Cultural Issues in Managerial Registration Communication (6cr) Via WebOodi. Status of the course Homepage Mandatory course in the IBC Master’s Program. https://cie.hkkk.fi/75E00600/ Elective course in the IB Master’s Program. Level of the course 75E00700 Finnish for International Students Advanced Studies. (6cr) Objectives Status of the course On completion of the course, you should be able IBC Master’s Program to take cultural issues into account when commu- nicating globally. In particular, you should be able Level of the course to analyse communicative events from a cultural Advanced studies and managerial perspective and modify your own communication accordingly. Objectives Content The purpose of this course is to offer international IBC Program students knowledge of and profi- The course focuses on the cultural dimension in ciency in the Finnish language and Finnish cul- managerial communication and introduces the ture. major theories that explain specific aspects of communication across cultures. In it, you will The course is offered as one option in the Ad- learn how to compare and analyse communication vanced Business Language and Communication across cultures and how to exploit and manage Studies of the IBC Master’s Program, and it is cultural similarities and differences in your own aimed at students who do not have Finnish as their writing and speaking. The role of English as a native language and have no basic foreign lan- lingua franca in global business encounters will guage skills in any of the other languages that can also be discussed. be chosen for Advanced Business Language and Communication Studies. Literature Content Indicated on the course home page: https://cie.hkkk.fi/75E00600 The course consists of two 3 cr Finnish language courses (from level 1 to level 6) offered by Other course material Haaga-Helia Polytechnic, Pasila Campus and an Provided by the lecturer. essay on a topic related to Finnish culture. Teacher(s) Other course material Lecturer Anne Kankaanranta, PhD Provided by the lecturers. Course format Teacher(s) 1. 42 classroom hours (7 weeks/ 6 hours per Finnish language courses from level 1 to level week) 6 offered by Haaga-Helia Polytechnic, Pasila Campus. Essay submitted to Leena Louhiala- 2. Mandatory attendance. Salminen, Department of Languages and Com- 3. Assessment: Assignments 75%, Exam 25%. munication. Timing Course format Autumn 2009/second period. Two 3 cr courses at Haaga-Helia Polytechnic, Prerequisite Pasila Campus + an essay at HSE 75E00100 Managing Corporate Communication Timing Teaching and exam language 2009-2010 English. Prerequisite 75E00100 Managing Corporate Communication
  • 7. KURSSIKUVAUKSET: INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS COMMUNICATION 391 Teaching and exam language Registration Finnish and English via WebOodi Registration Homepage Registration for Finnish language courses at https://cie.hkkk.fi/75E00800/ Haaga-Helia Polytechnic through the Office of Studies and Registrar, Ms Leena Brander. Please, see information on Finnish courses and registra- 75E99901 Master’s Thesis (30cr) tion deadlines at HSE Piazza--> Studies and Teaching -->Studying Finnish. After completing the two courses, contact Leena 75E99902 Master’s Thesis Seminar (0cr) Louhiala-Salminen to agree on the essay topic. Status of the course MSc advanced specialization, compulsory. 75E00800 Special Topics in IBC (6cr) Level of the course Status of the course Advanced studies. MSc Elective in the IBC Master’s Program Objectives Level of the course The aim of the Thesis Seminar is to provide you with a support group for your Master’s Thesis Advanced studies research, and feedback both from faculty and Objectives peers. The seminar also functions as a discussion Special topics courses in IBC are developed to group for problems encountered during the re- cover emerging issues or specialized content not search process, and it gives help in the actual writ- represented elsewhere in the curriculum. In 2009- ing-up process. You will be expected to present 2010 a course on Visual Communication is of- your work in progress to the group several times fered; the objective is to offer students knowledge during the year. and skills related to presenting information in a Content visual form. The Master’s Thesis is an independent piece of Content research on some aspect of communication in The course focuses on key visual communication internationally operating companies. The thesis issues in business communication. Visual com- should demonstrate ability to munication will be framed within knowledge - formulate relevant research questions, and/or communication theories, and specific attention is identify problems, in international business given to practical applications that enhance com- communication; munication in the present information overload - use appropriate research methods to get an- environment. Ways to affect both information swers to the questions formulated, or approach quantity and quality by reducing and contextualiz- the problems identified; ing messages will be presented. - write up a readable, clear research report in an Teacher(s) appropriate style. Visiting professor Martin Eppler and professor Other course material (acting) Leena Louhiala-Salminen, PhD, MSc (Econ) Provided by the lecturer Course format Teacher(s) 1. 24 classroom hours; mandatory attendance Professor (acting) Leena Louhiala-Salminen, PhD, (intensive course) MSc (Econ) and lecturer Anne Kankaanranta, PhD, MSc (Econ) 1. Assignments Course format 2. Book test 1. Whole academic year 2009-2010 Timing 2. Seminar meetings once every 2 weeks Spring 2010, first period
  • 8. 392 KURSSIKUVAUKSET: INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS COMMUNICATION Timing Whole academic year. Prerequisite 75E00100 Managing Corporate Communication. Teaching and exam language English. Registration WebOodi. Homepage https://cie.hkkk.fi/75E99902/ 75E99903 Maturity Test (0cr)