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  1. 1. Go to bottom Dr. Norm Page University of Oregon, 1974 Professor, Speech Communication Dissertation: An Investigation of Tacit Coordination and the Investigation of Coordinating Cues in Two Cooperative Situations Courses: SPCH 102, Public Speaking SPCH 324, Communicating in Groups and Teams SPCH 325, Interviewing: Principles and Practice SPCH 333, Communication in Business & the Professions SPCH 437, Internship in Speech Communication SPCH 492T, Proseminar (Mediation) SPCH 520, Seminar in Small Group Communication CSUF Offices Held: Department Undergraduate Advisement Coordinator (CTP) Department Recruitment Officer (CTP) EDUCATION: University of Oregon 1974 (Doctor of Philosophy)
  2. 2. California State University, Los Angeles 1967 (Master of Arts) California State University, Los Angeles 1967 (Bachelor of Arts) EMPLOYMENT: California State University Fullerton 9/82 - Present Professor of Speech Communication California State University Fullerton 9/76 - 9/82 Associate Professor of Speech Communication California State University Fullerton 9/72 - 9/76 Assistant Professor of Speech Communication University of Oregon 1/69 - 6/72 Teaching Fellow, Rhetoric CURRENT PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS: Communication Association of America Western Communication Association Cooperative Education Association California Faculty Association AREAS OF SPECIALIZATION: Organizational Communication Small Group Communication Interviewing Internships/Cooperative Education Mediation PUBLICATIONS, PRESENTATIONS, & GRANT ACTIVITY Publications: Page, N.R. (in press). Assessing co-op students: A survey of grading and grading criteria. Journal of Cooperative Education. Wiseman, R.L., & Page, N.R. (2001). Student & employer perceptions of co-op site quality. Journal of Cooperative Education, 36(1). 61-75 Page, N.R. (1999). Faculty coordinators' perceptions of Internship site quality. Journal of Cooperative Education, 34(1), 43-53. Page, N.R. (1997). The co-op site visit and beyond. Journal of Cooperative Education 33(1), 55-65.
  3. 3. Page, N.R., Riggio, R.E., & Kubiak, C.K. (1995). Reforming the language of cooperative education: Step toward goal alignment. The Journal of Cooperative Education, 30(3), 18-23. Kubiak, C., Page, N.R.,& Riggio, R.E. (1995). The faculty based co-op program: A model for survival. The Journal of Studies in Technical Careers, 15(2), 63-70. Page, N.R., Wiseman, R.L. (1993). "Supervisory behavior and worker satisfaction in the United States, Mexico and Spain." Journal of Business Communication, 30 (2), 161-180. Presentations: Metaphors in Mediation. Institute for Conflict Management, Santa Ana, CA Aug 02 Reframing in Mediation. Institute for Conflict Management, Santa Ana, CA Aug 02 Student and employer perceptions of Co-op site quality. CCEA, Costa Mesa, CA April, 1999 Grading in Cooperative Education, CSUF, Internship Coordinators, December, 1998 The co-op site visit and its alternatives. CCEA, San Diego, 1997 Panel: Orientation to internships. Comm Week, CSUF, 1996. Strategies for enhancing quality in cooperative education: What are the quality indicators? Regional Workshop: California Cooperative Education Association, Fullerton, CA, December, 1995. Cooperative education faculty advisory committee, Paper presented at California Cooperative Education Association, San Diego, CA Spring, 1995 The role of faculty in cooperative education, Paper presented at California Cooperative Education Association, Burlingame, CA Spring 1994. Sabbaticals, Research Grants, Technical Reports, Honors: WASC Self Study. FEID, grant to study free-rider behavior among student groups Sabbatical Leave, CSUF, F’97, Granted to establish quality guidelines for evaluation of co- op/internship site efforts. Resulted in refereed article. Mini-Grant: The Site Visit Revisited. (1993). Title VIII (Funded: 3 WTUs Assigned Time) Appointed: Teacher/Scholar in Residence, 1999, 2000 SERVICE TO THE DEPARTMENT, UNIVERSITY AND COMMUNITY:
  4. 4. Department: Undergraduate Advisor, 1998-present CTP Recruiter, 1999-present Chair, Org. Comm. Search Committee, 2001-2002 Member: Educational Resources Committee, 1998-99 Member: Ad Hoc Committee: Faculty-for-a-Day Committee, 1996 Member: Steering Committee for Legislative Assembly, WSCA, 1996 Coordinator: Communication Theory & Process (elected), 1996-1997 Member: Instructional Resources Committee, 1994-1995 Undergraduate Advisement Coordinator (elected), 1996-97, 99, 00 Published CTP Network, 1992-present Recent Graduate Student Committees: L. Hollowell, 1997 G. Rybold, 1997 D. Dowers (Chair), 1997 S. Geck, 1998 B. Neal-Varma (Chair), 1998 B. Welty (Chair) M. Crisci (Chair) D. Nagano, 2001 R. Pickering, 1998 J. Tan W. Kodira, 2002 M. Edwards, 1998 S. Fish (Chair) D. Rodman T. Berokoff D. Cook M. Murkle V. Gururaja, 2000 A. Miller O. Musallet (Chair) K. Smith J. Melton (Chair) K. Klager College of Communications:
  5. 5. College representative, CSUF Service-Learning Steering Committee Commencement Committee, 1998-99 Communications Week Steering Committee, 1998-99 Member: Student Activities Committee, 1997-98 Group Leader: School Faculty Retreat, 1997 Chair: School PSSI Committee, 1996 Member: Commencement Committee, 1995-00 University Service: Member: Continuous Improvement Team #1 (Pre-admission, Admission & Enrollment), 1998-99 Member: Faculty Development Center Advisory Board, 1997-00 Member: Professional Leaves Committee, 1998-present Member: Faculty Development Center Budget Sub-Committee, 1998-00 Member: Academic Senate, 1998-present Member: Titan Student Union Instructional Resources Acquisition Committee 1997-98 Faculty Representative: Titan Student Union Board of Directors, 1994-96 Editor: "Teaching Tips" (an in-house electronic journal) Community Service: Certified Mediator, Institute for Conflict Management, Santa Ana, CA Professional Conferences, etc.: Annual Conference of Western Communication, Long Beach, CA 2002 Annual Conference of the California Cooperative Education Association, Costa Mesa, CA, 1999 Western Communication Association, Vancouver, BC, 1999 Third Annual Assessment Conference, Fullerton, CA, 1999
  6. 6. National Communication Association Conference, San Diego, CA, 1996 Western Speech Communication Assn., San Jose, CA 1994 Western Speech Communication Assn., Albuquerque, NM 1993 Bottom top