February 15, 2004 Internationalizing Students, Curriculum,
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February 15, 2004 Internationalizing Students, Curriculum,






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  • Copy the Table of Contents for Lesson Plans from Website and from Creative Teaching Ideas Give samples
  • Switch to Excel to show workbook.
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February 15, 2004 Internationalizing Students, Curriculum, February 15, 2004 Internationalizing Students, Curriculum, Presentation Transcript

  • Internationalizing Your Students, Your Curriculum and Yourself Brenda Ingram-Cotton and Peg Saragina WBITE Conference – Portland, Oregon February 15, 2004
  • Session Topics
    • Examples of class lessons to internationalize your students in your courses
    • Types of partnerships & collaboration with European schools to internationalize your curriculum
    • Benefits of ISBE membership to internationalize yourself
  • Internationalizing Your Students
    • Need for internationalizing courses
      • Global economy
      • Multicultural nation
      • Students will work for companies that conduct business globally
      • Include international concepts in as many courses as possible on a regular basis
      • Need to think globally on a regular basis
  • Internationalizing Your Students
    • Lesson plans from ISBE Website
        • www.isbeusa.org
    • Lesson plans from Creative Teaching Ideas for International Business
      • can purchase from http://www.nbea.org/marketfpub.html
    • Internationalizing Handout
      • InternationalizingHandout.doc
  • Internationalizing Your Students
    • Business Communication or Introduction to Business Research Projects
      • Select a country and prepare a report on what one should know to conduct business in that country.
      • Research Do’s and Taboos for selected countries.
  • Internationalizing Your Students
    • Business Communication or Introduction to Business: Cultural food and dress class by students for selected countries.
    • Word Processing or Introduction to Internet: Plan an itinerary for travel to selected destinations
  • Internationalizing Your Students
    • Business Communication or Word Processing: Compare business letters (in English) from other countries with letters written in the U.S.
      • Style Address & Date
      • Punctuation Formality/Tone
    • Business Communication or Word Processing: Write business letters (in English) to be sent to people in other countries.
  • Internationalizing Your Students
    • Word or Excel: Select paper size to be standard size for European countries:
      • Page SetUp Paper Paper Size A4
    • Word Processing: Use international postal codes, country abbreviations, phone numbers, and titles in letters or mail merge exercises
  • Internationalizing Your Students
    • Word Processing: Look up International Postal Codes
      • Example: http://www.escapeartist.com/global10/zip.htm
    • In Excel change format from $ to £ or ¥, etc.
      • Format Cells Currency Symbol
    • In Excel have students format date and time for another country.
      • Format Cells Date or Time
  • Internationalizing Your Students
    • Use Excel’s Import External Data (MS Money Central Investor Currency Rates) feature to get exchange rates for currency conversion.
    • OR
    • Use FX Converter ( http:// www.oanda.com /convert/classic ) to convert currencies 
    •  Other conversion programs are available on the Web.
  • Internationalizing Your Students
    • What have you been doing?
  • Internationalizing Your Students
  • Internationalizing Your Curriculum
    • Santa Rosa Junior College in California & SvenEriksonsgymnasiet in Borås, Sweden
      • 2003 Students
      • 2004 Students
    • Virtual project between SRJC and Kóge , Denmark’s Columbus Program
    • Potential projects with:
      • Vejle College in Fall 2004
      • India Chapter of SIEC (Chennai School of Bus.)
      • Teacher exchange with college in Ravensburg, Germany
  • Internationalizing Your Curriculum
    • CIBER Centers –
      • 6 th Biennial Int’l Bus. Institute for CC Faculty on May 14-19, 2005, Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center, East Lansing, Michigan
      • Provides participants with knowledge, experience and resources to internationalize their courses/programs.
      • UCLA, Univ. of Washington, San Diego State, USC,…)
    • CCIE – California Colleges for Int’l Education
      • March 4-6 Conference in Monterey, CA – Shaping American’s Role in the Global Community
  • Internationalizing Yourself
    • International Society for Business Education
    • (Société Internationale
    • Pour l’Enseignement Commercial)
    • Established in 1901 in Zurich, Switzerland
    • 20 nations now represented
    • SIEC headquarters in Carson City, Nevada
    • www.siec-isbe.org
  • Internationalizing Yourself
    • Société Internationale
    • Pour l’Enseignement Commercial
    • Mission Statement
    • To form an interactive educational exchange network among individuals at the national and international levels--expanding knowledge and understanding in business and educational arenas.
  • Objectives and Privileges
    • Focusing on international topics with opportunities to participate at local, state, regional, national, and international levels
    • Networking with business and education leaders from four continents
  • Objectives and Privileges
    • Interacting, visiting, observing, and exchanging educational strategies and operations with progressive multi-national corporate and educational leaders
  • Objectives and Privileges
    • Enhancing, updating, and assessing new developments in the fields of intercultural, cross-cultural, multicultural, and culturally diverse academic and corporate arenas.
  • Objectives and Privileges
    • Providing opportunities for individuals to advance and prepare for the next century.
    • Serving as business ambassadors of goodwill from the United States.
  • Benefits
    • Exchange opportunities for materials, teachers, and business people internationally
    • Experiences with other cultures
    • Networking with colleagues from other states and countries
    • Ways to link to the business community
  • Benefits
    • ISBE and SIEC publications
    • Increased awareness and knowledge of global happenings
    • Ways to help other educators and students to think globally
    • Personal and professional growth
    • Research opportunities
    • Long-lasting friendships
  • ISBE -- U.S. Chapter
    • International affiliate of NBEA—over 900 members
    • 5 Regions
    • Regional representatives
    • WBITE Rep:
      • Bob Livingston
        • [email_address]
    • WBITE Rep-elect:
      • Susie White
        • [email_address]
  • ISBE -- U.S. Chapter
    • Board and general membership meetings at annual NBEA Convention
    • General Membership Meeting
    • Reception & Dinner
  • Publications
    • U.S.-- International Society for Business Education Network
    • SIEC-- International Review for Business Education
    • Journal for Global Business Education
  • Web Sites
    • www.isbeusa.org
      • Membership Information
      • Links
      • Resources--Lesson Plans
    • www.siec-isbe.org
      • Program for 2004 Conference
      • Reports from Past Conferences
      • Links to National Chapters
      • Membership Information
      • List Serv
  • 76th International Conference SIEC / ISBE
    • Teaching and Learning Business in a Country in Transition
    • Krakow, Poland
    • July 25-30, 2004
  • 2005 Conference
    • Boston, Massachusetts
    • July 31 – Aug. 6
    • Boston, MA
  • Future Conferences
    • 2006 Faroe Islands
    • 2007 Vienna, Austria
    • 2008 Rome or Naples, Italy
    • 2009 Karlsbad, Czech Republic
  • What do you need?
    • What things have you been doing to internationalize your courses/curriculum?
    • What challenges do you face?
    • How can we help?
  • For further information . . .
    • Brenda Ingram-Cotton
      • Associate Professor
      • Computer Applications & Office Technologies
      • Los Angeles Valley College, Valley Glen, CA
      • +1.818.947.2872
      • [email_address]
    • Peg Saragina
      • Instructor/Department Chair
      • Business Office Technology
      • Santa Rosa Junior College, California
      • +1.707.527.4693
      • [email_address]
  • Hope to see you in Krakow! July 25-30, 2004 http://www.siec-isbe.org