Customized Training NGO Recipients FY08


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Customized Training NGO Recipients FY08

  1. 1. Customized Training NGO Recipients FY08 Panel Date Grantee Municipality County District Trainees New Hires Grant Amount Grantee Contribution Training 25-Aug-07 A and M Industrial Supply Co Rahway 22 94 5 $50,898 $61,317 Logistics and Materials Mgmt, Operations Management, Customer Service Skills, PC Skills and OJT Industrial Manufacturing Technology/Tech 18-Jun-08 Cranbury 14 638 47 $197,953 $228,892 Customer Service Management, Business Communications, PC Skills, Electrical Safety, Occupational Safety Technology/Tech, Business Marketing management, Basic Skills English as a Abel Leasing Company, Inc. Second Language, and General Selling Skills 18-Jun-08 Absecon Mills Inc. Cologne Atlantic 2 22 0 $27,200 $30,859 Lean Manufacturing and Team Building 18-Jun-08 Cape May Atlantic 1 187 187 $55,367 $94,954 English as a Second Language, Conflict Resolution, Office Supervision and Management, Team Building, Problem AC Beach Development Partners LLC The Solving, Customer Service Skills, and Chelsea Hotel/Motel Management 23-Apr-08 AC Beach Liquor LLC Atlantic City Atlantic 2 263 263 $103,591 $148,280 FOOD SCIENCES AND TECHNOLOGY, ESL, BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS, CULINARY ARTS/CHEF TRAINING, WAITER/WAITRESS ROOM MANAGER, OFFICE SUPERVISION AND MANAGEMENT, TEAM BUILDING, PROBLEM SOLVING 18-Jun-08 ACCC Competitive Casino Training Atlantic City 2 2673 0 $481,950 $654,493 COMPUTER MAINTENANCE (Borgata, Bally's, Caesars, Harrahs, TECHNOLOGY/TECH, BUS SYSTEMS Showboat, Trump Taj Mahal, Trump NETWORKING, OFFICE SUPERVISION Marina, Trump Plaza, Tropicana) AND MANAGEMENT, LEADERSHIP FOR RESULTS, BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS, BUSINESS, GENERAL, TIME MANAGEMENT, CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS, CARD DEALER, ELECTROMECHANICAL TECHNOLOGY/TECH, SECURITY PREVENTION SERVICES, CULINARY ARTS/CHEF TRAINING, MATHEMATICS, FINANCE GENERAL, AND PC SKILLS 28-Nov-07 AccuFirst Toms River 10 9 4 $1,314 $4,686 Customer Service Management 23-Jan-08 Accurate Box Company Paterson City 35 140 27 $86,000 $99,119 ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE, BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS, INDUSTRIAL EQUIP MAINTENANCE, INDUSTRIAL/Manufacturing TECHNOLOGY/TECH 20-Feb-08 Accurate Screw Machine Corp Fairfield Essex 27 87 0 $30,200 $34,473 Quality Control Technology, Lean Manufacturing, Engineering Design, and PC Skills 23-Apr-08 Accutest Laboratories South Brunswick Twp 14 173 50 $29,523 $66,205 Leadership for Results, Team Leadership, Customer Service Skills, Business Communications, Environmental Control Technology/Tech, Chemistry, other and Data Processing Technology 1 of 20
  2. 2. Customized Training NGO Recipients FY08 Panel Date Grantee Municipality County District Trainees New Hires Grant Amount Grantee Contribution Training 23-Apr-08 Advanced Scale Company Inc. Lindenwold Boro Camden 4 26 3 $22,000 $57,744 ISO 28-Nov-07 Agfa Corp Somerville 16 183 16 $86,400 $123,353 Manufacturing Materials Resource Planning, Lean Manufacturing, Manufacturing Materials Resource Planning, Problem Solving, Customer Service Skills, Finance, General, Business, General 18-Jun-08 Akcros Chemicals America New Brunswick 17 39 0 $49,000 $77,248 Lean Manufacturing, Team Building, PC Skills, Chemistry-General, Statistical Process Control, Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Training, and Industrial Machinery Maintenance 18-Jun-08 Amerasia International Technology Inc West Windsor Twp. Mercer 14 34 1 $39,776 $39,915 PC Skills, Operations Management, General Marketing Operation, General Selling Skills Operations, Six Sigma Employee Awareness, Manufacturing/Materials Resource Planning, Lean Manufacturing, Team Effectiveness, and ISO Quality Systems 23-Apr-08 American Custom Drying Company Burlington Burlington 7 46 4 $30,400 $32,823 ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING (ERP), OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT, TEAM EFFECTIVENESS, LEAN MANUFACTURING, TIME MANAGEMENT 18-Jun-08 Anadigics Warren 21 273 0 $281,600 Paetec Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma and PC Skills 23-Jan-08 Ansell Healthcare Products Red Bank Boro 12 75 7 $61,600 $74,138 Business General, Customer Service, Operations Management, Purchasing, Quality Control, Transportation and Materials Moving 12-Dec-07 AnythingIT Fair Lawn Bergen 38 20 10 $22,000 $22,054 ISO Quality Systems 19-Mar-08 Aqua Products Cedar Grove Twp Essex 40 89 10 $89,022 $150,658 PC Skills, Computer Systems Analysis, Business Communications, Team Effectiveness, Team Building and Lean Manufacturing Spreadsheets 23-Jan-08 Astir IT Solutions Inc. South Plainfield 18 65 50 $76,620 $197,674 Business Communications, English Technical Writing, Business, General, Management Info Systems Data Process, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Information Sciences and Systems, Computer Typography, Desktop Publishing Equipment Operations 25-Oct-07 Atlantic Cape Community College Finance Atlantic City 2 472 11 $192,500 $209,246 CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS, GEN Competitive Finance Consortium SELLING SKILLS OPERATIONS, TEAM BUILDING, TIME MANAGEMENT, PROBLEM SOLVING, LEADERSHIP FOR RESULTS, OFFICE SUPERVISION AND MANAGEMENT, PC SKILLS, ACCOUNTING, FINANCE, GENERAL, OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT, ENGLISH TECHNICAL WRITING, BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS 2 of 20
  3. 3. Customized Training NGO Recipients FY08 Panel Date Grantee Municipality County District Trainees New Hires Grant Amount Grantee Contribution Training 20-Feb-08 Aurobindo Pharma USA Inc. South Brunswick 14 138 75 $152,000 $155,026 Leadership for Results, PC Skills, Business Communications, Operations Management, Lean Manufacturing, Manufacturing/Materials Resource Planning, Science Technologies/Technicians, Customer Service Management, Problem Solving, Team Building, Office Supervision and Management. Transitioning from co- worker to supervision 23-Apr-08 Automated Distribution Systems Edison 18 66 0 $92,676 $128,356 English as a Second Language, Business Communications, Team Building, Six Sigma, PC Skills, and Operations Management 18-Jun-08 Bancroft NeuroHealth Haddonfield Boro Camden 6 240 0 $186,400 $189,344 BUSINESS MARKETING MANAGEMENT, BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS, OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT, HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT, LEAN MANUFACTURING, TIME MANAGEMENT, BUSINESS SERVICES MARKETING, BUSINESS ADMIN/MANAGEMENT, GENERAL, PC SKILLS, TEAM BUILDING, PROBLEM SOLVING, AND BUSINESS SYSTEMS ANALYSIS 28-Nov-07 Barclays Global Investors N.A. Jersey City Hudson 31 60 60 $76,658 $277,179 TEAM BUILDING, BUSINESS ADMIN , OTHER, BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS, BUSINESS, GENERAL, FINANCIAL PLANNING, OFFICE SUPERVISION AND MANAGEMENT, PC SKILLS, BUSINESS ADMIN AND MANAGEMENT, GENERAL, BANKING SUPPORT SERVICE, CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS, BUSINESS MANAGEMENT SERVICE, FINANCE, GENERAL, AND CUSTOMER SERVICE MANAGEMENT 25-Oct-07 BASF Rockaway 25 330 0 $365,537 $1,065,071 BASF 2015 Initiative, Process Skills, SAP, PC Skills, , Computer Programming and System Analysis, Presentation Skills and Leadership Skills training 23-Apr-08 Baxter Healthcare Camden Camden 6 224 25 $153,100 $196,360 Lean Manufacturing, Industry Machinery Maintenance, and Electrical Safety 28-Nov-07 Beacon Converters Saddle Brook Bergen 38 72 2 $51,400 $53,726 Basic Skills, ESL, Lean Manufacturing, Mathematics, Team Building. Indus Machinery Maintenance 3 of 20
  4. 4. Customized Training NGO Recipients FY08 Panel Date Grantee Municipality County District Trainees New Hires Grant Amount Grantee Contribution Training 23-Apr-08 Bell Container Newark Essex 28 68 0 $73,200 $98,651 Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma Process Mapping, Lean Manufacturing, Quality Control Technology, and PC Skills 25-Oct-07 Benefit Consultants Group Delran Burlington 7 59 2 $23,400 $27,203 Business Communications, Customer Service Skills, General Selling Skills Operations. Critical work-selling skills, Leadership For Results, PC Skills – Spreadsheets, Finance, General 23-Apr-08 Betson Enterprises Carlstadt Bergen 36 200 0 $182,431 $588,715 Business Computer Facilities Operations, Instrumentation Technology/Tech, Management Info Systems Data Processing, Business Communications, Computer Maintenance Technology/Tech, Computer Engineering Technology/Tech, Communications Technologies/Tech and Data Processing Technology/Tech 25-Oct-07 BF Molz, Inc Moorestown Burlington 8 48 4 $15,600 $16,593 General Selling Skills Operations Work Skills in a Sales Focused Industry, Customer Service PC Skills 18-Jun-08 Atlantic City Atlantic 2 2945 600 $676,811 $2,085,157 Quality Control Technology/Tech, Customer Service Skills, Operations Management, Business Communications, Problem Solving, Boardwalk Regency Corp. DBA Caesars Mechanics and Repairers, and Culinary Atlantic Art/Chef Training 18-Jun-08 Boiling Springs Rutherford Bergen 36 141 9 $58,693 $66,141 PC Skills, Computer Sciences, Office Supervision and Management, Business Communications, Customer Service Management, and Security Preventions Services 18-Jun-08 Boonton Electronics Parsippany 26 16 0 $22,000 $49,251 ISO Quality Systems 12-Dec-07 Breeze-Eastern Corporation Union 20 170 22 $93,100 $168,649 Engineering Related Technologies/Technologist, Industrial Mfg Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Lean Manufacturing, Team Building, Customer Service Skills, Materials Engineering 23-Jan-08 Brother International Corporation Bridgewater Twp 16 333 57 $87,312 $215,384 Operations Management, Team Building, Problem Solving, Bus. Communications Customer Service Skills, PC Skills, Computer Programming 18-Jun-08 Cadent Inc. Carlstadt Boro Bergen 36 128 0 $107,500 $154,852 Is Quality Systems, Lean Manufacturing, English as a Second Language, Team Building, Customer Service Management, Operations Management, and Problem Solving 4 of 20
  5. 5. Customized Training NGO Recipients FY08 Panel Date Grantee Municipality County District Trainees New Hires Grant Amount Grantee Contribution Training 22-May-08 CALLAHAN CHEMICAL COMPANY Palmyra Boro Burlington 7 45 7 $67,200 $105,123 GENERAL DISTRIBUTION OPERATION, PURCHASING, PROCUREMENT CONTRACT MANAGEMENT, ADMIN SERVICES, BUS INFO PROCESSING SERVICES, CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS, GENERAL MARKETING OPERATION, QUALITY CONTROL TECHNOLOGY/TECH, MANUFACTURING/MATERIALS RESOURCE PLANNING (MRP), TRANSPORTATION AND MATERIALS MOVING, ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING (ERP) 18-Jun-08 CAMcare Camden Camden 5 16 0 $16,000 $16,999 MEDICAL RECORDS ADMINISTRATION 23-Apr-08 Cape Management Company LLC- Cape May Cape May 1 130 68 $30,481 $39,916 Congress Hall English as a Second Language, Food Sciences and Technology, Culinary Art/Chef Training, Business Communications, Office Supervision and Management, Team Building, Problem Solving, Food/Restaurant Operations Management, Customer Service Skills and Waiter/Waitress Room Manager 18-Jun-08 Captive Plastics Inc-Berry Piscataway Middlesex 17 193 18 $210,800 $220,188 Team Leadership, Operations Management, First Line supervisory skills, Customer Service Skills, Lean Manufacturing, PC Skills, Industrial Equip Maintenance, Quality Control Technology, Business Communications, English as a Second Language, and Electric/Electron Eng Technology 22-May-08 Carrier Clinic Hillsborough Twp 16 650 0 $94,561 $224,137 Mental Health Services, PC Skills, Team Building, Customer Service and Business Communications 23-Jan-08 Ceramic Magnetics Fairfield Boro Essex 27 125 7 $60,056 $61,976 English as a Second Language, Computer Programming, Customer Service Skills, Drafting, General Electric/Electron Eng. Technology, Industrial Equipment Maintenance, PC Skills, Quality Control Technology, Statistical Process Control, and Welder/Welding Technologist 25-Oct-07 Church and Dwight North Brunswick 17 60 20 $37,500 $49,457 Machinist/Machine Technologist- Machine Shop Measurements & Techniques, Engineering Related Tech- Blue Prints & Interpretation, Industrial Equipment Maintenance – Lubrication Methods & procedures, Mechanics & Repairs – Basic Mechanical Components, Electric/Electron Eng Technology-Basic Electrical, Industrial Equipment Maintenance, Programmable Logic Controller, and Electromechanical Instrumentation 12-Dec-07 Clara Maas Medical Center Belleville Essex 28 873 31 $283,200 $558,768 Leadership for Results, Conflict Resolution, Problem Solving, Customer Service Management, Business Communications 5 of 20
  6. 6. Customized Training NGO Recipients FY08 Panel Date Grantee Municipality County District Trainees New Hires Grant Amount Grantee Contribution Training 22-May-08 CMC Steel Fabricators Inc. South Plainfield Boro 18 150 20 $58,600 $78,123 Business Communication, Team Building, Mathematics, Industrial Equipment Maintenance, Logistics & Material Management, Customer Service Skills, Six Sigma, PC Skills 23-Jan-08 Coach USA Elizabeth City 20 294 4 $84,800 $85,634 Business Communications, Customer Service, Operations Management, Problem Solving and Team Building 23-Apr-08 Colgate Palmolive Company Morristown 25 182 30 $89,600 $153,995 Problem solving, Engineering Mechanics, Team Leadership, Team Building, Conflict Resolution, and Time Management 23-Apr-08 Comcast National Engineering & Technical Mount Laurel Twp Burlington 8 419 90 $593,982 $1,133,784 Business Systems Networking, Operations Computer Engineering Technology, Computer Engineering, Business, Business Computer Facilities Operations, Office Supervision and Management, Business Communications, Computer Programming, Team Effectiveness, Team Leadership, Data Processing Technology, PC Skills, Six Sigma, and Business Computer 18-Jun-08 Comcast NJ Region East Windsor 12 2920 408 $820,000 $933,052 Communication Technologies, Communications Systems Installer, General Selling Skills, Customer Service, Team Effectiveness, Teacher Education Multiple Levels, Admin Services-Other, Business Communications, and Leadership for Results 18-Jun-08 Community Medical Center Toms River 10 655 30 $88,879 $162,707 CARDIOVASCULAR TECHNOLOGY/TECH, CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS, CUSTOMER SERVICE MANAGEMENT, TEAM EFFECTIVENESS, LEADERSHIP FOR RESULTS, PC SKILLS AND BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS 12-Dec-07 Compac Corporation Hackettstown 23 139 3 $75,300 $99,223 Operations Management, Lean Manufacturing 18-Jun-08 Component Hardware Group Inc Lakewood 30 34 0 $35,000 $35,951 Lean Manufacturing, and PC Skills 19-Mar-08 Consortium for Leadership and Service Galloway Twp. 2 480 0 $28,800 $45,602 Customer Service and Interpersonal and Superiority-Shore Memorial Hospital Social Skills 27-Sep-07 Coty Inc. Morris Plains 26 61 5 $25,200 $39,387 PC Skills, Project Management, Business Communications, Problem Solving and English Technical Writing 23-Apr-08 Creative Film Corporation Lakewood 30 13 0 $22,000 $22,053 ISO 19-Mar-08 Cumberland County College-Health Care Vineland City 1 200 0 $165,400 $183,850 Time Management, Business (South Jersey Healthcare, Millville Rescue Communications, Business General, Squad, The Rehabilitation Hospital of Customer Service Skills, Team South Jersey) Leadership, Team Building, and Conflict Resolution 6 of 20
  7. 7. Customized Training NGO Recipients FY08 Panel Date Grantee Municipality County District Trainees New Hires Grant Amount Grantee Contribution Training 12-Dec-07 Cumberland County College- Vineland City 1 340 0 $428,800 $422,384 CHEMISTRY, OTHER, INDUSTRY PROD Pharmaceutical Glass- Gerresheimer TECHNOLOGIES/TECH, Glass, Precision Electronic Glass, and INDUSTRIAL/Manufacturing Kimble Chase Life Sciences and Research TECHNOLOGY/TECH, MATHEMATICS, Products LLC MECHANICAL ENGINEERING, ELECTRIC/ELECTRON, PC SKILLS, LEADERSHIP FOR RESULTS, CONFLICT RESOLUTION, TEAM LEADERSHIP, TEAM BUILDING, BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS, LEAN MANUFACTURING, BUSINESS SERVICES MARKETING, BUSINESS SYSTEMS ANALYSIS, BUSINESS MARKETING MANAGEMENT, GENERAL MARKETING OPERATION, QUALITY CONTROL TECHNOLOGY, CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS 23-Jan-08 CVS Pharmacy, Inc Lumberton Twp Burlington 8 1029 0 $119,696 $400,571 Basic Skills, English As A Second Language, Team Effectiveness, Leadership For Results, Logistics and Materials Management, General Distribution Operations, Communications Technologies/Tech 28-Nov-07 Demountable Concepts Inc Glassboro Boro Gloucester 4 16 10 $19,980 $23,800 Computer Engineering, Computer Sciences General, Computer Programming 23-Jan-08 Dia Nielsen USA Moorestown Burlington 8 13 0 $19,200 $19,305 Lean Manufacturing 23-Apr-08 District 1199C Audubon Boro. 5 566 20 $30,010 $0 Nursing Assistant/Aide Basic Communications Skills, Basic Mathematic Skills, and PC Skills 19-Mar-08 Dow Jones and Company Middlesex Boro 22 602 60 $304,400 $530,242 Leadership for Results, Business Communications, Team Effectiveness, Problem Solving, Project Management, PC Skills, Financial Planning 25-Oct-07 DPT Lakewood, Inc. Lakewood 30 307 20 $280,762 $597,871 Biology, Quality Control, Science Tech, Precision Production, Instrument Calibration, Problem Solving, Industrial Equipment, Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, Word Processing, Project Management, Database, Spreadsheets, Email, Presentations, Business Communications, Leadership for Results, Business General, Chemistry, and ESL 18-Jun-08 Durand Glass Manufacturing Company Millville City Cumberland 1 475 0 $225,806 $416,457 BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS, TEAM BUILDING, BUSINESS, GENERAL, STATISTICAL PROCESS CONTROL, PROBLEM SOLVING; INDUSTRIAL EQUIP MAINTENANCE, ELECTRIC EQUIP INSTALLER, AND LEAN MANUFACTURING 27-Sep-07 Dynatec Systems Inc Burlington City Burlington 7 14 2 $19,200 $22,901 Six Sigma, PC Skills-Project Management, Logic/Dependency Analysis/Estimating Work, and Team Effectiveness 7 of 20
  8. 8. Customized Training NGO Recipients FY08 Panel Date Grantee Municipality County District Trainees New Hires Grant Amount Grantee Contribution Training 27-Sep-07 ECI Technology Totowa 35 60 0 $86,800 $165,622 Six Sigma, Lean Mfg, Team Effectiveness, Operations Management, Team Building, Time Management, Lean Manufacturing, Customer Service, ISO Quality Systems, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Finance 22-May-08 Edax, Inc. Mahwah Bergen 40 42 1 $31,800 $41,790 Leadership for Results, Operations Management, Finance & Accounting for Non- Financial Mgrs., Business Communications, PC Skills, Lean Mfg, Customer Service Skills, Business Admn. & Management 23-Jan-08 Edmunds and Associates Inc Northfield City 2 56 2 $11,200 $12,112 Accounting, Business Systems Networking, Customer Service Skills, and Finance General 27-Sep-07 Elite Pharmaceuticals Inc Northvale Boro Bergen 39 39 3 $20,400 $21,268 P C Skills, Six Sigma, Business Communications, Biology Sciences/Life Sciences Other, and Quality Control Technology 18-Jun-08 Emiliani Enterprises Ince Union Township 20 250 25 $132,078 $299,236 Business Communication, English as a Second Language, Leadership for results, Data Processing Technology, Instrument Technology, and Communication Technologies 19-Mar-08 Englewood Hospital and Medical Center Englewood Bergen 37 437 63 $121,064 $277,895 PC Skills, Computer Science General, Business Communications, Time Management, Office Supervision/Management, Leadership for Results, Business Systems Analysis, Finance General, and Quality Control 25-Aug-07 Entel Systems Pequannock 26 39 9 $28,132 $84,396 Communication Systems Installer, General Selling Skills, General Marketing Operation and Customer Service Skills 18-Jun-08 Enterprise Press Inc Englewood Bergen 37 27 0 $28,400 $41,327 Six Sigma Process Mapping, Customer Service Skills, Lean Manufacturing, Team Effectiveness, PC Skills, and Time Management 20-Feb-08 Ferry Machine Corporation Little Ferry Bergen 38 24 3 $22,000 $31,774 ISO Quality Systems 23-Jan-08 Foster and Co. Inc Morristown 25 16 2 $22,400 $22,431 Lean Manufacturing, Problem Solving, Team Effectiveness, Six Sigma Implementing Methodologies, and Manufacturing/Materials Resource Planning 28-Nov-07 Frank Riggio Company Bayonne Hudson 31 21 6 $24,000 $28,417 Lean Manufacturing, Customer Service Skills 25-Oct-07 Gaffney Kroese Electrical Supply Corp Piscataway 17 116 13 $109,037 $213,400 PC Skills, Business Admin and Management, Organizational Time Mgmt, Customer Service Skills, Operations Management, Team Building, Machinist/Machine Technologist, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) 19-Mar-08 Gar Products Lakewood 30 49 0 $56,200 $62,081 Lean Manufacturing, Industrial Equip Maintenance, Problem Solving, English as a Second Language 8 of 20
  9. 9. Customized Training NGO Recipients FY08 Panel Date Grantee Municipality County District Trainees New Hires Grant Amount Grantee Contribution Training 25-Aug-07 General Film Products Inc Elizabeth 20 43 8 $50,550 $50,650 English as a Second Language, Plastics Technology/Tech , Instrumentation Technology/tech, Programmable Logic Controller, Statistical Process Control, Basic Statistical Methods, Operations Management Skills and OJT Plastics Technology/Tech 22-May-08 Harmonson Stairs Mount Laurel Twp Burlington 8 12 0 $14,400 $18,761 Lean Manufacturing, Marketing Operations/Marketing, and General Marketing Operations 22-May-08 Harrahs Atalantic City Operating Company Atlantic City Atlantic 2 3797 1000 $481,710 $1,508,335 CUSTOMER SERVICE MANAGEMENT, OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT, BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS, TEAM BUILDING, BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS, MECHANICS AND REPAIRERS, CULINARY ARTS/CHEF TRAINING, QUALITY CONTROL TECHNOLOGY 22-May-08 Henry Troemer Clayton Boro Gloucester 3 148 0 $157,600 $197,047 GEN SELLING SKILLS OPERATIONS, CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS, ELECTROMECHANICAL TECHNOLOGY/TECH, BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS, ENGINEERING/INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT, SIX SIGMA, PC Skills, BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS, COMPUTER ENG TECHNOLOGY/TECH, ENGINEERING DESIGN, MATHEMATICAL STATISTICS 28-Nov-07 Hub International Berkeley Heights 21 36 4 $22,800 $31,052 English Technical Writing, Leadership for results, Team Building, Business Communications, PC Skills, 18-Jun-08 ICIMS Hazlet Twp. 13 76 0 $40,926 $119,305 Customer Service Skills, Leadership for Results, Business Communications, and Business Computer Programming/Programmer 22-May-08 ID Care Hillsborough 16 324 44 $314,600 $422,371 PC Skills, Business Computer Facilities Operations, Computer Systems Analysis, Customer Service Skills 25-Oct-07 Incent One Lyndhurst Bergen 36 80 10 $50,800 $82,326 PC Skills, Business Communications, English as a Second Language - Level 1, Team Building, Problem Solving ,Time Management,-Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Training 18-Jun-08 Infineum USA Linden 22 106 10 $84,336 $159,126 Operations Management, PC Skills, Team Leadership, Leadership for Results, Quality Control Technology, Business Communications, Industrial Equipment Maintenance, Heavy Equipment Maintenance, Petroleum Engineering, Problem Solving, Instrumentation technology, Team Building, and Industrial/Mfg Technology 23-Jan-08 International Flavors and Fragrances Hazlet Twp. 13 137 0 $60,800 $102,377 Lean Manufacturing and Team Building 9 of 20