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Curriculum Guide

  1. 1. 21st Century Instructional Guide for Career Technical Education Global Business and Marketing Course Business and Marketing Cluster Marketing Concentration Title: Global Business and Marketing (WVEIS 0410) Standard Number: Role of Global Business and Marketing ME.S.GLBM.1 Students will demonstrate the role of global business and marketing. Essential Do cultural differences affect global business? Questions: Objectives: Students will Learning Plan & Notes to Instructor: ME.O.GLBM.1.1 characterize international trade in the local and Conduct a multi-cultural day to include various ethnic state community. foods, customs, and cultural diversity; visit businesses dealing with international products; encourage guest speakers to speak with class; research various cultures; visit trade shows; and attend local and state festivals and conferences related to cultural diversity. ME.O.GLBM.1.2 determine the impact of international business Obtain guest speakers from Small Business activities on the local, regional, and national Administration; contact political speakers, the levels. Economic Development office, and WV Trade Council; research Department of Labor Statistics. ME.O.GLBM.1.3 examine the impact of a domestic company Obtain guest speakers from state businesses with involving itself in international trade international headquarters, and from the WV Tax opportunities. Department. Research economic summary report (supplied by WV Department of Labor). ME.O.GLBM.1.4 examine the resources (e.g., ports, trade Conduct Internet research. routes, transportation centers, foreign trade zones and natural, financial, and human resources) of major cities around the world. ME.O.GLBM.1.5 dertermine business opportunities in countries Conduct computer research and virtual tours. in various levels of economic development. 1
  2. 2. ME.O.GLBM.1.6 point out the effects of U.S. responses to Research state and federal laws enacted to respond changes in the global marketplace during the to global market demands. 21st century. Standard Number: Communication Strategies ME.S.GLBM.2 Students will apply communication strategies in global business and marketing. Essential Why is the understanding of cultural communication skills important in conducting global business? Questions: Objectives: Students will Learning Plan & Notes to Instructor: ME.O.GLBM.2.1 examine effective business communications. Research cultural differences in communication practices in a project to include: written communication, technology etiquette practices, basic communication etiquette, and cultural differences in communication. ME.O.GLBM.2.2 assess international business blunders Continuation of above project to include blunders resulting from ineffective or incorrect resulting in mistakes in communication. communication patterns. ME.O.GLBM.2.3 research international cultural differences in See Standard 1 food, dress, social behaviors, and language. ME.O.GLBM.2.4 compare business protocols of various Conduct Internet research. countries. ME.O.GLBM.2.5 provide examples of non-verbal Use videos; obtain guest speakers from other communication affecting international countries; view movies based on global marketing. businesses. ME.O.GLBM.2.6 determine internet safety issues and Research various handbooks and policies and procedures for complying with acceptable use procedure manuals. Encourage classroom standards. discussion on acceptable use policies. Standard Number: Social, Cultural, Political, Legal, and Economic Factors ME.S.GLBM.3 Students will describe factors that shape and impact the global business environment. Essential How do a country’s culture, history, politics, and financial structures affect global business? Questions: Objectives: Students will Learning Plan & Notes to Instructor: ME.O.GLBM.3.1 differentiate among social and cultural factors Conduct computer research; participate in classroom affecting business activities. (e.g., time, discussions and role plays and read trade journals. workday, workweek, schedules, holidays) ME.O.GLBM.3.2 relate how trade barriers, tariffs, quotas, and Invite guest speakers from the local Chamber of 2
  3. 3. taxation policies affect choice of location for Commerce, the state economic development office, companies operating internationally. and international law. Conduct internet research. ME.O.GLBM.3.3 examine legal differences that exist among Invite guest speakers from the local Chamber of countries in areas such as consumer Commerce, the state economic development office, protection, product guidelines, labor laws, and international law. Conduct internet research. contract formulation, liability, and taxation. ME.O.GLBM.3.4 recognize terms such as GDP (GNP), balance Use worksheets, charts, budgets, and graphs. of trade, foreign debt, and cost of living. ME.O.GLBM.3.5 analyze the availability of resources and Invite guest speakers from the local Chamber of economic potential in various countries. Commerce, the state economic development office, and international law. Conduct internet research. ME.O.GLBM.3.6 compare the economic systems used to decide Use worksheets, charts, budgets, and graphs. what to produce, how it is produced, and for whom it is produced in a country. ME.O.GLBM.3.7 assess the competitive strengths and Use charts, graphs, and rubrics. Conduct computer weaknesses faced by a company involved in research. international business. ME.O.GLBM.3.8 examine the ethical and legal issues Invite guest speakers in international law, ethics associated with trademarks, copyrights, and commission; learn about trademarks, patents, and patents. copyrights; conduct Internet research. ME.O.GLBM.3.9 compare the implications of conducting Contact guest speakers in international law; use business in countries with different legal charts and worksheets. systems. Standard Number: Global Finance and Risk Management ME.S.GLBM.4 Students will explain the role, importance, and concepts of international finance and risk management. Essential Do the benefits outweigh the risks associated with global finance? Questions: Objectives: Students will Learning Plan & Notes to Instructor: ME.O.GLBM.4.1 infer how currency exchange rates affect Conduct Internet research; use a graphic organizer companies. and the textbook International Business, Third edition, Cengage Publishers. ME.O.GLBM.4.2 diagram the advantages and disadvantages of Conduct Internet research. an electronic money system. 3
  4. 4. ME.O.GLBM.4.3 examine various sources of funds for Conduct Internet research. international operations. ME.O.GLBM.4.4 outline the risk management proccess. Participate in discussion – Chapter 21 International Business, Third edition, Cengage Publishers. ME.O.GLBM.4.5 point out options to insure against risks. Participate in discussion – Chapter 21 International Business, Third edition, Cengage Publishers; contact guest speakers. ME.O.GLBM.4.6 report risks associated with international trade. Participate in discussion – Chapter 21 International Business, Third edition, Cengage Publishers; contact guest speakers. ME.O.GLBM.4.7 establish how changes in economic conditions Obtain financial advisors and guest speakers. might affect stock prices. Standard Number: Operations and Management of Human Resources ME.S.GLBM.5 Students will address the operations and management of human resources. Essential Which factors affect and influence the employment process for global business? Questions: Objectives: Students will Learning Plan & Notes to Instructor: ME.O.GLBM.5.1 recognize the factors that influence the Conduct Internet research; contact guest speakers. application of managerial styles in different countries. ME.O.GLBM.5.2 research how compensation and employee Conduct Internet research. benefits differ in various cultures. ME.O.GLBM.5.3 distinguish how differences in occupational Conduct Internet research; contact guest speakers health and safety standards impact the from OSHA. conduct of business internationally. ME.O.GLBM.5.4 outline how the global labor market affects Conduct Internet research; contact guest speakers; human resources management. use policy procedural manuals, employee handbooks, and videos. ME.O.GLBM.5.5 examine the employment process to use when Contact guest speakers; conduct Internet research. pursuing an international career. ME.O.GLBM.5.6 contrast the work ethic in different cultures and Conduct Internet research. societies. 4
  5. 5. ME.O.GLBM.5.7 recognize personal safety, health, and legal Conduct Internet research; contact guest speakers. documentation necessary for international travel and employment. Standard Number: Marketing Concepts ME.S.GLBM.6 Students will apply marketing concepts to global business. Essential How do marketing concepts impact global business? Questions: Objectives: Students will Learning Plan & Notes to Instructor: ME.O.GLBM.6.1 point out how a company markets a Conduct Internet research; See Standard 6 project; product/service in other countries. use videos; and contact guest speakers. ME.O.GLBM.6.2 illustrate how social, cultural, technological, Create a graph; conduct Internet research. and geographic factors influence consumer buying behavior in different countries. ME.O.GLBM.6.3 develop market potential for a good or service Conduct Internet research and surveys. in a foreign market. ME.O.GLBM.6.4 examine how the marketing mix elements need to be adapted for international marketing efforts. ME.O.GLBM.6.5 analyze buying patterns of consumers in a Conduct Internet research. foreign market. ME.O.GLBM.6.6 relate how the marketing research process, Conduct Internet research; contact guest speakers; including data collection, differs in an participate in classroom discussion; and create international application. graphs. ME.O.GLBM.6.7 differentiate examples of countries that have Conduct Internet research; create graphs and maps. absolute and comparative advantage. ME.O.GLBM.6.8 recognize how brands and packages are Survey manufacturers of food, clothing, and affected by culture. merchandise. Conduct field trips to retail stores; read and compare labels and packaging. ME.O.GLBM.6.9 predict how the business environment affects Conduct Internet and newspaper research; find prices charged in foreign markets. magazine articles. ME.O.GLBM.6.10 select distribution channels for a company Conduct Internet research; interview businesses involved in international business. involved in international business. ME.O.GLBM.6.11 examine media used in different foreign Conduct Internet research; find magazine articles; markets. contact guest speakers. ME.O.GLBM.6.12 analyze the influence of social and cultural Participate in role plays; contact guest speakers. 5
  6. 6. factors affecting promotions used in foreign markets. Standard Number: Trade Concepts in the Import/Export Process ME.S.GLBM.7 Students will relate balance of trade concepts to the import/export process. Essential How do government laws, regulations, and policies impact global trade? Questions: Objectives: Students will Learning Plan & Notes to Instructor: ME.O.GLBM.7.1 distinguish between goods and services Conduct Internet research. imported to or exported from a country. ME.O.GLBM.7.2 analyze the import or export potential for a Conduct Internet research. good or service. ME.O.GLBM.7.3 recognize the role that U.S. Customs and the Conduct Internet research. customs agencies of other countries play in international trade activities. ME.O.GLBM.7.4 discover why trade barriers are imposed by Conduct Internet research; create presentations; governments (quotas, tariffs, licensing contact guest speakers. requirements, exchange rate controls). ME.O.GLBM.7.5 outline international trade agreements. Conduct Internet research; participate in classroom discussions. ME.O.GLBM.7.6 examine the major current issues in world Conduct Internet research; find magazine, trade. newspaper, and trade journal articles. Standard Number: Business Ownership and Entrepreneurial Opportunities ME.S.GLBM.8 Students will identify forms of business ownership and entrepreneurial opportunities. Essential Why are different forms of business ownership necessary for the success of global marketing? Questions: Objectives: Students will Learning Plan & Notes to Instructor: ME.O.GLBM.8.1 analyze various forms of business ownership. Use worksheets; participate in classroom discussions; conduct interviews with business owners; contact guest speakers. ME.O.GLBM.8.2 determine social and cultural influences on the Locate magazine articles; conduct Internet research. forms of business ownership required in different counties. ME.O.GLBM.8.3 distinguish between licensing and franchising Conduct Internet research. for international business activities. 6
  7. 7. Standard Number: Technology in Global Business and Marketing ME.S.GLBM.9 Students will identify technology utilized in global business and marketing. Essential Why is it important to recognize the types of technology utilized in global business and marketing? Questions: Objectives: Students will Learning Plan & Notes to Instructor: ME.O.GLBM.9.1 discover how the use of technology impacts Participate in classroom discussions; conduct the global market. Internet research; create comparison charts on availability of technology tools in various countries. ME.O.GLBM.9.2 recognize global e-commerce legal issues. Contact guest speakers to address legal issues and conduct Internet research. ME.O.GLBM.9.3 recognize the domain names that indicate the Assign each student a country in which to market a origin of the website’s country. product. Create a presentation that includes the country, available technology, marketing strategies, and legal issues to address. Standard Number: Participating in a Local Student Organization ME.S.GLBM.10 Students will participate in a local student organization. Essential How will participation in student organizations better prepare you to meet the demands of the Questions: business world? Objectives: Students will Learning Plan & Notes to Instructor: ME.O.GLBM.10.1 assess the purposes and goals of a local View video of organization’s purposes and goals. student organization. Participate in classroom discussion of purpose and goals and create a poster for the classroom. ME.O.GLBM.10.2 discover the benefits and responsibilities of Participate in classroom discussion of alumni, costs participation in a local student organization as involved as an alumni, and benefits of membership. an adult. ME.O.GLBM.10.3 demonstrate leadership skills through Participate in business meetings. Assign students a participation in local student organization role to play in a meeting (president, secretary, etc.). activities such as meetings, programs, and Have students develop a program of work for a projects. community service project, fundraising, leadership training, etc. 7
  8. 8. 21st Century Skills Learning Skills & Technology Tools Teaching Strategies Evidence of Success Culminating Activity Information and 21C.O.9-12. Student recognizes information Student completes a Student presentation of Communication 1.LS1 needed for problem solving, problem-based learning assigned problem-based Skills: can efficiently browse, search project delivering a project. and navigate online to access marketing idea to relevant information, evaluates various global information based on credibility, businesses. For social, economic, political, and/ example: Which method or ethical issues, and presents of advertising will reach findings clearly and the targeted audience in persuasively using a range of _________ (assigned technology tools and media. country) based upon the availability of technology in that country? 21C.O.9-12. Student implements various Student completes a 1.TT10 Internet search techniques project on technology (e.g., Boolean searches, meta availability in various searches, web bots) to gather countries with information; student evaluates presentation to include: the information for validity, websites used, benefits appropriateness, content, bias, vs. problems using currency, and usefulness. technology, and methods of providing information in various countries for marketing strategies. Thinking and 21C.O.9-12. Student engages in a problem Reasoning Skills: 2.LS3 solving process by formulating questions and applying complex strategies in order to independently solve problems. 8
  9. 9. Personal and 21C.O.9-12. Student demonstrates Student uses a journal to Student presentation of Workplace Skills: 3.LS3 ownership of his/her learning set goals for completion assigned problem-based by setting goals, monitoring of project listed above, project and adjusting performance, as well as a daily extending learning, using what recording of he/she has learned to adapt to performance achieved, new situations, and displaying adjustment of timelines, perseverance and commitment resources used, etc. to continued learning. 21C.O.9-12. Student evaluates and applies 3.TT6 technology tools for research, information analysis, problem solving, content learning, decision-making, and lifelong learning. Learning Skills & Technology Tools Teaching Strategies Evidence of Success Culminating Activity Entrepreneurship C Student understands Students will participate Student presentation. Skills: fundamental business concepts in classroom that affect business decision discussions, debates, making. and student projects on development of small business for international trade. F Student understands the economic principles and concepts fundamental to entrepreneurship/small business ownership. 9
  10. 10. Culminating Assessment Culminating 1. Students enrolled in this course will demonstrate an understanding of global marketing principles Assessment: and practices. Students will be able to explain the cultural, economic, and governmental influences that effect global marketing. Presentation of an individualized business plan to established international business representatives will serve to demonstrate students’ knowledge of factors involved in a global marketing strategy. 2. Industry Credential Exam 3. Technical Skills Performance Assessment Links and Other Resources Links and Other Related Websites: Resources: Advanced Distributed Learning America's Career InfoNet America's Job Bank America's Service Locator A*S*K Institute CareerOneStop Career Voyages Employment & Training Administration 10
  11. 11. The Job Accommodation Network (JAN) International Business Extra International Monetary Fund Marketing Education Association Marketing Education Resource Teaching Cite Marketing Education Review Marketing Education Teaching Ideas MBA Research and Curriculum Center Monthly Labor Review Online: Labor Force Archives force National DECA National FBLA-PBL Occupational Information Network 11
  12. 12. Office of Disability Employment Policy Pathways to Success U.S. Department of Labor in the 21st Century West Virginia Earn A Degree Graduate Early (EDGE) West Virginia Career and Technical Education Workforce West Virginia Local, state, and national newspapers International Business, Third Edition, Cengage Publishers Wall Street Journal Contacts Contacts: Marketing Teachers: See Marketing/DCT Directory Business and Marketing Lead Coordinator: Abigail Reynolds, Marketing Coordinator: Betty Sias, OCTI Assistant Executive Director and EOCTST Coordinator: Donna Burge-Tetrick OCTI Executive Director: Gene Coulson 12