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  2. 2. BEYOND BUSINESS AU DELÀ DES AS USUAL A F FA I R E S Q U O T I D I E N N E S Ranked among the world’s top universities, Classée parmi les meilleures universités du monde, l’Université McGill University is renowned for its high academic McGill est reconnue pour ses critères universitaires élevés et standards and an international dimension that is sa dimension internationale inégalée en Amérique du Nord. unsurpassed in North America. Fondé en 1956, l’Institut international de formation des Founded in 1956, the McGill International cadres propose des séminaires axés sur les résultats ainsi Executive Institute offers results-oriented seminars qu’une formation sur mesure aux entreprises, aux services and custom executive education designed to suit gouvernementaux et aux organismes à but non-lucratif. every level of corporate, governmental and Notre objectif est d’aider les cadres et les dirigeants non-profit organizations. à s'adapter rapidement aux évolutions de leur marché, Our objective is to help managers and leaders à actualiser leurs connaissances et à construire un réseau prepare for tomorrow’s business challenges, de contacts. Nous proposons : sharpen their competitive edge and network with Une formation innovante, basée sur la recherche peers by offering: Une faculté de renommée internationale Innovative, research-based business education Des installations modernes et bien équipées World-class faculty Un emplacement privilégié sur le campus State-of-the-art seminar facilities centre-ville de McGill Convenient location at McGill’s downtown campus Des connaissances approfondies sur de Diverse industry knowledge nombreuses industries Learning design, delivery & consulting projects La prise en compte de vos impératifs professionnels LEADERSHIP & STRATEGIC CHANGE MANAGING OTHERS & YOURSELF CORE THEMES OFFERED FUNCTIONAL BUSINESS COMPETENCIES McGILL INTERNATIONAL EXECUTIVE INSTITUTE CUSTOMIZED SOLUTIONS
  3. 3. 07 BUSINESS SEMINAR PLANNER (JANUARY - JUNE 2007) CALENDRIER DES SÉMINAIRES (JANVIER - JUIN 2007) SEMINARS/SÉMINAIRES DATES FEES/FRAIS Advanced Leadership Program (ALP) Call for details A path-breaking program to transform companies May 23-November 15 Creative Thinking & Innovation $1950 Tools to achieve breakthrough ideas March 14-16 Effective Leadership $1500 Lead with agility and integrity April 24-25 Strategic Planning & Execution $1950 Turn strategy into action and results March 20-22 Achieving Personal Success $1500 Key drivers to fulfill your potential March 27-28 Coaching & Mentoring $1950 Enhance your abilities as a coach and change agent April 11-13 Essential Management Skills (EMS) February 19-23 $2500 Vital knowledge to succeed as a manager May 28-June 1 Managing Your Time & Workload April 17-18 $1500 Gain control to optimize productivity June 12-13 Accounting & Finance for Non-Financial Managers March 5-8 $2500 Sharpen your financial know-how May 28-31 Advanced Interpersonal Business Communication May 10-11 $1500 Communicate decisively and effectively August 23-24 Breakthrough Selling $1500 Executive sales practices for top-line growth April 3-4 Competitive Intelligence $1500 Find and analyze key market/competitor info April 4-5 Lawyers Interpreting Financial Information $1500 Fundamental tools to make better decisions March 9-10 Negotiating for Success $1950 Conclude win-win agreements April 18-20 New Marketing Practices $1500 Experiential and internet marketing to drive success May 10-11 Presentation Skills $1500 Discover your hidden strengths as a speaker April 12-13 Principles of Persuasion $1500 Become a more influential person March 29-30 Project Management March 14-16 $1950 Boost project performance and results June 12-14 Functional Business Competencies Managing Others & Yourself Leadership and Strategic Change Compétences fonctionnelles Gestion de soi et des autres Leadership et stratégie
  4. 4. Management Development Programs Programmes de perfectionnement Accounting & Finance for Non-Financial Managers Advance your career by mastering the tools for making smart financial decisions. Overview This was one of the Key Benefits & Takeaways Through this highly successful program, After only four days you will be able to: managers with little or no financial best courses I have • Read and analyze financial reports to training or experience can learn to use assess customer, competitor, supplier and the language and tools of finance. taken. I feel like I company performance Complex accounting and finance learned so much in • Use discounted cash flow, internal rate of principles are presented in practical, return, Economic Value Added, payback understandable terms in a friendly, supportive environment. You will be able four days. The leaders and break-even analysis to make better investment decisions to return to your organization with the were great and confidence to analyze financial • Maximize shareholder value information and participate fully in communicated the • Understand and evaluate financing making business decisions. strategies material very well. • Apply the principles of Activity-Based Costing, Target Costing and Open Book Derbhla Dunne – Management • Prepare and present business cases Canadian National • Use critical numbers and the Balanced Railway Company Scorecard to create a high performance organization
  5. 5. Who Should Attend? Seminar Leaders This program will benefit managers at all levels including engineers, lawyers, small-business owners, entrepreneurs, consultants and professionals in government and non-profit organizations. Angela Burlton Angela Burlton, CA, is a professor of This diversity is one of the program’s strengths: it addresses the needs and builds on the entrepreneurship at McGill’s Dobson experiences of participants from all types of organizations. Centre for Entrepreneurial Studies at Desautels Faculty of Management. She combines a strong academic background Program Content with extensive experience running her own business and offering consulting services to the business community. The seminar leaders use lectures, group exercises and class discussions to create an effective environment for learning financial tools and concepts. Dr. Susan Christoffersen Dr. Susan Christoffersen joined McGills Desautels Faculty of Management in 1998 Course Outline and is a thought leader in the area of finance. She has taught courses on Capital Day One Day Three Markets, Institutions and Corporate Finance and has also produced award winning Financial Literacy • Using multi-attribute, accounting and financial research recognized by the Bank of Canada • Defining accounting and finance terms models to analyze investment decisions and numerous foundations. She received her • Understanding the complete accounting cycle, • Identifying and managing structural cost PhD from Wharton. from recording transactions to reporting drivers and life cycle costs Philippe Levy results • Understanding Risk, Inflation and Opportunity Philippe Levy, CA, is the Director of • Interpreting the balance sheet, income and Weighted Average Cost of Capital McGill’s Chartered Accountancy Program statement and cash flow statements • Calculating and interpreting Net Present and has been the recipient of the • Applying Generally Accepted Accounting Value, Internal Rate of Return, payback, and Desautels Faculty of Management of McGill Principles discounted cash payback University’s Distinguished Teaching Award. He develops and leads customized seminars • Applying sensitivity analysis in financial management and provides Analyzing Financial Statements consulting in mergers and acquisitions and Shareholder Value business planning to small and large • Reading annual reports • Calculating and interpreting Economic Value multinational corporations. He often acts as • Calculating and interpreting financial ratios Added an expert witness in criminal and civil law • Understanding financial and operating leverage suits. • Estimating the value of companies • Appreciating the role of the auditor • Maximizing shareholder value Danny Sebag • Linking strategy and finance Danny Sebag has been teaching Day Two accounting at McGill University for the Managing Financial Risk past seven years. His areas of expertise Day Four include cost management and financial • Understanding the role of finance and finance Budgets and Business Cases reporting systems. He is also a certified staff in an organization accountant and has served as a consultant • Understanding the fundamentals of budgeting • Evaluating and managing financial risk on many projects for clients such as • Preparing and presenting business cases Bombardier, Ericsson and Transat AT. • Using the Capital Asset Pricing Model and Beta to assess cost of equity • Analyzing critical issues in business cases • Understanding the fundamentals of financial Strategic Control Systems and Wrap-Up derivatives such as options, swaps and futures • Using the Criteria-of-Control model to assess an organization’s ability to achieve its strategic objectives Pricing and Costing • Defining and applying critical numbers and Contacts • Understanding the rationale and pitfalls of the Balanced Scorecard cost allocations and cost-plus pricing T 1 514 398 3970or 1 888 419 0707 • Applying the principles of Open Book F 1 514 398 7443or 1 888 421 0303 • Using Activity-Based Costing, Activity-Based Management E Management and Target-Costing • Adding a financial dimension to general • Applying the Cost-Volume-Profit model to management McGill International Executive Institute business decisions 1001 Sherbrooke St. West, 6th floor • Evaluating the contracting-out option Montreal QC Canada H3A 1G5
  6. 6. Management Development Programs Programmes de perfectionnement Achieving Personal Success Key drivers to fulfil your potential Overview A vital opportunity Key Benefits & Takeaways The building blocks for successful organizations • Fully diagnose your own personal are successful individuals. Employee surveys to reflect on your situation, your work-life balance reveal that having enriching careers while objectives and ambitions maintaining satisfying personal lives is a huge “well-being” and • Prioritize the important elements of your challenge for many employees and achieving life work-life balance is the biggest single issue of find levers to • Create a clear vision of the life you would working professionals today. achieve success in like to build over the coming years This two-day seminar is about transformation – • Discover actions to help you live a enabling participants to step back and re- your professional fulfilling life right now evaluate their direction and objectives, both on • Prepare a Life-map and form a network of a professional and personal level. You will learn and personal life. support which actions are positively or negatively • Get over your internal barriers when impacting your goals and how to determine the putting your goals in action most realistic and effective Action Plan to • Examine existing paradigms about achieve the life you want. The relaxed, yet success and happiness stimulating format, allows participants the time, • Be able to better balance the demands of space, exchanges and exercises to establish your professional and private lives clear work and non-work related objectives. • Let go of troublesome, self-defeating habits and reactions
  7. 7. Who Should Attend? Seminar Leaders This seminar will appeal to new and experienced managers who feel they could contribute much more to their lives by understanding key personal growth techniques. Vital for those seeking a Mark Hollingworth Since 2000, Mark Hollingworth has better work-life balance. lectured at McGill in Strategic Management/Leadership, Technological Entrepreneurship and Technology Impact Assessment in several different faculties. He Program Content is the author of the book “Growing People, Growing Companies: Achieving Individual & Organizational Success in the Knowledge The learning framework is composed of case examples, lectures, class discussion and cutting-edge Economy” and has also had articles exercises to help you solve work-life balance issues in your life. published in the Globe & Mail and the Ivey Business Journal. Mark has a Masters in Engineering and an EMBA. Course Outline Day One Day Two • Defining Success • Finalizing our “Stressors” • Self-management: Your “Big Rocks” • Creating a vision of the future • The doctrine of “Enough” • Development of personal Life-maps • Lunch: A “world café” on work-life • Lunch: A “world café” on work-life balance (I): Our Shared Issues balance (II): Discussing Solutions: • Defining your 6Ls • Creating indicators of change • Our Axes of Development: where am I today? • Identifying Barriers to Change • Our Roles and Relationships • Finding Balloons and Baskets • Identifying our personal “stressors” • Commitment to future action Contacts T 1 514 398 3970or 1 888 419 0707 F 1 514 398 7443or 1 888 421 0303 E McGill International Executive Institute 1001 Sherbrooke St. West, 6th floor Montreal QC Canada H3A 1G5
  8. 8. Management Development Programs Programmes de perfectionnement Advanced Interpersonal Business Communications Communicate decisively and effectively. Overview The facilitators were Key Benefits & Takeaways The most successful leaders are experts Improve your ability to influence your at communication. Learn how to use very knowledgeable supervisors, peers and/or employees by language skills that motivate and learning how to: influence others and strengthen your in the subject matter • Initiate and manage difficult conversations ability to influence other people by changing their behaviour, thoughts and put everyone at • Control your nonverbal communication and/or feelings. This seminar will help • Listen attentively and give constructive ease. The course feedback you to achieve these goals, build better relationships and manage your career. merged theory and • Build relationships with people from other The latest socio-psychological research cultures on effective communication techniques real-life well. I did not • Lead inspiring meetings and deliver will be presented. Participants will have exciting oral presentations numerous opportunities to practice and see the time go by! • Communicate a public image so that others to refine their communication skills. see you as you would like to be seen Carmela Ciccia Standard Life
  9. 9. Who Should Attend? Seminar Leaders This program is for professionals and managers at any level, including executives, project managers, and team leaders. It is particularly useful for anyone moving into a new position and Sandra E. Cha Professor Cha teaches in the MBA, Ph.D., indispensable for human resource professionals. and executive programs at McGill. Her courses include the core MBA course in Organizational Behavior, a Ph.D. seminar on Group Behavior in Organizations, Advanced Program Content Interpersonal Business Communications in the McGill International Executive Institute, and Professional Image Construction in the The seminar’s comprehensive exercises will help you master techniques that will enhance your business McGill International Masters Program in communication skills. By means of self-scoring behavioural assessments, you will gain insight into your Practicing Management. Professor Cha personal communication style and learn how to adapt it to deal effectively with others. earned a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior from Harvard Business School and the Harvard Psychology Department. Course Outline Chantal Westgate Chantal Westgate, MBA McMaster Day One Day Two University, is a member of the The communication process Influencing up, down, and across organizations Organizational Behaviour Area of McGill’s • Defining effective communication • The science of changing the behaviour, Faculty of Management and teaches human resources management and union • Nonverbal communication: Channels for thoughts, and/or feelings of other people management relations in Canada for the sending messages without words • Six proven principles that work, even when faculty. Chantal worked 14 years at FedEx as • Barriers to effective communication you do not have formal power an Employee Relation Advisor, where she • Upward influence: Managing your boss consulted with management on Best People Practices. Difficult conversations • The three simultaneous conversations that are Communicating a public image so that other embedded in a difficult conversation people see you as you would like to be seen • Strategies for managing difficult • Managing impressions conversations • Two self-assessments: Your personal goals and a self-monitoring scale Listening as black ice: The dangerously ignored • Five proven tactics to make you look good aspect of communication • Three proven tactics to avoid looking bad • Self-assessment: How well do you really listen? Leading a useful meeting • The three components of listening • To meet or not to meet? • Strategies for effective listening • Making meetings useful • Strategies for addressing common problems Cross-cultural communication in meetings • Four barriers to communicating effectively • Types of conflict across cultures • Strategies for resolving different types of • Strategies for better communication across conflict cultures Delivering a dynamic oral presentation Electronic communications • Preparing the presentation Contacts • Assessing the quality of electronic messages • Nonverbal and verbal strategies for delivering T 1 514 398 3970or 1 888 419 0707 • Modern etiquette a presentation F 1 514 398 7443or 1 888 421 0303 • Dynamic voice techniques E McGill International Executive Institute 1001 Sherbrooke St. West, 6th floor Montreal QC Canada H3A 1G5
  10. 10. Management Development Programs Programmes de perfectionnement Advanced Management Course A hands-on management program to achieve productive results Overview I consider this to Key Benefits & Takeaways The Advanced Management Course will • Enhance skills in operational finance, appeal to executives who need to be the top general strategic pricing, marketing and improve effectiveness or revitalize formal negotiations management training and gain a management course • Integrate management thinking with our strategic leadership perspective. This interactive Business Game highly interactive and cross-functional in Montreal. • Learn how to build an organizational management learning experience gives structure that promotes leadership you the opportunity to renew contacts with leading management decision- • Build on your skills in strategic thinking makers, expand on knowledge gained and how to create strategic change in your from other academic or business organization experience and develop an advanced • Address advanced and integrated level of integrated business thinking. marketing topics • Understand the most effective techniques used to analyze your firm’s financial operations • Explore and challenge opportunities in your organization in a consulting session with McGill course leaders
  11. 11. Who Should Attend? Seminar Leaders This program is designed for experienced managers, supervisors and senior executives with strong business experience and/or an MBA academic background. This program also provides an Louis Gialloreto Louis Gialloreto, just recently appointed outstanding next step for participants of our Executive Development Course. Director at the McGill International Executive Institute and is also the Director of Program Content the Executive Training Program, is a Faculty Lecturer in the Faculty of Management and Consistent with McGill’s reputation for innovative teaching methods, the seminar leaders use a Adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Law. He has taught at the undergraduate, graduate, business simulation, in-class consultation, presentations and group work to enhance communication continuing education and executive training skills and decision-making abilities. levels for over thirteen years. Course Outline Danny Sebag Danny Sebag has been teaching accounting at Business Game Human Resource Management McGill University for the past seven years. His The Business Game is a market simulation used Examine the strategic impact of human resources areas of expertise include cost management to integrate, apply and test the concepts management on the organization from the point of and financial reporting systems. Danny is also a developed during the course. The computer view of the line manager. Learn to build an certified accountant and has completed many simulated competition allows you and your team organizational structure that promotes leadership. consulting projects for a number of clients to work together to develop strategies and including Bombardier, Ericsson and Transat AT. • Building the human resources strategy and compete with “virtual companies” run by other linking it with the business plan of the organization teams. The simulation enhances skills in Hugh Mitchell • Competency-based human resources operational finance, strategic pricing, marketing A long-standing member of the Executive management and its impact on staff and negotiations. Institute faculty, Hugh is an authority in development, recruitment, and compensation Human Resources issues. He has run his In-Class Consultation • Recruitment and retention techniques to own organizational development firm and maintain a continuous flow of competent This feature provides for a session where worked with CAE Electronics, Massey-Ferguson, motivated business leaders participants can discuss specific problems and Coopers and Lybrand, and McGill University. • Use your team’s business game performance as a challenges in their organization. Challenge live HR learning lab Richard Donovan ideas, and explore opportunities in your organization with McGill Management course Key concepts, case-application methods, group work Richard has taught executives at both the leaders. This session provides an opportunity to International Masters Program in Practicing Strategic Management integrate and apply the tools and strategies Management and the McGill International discussed in the program to your own business. Building on your skills in strategic thinking, learn to Executive Institute. A specialist in IS and create strategic change in your organization. Examine strategy, he served as passed Associate Dean Managerial Accounting & Control strategic issues raised by the process of globalization of the Undergraduate Program and area Explore powerful concepts managers need to that characterizes the Canadian business environment. coordinator for the Information Systems area. integrate financial data with operations. Gain an • Creating competitive advantage in global markets understanding of the most effective techniques • Initiating strategic change in large, mature Gregory Vit used to analyze your firm’s financial operations organizations Dr. Vit joined the Faculty of Management in and to make effective decisions. • Managing innovation, balancing market risk and 2001. He teaches Strategy, Managing • Activity-Based Management technological uncertainty Innovation and International Business to • Leadership styles vs. organizational approaches undergraduates and MBAs. He was made an • Life-Cycle and Target-Costing to strategic change honorary member of the Golden Key • Financial and Non-Financial Performance International Honour Society in recognition of Indicators Key concepts, case studies his academic contribution to teaching at McGill. • Capital Investments Marketing • Organizational Capabilities This section will cover advanced and integrated • Financial Module to optimize learning for the marketing topics that build on the basics covered in business game EDC with a focus on strategic considerations you must Key concepts, case-application methods address when planning your tactical approaches. • Competing to Win • B2B Markerting Contacts • e-Marketing T 1 514 398 3970 or 1 888 419 0707 • Mass Customization F 1 514 398 7443 or 1 888 421 0303 • Effective Differentiation E • Targeted Communications • Build Market Leadership McGill International Executive Institute Key concepts, case-application methods 1001 Sherbrooke St. West, 6th floor Montreal QC Canada H3A 1G5
  12. 12. Management Development Programs Programmes de perfectionnement Breakthrough Selling Comfortable, easy to use and logical “step by step” method of selling that works for my own individual style Overview Using skills learned in the Key Benefits & Takeaways Many managers or professionals with • Understand each step of the selling process non-sales backgrounds get an uneasy class Dave accomplished the from identifying prospects to retaining feeling when they are asked to develop customers over the long term new business for their company or help following in less than three • Have the comfort of using time proven and close a deal. Yet, this seminar shows safe selling methods that selling products, services or even months: made 77 outside sales • Build a “do it now” mindset to sales complex solutions can be easy, fun and calls, added 25 new customers, • Effectively manage sales opportunities profitable once the right techniques • Generate more leads through referrals and processes are understood. added $37,000 of service sales • Learn strategies to gain appointments with The seminar offers real-world the VITO (Very Important Top Officer) techniques to help companies gain per month. Sales went from more sales at better margins. • Have far more power and control over your Participants learn “what works and $45,000 to $82,000 in three business what mistakes to avoid” in order to • Learn how to uniquely and successfully effectively design and execute sales months. An 82% increase. position yourself as a problem-solver strategies to dramatically improve • Craft memorable and convincing presentations business performance. The program is R.L. Chapman, • Formulate truly achievable sales plans packed with productive training • Overcome obstacles to effectively close the sale exercises that can be implemented Director of Education • Discover best practices in customer immediately back on the job. Paccar Corporation appreciation programs
  13. 13. Who Should Attend? Seminar Leaders Managers and professionals who are moving into a sales role including business development and client relationships. Bob Coffey Bob Coffey is a Management Consultant, Advisor and Coach. He is the retired vice chair and head coach of KPMG. Mr. Coffey is the founder of The Canadian Association for Corporate Growth and the founder of the Program Content Toronto Chapter of The Turnaround Management Association. After retirement from KPMG as an active partner where he The learning framework is composed of case examples, lectures, class discussion and numerous was responsible for marketing and the individual and group exercises for immediate action back in the workplace. leadership of Industry Specialists and Practices. He also is Vice Chair and Head Coach of Townson & Alexander, a sales Course Outline management consulting company. Day One Day Two Harry Alexander Harry Alexander is a Montreal-based The Philosophy of Selling How to Differentiate Myself from My management consultant, a frequent public • “What must my beliefs be about selling in Competition speaker at business conferences, and a order for me to comfortably and confidently • How do I positively and confidently Kiwanian working with children. He conducts be successful?” differentiate myself from all the other management seminars across North America salespeople calling on them?” specializing in sales, operations, and finance. The Psychologies of Selling He has been interviewed by the business Value Add Propositions • “What must my ‘mind set’ be in order to be media at national conferences and trade motivated ‘day in and day out’ in one of the • “I have heard of them and their crucial associations regarding his unique and profit most challenging professions in the world? importance to successful selling. So, what are generating business Programs. they and how can I successfully use them to • How do I practically accomplish that?” overcome one of the biggest barriers to the Time Management sale - not being believed?” • “Time is my only asset in sales. So, how can I Customer Relations After the Sale maximize its’ use to gain control over one of • “Once I do gain a customer, how do I keep the fastest and complicated roles in the them as a repeat buyer, a reference, and a rich business world?” source of referrals?” Communicating Effectively Selling to a Major Account or Selling to ‘VITO’ (Very Important Top Officer) • “The first and most important sale I must • “How do approach, what do I say, and how do make is selling myself. So, just how do I do I close ‘VITO’ who can be both intimidating both that and then make the sale?” and demanding?” The Four Kinds of Buyers Planning and Executing for My Future and • “There are four distinctly different kinds of Ongoing Sales Success buyers and they all use different buying • “I have attended courses like this in the past criteria to decide to go ahead or not. and have not maximized my results from • Who are they? them. How do I make sure that I can • What are their buying criteria? successfully implement what I have learned • How can I successfully and confidently go and build on that?” forward by meeting the ‘must’ criteria – being • Follow-up support from seminar leaders and ‘my kind of person’ to all of them?” lifetime membership in the McGill Executive The Five Selling Methods Club will ensure that you have help, assistance, and collaboration when needed. Contacts • “Since there are only 5 known selling method T 1 514 398 3970or 1 888 419 0707 in the world, which ones do I use and when?” F 1 514 398 7443or 1 888 421 0303 The Seven Steps of Selling E • “Doing business is a process. So, what is the logical, proven, and ‘step by step’ process of McGill International Executive Institute selling that will comfortably work for me?” 1001 Sherbrooke St. West, 6th floor Montreal QC Canada H3A 1G5
  14. 14. Management Development Programs Programmes de perfectionnement Coaching and Mentoring Enhance your abilities as a coach and change agent. Overview They both taught the Key Benefits & Takeaways This three-day course will familiarize you Through experiential exercises, case studies, with a cascading or layered approach to course in a way that made tools and practice sessions you will learn coaching that will enhance your abilities as about your own approach to coaching and how a coach, leader or change agent. Assess the whole concept appear to coach others – for triple the impact. your own coaching style and understand the • Be more decisive and effective impact you have on others and identify doable. I appreciated • Practice coaching using the Triple Impact opportunities for improvement, learn how to use your coaching style to coach individuals their knowledge and Coaching model, tools and techniques • Learn through story-telling and through case and teams and practice the sound coaching humour. I have learned a studies that illustrate how Triple Impact techniques for coaching others to coach. Coaching can enhance the implementation of The coaching model used in this seminar is lot about myself and my change and result in benefits at the individual, also being used by many companies to team and organizational levels develop coaching as a leadership unconscious impact on • Develop a learning plan that is supported by competency. The model helps them to others. Thank you. tools and strategies so you can promote address the challenges involved in building learning and development in your workplace. and sustaining high performance teams, especially during mergers, acquisitions and Diane Tucci, Director organizational restructuring. Human Relations, Costco
  15. 15. Who Should Attend? Seminar Leaders This program will be useful for leaders, managers and change agents in profit and not-for-profit organizations to support training and development, knowledge transfer, skill development and/or Beverley Patwell Beverley Patwell is an organizational to implement a change in the corporate culture. development practitioner with over 20 years of experience in developing and implementing organizational development and change management solutions. Some of Program Content her past clients include the Province of Ontario, the City of Ottawa, Ogilvy Renault, Transcontinental Media, and Via Rail. Participants will receive a preparatory work package that includes assessment tools, a guide to preparing their workplace coaching scenario and some readings. The preparatory work will not Edie Seashore exceed two hours. The coaching model will be supported by brief lectures, skill practice sessions, Edie Seashore is a social psychologist and feedback, group discussions and reflection tools. organization development specialist concerned with organizational change, team building, strategic planning and Course Outline building multicultural organizations. Her specialties include change management, Day One Day Three conflict resolution, and leadership. She has Level 1: Understanding My Self as Coach Level 3: Coaching Others to Coach worked with Mitel Corporation, Nortel Networks, Chase Manhattan Bank, The World • The Triple Impact Coaching Model • The connections required to coach Bank, The American Red Cross, and Sun • The difference between coaching and individuals and teams Micro Systems Inc. mentoring • Practice and obtain feedback on your own • What you need to be your best as a coach personal coaching scenario • Understanding your coaching style and the • Stories and case studies that illustrate how impact you have on others Triple Impact Coaching helps organizations to • Identifying your strengths and the achieve changes in culture, leadership and opportunities for improvement teamwork • How helping others to be their best will help • Develop a learning plan to help you you to be at your best implement Triple Impact Coaching in your workplace. Day Two Level 2: Coaching Others • How to build effective coaching relationships at the one-to-one, team and organizational levels • The role of power in the coaching relationship • The components of effective coaching conversations • How you can be more successful coaching others Contacts T 1 514 398 3970or 1 888 419 0707 F 1 514 398 7443or 1 888 421 0303 E McGill International Executive Institute 1001 Sherbrooke St. West, 6th floor Montreal QC Canada H3A 1G5
  16. 16. Management Development Programs Programmes de perfectionnement Competitive Intelligence Become an expert at pinpointing key info on companies, industries and trends. Overview Key Benefits & Takeaways How Intelligent is Your Company? Estelle Métayer • Walk away with an action plan to find valuable When it comes to bringing customers the generates such a information on companies and their value they expect, nothing is more critical organizations than being able to know your markets, pre- desire to take action • Reach sources your competitors would never empt competitors' moves and anticipate have thought of to obtain more information faster. trends. What new markets has your on competitive • Pre-empt competitors' moves by competition identified? What emerging understanding and mastering the use of technologies or trends will impact your intelligence that directories, search engines, meta-engines, and marketing, R& D or long-term business some participants intelligent agents strategies? This interactive and intensive two-day seminar will help you discover • Gain insider knowledge to the “Invisible Web” outstanding internet techniques, tips and actually leave the and hidden pools of free information searches to collect and analyze business- • Detect emerging technologies or trends and room to call their related information to make informed their applications weeks before any public decisions. Complete course material and team about a new announcement hands-on practice set the stage for • Target people and learn about their profiles, continued learning back in the workplace. tactic. personal interests and decision-making patterns • Screen new product developments in the market and anticipate their launch date
  17. 17. Who Should Attend? Seminar Leader Professionals and analysts from public and private organizations with some knowledge of Internet with responsibilities such as Competitive Intelligence – Strategic Analysis – Market Research – Estelle Métayer Estelle Métayer is a popular leader and Marketing – Document Management- Business Development – Strategic Planning – Market Analysis keynote speaker at the McGill – Librarians – Human Resources- Recruiting firms – Consultants – Financial analysts. International Executive Institute. A former consultant at the international strategic consulting firm McKinsey & Company, Program Content Estelle has written and lectured widely on the process involved in turning the The learning framework provides a mix of hands-on exercises and application work, lectures, group intelligence gained into actions. She is also president of Competia, a leading discussions, best practices illustrations and recap key learning points. consultancy for senior executives and analysts in Strategic Planning and Competitive Intelligence. Course Outline Day One What is Competitive and Market Intelligence? Harvest blogs • What you must know about your company, • Obtaining information about consumer your industry, and your competitors perception and feedback • Future technology trends Beyond Google • Takeaways from CEO’s personal blogs. • Understand directories, search engines, meta- engines and intelligent agents. Identify industry experts • Choice of search tools depending on your • Learn about sites where experts can be found objectives on the Web • Discover new interesting sources and • Understand tips to approach an expert functionalities • New search engines (reputation-based; Anticipating future technology and consumer human-based etc.) trends • Best sites and resources available to pinpoint Company information at the tip of your fingers key trends • Obtain financial information, analysts reports, • Software and tools that map out weak and profile of key people, description of activities, strong signals in your industry patents, trademarks • Registering domain names Automate news screening and press clipping • Strategies for both private and public • Use intelligent agents companies worldwide • Copy your competitor’s entire site and analyze it • Understand “push” and “pull” sources The Invisible Web • Follow-up automatically changes in your • Finding databases that are not indexed by competitors web pages search engines • Build your own electronic press clipping • Tapping into new sources for company and • Navigate graphically in large amounts of people information. information. • Techniques for due diligence, company profiling and management profiles Building a search methodology: a practical Case study Contacts Day Two • Using a case study, you will practice what you T 1 514 398 3970or 1 888 419 0707 have learned in this intense seminar, F 1 514 398 7443or 1 888 421 0303 The Informal Web: how useful is it? providing you with a solid methodology to E • Distribution lists, discussion group archives increase your effectiveness. • Deciphering competitor strategies from McGill International Executive Institute employee public postings 1001 Sherbrooke St. West, 6th floor Process to keep your knowledge updated • Finding your competitors’ non-official sites. Montreal QC Canada H3A 1G5
  18. 18. Management Development Programs Programmes de perfectionnement Creative Thinking & Innovation Tools to achieve breakthrough ideas and improve decision-making and problem-solving Overview This was one of the best Key Benefits & Takeaways This highly successful program will You will learn creative insights and help you discover that creativity is a courses I have taken. techniques that will help you to: skill that can be learned. You will also • Solve minor and major problems in your I feel like I learned so explore the thinking techniques that organization enhance the creative potential of much in four days. • Challenge assumptions, generate workgroups that spur innovation, the alternatives and change perceptions ability to think on your feet and gain a The leaders were great competitive edge. You will develop • Apply creative thinking to new product skills to find practical and profitable and communicated development, marketing strategies, solutions to everyday business quality programs, customer service and challenges – whether minor problems, the material very well. organizational conflicts like diverging goals between • Promote efficiency and effectiveness in departments, or major crises, like the Derbhla Dunne strategy meetings loss of a key customer account or a • Create a business group or organization major source of revenue. Canadian National that fosters innovation Railway Company
  19. 19. Who Should Attend? Seminar Leaders This program will benefit anyone in finance, production, marketing, sales, human resources or information technology. Fred Rosenzveig Fred Rosenzveig, MA Communications McGill, offers over 20 years experience leading one of North America’s first, but continuously updated, management seminars in Creative Thinking. Most recently Program Content partnered with “Just For Laughs International Comedy Festival”, Fred conducts programs specializing in innovative thinking systems Learn creative management thinking techniques that are effective and current. Individual and group worldwide. Some of Fred’s clients include exercises will enable you to understand how to apply creative thinking skills and implement this new Pfizer, Alcan, Air Canada, and IBM. knowledge at your work place. Course Outline Day One Day Two The Nuts and Bolts of Creative Management Problem-Solving and Thinking Outside the Box Thinking • The MindRange™ Program – “software for the • The fundamental principles of creativity mind” to improve planning, decision-making, • Why do our brain processes make creativity problem-solving, and creativity difficult? • Process ideas, generate options, consider • The Immune System of the Mind© (IFTD) – effects and incorporate others’ perspectives learn how to stop censoring new ideas • Uncover and challenge assumptions, generate • Overcome the ten obstacles that prevent alternatives and change perceptions organizations from having new ideas • The Spectrum technique – move beyond • “Right-brain” and “left-brain” thinking judgment • Different types of thinking and their • Alternatives to the brain’s “accept/reject” applications system • How logical and creative thinking enhance each other Brainstorming • Creativity for effective management • Rules for effective brainstorming • The benefits of improved thinking in • Focused, targeted brainstorming management • MindRange™ techniques to improve team thinking in less time Think Better, Manage Better Day Three • Thinking as a skill – maximize your greatest Implement Creativity and Thinking Skills in the managerial asset Workplace • Essential types of thinking • Methods for translating creative management • Drawbacks of conventional thinking and the into action pitfalls of intelligence • Organizing creativity in the organization • Multiple intelligences – the eight types of • Allocating time for creativity intelligence and their importance • Creating, nurturing and applying new ideas • Emotional IQ: how emotions affect our perceptions, thinking, and actions • Creativity and the entrepreneurial executive Contacts • The stages of the creative thinking process • Creativity training to enhance quality and T 1 514 398 3970or 1 888 419 0707 excellence programs F 1 514 398 7443or 1 888 421 0303 • Mental mapping techniques for note-taking and planning and for developing and • Planning and adapting creativity to individual E organizing ideas needs or those of the organization • The A-B-C-D-E Process© (IFTD) – a flow chart McGill International Executive Institute for problem-solving and generating new ideas Preparation of Action Plans 1001 Sherbrooke St. West, 6th floor Montreal QC Canada H3A 1G5 • Generate an action plan to put newly acquired thinking skills into practice.
  20. 20. Management Development Programs Programmes de perfectionnement Effective Leadership Leading with agility and integrity to align people and implement strategy. Overview McGill’s high ranking is Key Benefits & Takeaways Today, organizations are focusing on • Leadership styles – understand three key leadership as a role rather than as a due largely to two key styles/behaviors and in which situations to function, demanding a high degree of use them factors: small class sizes agility, adaptiveness and integrity from • Implementing situational leadership skills for their leaders. This powerful two-day and the emphasis it positive results seminar is designed to help both aspiring • Leader values – putting your values to work leaders and those already in leadership places on getting top for success positions to become more effective and • Leadership skills which align people to capable of creating breakthrough results faculty to teach. support core strategies in your company, while upholding a strong sense of ethics - division or department professionally and personally. • Understand how integrity can advance your leadership impact • Enhance others’ perception of you as a leader with integrity • Gain the knowledge to continue your self- development in your own work environment • Bring lasting results leading to increased employee satisfaction with their jobs and commitments to leaders and organizations.
  21. 21. Who Should Attend? Seminar Leader This program is designed for current leaders at all levels as well as those aspiring to become leaders. The content applies to all types of organizations – small business to multi-nationals. Dr. Edward Aronson Dr. Edward Aronson is an Adjunct Professor at McGill University. He has thirty years of hands-on business experience as an organizational leader, as well as a distinguished academic background with a Program Content PhD from McGill in leadership and integrity. Dr. Aronson strives for research-based The learning framework is composed of case examples, lectures, class discussion, individual executive development and can converse in exercises, dyad exercises and group exercises leading toward a personalized self-development plan six languages. for each participant. Course Outline Day One Day Two Introduction Sustainability as a leader • What is effective leadership • Self-development of the leader (SDL) • Redefining assumptions about leadership • Habits and processes to continually improve as a leader Ethics and integrity in leadership • Inner voyage that links performance to Four competencies required for effective morality leadership • How leaders harness integrity to achieve • How these competencies relate to your greatness work environment • Gaining commitment from employees Leadership style • Creating a vision to sweep away mediocrity • Three styles of exemplary leadership • Preparing for your personal SDL plan • Positioning yourself as a leader with any audience • Applying different mixes of leadership in Taking action - a personal plan for your different settings leadership challenge • Achieving strategic alignment with your • Working with a ‘council of advisors’ to team and organization clarify your leadership competencies • Fine tuning and testing your vision Leading from the core • Finalize your action plan to implement on the job • Determining your own values as a leader • Personal discovery and insight about your leadership performance • Heightened awareness necessary for personal and organizational transformation Contacts T 1 514 398 3970or 1 888 419 0707 F 1 514 398 7443or 1 888 421 0303 E McGill International Executive Institute 1001 Sherbrooke St. West, 6th floor Montreal QC Canada H3A 1G5
  22. 22. Management Development Programs Programmes de perfectionnement Essential Management Skills Acquire the fundamentals skills you need to be a successful manager. Overview This seminar gave me an Key Benefits & Takeaways Keep up with today’s growing You will find solutions to your everyday demands and change. Learn how to excellent overview of what management challenges including how to: manage effectively, acquire leadership • Communicate mission and values skills, communicate persuasively, gain is required to be a manager. • Manage priorities and make effective employee commitment, cultivate team spirit, and motivate employees. Find The real-world examples decisions out how to select and retain top • Exercise leadership and develop your and peer discussions people personnel and explore innovative approaches to managing performance. throughout the course • Set performance expectations and take corrective measures were a big plus. • Select and retain top talent • Manage collaboration and teamwork Jonathan Kelly Julien Inc.
  23. 23. Who Should Attend? Seminar Leaders This program will benefit anyone in finance, production, marketing, sales, human resources or information technology. Mark Alexander Mark Alexander, MBA University of Western Ontario, is a Certified Human Resources Professional with over 25 years Program Content experience in human resources and labour relations management. He has consulted for organizations such as Westons, Alcoa, CIBC and Nova Scotia Power Corporation. He is Course Outline also a former vice president of John Labatt. Day One Day Three Jennie Constantinides Your Role as a Manager Dealing with Performance Problems and Jennie Constantinides is a seasoned • Management Defined Administering Discipline trainer in leadership, teamwork, • Making the transition from doing to managing • Diagnosing and dealing with performance problems communications, performance • The role of discipline and when to use it management and managing change. As a • Understand the contribution people make coach to managers, she develops strategies to results • The economic value-added of performance to improve organizational and individual • Common errors in management management effectiveness. She works in the areas of • Defining your learning goals dispute management, mediation and Developing Employees through Coaching and • Management and leadership Mentoring workplace harassment. Interpersonal Communications • Coaching as a development tool Paul Loftus • Principles of good communications • Creating a coaching culture Paul Loftus, BCom. University College, • Managing the communication process • Key coaching skills Dublin, Ireland and BA Psychology • Barriers to effective communication • Coaching upward Concordia University, Montreal, is a • Three strategies for improving your • Mentoring: Process, benefits, skills Montreal-based industrial psychologist, communications • Create your coaching plan: Finding a coach an international management development • Know your communications style consultant and a freelance journalist. He • Communicating with a diverse workforce Day Four conducts management seminars across North America, Europe, the Middle East and Creating and Maintaining Effective Teams Asia. Day Two • Team basics: Purpose, people and processes Management and Motivation • Types of teams and their challenges Chantal Westgate • Understanding motivation • Developing high performance teams Chantal Westgate, MBA McMaster • Delegating to increase job enrichment and • Measuriing team effectiveness University, is a member of the motivation • Conducting effective meetings Organizational Behaviour Area of McGill’s • Leading and motivation • Group problem solving and building consensus Faculty of Management and teaches human resources management and union • Recognizing, rewarding and performance • How to manage conflict management relations in Canada for the • Motivation and the managerial “axis of evil” faculty. Chantal worked 14 years at FedEx as Day Five an Employee Relation Advisor, where she Measuring and Managing Performance Employee Selection consulted with management on Best People • The perils of performance appraisal • Selection ratio Practices. • Performance planning • The high cost of high turnover • Developing performance standards, objectives • Sourcing talent and work plans • Managing performance day-to-day Interviewing Techniques • Conducting successful reviews • Stages of the interview • Building a balanced scorecard • Behavioural-based interview techniques • Work practices for high performance Contacts • Interview evaluation forms • Barriers to effective interviewing T 1 514 398 3970or 1 888 419 0707 F 1 514 398 7443or 1 888 421 0303 Retain Valued Employees E • Why people stay • Career and job options McGill International Executive Institute 1001 Sherbrooke St. West, 6th floor • Identify employees’ values Montreal QC Canada H3A 1G5 Your Continuing Development: Putting It All Together